Chapter 79 – Sorcery or Magic?

“It’s Lou Zhenming who dropped it onto the floor, what does it have to do with Xiao Chen?” Tang Tang had been paying attention to Xiao Chen the entire time, so she naturally understood the process of the matter. When she heard Cheng Mengying speak such, she naturally protested unfairness for Xiao Chen.

Cheng Mengying gave Tang Tang a glance and wrinkled her eyebrows before she spoke in a low voice: “You think I don’t know? And still speak with you? Since you care so much about Xiao Chen, then how about helping him foot the bill? All of this clearly shows that they want to trap him and that manager is their partner!”

“I……” Where did Tang Tang have so much money? If she had 1 million RMB, then she wouldn’t need to sell fried breadsticks in the morning!

“Older cousin Mengying, how about I go!” Jin Beibei mischievously smiled. It was unknown what kind of harmful ideas she had thought up.

Cheng Mengying hesitated. Although Jin Beibei’s method would definitely frame Lou Zhenming or even Yue Shaoqun, it would be best if she acted at this moment, so she calmly nodded.

But just as Jin Beibei was about to set out, Xiao Chen actually bent down and gathered the broken pieces of the bowl. As he was holding it in his hand, his expression was quite weird as he looked at Lou Zhenming and said: “But this bowl hasn’t broken? Isn’t it still fine? There is essentially nothing to make a fuss about?”

“Ah?” Just as Lou Zhenming was complacently smiling, he immediately became startled upon hearing Xiao Chen’s words. Right as he wanted to refute Xiao Chen, he suddenly discovered that the bowl in Xiao Chen’s hand was simply undamaged, without even the slightest crack!

Yue Shaoqun also opened his eyes wide. He was speechless as he looked at the bowl in Xiao Chen’s hand, could it be that he had unclear vision a moment ago? The bowl in Xiao Chen’s hand was obviously in good condition, how could it have broken?

The most bewildered person had to be Ma Xiaotian. Although she promised to cooperate with Yue Shaoqun and Lou Zhenming in putting on this play, her distance from Xiao Chen was quite far as to avoid suspicion, so she wasn’t too clear on whether to bowl had broken or not. When she walked over, Xiao Chen had already picked it up. She thought that Lou Zhenming had been too hasty in putting on this play and hadn’t seen clearly.

“Since it isn’t broken, then naturally it’s fine. It appears that Demon Sect Cult Master Zhang Naipao is a fierce person!” Ma Xiaotian let out a chuckle. She understood that there was no way to perform today’s business and could only be dropped.

“Impossible, it obviously fell and broke into pieces!” Lou Zhenming had gotten this opportunity to fix up Xiao Chen with great difficulty, so how could he let him off like this? He directly snatched the bowl from Xiao Chen’s hand to take a look, but before he carefully scrutinized it, the bowl broke into two pieces with a ‘plink!’. It stopped in Lou Zhenming’s hand just like this.

Lou Zhenming was flabbergasted, Yue Shaoqun was flabbergasted, and Ma Xiaotian was also flabbergasted. What kind of situation was this?

Cheng Mengying was puzzled, Tang Tang was puzzled, Jin Beibei looked pensive.

“H……how could it break?” Lou Zhenming didn’t expect that the perfectly fine bowl just a moment ago would turn into two halves in his hands. Wasn’t this too mysterious?

“Young Master Lou, what were you snatching for? Look, your snatching has caused it to go bad!” Xiao Chen said to Lou Zhenming with a distressed expression: “Although this 1 million isn’t much regarding someone like Young Master Lou, breaking it like this is still quite a pity, right?”

“I……” Lou Zhenming wanted to cry but had no tears when he looked at the bowl in his hands that split into two. Damn, this ******* isn’t from me snatching it away!

A smear of doubt flashed past Yue Shaoqun’s eyes as well, but his nature was that of a hypocrite’s, so it was impossible for him to speak bare-faced lies. He couldn’t still falsely accused Xiao Chen at this time, so he could only frown and say: “Lou Zhenming, how could you be this careless? Forget it, go compensate them for this. Although I’m treating for this meal, this bowl is not included!”

