Chapter 50 – You Have A Superiority Over Tang Tang

When Tang Tang pulled Xiao Chen’s arm and ran, it happened that two cars stopped at the gate of the school. One of them was Jin Beibei’s Beetle and the Young Lady was sitting inside with a slightly unsightly complexion. Although she knew that Xiao Chen was going with Tang Tang to sell breakfast, upon seeing the two people holding hands, she couldn’t help but get into a bad mood!

Meeting up with Tang Tang for these several days?

“Damn cousin Mengying, did brother-in-law fall in love with someone else?” Gazing at Xiao Chen and Tang Tang, Jin Beibei opened her eyes wide: “But brother-in-law’s tastes are a bit heavy oh. Wasn’t that Tang Tang just now? I didn’t see clearly……”

“Beibei……” Cheng Mengying’s face became overcast with dark clouds as she turned her head and glared at Jin Beibei. Her gaze looked like she wanted to kill people: “If you say a few words less, no one would think that you were a mute!”

“Eh……cousin Mengying, it seems that you still care about brother-in-law. Then I’ll be cheering you on~ I feel that you have a superiority over Tang Tang.” Jin Beibei said: “Even if Tang Tang used to be Second High’s first school flower, that’s only in the past. When it comes time to X her on the bed, it is definitely impossible to paste a photo of her former self on her face every time. Cousin Mengying doesn’t need to…….cough cough……waaoooo……cousin Mengying is murdering her sister……”

Jin Beibei’s neck had been held onto by Cheng Mengying. Swaying around, Jin Beibei almost lost consciousness.

“Speak again and I’ll choke you to death!” Cheng Mengying angrily said: “Who am I caring about? I only think about this boy as a servant should be a proper servant. Running around to pick up girls, what can this be regarded as?”

“I won’t interfere, I’m afraid of being pinched.” Jin Beibei said with a face that thought the matter had nothing to do with her.

“Beibei, are you asking for a beating?” Cheng Mengying was angered into confusion by Jin Beibei’s words: “When it’s time you’re suppose to speak, you don’t speak. When you’re not suppose to speak, you speak arbitrarily. Are you doing this on purpose?”

“How can that be possible……” Jin Beibei spit out her tongue: “Cousin Mengying, what do you want to make me say?”

“Nothing……” Cheng Mengying really didn’t know what she wanted to say. Thinking about it, although Xiao Chen was her servant, she didn’t give him any salary. Him going out to earn money was reasonable.

Thinking up to here, Cheng Mengying didn’t think about blaming Xiao Chen. She just faintly said: “Come, let’s go to class.”

Inside the other car, the person seated was Yue Shaoqun. He was an intelligent person; he wasn’t impulsive when handling matters. Although he had promised Lou Zhenming that he would teach Xiao Chen a lesson yesterday, he actually didn’t immediately move his hand. Instead, he prepared to find a suitable opportunity.

Seeing Tang Tang pulling on Xiao Chen’s hand and running right now, he couldn’t help but wrinkle his eyebrows! If it was in normal times, he would express his gratitude to Xiao Chen! Although Yue Family had publicly renounced the marriage, Tang Family actually didn’t publicly acknowledge it, they had only tacitly accepted this matter. If one really wanted to bring things together, then Tang Tang was still his, Yue Shaoqun’s, fiancee!

But Xiao Chen was being pulled along by Tang Tang right now, so after this matter spread out, the engagement would absolutely be broken and he, Yue Shaoqun, could thoroughly throw off this burden! But right now, he still had to find a reason to deal with Xiao Chen. However, this reason absolutely could not be because of Tang Tang!

He wanted to throw off Tang Tang as soon as possible, so using Tang Tang as a reason? Clearly, that was impossible.

Xiao Chen had been dragged to the small supermarket at the school’s gates. Seeing the sparkling food before him, Xiao Chen didn’t stop walking. Instead, he kept walking until he was at the cheapest shelf. Then, he grabbed the biggest bread, as well as cheapest milk pouch, and turned to Tang Tang, saying: “Done, just these.”

