Chapter 30 – Proud Lovable Young Lady

“Okay Xiao Chen, this time we admit defeat!” Lou Zhenming didn’t think that this matter would turn out like this. Ma Gangmen’s strength, among the non-Fighters, was around the top. In Lou Zhenming’s opinion, as long as he exercised for some time, he would be able to successfully break through to First Layer Inner Qi Fighter. However, he didn’t think that Xiao Chen, who they had thought to be a country bumpkin without the strength to fight back, would be such a fierce figure!

Moreover, according to Lou Zhenming’s watching perspective, Xiao Chen was not a Fighter because his kick did not have Inner Qi. Him being so fierce could only be attributed to his strength being huge and his bodily reactions being more agile!

Therefore, Lou Zhenming’s loss wasn’t willingly. If it was Deng Xiaokun who had beat him up, then he wouldn’t have any ideas. Then, it would be that Ma Gangmen’s strength was not as good as the opponent, so being beat up was just beating up. On the other hand, Xiao Chen….an ordinary person, was unexpectedly powerful!

Ma Gangmen obviously had no opportunity to make a comeback and continuing would only bring disgrace, so Lou Zhenming simply admitted defeat.

“Admitting defeat? Before when we wanted to admit defeat, you disagreed. Now, according to your rules, it’s only been five minutes and there are still five more minutes. It hasn’t even been ten minutes, so how can you admit defeat?” Deng Xiaokun unrestrainedly stated Ma Gangmen’s rule from before.

Lou Zhenming looked at Deng Xiaokun’s eyes resentfully, feeling incomparable fury in his heart. ‘Damn you Ma Gangmen for not being sure of victory! You made so many rules and now it’s like picking up a rock just to drop it to your foot right? It’s like boasting that you’re a genius when you’re a trash!1



Xiao Chen once again kicked Ma Gangmen’s anus. Previously, Ma Gangmen decided not to spare person, so how could Xiao Chen let him off easily now? Hitting halfway and letting him off wasn’t part of Young Master Xiao’s disposition. Moreover, even if Xiao Chen let Ma Gangmen off, how could Lou Zhenming consider it as finished?

At most, he would admit defeat in the short term and afterwards, he would definitely be thinking about revenge. Therefore, Xiao Chen might as well be ruthless towards beating Ma Gangmen up. Creating a psychological shadow within him from abusing him would be best.

“Ao….” Screaming like a slaughtered pig, Ma Gangmen felt that his anus wasn’t his own. His anus had already split open, blood stained his pants….

Cheng Mengying somewhat could not bear to keep watching. Xiao Chen was very vicious, but Cheng Mengying also knew that if Xiao Chen hadn’t knocked Ma Gangmen onto the floor, then the one howling on the ground now would be Xiao Chen.

Apparently, although Xiao Chen was a waste because he wasn’t able to cultivate Inner Qi, his physical quality was very good. At least, it was much better than the average person.

Ma Gangmen didn’t think that when he previously set the abuse time for 10 minutes with Xiao Chen, it would become his own nightmare. Ten minutes, which had seemed to be an instant for Ma Gangmen, became incomparably slow!

Ma Gangmen was kicked from behind once again and his entire body became numb. He could only pray in the heart, ‘hurry up, hurry up’….

At last, the unendurable ten minutes passed and Ma Gangmen felt like he had come from the execution grounds. He was like a dead dog lying on the ground, gulping in air heavily!

“Kneel and lick my shoes!” Xiao Chen looked at Ma Gangmen, eyes without the slightest sympathy, and coldly said.

“Xiao Chen, leave it!” Lou Zhenming couldn’t bear it anymore: “Let’s write it off today’s matter and leave it at this, okay?”

“Okay, then in that case, forget it.” Xiao Chen nodded. Ma Gangmen’s situation now made it impossible for him to lick Xiao Chen’s shoes. He had been kicked by Xiao Chen on the ground until he couldn’t move! In addition, Xiao Chen didn’t want to force Lou Zhenming to become too anxious!

At least Lou Zhenming had clearly stated that today’s matter would be written off. Although his words weren’t so credible, within a short time, it was assured that Lou Zhenming wouldn’t find him for trouble. That alone was enough!

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What Xiao Chen currently lacked the most was time! If one day he had Tian Lao’s level of strength, and the time came to face even the entirety of Lou Family, then what would there be to be afraid of?

And what happened today would probably not be spread out due to Lou Zhenming being a face-saving person. How could he tell others about this face-losing matter? Deng Xiaokun didn’t know about his identity and young lady was estimated to not speak irresponsibly, therefore Xiao Chen was very reassured.

Regarding Xiao Chen’s action on letting off Ma Gangmen, Deng Xiaokun nodded in approval. Before, when he was teaching Ma Gangmen a lesson, he didn’t make Lou Zhenming completely lose face. Being flexible was one of the characteristics of a great person.

In Deng Xiaokun’s opinion, 5 minutes and 10 minutes, although it was a large difference for Ma Gangmen, made no difference for Lou Zhenming. The person suffering was Ma Gangmen, not Lou Zhenming.

However, if Ma Gangmen kneeled and licked his shoes, the one losing face would be Lou Zhenming! Even if he endured it today, he wouldn’t let it go tomorrow. However now, the matter had passed.

“Shou Hou, open the door and deliver Gangmen to the hospital. I’ll send Young Lady Cheng home!” Lou Zhenming’s complexion was gloomy. Today’s matter was beyond his control, so he needed time to cool down.

“Yes, Brother Ming!” Shou Hou quickly ran and opened the gym door, but didn’t expect that when he opened the door, he would actually see Tang Tang standing at the doorway!