“I……” Lou Zhenming felt an urge to cry. He had recently applied for 1 million RMB to pick up girls from his father, how could he just use it like this to compensate for a bowl?

Although it was unknown which ** mastermind used this bowl, it was still indeed an antique. At the time of selecting this bowl, it was because of fearing that Xiao Chen would be able to judge the quality of the item and not want to take out 1 million, so the true value of the bowl really purchased with 1 million.

“Holy cow, brother-in-law has superpowers!” Jin Beibei muttered in a low voice to Cheng Mengying.

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“……” Cheng Mengying was also clueless as to how this matter came to a 180 degree reversal.

“Swipe my card!” Lou Zhenming’s forehead was filled with black lines as he pulled out his bank card and gave it to Ma Xiaotian. Although he and Ma Xiaotian had agreed to cooperate in acting out this performance, this didn’t represent that he wouldn’t need to pay for ruining the bowl.

“Good……” Ma Xiaotian received the bank card and nodded.

“I’ll be leaving my diamond card here. My grandfather at the clan just sent me a message looking for me for something. Everybody, I am saddened to have to leave. However much you spend, I will pay for it.” Yue Shaoqun said. He felt that there wasn’t any significance in staying here any longer, so he handed over his diamond card to Ma Xiaotian.

As for his grandfather looking for him, it was nothing but an excuse. He didn’t fix up Xiao Chen and lost face in front of Lou Zhenming, so naturally he didn’t have any mood to eat here.

Lou Zhenming hesitated for a while. Yue Shaoqun had walked, so there was no point for him to keep staying here. Moreover, he had lost an immense amount of face in front of Cheng Mengying. It obviously should have been Xiao Chen compensating for the bowl, but it had actually become him. Feeling Jin Beibei’s expression of schadenfreude, Lou Zhenming opened his mouth and said: “I’ll be looking for an antique store to see whether or not this bowl can be repaired. I quite like this bowl, haha!”

While he was speaking, Lou Zhenming took the broken bowl with him and left the private room with Yue Shaoqun.

Just as Ma Xiaotian was about to follow right after, Jin Beibei shouted: “Hey, don’t go, I want to order!”

“Uh……then young lady Jin, what do you want to order?” Ma Xiaotian was helpless and could only hint for Lou Zhenming to stay a while before she gave him back his card.

“The things on this menu, give me one of each!” Jin Beibei pointed at the menu and said.

In the moment that Yue Shaoqun stepped out of the room, he almost tumbled down upon hearing Jin Beibei’s words! What kind of place was this? It was one of Songning City’s first-rate restaurants! All of the dishes on the menu together cost at least more than 1 million, did this ** want to rob this brother penniless?

“This……young lady Jin, can you eat up this much?” Ma Xiaotian weakly inquired. Although she was naturally glad to sell more, this was Yue Shaoqun’s treat, so it was equivalent to offending Yue Shaoqun. The gains would not equal the loss.

“Can’t I pack what I can’t eat?” Jin Beibei waved and replied: “Okay, I’ve finished ordering, you can go serve the food!”

“U……understood, young lady Jin.” Ma Xiaotian was forced to nod, then withdrew from the private room.

A smear of somberness flashed past Yue Shaoqun’s face, but he immediately resumed normality. A bit more than 1 million in his words was ‘money spent is just money spent’. He did not pursue a materialistic life, what he pursued was strength and authority!

“Young Master Qun, your meaning……” After Ma Xiaotian walked out of the private room, she was naturally going to inquire the financial backer Yue Shaoqun.

“Didn’t I already speak? I’ll be paying! Could it be that even if I leave my diamond card here, you still suspect my reputation?” Yue Shaoqun coldly asked as he gave Ma Xiaotian a glance.

“Of course I don’t dare, I’ll go pass on the order……” Ma Xiaotian trembled in her heart, then promptly made someone pass on the order.

