Chapter 33 – Waste, Not Talking About You

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“Don’t worry about where the news came from, it is definitely accurate!” Zhao Yuliang suddenly poured himself a glass of wine, wanting to release his steam: “Xiao Chen, this kid, really has good luck. He unexpectedly turned into Cheng Mengying’s servant! Is this not giving them an opportunity to foster love?”
Zhao Yuliang really didn’t understand how the people from Cheng Family agreed on this matter! Was Cheng Family not afraid of anything happening?

“Brother Liang, I think you’re a little overly anxious right?” Chen Jinpeng shook his head and said: “Brother Liang, think about it. Originally, Cheng Mengying was Xiao Chen’s fiance and there was nothing between the two. Now that Xiao Chen has been kicked from Xiao Family, moreover has already broke off the engagement, how could Cheng Mengying have a liking for Xiao Chen this waste! I think Cheng Family should purely want to humiliate Xiao Chen!”

“Oh?” Zhao Yuliang nodded. What Chen Jinpeng had talked about, he had not thought about. It was just that he didn’t feel at ease in his heart because he sincerely liked Cheng Mengying. Although there were some ulterior motives mixed in, it couldn’t be helped. Cheng Mengying was the first girl to make Zhao Yuliang sincerely moved: “Cheng Mengying being over there is definitely is no problem, but my fear is Xiao Chen’s beastly nature!”

“Leave it, how would he dare?” Chen Jinpeng disdainfully said: “He thinks that he’s still the beforehand Young Master Xiao? Since he can compromise before Cheng Zhongming, choosing to lower his head, then it represents that he admits defeat! Besides, what love is there between a Young Lady and servant? That’s the plot of a novel! You and I are from respected families; have you ever seen any family children marry a servant?”

“That’s true….” Zhao Yuliang nodded while deep in thought.

“It is this all along! You think Xiao Chen is like Deity Lin in 《School Beauty Personal Bodyguard》? He’s a cultivator/practitioner, cultivating ‘Xuan Yuan Controlling Dragons Secret Art’. A cultivator/practitioner is a high-end and flamboyant occupation, how could Xiao Chen be worth a fart? A waste unable to cultivate Inner Qi, how would he be able to obtain Cheng Mengying’s favor?” Chen Jinpeng said in comfort, but after he finished his words, he felt that he had said too much: “That Brother Liang, I was referring to Xiao Chen as waste, not you….”

“It’s okay. Although I can’t cultivate Inner Qi, I’m stronger than Xiao Chen.” Zhao Yuliang waved his hands, not getting angry towards this topic. Instead, he nodded and said in an approving manner: “What you said isn’t wrong. It is I who had thought too much. Cheng Mengying would never look upon Xiao Chen that waste!”

“Right ah, Brother Liang, I respect you one cup!” Chen Jinpeng raised his glass towards Zhao Yuliang.

“Okay, ganbei!” Although Zhao Yuliang said this, a flash of subtle frostiness appeared in his eyes for a moment before disappearing…

Yuan Qi revolved over and over in a fixed path in Xiao Chen’s body and with each revolution, Xiao Chen’s Yuan Qi within his body became a little denser. This situation, although Xiao Chen hadn’t felt anything, Tian Lao had felt it and was very surprised: “I say Little Chenzi, something’s wrong ah!”

“What’s wrong?” Xiao Chen quickly asked as Tian Lao’s flustered voice made him frightened.

“Your Yuan Qi is increasing rapidly right? Each revolution has made it increase, but this shouldn’t be!” Tian Lao was puzzled. Logically speaking, this was an urban area and though it was the villa area with trees and a better environment, it was a far cry from a paradise dedicated to cultivation. Furthermore, even in a paradise, Tian Lao had never heard of a cultivation speed this fast!

“Is this a bad thing?” Xiao Chen thought in his heart, ‘Fast isn’t good?’ What he currently wanted the most was strength! If it was possible, he wanted to become a Seventh or Eighth Layer Inner Qi Master!

“Nothing has been discovered temporarily. However this phenomenon on the surface looks good, but if it isn’t made clear why, who knows what kind of impact it will have on your future?” Tian Lao’s voice was a little hesitant and actually didn’t sound like he was cracking a joke with Xiao Chen.

And Xiao Chen’s heart slightly shivered with fear. Right, although he hadn’t come into contact with Truth Cultivators, he had seen them within similar novels or television shows! Generally, it was either an Evil Cultivator or Demon Cultivator who had the fastest cultivation speeds. However the side-effects were great. Initially there wouldn’t be any, but later on they would be eaten up by their own Heart Devil and troubles would come one after the other!

“Then what have you discovered?” Xiao Chen asked.

“Nothing temporarily.” Tian Lao replied.

“How about….I stop cultivating now? And talk about it after you find the issue?” Xiao Chen was currently a bit hesitant. He didn’t dare to crack a joke about his own life and future.

“How would I be able to observe if you stop?” Tian Lao ill-humoredly replied: “Who told you to cultivate backwards? Forget it, continue. For the time being there isn’t an issue. If there is one, I’ll remind you.”

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“Alright.” Xiao Chen actually did not want to suspend his cultivation, so upon hearing Tian Lao’s words, he felt relieved and prepared to revolve his mental mantra.

