Chapter 34 – Jin Beibei

“Didn’t you want to rest yesterday? The result of you taking a break was that you fell asleep. Later on, you laid down on my legs and due to me fearing that I would disturb your sleep, I didn’t wake you up….” Xiao Chen explained with a bitter smile.

“Then how did you….” Cheng Mengying thought for a bit. ‘Seems like it indeed is this matter. Yesterday, I had gotten tired of walking and wanted to take a break on the bench on the side of the road. Afterwards, I remember nothing so it seems that I was asleep.’

However, after Cheng Mengying took a glance at Xiao Chen’s crotch, she scrunched her eyebrows together and said with a hmph: “You were afraid to disturb me? Do you dare to say that you had no dirty thoughts?”

“This is a normal phenomenon called ‘morning wood’….” Xiao Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “That’s enough. Next time I’ll wake you up then take you home.”

At this moment, Jin Beibei had finally understood what had happened, but her mischievous eyes swept between Xiao Chen’s legs, then she talked to herself: “How is it this big? It doesn’t seem to be the same size it says in the textbook? Luckily Sister Mengying broke off the engagement, otherwise when it’s time, wouldn’t she be X’d to death!”

In the beginning, Cheng Mengying didn’t understand the meaning of what Jin Beibei was saying. What thing was so big, and wasn’t the same as it is in the textbooks? But hearing the words that came after it and looking at what direction Jin Beibei’s gaze was in, Cheng Mengying angrily stared at Jin Beibei’s eyes and ill-humoredly said: “Beibei, why is your mind so complex? All day long thinking about dirty things. Are you not thinking about giving blowjobs, only wanting to put the blame on me?”

“Of course not….but having the chance to do it is also fine. I’ve tried it with bananas, but there wasn’t anything special. It was like eating a popsicle in my childhood….” Jin Beibei muttered.

“You….” Cheng Mengying was made somewhat speechless by Jin Beibei, but suddenly remembered that Xiao Chen was also standing at the side. Thinking about the word ‘*******’ that had popped out of her mouth, she immediately blushed and coughed twice, then looked towards Xiao Chen: “Hey, what did you hear?”

“Ah?” Xiao Chen was confused for a moment: “What did you say?”

“Hmph, seems like you’re sensible!” Cheng Mengying nodded to deceive herself and others. No longer paying attention to Xiao Chen, she immediately looked towards Jin Beibei: “Beibei, why are you here so early in the morning?”

“Uncle said that you had transferred to Second High. Yesterday, I didn’t see you, so I planned to take you to school today in the early morning,.” After Jin Beibei spoke up to here, she looked at Cheng Mengying with a weird complexion: “Cousin Cheng Mengying, you’re really weird oh. You are unexpectedly on good terms with Xiao Chen? Didn’t you dislike him before?”

“Don’t talk nonsense! I’ll tell auntie about what you do to bananas if you talk more. Watch how she deals with you!” Cheng Mengying angrily replied: “He’s only this Young Lady’s personal servant. If this Young Lady wants to sleep, then he has to turn into a bed! If this Young Lady wants to eat, then he has to become a table!”
“Crap, Xiao Chen brother-in-law is a transformer?” Jin Beibei said with astonishment.

“….” Xiao Chen looked at Jin Beibei’s innocent look with a dumbfounded face. However, if he really thought that she was innocent, then he would have fallen into the trap. From infancy until now, her innocent look had swindled many dandy’s that wanted to gang up on her. They were met with bad luck and taught a lesson until they were hovering between life and death!

Therefore, Xiao Chen decided to stay away from this young demoness in order not to suffer! Previously, when he was Xiao Family’s Young Master, he did not go provoking this young demoness, but he also wasn’t afraid of her revenge. However now it’s different, he was Cheng Mengying’s servant. If this little girl didn’t see him as pleasing to the eyes and put out an order for him, then it would be a sudden and unexpected disaster.

“He’s also a Ninja Turtle….what brother-in-law? Stop speaking nonsense!” When Cheng Mengying heard how Jin Beibei addressed Xiao Chen she became shocked: “I already said that he and I don’t have any relationship!”

“Oh, Xiao Chen former brother-in-law, hello oh!” Jin Beibei nodded as she continued to talk.

“…..” Cheng Mengying was to lazy to correct her, but when Xiao Chen heard Jin Beibei calling him brother-in-law, he felt a strange feeling.

“Okay, Xiao Chen, I want to go to school with Beibei. Will you sit in the back or go to school by yourself?” Cheng Mengying asked while pointing at the back of the Beatle.

Xiao Chen glanced at the car’s small and narrow back seat and could not help but smile bitterly: “I’ll take a taxi, but you have to give me money for it.”

“I don’t have any money.” Cheng Mengying said without hesitation. How could she not know that Shen Jingxuan had given Xiao Chen 10,000 RMB before?

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“Then I’ll let myself in.” After Xiao Chen finished speaking, he got ready to get on the car.

“Stingy miser! Take this as this Young Lady’s reward for you!” Cheng Mengying wanted to have an intimate conversation with Jin Beibei, so she didn’t want Xiao Chen to listen in. Otherwise, Jin Beibei would shoot off her mouth, thus making her lose face by talking about her ‘*******’ and such pop up. Therefore, Cheng Mengying pulled out her wallet, took out a 100 RMB bill and handed it to Xiao Chen: “This should be enough for when leaving school too right?”

“It’s enough.” Xiao Chen nodded. It was only 30 RMB when they were leaving on the taxi yesterday.

“Beibei, let’s go.” Cheng Mengying opened the co-pilot’s door and boarded the car with Jin Beibei.

