Chapter 91 – Smashing A Car + Slapping A Face

Xiao Chen and Tang Tang received the stall and packed the remaining deep-fried breadsticks and soy milk into several shares. The dough that wasn’t deep-fried was left to the grandma in the grocery store, then they went to school.

The several shares of breakfast were for Zheng Xiaokun1, Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei. In any case, Tang Tang and Cheng Mengying were now able to see face to face and also understood each other’s status, so there was no need to be secretive.

After entering the school gate, the two saw a golden bright glittering Porsche Panamera in the parking lot. This rank of car in Second High is relatively rare because Second High isn’t like First High, it doesn’t have too many wealthy students. Although there wasn’t a lack of aristocratic clan young masters, Yue Shaoqun belonged to those that were hypocrites, not wanting to drive this type of grand car in fear of people saying that he acts like a pretentious prick. On the other hand, Lou Zhenming wanted to drive this car but his father wouldn’t let him.

“Nouveau riche Jin Beibei’s car?” Tang Tang was surprised: “Is this supposed to be ‘Nouveau Riche Jin’ or ‘Nouveau Riche Jin Beibei’2?”

“Who knows, this girl likes doing wacky stuff.” Xiao Chen shook his head.

“Hey, what are your feelings on Jin Beibei calling you brother-in-law?” Tang Tang couldn’t help but ask as she had already held in this question for a day.

“Jin Beibei? Brother-in-law?” Xiao Chen stared in confusion for a second then immediately smiled bitterly: “What am I supposed to even feel? It needs Cheng Mengying’s recognition to be valid, she and I are matters of the past3.”

“Seems like you’re self-aware.” Tang Tang was very satisfied with Xiao Chen’s answer: “Don’t be angry, I’m just fearing that you’ll be trapped.”

“Relax, if there’s an opportunity, I’ll make Beibei recognize you as an older cousin.” Xiao Chen said with a smile.

“Daring to play a joke on me, be careful as I’ll be depending on you if I don’t get married in the future!” Tang Tang’s heart skipped a beat for no reason.

“Okay, I was fearing that I wouldn’t be able to marry a wife!” Xiao Chen actually nodded with deadpan seriousness: “I heard that a wife costs millions nowadays; you have to buy a car, a house, where would I get that money from? I also lose money instead of gain it, so I have to hurry and grab this offer.”

“Then it’ll be settled just like this!” Tang Tang heartily laughed.

Just as the two people were conversing, a Range Rover swept past Xiao Chen and Tang Tang. The car swept past so close that it almost stuck to Tang Tang, which caused Tang Tang to let go of the soy milk in her hands and nearly fall to the ground.

However, the soy milk actually smashed into the Land Rover car and covered the shiny car body with a milky-white sticky thing.

Xiao Chen creased his brows and was about to flare up, but Tang Tang pulled on his arm and hinted him to not be impulsive. Clearly, Tang Tang knew who the owner of this car was.

“Blind girl, look at where you’re going, did you not see my car coming over?” Xiao Chen didn’t want to find fault with him, but the person driving the car was unwilling to be forgiving. The person immediately stopped the car and pushed open the door to get out. But when he saw the people who “dirtied” his car was Tang Tang and Xiao Chen, he was actually shocked!

As for Xiao Chen, he also recognized who this person was; he was from the Four Large Aristocratic Clans and Five Small Aristocratic Clans’ Qi Clan, their little young master Qi Zhigao, and also Xiao Chen’s little sister, Xiao Xiao’s, pursuer. Before Xiao Chen was driven away from Xiao Clan, this kid readily called him ‘Brother Chen’ very respectfully.

Of course, that was all in the past. The current Xiao Chen had no relationship with Xiao Clan and was the target of scorn for everyone. If Qi Zhigao still respected Xiao Chen, then that would be strange! The original Xiao Chen was a waste, so it was even more impossible to respect him again.

With regards to Tang Tang, Qi Zhigao didn’t really care. She was driven away from Tang Clan and he’d heard that young master Qun thoroughly severed ties with her, so there was even less to fear. But for Xiao Chen, Qi Zhigao subconsciously gave a glance to the inside of the car.