But before Xiao Chen started revolving, Xiao Chen felt a soft tender body relying upon his own body!

Xiao Chen subconsciously opened his eyes and unexpectedly discovered that it was Young Lady Cheng using his body with her head on his own legs! This feeling made one feel like an intimate couple, causing Xiao Chen’s heart to slightly speed up!

Although he was clear that Cheng Mengying was sleeping and that it was probably due to the seat back not being too comfortable, thus causing her subconsciously lay down, making this not her intention, however, Xiao Chen inevitably still had fantasies.

Xiao Chen by no means was a gentleman, but he also wouldn’t take advantage of people. The Young Lady had helped him when he was in a time of difficulty, so how could he do matters of overstepping his boundaries?

It was just that Xiao Chen wanted to lift the Young Lady up, but was afraid to wake her up. Thus, he weighed it in his mind of a long time and finally, Xiao Chen decided to continue cultivating. Putting it down in his heart and calming his mind would naturally create a conscience.

Due to Xiao Chen’s meditative strength being exceptionally strong, very quickly, Xiao Chen once again entered his cultivation state and continued to revolve “Seizing Good Fortune War Mantra”….

When the first ray of early morning sunshine smeared the earth, Xiao Chen faintly touched upon the barrier on Second Layer Qi-Training. This cultivation speed made Tian Lao speechless. It made people think that it was simply unthinkable, even though Tian Lao currently could not be considered a person.

It was the early morning and the originally quiet villa area street began to have the occasional car drive by. Of course, almost no one noticed Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying on the bench, after all nowadays, who hadn’t seen lovers on a street bench before.

A red Beetle car passed by in front of Xiao Chen, but after going not too far away, it came back and stopped in front Xiao Chen. The Beetle’s car window opened slowly, revealing an immensely shocked small face!

“Cousin Yingying? Xiao Chen?” The young girl inside the Beetle opened the door, looking stunned at the inconceivable scene: “What are….you guys doing?”

Xiao Chen became a bit embarrassed. He hadn’t expected to encounter an acquaintance here. Moreover, the person who came was Zhu Yingxiong’s cousin, as well as Cheng Mengying’s cousin, Jin Beibei!

Although this girl had a somewhat petite stature, her chest was huge. This made her seem uncoordinated and the only one phrase could describe it was ‘large-breasted loli’.

Regarding Jin Beibei, Xiao Chen didn’t know too much. Jin Family’s Little Princess, although she was Zhu Yingxiong’s cousin and Cheng Mengying’s cousin, in reality, the Nine Aristocratic Families more or less had some form of relationship via marriage. This relationship via marriage could only be maintained for one generation, or even only a few years. Therefore the juniors of the Families, were basically relatives of each other more or less, but this could be ignored.

Xiao Chen’s impression was that Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei’s relationship was not bad. It was just that there weren’t many contacts with Xiao Chen.

Cheng Mengying had been sleeping soundly but was awakened by Jin Beibei’s cry out in alarm. She opened her eyes in confusion, but didn’t immediately raise her head from Xiao Chen’s lap, only turning her head to the side, wanting to make clear who was calling her.

“Crap, I haven’t seen anything wa….” Jin Beibei, upon seeing Cheng Mengying’s appearance, immediately jumped in fright. She covered her surprised eyes with her hands: “Sister Mengying, you’re too open! Unexpectedly giving Xiao Chen a blow——job on the sidewalk! But I haven’t seen anything.”

Cheng Mengying had just woken up and on the corners of her mouth were hanging two saliva strands. By coincidence, Xiao Chen previously had feared that Cheng Mengying would be cold, so he covered Cheng Mengying’s body with his school uniform. Therefore, at this moment, Xiao Chen’s thighs were also covered by his uniform. This kind of scene would inevitably make one’s imagination run wild.

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After all, many XX videos online had situations similar to this. Being covered with a uniform, then starting XX.

 “What? Blow….blow….job?!” Cheng Mengying immediately sobered up from confusion! She immediately discovered that she had lain asleep on Xiao Chen’s lap and by coincidence, her mouth happened to hang some saliva, so it wouldn’t be strange if this was misunderstood!

 Cheng Mengying suddenly became anxious, how could she do that with Xiao Chen? Even if she was Xiao Chen’s former fiancee, it was impossible ah! She subconsciously took off the school uniform off of her and Xiao Chen’s legs, seeming to want to show Jin Beibei that she hadn’t given Xiao Chen ‘that’.

Just, even though the school uniform was taken off, however, under the uniform at Xiao Chen’s crotch section of his pants, there was a tower wanting to pierce the heavens!

Xiao Chen was a normal boy, so the Young Lady lying on his legs, made it very difficult for him to maintain his composure. Moreover, it was currently early morning and Xiao Chen hadn’t urinated yet, so this was a normal psychological phenomenon. But in Jin Beibei’s eyes, it wasn’t the same. She thought, ‘It is definitely Xiao Chen zipping up the zipper in confusion, but the crime tool has betrayed him!’

“Hee hee, Sister Mengying, covering it up makes it worse. All right, Beibei didn’t see anything.” Jin Beibei smiled mischievously, giving an ‘I understand’ look.

Cheng Mengying was madly angered and suddenly stood up from the bench, glaring at Xiao Chen: “You….you you you you….what did you do to me?”

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