Chapter 26 – Turns Out You’re A Rich Guy

“Many thanks for QunShao’s reminders, I really appreciate it! Later on when you need to use this little brother, QunShao, just open your mouth!” Lou Zhenming quickly said with gratefulness.

“Well said, well said.” Yue Shaoqun waved and said: “Then you guys continue your meeting, I’ll leave first!”

“QunShao, take your time ah!” Lou Zhenming happily said.

However, Yue Shaoqun, who had turned around, curled his lip.

‘Cheng Mengying? You think she’s so easy to pursue? Not even speaking about Cheng Mengying not agreeing, even if she agreed, Cheng Family wouldn’t even have a liking for your Lou Family!’

However, these words couldn’t be said out loud. Saying them would only make Lou Zhenming unhappy.

‘It would be better to encourage him and letting him think that I am good to him!’

Inside Yue Shaoqun’s heart, he also wanted a piece. But due to having Tang Tang as a fiance, Yue Shaoqun could only endure. Yue Shaoqun, for a long time now, was a little darling before other people, an existence of what word ‘genius’. Therefore, before completely breaking off the engagement, he wouldn’t be able to pursue others.

Yue Family had already spread rumors several times of breaking off an engagement with Tang Tang after Tang Tang had grown into this appearance. If Yue Family asked her to become a daughter-in-law, wouldn’t they become laughingstocks! And Tang Family, naturally was somewhat in the wrong, so Tang’s Master had also tacitly consented in this matter.

Only, Yue Family and Tang Family currently have a cooperation. In order to maintain this cooperation, Yue Shaoqun and Tang Tang got engaged. Even though both families know that this engagement will be broken off sooner or later, it’s a way to maintain relations right now.

Tang Family being indifferent to Tang Tang moving out of the family illustrates this point.

After Yue Shaoqun left, Lou Zhenming was also lost in thought. Cheng Mengying’s identity was Cheng Family’s Young Lady, so in this case his pursuing policy should be adjusted accordingly. Fortunately his pursuing policy didn’t to a disaster.

Xiao Chen returned to the classroom building with a bag of delicacies. Just arriving at the classroom, he actually saw Tang Tang coming from the other direction with a bag of steamed rolls in hand.

“Xiao Chen? Didn’t I tell you not to leave? Why did you run about? Did Lou Zhenming try to stir up trouble with you?” Tang Tang was surprised for a moment upon seeing Xiao Chen, then asked a bit angrily.

“You didn’t eat your fill?” Xiao Chen looked at Tang Tang’s steamed rolls bag and was suddenly enlightened. No wonder Tang Tang went out before! She had only ate one steamed bun and this steamed bun also wasn’t too big, how could it be filling? But he ignored it!

“No….” Tang Tang turned a rare shade of red, saying: “This is our dinner! In the evening there is individual study time. If you don’t eat some stuff prior, you’ll be hungry.”

“Hehe, not eating one’s fill is just not being full. I also didn’t eat my fill. This isn’t what you think it is, it’s surplus of what I didn’t eat that I want to give to you.” Xiao Chen lifted up the bags in his hands and said with a smile towards Tang Tang who was currently glaring.

“Seems like you have a conscience….this is….abalone? Lobster?” After Tang Tang clearly saw what was inside the transparent food containers, she immediately stared with eyeballs almost popping out: “Xiao Chen, you have money? Even if you have some bank savings, it can’t be spent this lavishly right? Do you know how much money this costs? If you eat lavishly now, what will you do later?”

Tang Tang wasn’t happy to see these delicacies and instead exploded with rage. In her opinion, Xiao Chen had just been kicked from his family. It was reckoned that there should be some bank savings in his hand, but what would he do after these bank savings run out?

Moreover, these dishes cost at least 200,000. This money, how many days of not eating breakfast would she be able to gain this much? Tang Tang’s heart was bleeding….

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“How would I have the money to buy this?” Upon seeing Tang Tang’s look, Xiao Chen immediately knew that she had misunderstood and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “This is what Lou Zhenming treated with, the remainder that I got to pack to bring back.”

“Lou Zhenming?” Tang Tang was surprised for a moment then became even more surprised: “He treated you to eat something? This can’t be? Xiao Chen, you don’t need to lie! If you want to lie to me, then we can’t be friends! Tell the truth, I won’t blame you. After all, you had lived a privileged life prior to this….”

“He really treated me!” Xiao Chen shrugged and said the situation beforehand to Tang Tang, including Lou Zhenming’s plot to screw him over.

“You’re quite clever to know to find Director Xu!” After Tang Tang listened to Xiao Chen’s words, she actually believed it and nodded, then said: “However, you’re pretty ruthless. Be careful for his retaliation over how much money you made Lou Zhenming spend!”

“What ought to come will always come. If I didn’t fool him at noon, then the person fooled would definitely be me and I wouldn’t be able to hide if I wanted to, so I might as well fool him.” Xiao Chen said somewhat helplessly: “I really don’t know how I even provoked that kid. Why would he eye me?”

“That’s true.” Tang Tang nodded: “I also feel that it’s strange; why would he eye you? But that’s okay. Inside the school, he would dare to blatantly go against you. Next time he asks you to go somewhere, it’s fine not to go. The rest of the time, I’ll help you eye him.”

“Regardless of this, eat before saying more! In a while, it’ll become cold and unappetizing.” Xiao Chen said. He is cultivating true virtue ah and using Tian Lao’s words, ‘cultivating true virtue is a rare flamboyant high-ended occupation’, why would he fear Lou Zhenming?

“Haha, then I’ll take advantage of your offer!” Tang Tang was impolite and took the bags out of Xiao Chen’s hands. Then they entered the classroom together.