Xiao Chen gazed after Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei leaving, pocketed 100 RMB, then walked to the bus stop! Xiao Chen wasn’t exactly a real gentleman, he was very clear on his situation. The core of this work was no salary! 10,000 RMB truly had to be saved for later use.

“Cousin Mengying, did you really make Xiao Chen brother-in-law into your servant?” Jin Beibei asked while she was driving.

“Not brother-in-law, it’s former brother-in-law….not right, he wasn’t that either. He was just fiance before! Dead Beibei, making me turn stupid!” Cheng Mengying was unbearably angry: “You know that even though I dislike him, I also feel that he is pitiful. My grandfather, due to uncle’s matter, vented his anger on Xiao Family. That means that there has to be someone to turn into the scapegoat right? This person could only be Uncle Xiao’s son. In order to make him survive, father made him my servant.”

“Uncle isn’t afraid that you’ll fall in love over time?” Jin Beibei asked mischievously.

“How is that possible? This Young Lady doesn’t have a liking for him!” Cheng Mengying’s face turned a little red, but said without hesitation: “What this Young Lady likes is a true great hero! He’s only a waste!”

But Cheng Mengying had to admit that she was mistaken before, as seen from Xiao Chen and Ma Gangmen’s duel from yesterday. Although Xiao Chen hadn’t reached the strength of a First Layer Inner Qi, as an average person, his strength was already at the limit. If not for his innate constitution problem, it was feared that he would have been a master of First Layer Inner Qi or even higher long ago!

Xiao Chen did not have Innate Divine Strength. Other people weren’t clear on this, but as Xiao Chen’s former fiancee, Cheng Mengying was very clear on it. Not only did Xiao Chen not have Innate Divine Strength, but he was also frail and sick from childhood. Being able to have this present strength was only for Xiao Chen to go through many sufferings!

It was very difficult for Cheng Mengying to imagine Xiao Chen, this dandy Young Master, suffer through exercise!

But these words, she didn’t say out loud.

“Oh, cousin Mengying is blushing!” Jin Beibei observed.

“Drive carefully! I don’t want to be killed.” Cheng Mengying said.

Jin Beibei spit out her tongue and started to drive with devotion.

The villa area wasn’t too far away from Second High, so the car quickly arrived at the school gates. Afterwards, Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei entered the school together.


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Lou Zhenming’s complexion was very gloomy. Ma Gangmen’s injury was very heavy and he was currently lying down on a hospital bed. He also didn’t know whether Lei Dianfeng had found any people to teach Xiao Chen a lesson. In short, his mood was very gloomy. Originally, what should have been a good day to pick up girls, had unexpectedly turned into a day of suffering setbacks.

He would definitely make Xiao Chen pay a blood price! Although he had said that he would forget this matter in front of Deng Xiaokun yesterday, he would never consider such a matter as finished. Him not raising his hands, did not mean that he wouldn’t hire other people to raise their hands in secret!

If Xiao Chen was killed by wanted outlaws from the outside, then the only explanation would be that Xiao Chen had bad luck, and he, Lou Zhenming, had no relationship with it.

Seeing Cheng Mengying walk into the classroom holding bread and yogurt, it was as if Lou Zhenming had a loaded spring under his ***. He immediately got off his seat with a ‘Sou’ and trotted over to Cheng Mengying while smiling: “Mengying, you came. This yogurt and bread, although the nutrition isn’t bad, the taste isn’t that good either. How about I treat you to some porridge at the school cafeteria?”

“Little Louzi, you seem to be very rich. How about you load 100,000 RMB into my meal card?” Jin Beibei laughingly said as she jumped out from Cheng Mengying’s back. The melons on her chest jiggled, making Lou Zhenming feel a bit dizzy.

Lou Zhenming’s eyelids opened, but he didn’t dare to appreciate the beautiful scene. Cold sweat went down his forehead: “That….Jin Beibei, I didn’t bring that much money today. How about we talk about it another day?”
Lou Zhenming understood Jin Beibei very well. This young girl, in Second High, although she was Second High’s flower, Lou Zhenming had never thought of ever pursuing her. This kind of young demoness was one who gave bad luck to those who knew her!

One has to know, Jin Beibei is Jin Family’s Old Master Jin’s treasure. Old Master Jin, Jin Maoshiwang, was not a joke; he was simply a lunatic. Forty years ago, with his bare hands, he rushed into JiangHu and made a name for himself, laying down the foundation for Jin Family’s family property.

This kind of person, Lou Zhenming didn’t want to have a connection to. Whoever bullied Jin Family’s little princess, the old man go personally go to his or her house to kill. He would dare to play around with his own life and use the fighting method of making both sides perish.

Among the various families, there indeed was infighting, but it was extremely unlikely that the families would exhaust themselves just to compete to see which side was better. This kind of killing 1,000 at the loss of 800 method, harmed others but didn’t benefit oneself, Old Master Jin dared to use!

Once there was an influential son of an external Ancient Martial Family who took a fancy to Jin Beibei and wanted to forcefully do indecent things to Jin Beibei. However, the result of that was that influential son being cleaved in half by Old Master Jin.

That external Ancient Martial Family got angry and the Head of that family ordered Jin Family to hand over Jin Beibei in a set amount of time and hold a marriage between that dead influential son and Jin Beibei!

But Old Master Jin did not accept this and instead carried a machete and went ready to kill. He directly went and told the Head of that external Ancient Martial Family, ‘If you want a fight then let’s fight! Jin Family may be inferior to you, but we will use all our power and make your family damaged by half!’

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