At this time, the Land Rover’s copilot seat door opened and a 15-16 year-old young lady with big eyes jumped out. When Xiao Chen saw her, his look faintly congealed. This person was his younger sister, his Second Uncle’s child Xiao Xiao!

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“Xiao Xiao, your……older brother dirtied my car, about this matter, what do you say should be done……” Qi Zhigao clearly hesitated due to Xiao Xiao, not daring to straightforwardly scold Xiao Chen.

Xiao Xiao gave Xiao Chen an icy, arrogant glance and snorted: “Isn’t this my waste older brother? Little Qi, why are you being serious with a waste, do you find it fun?”

“Ha, you’re right!” Qi Zhigao could hear disdaining towards Xiao Chen from Xiao Xiao’s tone. It seemed like they already didn’t have any relationship just like in the rumors, thus he spoke proudly towards Xiao Chen: “Considering Xiao Xiao’s face, I’ll let this matter slide by. Still haven’t quickly made yourself scarce?”

Xiao Chen clenched his fist, feeling a slight ache in his heart. In the past when he was in the clan, Xiao Xiao was very respectful towards him, her older brother, but now……

Xiao Chen smiled in self-derision. Xiao Xiao was Xiao Clan’s cultivation genius and was already a Third Layer Inner Strength expert when she was smaller. But because she’s a girl, she was bound to get married. Otherwise, the position of Clan Head would have undoubtedly been Xiao Xiao’s.

But even so, Xiao Xiao still had a very high status in Xiao Clan. Even inside the entire aristocratic circle, she also had a very high popularity with many pursuers. This Qi Zhigao was one of the excellent ones among her pursuers; he was young and possessed Third Layer Inner Strength power. Within the aristocratic clan junior generation, he was classified as a top existence.

“Tang Tang yeah? Wipe my car clean and you won’t need to compensate for my loss.” Qi Zhigao let off Xiao Chen, but his anger hadn’t scattered, so he vented on Tang Tang: “Of course, you’ll have to kneel and lick; lick my car clean!”

Originally, Xiao Chen wanted to let it pass, but after hearing Qi Zhigao’s words, a nameless fire fled out from between his ribcage4!

So what if Qi Zhigao possessed the strength of a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist? Xiao Chen was currently a Third Layer Qi-Training Truth Cultivator and had some immortal art abilities, so he had more than enough to meet a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist head-on.

He could endure anything else, but for some unknown reason, Xiao Chen was unable to tolerate it when it came to matters involving Tang Tang. An example was last time when he killed Chen Jinkun; it was actually a very dangerous action, but Xiao Chen still acted on it.

Some matters that touched upon Xiao Chen’s bottom line, Xiao Chen had to resist.

Tang Tang had been together with Xiao Chen these past few days and the two people could be said to be in harmony with each other; sometimes one movement or one expression was all that was needed to know what the other person wanted to do. Seeing Xiao Chen get angry, Tang Tang hurriedly pulled on him, hinting him not to be impulsive.

Originally, Xiao Chen already made an enemy out of Lou Zhenming. If a Qi Zhigao was added on top of that, then he wouldn’t be able to have peaceful days at Second High!

“Hu……” Xiao Chen took in a deep breath, then the smiling expression of the corners of his mouth lifting up flashed past. He directly struck Qi Zhigao’s Land Rover car, lifting up his leg and trampled down on the car. Instantly, a ‘bang!’ sounded out and the Land Rover car door suddenly caved in and a huge hole emerged.

Yet Xiao Chen didn’t seemed to be satisfied. He began continuously kicking and after several kicks, the Land Rover car’s door was kicked down. This still didn’t satisfy Xiao Chen as he kicked with even more vigor; the Land Rover was kicked beyond all recognition by Xiao Chen’s flying kicks!

Tang Tang was flabbergasted, she didn’t expect Xiao Chen to be this impulsive!

Xiao Xiao was also dumbstruck as she looked at this loser older brother with an unbelieving gaze. However, she knew about Xiao Chen’s work outs since young and understood where Xiao Chen’s brute force came from.