Tang Tang placed the abalone and lobster on the desk. Her eyes glowed with a green light, thinking ‘good taste ah!’

Let alone high quality seafood, she hadn’t eaten meat in a long time. Tang Tang couldn’t help but directly grab abalone to satisfy her craving, put it in her mouth, delicious, it’s truly delicious!

While Xiao Chen looked at Tang Tang’s impatient appearance, the corners of his mouth slightly curled up into a slight smile. During the time he was in First High, it was Zhu Yingxiong who was very good to him. But now in Second High, it’s Tang Tang. These seafood dishes were actually what Xiao Chen specially packaged in order to take it back, otherwise he would not just eat then pack.

Although Tang Tang was a bit chubby, however, she was ‘genuine’. It made Xiao Chen feel ‘this little girl is really lovable’. At least with her, Xiao Chen could be relaxed and didn’t have to worry about being together with a beautiful girl or any type of that concern.

Having this sort of buddy is great, so Xiao Chen didn’t eat any. Before he was kicked from Xiao Family, what had he not eaten? Up to this day, he isn’t greedy about these kind of things.

However, the fragrance of abalone and lobster had attracted the attention of the male sitting in the front of Tang Tang and Xiao Chen. He turned around and somewhat surprisedly looked at the food on the desk: “Damn monitor Tang, buying this many delicious foods, did you win the lottery ah?”

“Deng Xiaokun, if you want to eat, then eat! Xiao Chen is treating!” Tang Tang had never been a stingy person. This can be seen from her giving her lunch to Xiao Chen without hesitation, therefore, Xiao Chen didn’t prevent this.

“Then I won’t be polite ah!” Deng Xiaokun was clearly familiar with her. He directly broke off a lobster claw to gnaw and said while gnawing: “Xiao Chen, I didn’t think ah, you were a rich guy. Looking at your attire, I was almost fooled by you!”

Of course with Deng Xiaokun, Xiao Chen didn’t say too much. After all, Deng Xiaokun and Xiao Chen weren’t familiar with each other.

Xiao Chen followed along and ate a few bites. Not long after, Lou Zhenming brought back Ma Gangmen and Shou Hou back to the classroom. Seeing the chewing motions of Xiao Chen’s group of three, Lou Zhenming’s eyes flashed with a trace of anger!1

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‘****, eat all you want, you’ll be vomiting it out tonight!’

Heavily breathing in, Lou Zhenming quelled his anger. What these three were eating was from his own wallet ah! He didn’t even eat a bite of it ah!

“Delicious, delicious, Xiao Chen, thank you. I didn’t expect the school cafeteria’s abalone to be so delicious!” Deng Xiaokun’s said as he ate with both his mouth and hands full.

This grating sound passed through Lou Zhenming’s ears and made him burn with rage. Suppressing his anger, he sat down at his seat.

Deng Xiaokun didn’t take any note of this, however, Tang Tang saw Lou Zhenming’s expression and at this time believed Xiao Chen’s words. Lou Zhenming’s expression was as if he got screwed over.

The first class in the afternoon was self-study.

Originally, Lou Zhenming wanted to find trouble with Xiao Chen after school ended, but seeing Xiao Chen and the others overeating on the other side, it felt a bit unbearable. Thus, he walked to the front of Xiao Chen and looking at Xiao Chen with a cloudy gaze, saying: “Kid, get outside with me!”

“Outside? What do you want to do?” Of course Xiao Chen knew Lou Zhenming’s purpose. It was due to suffering a loss at noon, so Lou Zhenming wanting to teach him a lesson, but he feigned ignorance.

‘What do I want to do? Of course it’s to beat you up!’

But Lou Zhenming couldn’t say this: “You’re a newcomer, so I want to teach you some ground rules. I treated you to a meal at noon, what could I possibly do? Is it possible that you’re afraid?”

“Then say it, I didn’t transfer over on the first day because I skipped classes and got expelled.” Xiao Chen wasn’t afraid of Lou Zhenming, moreover….how wouldn’t Xiao Chen be clear on how Lou Zhenming wanted to hold him?

“Okay, then we’ll talk after school ends!” Lou Zhenming, upon seeing that Xiao Chen didn’t move, thought Xiao Chen was afraid. He could patiently wait until after school ended. At that time, he’ll have to see if Xiao Chen has any reasons to refuse. After saying that, Lou Zhenming turned around and went back to his own seat.

After Lou Zhenming walked, Deng Xiaokun turned his head and said somewhat doubtfully: “I say, dude, how did you offend Lou Zhenming? Before, wasn’t it Ma Gangmen who forced you to pay money? It was only 10,000, shouldn’t it be a piece of cake for you? Shouldn’t you just use financial power to avoid misfortune?2

In Deng Xiaokun’s opinion, Xiao Chen was a tyrant who wouldn’t blink towards this kind of lobster and abalone, how could he be short of 10,000? Why, in an instant, did Lou Zhenming personally act?

Tang Tang actually glared at Deng Xiaokun’s eyes, saying: “Where would Xiao Chen have the money to buy it? This is what Lou Zhenming bought!”

“Lou Zhenming? Then when he talked about treating Xiao Chen to a meal at noon, it was this?!” Deng Xiaokun was immediately astonished. Just like Tang Tang before, his eyes turned wide open. To him, this matter was inconceivable. Lou Zhenming inviting Xiao Chen to a meal then asking him for trouble?

This was simply unscientific! Unless Lou Zhenming’s brain either had a problem, had water in it, or was simply empty.


  1. TLN: Lanky dude/guy will now be ‘Shou Hou’ 
  2. TLN: ‘破財免災’ is an idiom meaning ‘a financial loss may prevent disaster’ 

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