Chapter 28 – Young Lady Also Spectates

“Nevertheless, call me Cheng Mengying or Young Lady Cheng. Right now, we aren’t very familiar with each other.” Cheng Mengying lightly said on the surface. In her heart, she was feeling incomparable loathing and feeling even more hateful towards Xiao Chen!

‘You *******, giving this young lady trouble on the first day, then making this young lady pretend to have affection towards Lou Zhenming. You infuriate this young lady! If not for seeing that you’re very pitiful due to Cheng Family, this young lady would be disinclined to manage your life! Hmph, do you still think that you’re the beforehand ‘Young Master Xiao’? Going to school to provoke Lou Zhenming and making this young lady plead for you after he beats you up a bit can be considered teaching you a lesson!’

“Okay, then I’ll call you Cheng Mengying!” Lou Zhenming was thinking that Cheng Mengying’s meaning was that only after they were familiar with each other would he be able to call her ‘Mengying’. Thus, he was immediately feeling very joyful.

One afternoon quickly went by and what will come, will always come.

After the evening self-study, Lou Zhenming once again went to Xiao Chen.

“Xiao Chen, this time you don’t have any arguments right? Currently, there are no lessons and school has ended, so you can come along with me right?” Because Cheng Mengying was going to be spectating, Lou Zhenming was in a very happy mood. Therefore, his tone of voice towards Xiao Chen wasn’t as bad as it was previously.

“Okay, where are we going?” Since Xiao Chen had made the decision, naturally he didn’t talk bullshit with Lou Zhenming and directly stood up.

“Even if I say it, you wouldn’t know because you’re a newcomer. Just follow me!” Lou Zhenming naturally did not say that they were going to the gym. There were a lot of people in the classroom and if other people knew that he was going to the gym, he was afraid that someone would suspect how he, Lou Zhenming, would be able to get the gym keys.

One has to know, besides the occasional after school sports clubs using the gym, the gym is always locked.

“Isn’t it just going to the gym? Being so mysterious, I understand. Just go!” Deng Xiaokun lazily stood up and followed behind Xiao Chen!

Deng Xiaokun’s move made Xiao Chen a bit moved. Regardless if it was because of Tang Tang’s words or the seafood that he had eaten during lunch time, at the very least, Xiao Chen took down Deng Xiaokun’s human sentiment! Originally, Xiao Chen thought that since he had fallen, only Zhu Yingxiong would never betray his side. He didn’t expect that after just transferring to Second High, he would actually meet two like-minded friends, Tang Tang and Deng Xiaokun.

“Deng Xiaokun? Are you following to create trouble?” Seeing Deng Xiaokun also standing up, Lou Zhenming immediately frowned, and said: “This matter doesn’t concern you, stay on the side!”

“Lou Zhenming, isn’t this about the meal at noon? I also ate!” Deng Xiaokun replied: “If you think you spent a lot, then how about I treat you to a banquet some day?”

“Damn, your treat? Who do you think you are, huh?” Lou Zhenming immediately became a bit angry. If it was as usual, he would give face to Deng Xiaokun. Although Deng Family went down in the world, Deng Xiaokun was said to be a Fighter with strength higher than Lou Zhenming by a bit. Therefore, in the school, Lou Zhenming tried to not have any conflicts with Deng Xiaokun. Rabbits are quick to bite, it wasn’t worth it even if he could beat up Deng Xiaokun.1

But today, because Cheng Mengying was spectating, Lou Zhenming wanted to show off in front of Cheng Mengying. Even if this was superficially, where would he ever find another good opportunity?

If a man doesn’t step on people, how can a man show off a man’s domineering side?

“Lou Zhenming, have you eaten a gun? Apparently, it seems that even my, Deng Xiaokun’s, face is worth nothing. I kindly offered myself as the peacemaker, but since you don’t appreciate it, then I’ll take a look along with Xiao Chen. Let’s see if you can play any tricks!” Deng Xiaokun coldly replied. Although his Deng Family had declined, it was still enough to make other people wary.

Deng Xiaokun’s words immediately made Lou Zhenming knit his eyebrows! Although Lou Family is currently strong, if Deng Family went all out, then Lou Family wouldn’t feel any better! Originally, if not for Deng Family’s Deng Dao being injured and Deng Family wanting to save strength thus leaving their domain and Aristocratic Family seat on their own initiative, and instead wanted to recklessly fight it out to the end with Lou Family, although Lou Family would eventually win, it certainly would be this kind of scene right now. Not even mentioning the Aristocratic Family seat, Lou Family wouldn’t even be able to maintain their current territory! After all, to fight to the bitter end with Deng Family, Lou Family would also lose a lot of strength. By then, why would those small gangs take orders from Lou Family?

However, even though Lou Zhenming was upset, it wasn’t a good idea to get angry with Deng Xiaokun directly. He could only take a deep breath and think up countermeasures of how to stop Deng Xiaokun from interfering.

Lou Zhenming was in the front guiding with Xiao Chen and Deng Xiaokun following, and behind them were Ma Gangmen and Shou Hou. Not far away, there were even more following people, namely, Cheng Mengying and….Tang Tang!

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While Tang Tang didn’t directly follow, because she worried, she followed from far away. Cheng Mengying was going to watch Lou Zhenming teach Xiao Chen a lesson, so she naturally was following in the back.

Tang Tang had discovered Cheng Mengying and Cheng Mengying had also discovered Tang Tang, but both of them weren’t familiar with each other so they didn’t talk. Because Tang Tang became friends with Xiao Chen, she had no good feelings for Cheng Mengying who had broke off an engagement with him.

Very quickly, the group arrived at the northeast corner of the school where the gym was. At that moment, the gym was very dark. Ma Gangmen took out the keys and skillfully opened the door, then opened the lights of the gym.

After Tang Tang saw Cheng Mengying also going into the gym, then unexpectedly stand on Lou Zhenming’s side, she could not help but knit her eyebrows! From the looks of it, it seemed that Cheng Mengying was a group with Lou Zhenming?

‘Could it be that it was actually Cheng Mengying finding Lou Zhenming to teach Xiao Chen a lesson? She wouldn’t be that horrible right?’

Thinking up to here, Tang Tang started disliking Cheng Mengying even further.

‘Seems like the most poisonous thing is a female’s heart, that was your former fiance!’

However, Tang Tang had forgotten that she was also a female and that she also hated her fiance Yue Shaoqun. If there was a chance, she would not hesitate to beat up Yue Shaoqun!

It was just that, in Tang Tang’s opinion, Yue Shaoqun was a hypocrite with a bellyful of dirty tricks and Xiao Chen was more genuine.

“Clang!” The gym doors closed.

Because the gym windows were very high, Tang Tang could only see the lights in the gym and couldn’t see anything in the gym. She could only lie on the door of the gym to eavesdrop, but unfortunately, she couldn’t hear anything!

Actually, seeing that Deng Xiaokun and Tang Tang following along, Young Lady Cheng was a bit surprised. She didn’t think that Xiao Chen’s interactions with people would be so good, making Tang Family’s Young Lady and Deng Family’s Young Master speak for him.

Only, these two people’s identities were even comparable to Xiao Chen’s. All of them had gone down.

“Xiao Chen, do you know why I called you here?” Lou Zhenming looked at Cheng Mengying from the corner of his eye, then began to act like he was powerful. He pulled out a toothpick and held it in his mouth, looking like a mafia boss from the movies.

“Enough Lou Zhenming, stop pretending. If you have the capability to put a cigarette in your mouth, then don’t play around with a toothpick to look cool!” Xiao Chen had not even said a thing before Deng Xiaokun started speaking: “Haven’t I already said it? If you want to say something, I’ll accompany you. Is this not about the abalone and lobster at noon? I’ll treat you on another day!”

“You….” Lou Zhenming was unbearably angry. It was not that he didn’t think of smoking, but rather that he had stopped smoking. One has to know, smoking, regarding a fighter, is very harmful. He, in order to cultivate, changed it to using toothpicks. Deng Xiaokun unexpectedly wanted to make him smoke, was this not making fun of him?

“Good! Then, let’s consider the matter at noon as finished. However, this morning, Ma Gangmen’s matter, how should we calculate this?” Lou Zhenming took a deep breath. He knew that Deng Xiaokun would pester him endlessly if he didn’t relent, but he could do nothing. Who made Deng Xiaokun also eat the meal at noon?

“How about you scold Ma Gangmen.” Deng Xiaokun made it clear that he was there to make the water muddier.

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“****, scold? If you want to kill me, can I also kill you? Saying this is useless, moreover, Ma Gangmen was already scolded and it wasn’t me. How we teach him will be Ma Gangmen’s decision!” After Lou Zhenming finished talking, he looked at Ma Gangmen to his side, giving a meaningful glance to him.

“How about this, Xiao Chen. I, Grandpa Ma, don’t want to make things difficult for you. Just us two will fight one round and no matter who wins or loses, today’s matter will be forgotten, how about it?” Ma Gangmen said: “The standard outcome is this: the opponent has to kneel, beg for forgiveness, and lick the other person’s shoe. Of course, in order to prevent either side from immediately kneeling, begging for forgiveness and licking the other person’s shoe, there will be a time rule. It can only be ten minutes later, that one can surrender! Otherwise, even if one gets down, they have to suffer a beating. How about it?”

“Lou Zhenming, you think that this is fair?” Deng Xiaokun asked rhetorically: “How about this, I go up and fight one round with Ma Gangmen?”

“Get lost! Deng Xiaokun, I already gave you enough face!” Lou Zhenming cold grunted: “Is this even your business? The one who scolded Ma Gangmen in the morning is Xiao Chen, not you. However, if you kneel on the floor and give daddy three kowtows, then lick off the dust on daddy’s shoes cleanly, then daddy will let Xiao Chen off how about it? Okay?”

“You….” Deng Xiaokun’s anger from Lou Zhenming wasn’t light. This was naked humiliation! Although Deng Xiaokun was very worried for Xiao Chen, however, making him kneel was impossible. If he kneeled, it would be represented as Deng Family’s compromise to Lou Family. From then on, Deng Family’s only domain would also have to be given away!

Lou Zhenming had good calculation. If Deng Xiaokun kneeled today, Lou Family would obtain something very important. Although he, Lou Zhenming, wouldn’t get to teach Xiao Chen a lesson, failing to win Cheng Mengying’s affection, in comparison, he would rather stall his plans.

“Me, what me? I have been very fair. Xiao Chen provoked Ma Gangmen, so he and Ma Gangmen will fight a round. There aren’t any additional people bullying him, what else do you want?” Lou Zhenming turned around to Cheng Mengying after he finished saying that and asked: “Goddess Cheng, you think that I’m fair right?”

“Fa….ir.” Cheng Mengying had no other choice, she could only brace herself and say that it was fair. However, she had already decided that the moment that Xiao Chen fell on the floor, she would step forward to interfere.

“Did you hear that, Deng Xiaokun, Xiao Chen? Cheng Mengying also transferred over today, so it isn’t possible for her to be a group with me. If she says that it’s fair, then it’s fair!” Lou Zhenming said.


  1. TLN: Probably something about Deng Family attacking over Deng Xiaokun being beat up if he were beat up 

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