The most shocked was Qi Zhigao. He didn’t know what madness possessed Xiao Chen and looked at Xiao Chen stupefied: “You……what are you doing?”

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“Didn’t you want to clean the car? I’m helping you clean it, using my foot as the cleaner!” Xiao Chen spoke as he kicked. The pretty decent car instantaneously became something that could be taken to a scrapyard.

“Are you seeking death?” Qi Zhigao finally recovered his mental facilities. Both his eyes turned scarlet-red and seemed to spray out fire: “Previously I didn’t want to pay attention to you because you’re Xiao Xiao’s former older brother, but since you don’t want the face I’m giving you, then don’t blame me for being impolite! Today you will stay here and be buried along with your dad!”

Xiao Xiao wrinkled her eyebrows as she looked at Xiao Chen. She didn’t understand what Xiao Chen was doing; was it to help Tang Tang out of a predicament?

She and Qi Zhigao were students of Second High’s junior high school section and usually didn’t have too many interactions with Second High’s senior high school section. The two schools’ school building and sports field were separate, with only the parking lot being shared, so this was the reason why she didn’t know of the going-ons between Xiao Chen and Tang Tang.

“Pa!” Xiao Chen gave Qi Zhigao a slap to his face and beat him stupid. Red blood flowed down the corner of Qi Zhigao’s mouth; this was his most unimaginable day. He was thinking, am I dreaming?

The past dandy young master Xiao Chen didn’t dare to hit him, but this ‘driven-away-from-clan’ loser surprisingly dared hit him? Certainly, Qi Zhigao wasn’t on guard, otherwise how would a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist be hit by someone like Xiao Chen?

As a matter of fact, he could also see that Xiao Chen wasn’t even a First Layer Inner Strength Martialist and only had a bit of brute strength. Thus, he was assured that he had the backing to chide Xiao Chen; the result was being hit while he was being inattentive.

“You can insult me, but it is absolutely not fine if you insult my father.” Xiao Chen coldly looked at Qi Zhigao……then suddenly turned around. This was a magnificent turning around catching the people present unaware and unable to understand what Xiao Chen wanted to do.

All they saw was Xiao Chen suddenly turn around to shout: “Young master Qun~ thanks for your warm hospitality these past few days, but I really think that I’m unsuited to stay in Second High; I’ll have to transfer schools, I’m sure we’ll meet again some day!”

Xiao Chen’s spiritual consciousness is quite strong; when he was trampling the car just a moment ago, he’d already discovered Yue Shaoqun driving over from a not so far away place. At this moment, after he finished slapping Qi Zhigao, Yue Shaoqun just happened to be driving by.

“Screech!” Yue Shaoqun stepped on the emergency break and stopped the car right next to Xiao Chen, then hurriedly got out and anxiously asked: “What happened young master Xiao, why do you want to transfer out?”

It wasn’t weird for Yue Shaoqun to feel nervous. He’d done many things these past few days, even offending his own little brother Lou Zhenming, all in order to suck up to Xiao Chen and make this kid solidify his status as Tang Tang’s boyfriend.

Now that this matter had progressed a little and Tang Tang’s grandfather even answered that he’d consider rescinding the engagement, how could he let this Xiao Chen actually transfer schools? Would that even be right to himself? If this Xiao Chen transferred schools, wouldn’t he go back to square one regarding the matter with Tang Tang?


  1. TLN: Did I ever say that I screwed up and the Deng was actually supposed to be ‘Zheng’? Yeah…I don’t know what I was smoking when I substituted it for Deng. 
  2. TLN: Tang Tang means ‘is the car her clan’s car that she vandalized or is it hers’. 
  3. TLN: Term used here is ‘老黄历’ which is sort of like the lunar calendar with fortunes on it(maybe a lunar almanac?). 
  4. TLN: The author was probably thinking about another way to write ‘heart’ and came up with this. It’s technically not wrong and he’s fulfilling his more word count = more money, so I really can’t blame him. I’m also being troll by translating it, so……haha. 

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