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Jade Sea Sky Palace’s parking lot.

Lou Zhenming sat in Yue Shaoqun’s A8L car1 feeling extremely unwell and angry: “This bowl obvious broke into two pieces when it fell onto the floor, but it was whole when Xiao Chen picked it up. Then when it was in my hands, it turned into two halves! What kind of sorcery did Xiao Chen, this kid, use?”

“Sorcery? If I’m not wrong, this kid should be practicing magic and used a camouflage.” Yue Shaoqun shook his head: “I heard that he imitated some magician on television to curry favor with some girl in the past.”

“So it turns out that it was this, damn it, I’ve been played by this kid! Young Master Qun, I’m unable to swallow this anger, not only was Xiao Chen not taught a lesson, but you and I also had to compensate 1 million!” Lou Zhenming ferociously spoke: “I’ll kill this kid!”

“Don’t be impulsive.” Yue Shaoqun glanced at Lou Zhenming: “Didn’t I tell you that his status is comparatively special? Since you know that he is Xiao Clan’s young master, if you go all out to murder him, I fear that you will provoke many troubles!”

“We can find someone to do it! I don’t believe that Cheng Clan will carefully investigate for someone like him!” Lou Zhenming had truly burst his top today. At first, he wanted to pull the relationship between him and Cheng Mengying with this meal, but who would have thought that not only did he not pull their relationship closer, he was even disgraced! The originator of all of this was Xiao Chen, and he hated him down to his bone marrow!

“Fine, I’ll solve this matter appropriately, wait for me to think up a reliable solution.” Yue Shaoqun responded.

“Then……good! I’ll be going ahead……” A barrier towards Yue Shaoqun already arose in Lou Zhenming’s heart. He could see that Yue Shaoqun not wanting to kill Xiao Chen wasn’t because he feared Cheng Clan’s unhappiness, but rather because of Tang Tang! If Xiao Chen died, how would he cast off Tang Tang?

But with the hindrance of Yue Clan’s status, Lou Zhenming didn’t dare say anything. Although he was a ** young master2, comparing himself with Yue Shaoqun, his class was still lower by a lot. There were many times that he needed to depend on Yue Shaoqun’s support in order to raise his class.

“Your bowl.” Yue Shaoqun could see that Lou Zhenming was dissatisfied, but he didn’t have any solutions; he still needed to utilize Xiao Chen. For this matter, as long as Old Master Tang didn’t formally yield and create an engagement-breaking document, then he, Yue Shaoqun, wouldn’t feel steadfast.

“No need, Young Master Qun, you can take it to play.” Lou Zhenming’s class was still a bit lacking. He didn’t like playing with these cultured things, especially a lousy bowl that broke into pieces. Lou Zhenming didn’t have a damn use for it even if he brought it home.

Yue Shaoqun didn’t say anything. He started the vehicle and headed straight to Tang Clan. He had to settle this matter otherwise he would lose his little brother Lou Zhenming, and this was not a result that Yue Shaoqun wanted to see.

When Yue Shaoqun and Lou Zhenming left, the remaining people were Xiao Chen, Tang Tang, Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei, so the atmosphere became strange.

“Brother-in-law, was it magic that you showed just a moment ago?” Jin Beibei interestingly looked at Xiao Chen and asked.

What Xiao Chen had performed just a moment ago wasn’t magic, but an illusion. This was a special ability that those at Third Layer Qi-Training possessed! Theoretically speaking, this was an empty move that Truth Cultivators used in a fight to confuse their opponents, but Xiao Chen used it on the bowl.


  1. TLN: Last chapter pointed to the A8L being Lou Zhenming’s car, but I guess it’s Yue Shaoqun’s car. 
  2. TLN: So I’ve been translating ‘公子’ as young master because it would be weird if I called Lou Zhenming ‘noble son’ or the like. First of all, almost nobody speaks like that in English. Second of all, Lou Zhenming’s clan is one that evolved from being a gangster/triad/mafia clan, it just wouldn’t feel right. 

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