Tang Tang naturally saw the prices of the things that Xiao Chen grabbed, but didn’t say anything. Instead, she felt very gratified. After Xiao Chen broke off from his clan, he didn’t keep any of his previous ‘Young Master’ temperament. This made Tang Tang feel that Xiao Chen truly was quite good.

Tang Tang also took the same things, then paid for both and left the small supermarket with Xiao Chen. Of course they weren’t holding hands when they left. Although Tang Tang was a tomboy, she actually still felt embarrassed.

When the two people were entering the classroom, Deng Xiaokun also happened to be arriving. Upon seeing Tang Tang and Xiao Chen holding bread and milk, he couldn’t help but be astonished: “Where is the soybean milk and deep-fried breadsticks? Did you guys change to selling snacks? Changed to selling bread and milk?”

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“Xiao Chen is very fierce. He kneaded the dough very quickly and deep-fried breadstick sold out very quickly, so there was nothing leftover today and we could only buy things to eat.” Tang Tang replied: “But it’s fine, there is almost 100 more RMB earned than normal times!”

“It can’t be? Real or fake? Xiao Chen, when you were at your old home, it couldn’t be that you also had the background of a breakfast seller, right?” Deng Xiaokun knew Tang Tang sales situation. Selling almost more than 100 RMB than usual was in other words, selling out all of her dough. Did Xiao Chen turn into skilled worker in just one day?

“You’ve really guessed correctly; I formerly did sell breakfast at my old home.” Xiao Chen said without thinking about it. He naturally had no way to explain the matter about Truth Cultivators and his Young Master Xiao identity.

“Damn, no wonder Tang Tang called for you to go!” Deng Xiaokun was truly convinced that this was true as he said this with a bit of envy.

Xiao Chen previously couldn’t feel anything, but now that his six senses had increased by a large margin, all of the sudden, he could perceive a trace of envy and sourness in Deng Xiaokun’s tone. This caused Xiao Chen to be somewhat surprised, could it be……Deng Xiaokun liked Tang Tang?

Pondering up to here, Xiao Chen suddenly understood. No wonder Deng Xiaokun would help him out of his predicament, so it was because he liked Tang Tang! Tang Tang stood on his side, making him(Deng Xiaokun) have no other option but to choose this way! However, from what Xiao Chen saw, it was an unrequited love. Deng Xiaokun liked Tang Tang, but Tang Tang actually didn’t like Deng Xiaokun. These two people basically had no chance together, otherwise, there would be no need to wait until the present if there had been feelings sprouting between the two at an earlier time.

Actually, Tang Tang looked at Xiao Chen with somewhat strange eyes. This guy was the previous Young Master Xiao; how could he make breakfast? Who would believe it? Not even speaking about selling breakfast, he probably hadn’t even made breakfast at home before!

But it was also because of this that Tang Tang utterly admired Xiao Chen. This was a real man, flexible and able to adapt to circumstances very quickly, undefeated by circumstances.

“If you want to come, you can come. Our deep-fried breadsticks are in a state where ‘supply doesn’t meet demand’ and we could use more manpower.” Xiao Chen said with a smile.

“I wish I could, but this morning when I was doing my morning exercises, my dad found out that I wanted to sell deep-fried breadsticks and told me that he would throw me into a deep fryer to deep-fry me himself.” Deng Xiaokun shook his head. He didn’t have an impulsive nature. Even though he had helped Xiao Chen out of a predicament, it was completely due to Tang Tang.

Lou Zhenming brought Thin Monkey into the classroom, but seeing Tang Tang chatting with Deng Xiaokun and Xiao Chen happily, he put his nose in the air and let out a cold snort.

“Brother Ming, allow him to be smug for two more days. Once you settle Cheng Family’s Young Lady, pinching a bumpkin to death and playing will be the same!” Thin Monkey said as a result of making out Lou Zhenming’s thoughts.

“That’s right, this is the important matter! There are no problems on Gangchuan’s side, right?” Lou Zhenming nodded and asked.

“No problems. