Chapter 17 – Then You Need To Wait

As for Xiao Chen’s change, Cheng Zhongming didn’t think too much about it. People would change after an upheaval, after a moment of life and death, so there would definitely be a change. Escaping from calamity was certainly good fortune, so Cheng Zhongming came up with this: Xiao Chen almost died, therefore his mentality transformed!

However, Cheng Zhongming was happy to see this transformation. If Xiao Chen didn’t understand his meaning when he mentioned servant and instead used his pretended dandy temper to fiercely reject, then he would really be an idiot who couldn’t be helped! (TLN: The original raw doesn’t mention idiot, but it’s implied.)

“Then many thanks Uncle Cheng.” Xiao Chen said: “But I have several sets of clothing in my bedroom. You also know my current economic situation, so I want to go and take them.”

“Okay, no problem!” Cheng Zhongming nodded, saying: “I’ll drive you there…”

Cheng Zhongming’s car drove in the direction of the dormitory, and as expected, as the car left, a young man with sunglasses took out his cellphone, and dialed a number: “Brother Fan, Cheng Zhongming came to the school, and according to him, Xiao Chen is expelled. Sure enough, Xiao Chen was furious and almost got into a fight with Cheng Zhongming, but possibly because Xiao Chen was cornered, he was eventually forced to compromise, then boarded Cheng Zhongming’s car.”

“Oh? It seems like my big brother didn’t pull any tricks!” Cheng Zhongfan upon hearing this put down the weight in his heart.

“Brother Fan, then right now, should I continue to follow them?” Sunglasses man carefully asked.

“No need, it’s just a trash person. Let him fend for himself and don’t manage him, since there will be people tormenting him to death.” Cheng Zhongfan snorted with disdain: “You come back.”

“Okay, Brother Fan!” Sunglasses man nodded in agreement. (TLN: How would Cheng Zhongfan even see his nod when they’re on a call…it doesn’t even mention FaceTime…)

After Cheng Zhongfan hung up, he quickly walked to report to the Master. Of course, if it weren’t for Cheng Master’s incitement, he wouldn’t have been so blatant in tracking Cheng Zhongming.

“Father, Big Brother went to Xiao Chen’s school and made Xiao Chen expelled. Then he found Xiao Chen and proposed the conditions of being a servant to Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen and he quarrelled, but then it was restrained and he compromised, afterwards boarded Big Brother’s car.” Cheng Zhongfan said the situation clear cut to Cheng Tianqiu.

“Oh? Very good! His father killed my son, so I want his son to live a nightmare!” Cheng Tianqiu nodded, and said resentfully.

Xiao Chen packed his clothes and looked at his own dorm. This dorm made him somewhat nostalgic, not because he had lived here for a long time, but regards to its impression. It was just yesterday night that he was a waste, but today’s night, he went from a waste to the high-end career of cultivation….

Looking at the cracked walls, Xiao Chen shook his head, picked up his clothes, then quickly went down the stairs.

It was only when Xiao Chen was about to get on the car, that arguing could be heard inside the car.

“Dad….you….how did you make Xiao Chen work for me as a servant? As well as make us live together?!” Cheng Mengying didn’t think that after her father called her out of the classroom, and boarded the car, he would give her two proposals that made her collapse: Transfer schools! And live together with Xiao Chen!

Transferring schools was no problem, but….allowing a man, and her live together, this….is cohabitation?

“Cough….that Mengying ah, I am not making you guys live together, I’m just making you guys roommates, do you understand? It is very popular right now, this and stewardess living together, and school flower living together, he and you are sleeping in different rooms, only learning and taking care of you in daily life….” Cheng Zhongming explained. (TLN: I didn’t bother to even edit the last line…)

“But….is there a difference?” Cheng Mengying was going ballistic: “Making my former fiance my servant? People who don’t know about what happened before, how would you make me see other people? Other people will ridicule me to death….” (TLN: I had to use ballistic here…SOMETHING TOLD ME TO DO IT)

“Mengying!” Cheng Zhongming’s tone suddenly became serious: “Your Uncle Xiao Feng had an accident, and Xiao Chen is his only son. He and I are closer than brothers thus Xiao Chen might as well be my son. Now that Cheng Family has broken off the engagement and Xiao Family kicked him out. I was unable to stop it, so I can only deceive the public, give him some help….”

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“What you mean is….” Cheng Mengying wasn’t stupid. Previously, she was frightened and got carried away, but after listening to her father’s explanation, she immediately understood her father’s meaning. On the surface, it seems like Cheng Family is screwing over Xiao Chen, turning him from an aloof young master into a servant, but in reality, Cheng Zhongming is giving Xiao Chen a place to survive in!

“Right, Mengying, Daddy knows you’re a kind-hearted girl. You also don’t want to make your Uncle Xiao sad right?” Cheng Zhongming asked.

“Okay then….” Cheng Mengying nodded, but in her heart she was somewhat mixed about Xiao Chen. Before, she used to be his fiancee, but when he was in front of her, he would unexpectedly be pursuing commoner school flowers, pursuing her girlfriend Shen Jingxuan. Now that this dropped into my hands, hum, watch how I punish you!

Young Lady Cheng agreed to her father’s request. This was looking at Xiao Feng’s face, as well as having the thought of revenge to Xiao Chen; women are very vengeful.

“But….it won’t be just me and Xiao Chen living together right?” Lady Cheng heart was a little nervous. Although Xiao Chen had fallen and had also become her servant, however, with Xiao Chen’s previous broken reputation, if by any chance the darkness in his heart rose, what will she do when she’s overthrown?

“I have already placed you in a new school nearby, giving you guys a rented villa. Of course there are roommates, and there are also tenants of this kind, this way it doesn’t matter right?” Cheng Zhongming had also taken into consideration this problem. Even though he didn’t mind his daughter being overthrown by Xiao Chen, but in the current situation, if Xiao Chen dared to do so, he would certainly be killed. Although it was his daughter, it was Cheng Master who calls the shots.

“Good…..” Young Lady Cheng was relieved.

Xiao Chen stood outside the car, not knowing whether he should laugh or cry; was his reputation that bad? It seems like, he is still was a virgin right? Okay then, but Young Lady Cheng was fooled, so it seems like his acting is really good.

In fact, Cheng Zhongming had already discovered Xiao Chen, but Xiao Chen was outside the car, so Cheng Zhongming didn’t think that he could hear the conversation inside the car. He thought that Xiao Chen had seen Cheng Mengying had first boarded the car, thus he deliberately did not board, leaving Cheng Zhongming and Cheng Mengying some space to talk.

With Cheng Zhongming’s Inner Qi Level, wanting to hear the conversation inside the car didn’t matter on how close one was, because this car was soundproof. Even though Xiao Chen’s Qi-Training cultivation was out of the ordinary, it wasn’t on the level of hearing whatever was said inside the car.

However, Xiao Chen had actually heard, so even Xiao Chen himself was shocked.

“Is it not shocking? Ears and eyes perceptibility, there is also an ability of cultivating true virtue. When your soul also becomes a powerful spiritual force to a certain degree, not only will you be able to affect other people’s thoughts like me, but you can also hear conversations from really far away.” Tian Lao’s voice rang in Xiao Chen’s ears. (TLN: Decided to call comprehension/cultivating ‘cultivating true virtue’)

“I say Tian Lao, you have an addiction in peeping in my thoughts ah….” Xiao Chen was somewhat speechless. He was afraid that the thought about him being a virgin before, Tian Lao had also heard.

“Nothing can be done about it ah. I’m also in your body, so whatever you think, I know quite well.” Tian Lao was intentionally pretending to be helpless, but his tone betrayed his shamelessness, he could certainly stop hearing if he wanted to.

“Then how is it that I can’t hear your thoughts?” Xiao Chen found it a little unfair.

“You can also do so when your strength is bigger than mine, of course.” Tian Lao said: “But, you’ll have to wait.”

“……” Xiao Chen rolled his eyes, too lazy to care about the old pervert.

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