Shou Hou was confused for a bit, but didn’t say anything, thus allowing Tang Tang to rush in!

“???” When Tang Tang saw Xiao Chen’s perfectly fine appearance and the one lying on the floor with status unknown was Ma Gangmen, she immediately froze. Looking a bit startled, she looked at Deng Xiaokun: “Did you beat him up?”

“It was Xiao Chen….” Deng Xiaokun wryly smiled: “I was just buying soy sauce.”2

“Don’t say that! Today’s matter, thank you!” Xiao Chen patted Deng Xiaokun’s shoulder, seriously said.

Shou Hou walked over and lifted up Ma Gangmen, then quietly walked out of the stadium. Formerly, he often did this matter: carrying away the people that were beaten and throwing them into the hospital. But today, he was carrying his brother Ma Gangmen.

“Cheng Mengying, it’s very late. How about I take you home?” Lou Zhenming earnestly asked after he took a deep breath and used the hand gesture to invite towards Cheng Mengying.

“No need, a car will pick me up.” Cheng Mengying shook her head.

“So it’s like this ah….” Lou Zhenming didn’t have any doubts. After all, considering Cheng Mengying’s identity, if there wasn’t a private car to pick her up or she didn’t drive home herself, it would be weird. Therefore, Lou Zhenming didn’t force it. Instead, he nodded and replied: “Then see you tomorrow!”

After Lou Zhenming finished speaking, he quickly hurried towards Shou Hou’s direction to catch up. He had methods on winning over people’s hearts over. Since he wasn’t able to send Cheng Mengying home now, he naturally accompanied Ma Gangmen to the hospital. As for the gym door, there really wasn’t a need to pay attention; the night guard would come to close it.

“What’s the matter ah? How could it be that the one lying on the ground was Ma Gangmen?” Tang Tang looked at Xiao Chen with a bit of shock: “You did it?”

“En, I come from the mountains. Having enormous strength is normal because I often fight with wild animals for practice.” Xiao Chen smiled and said: “Just a bit of brute force!”

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“Oh, so that’s how it is!” Deng Xiaokun nodded: “No wonder you’re so powerful and have such quick reactions, so it was like this!”

“But if it wasn’t for your social status, I’m afraid that it would be a 3 versus 1, and the one on the ground would probably be me!” Although Xiao Chen had confidence in dealing with a 3 people, now wasn’t the time to expose his strength, so on the surface he was grateful: “Xiaokun, I recognize having your kind of brother!”

“Haha, we already are good brothers! Us two and Tang Tang can be like the three sworn brothers in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms!” Deng Xiaokun said laughingly.

Cheng Mengying stood alone, not knowing why, but at this moment when seeing Xiao Chen, Tang Tang, and Deng Xiaokun chatting, she felt uncomfortable in her heart. Perhaps those three were worldly people and she already wasn’t on the same level as him….

‘However, you’re still this young lady’s servant right? Being so cold to this young lady, what a *******! Actually, Xiao Chen is innocent ah. I told him not to publicly announce our relationship in school. Thinking about it, no one wants a loser fiance right?’

“What are you still doing here? Xiao Chen hasn’t been beaten, are you disappointed?” Tang Tang saw Cheng Mengying and her original smiling face turned cold.

“You guys….” Cheng Mengying stomped her foot and briskly walked to the entrance of the gym….the young lady’s chest angrily rose and fell, that’s right, she was about to explode!

Xiao Chen watched Cheng Mengying run away and faintly sighed in his heart. He wanted to catch up to her, but due to Tang Tang and Deng Xiaokun, it wasn’t good to directly leave. Apparently, Tang Tang had misunderstood the young lady!

“Xiao Chen, do you have any matters in the evening? How about we find a place to drink two cups?” Deng Xiaokun asked.

“Next time. I’m a bit tired today, so I’ll go back….” Xiao Chen hesitated before rejecting the offer. Who knows what would happen to the young lady?

“Fine, then next time!” Deng Xiaokun didn’t care. Many things had happened today and it was only Xiao Chen’s first day transferring over, so being tired was normal.

However, Tang Tang felt pensive. Her cheeks swelled and she wanted to say something, but eventually didn’t say it. Instead, she said: “Xiao Chen, go back early, see you tomorrow!”

“En.” Xiao Chen nodded and quickly ran out of the gym, running towards the young lady’s direction.

Deng Xiaokun didn’t think too much about it. He thought that Xiao Chen feared Lou Zhenming’s retaliation. But Tang Tang knew that Xiao Chen was definitely chasing after Cheng Mengying!

‘How is Cheng Mengying any good, for you to be so foolish? Didn’t you see that she came to see the excitement?’ Tang Tang felt that Xiao Chen was stupid for not seeing this! However, she also understood. After all, Cheng Mengying was Xiao Chen’s former fiancee, so he definitely still had some feelings….

“Dead Xiao Chen, rotten Xiao Chen, why didn’t you tell me you were powerful earlier. You made this young lady worry in vain and made me talk so much rubbish to Lou Zhenming! Wait for this young lady, this young lady has also learned your moves. Next time I’ll kick your little brother, kick your butt….” Cheng Mengying went to the door and found herself dumbfounded. It was midnight and she could not find the way home. Her father also hadn’t come to pick up herself, so how would she be able to go home?


  1. TLN: If anyone can figure out what the last line means, go ahead: 沒有那金剛鉆,裝什么大半蒜! 
  2. TLN: If you don’t already know, ‘I was just buying soy sauce’ is a phrase meaning ‘I was just passing by’ 

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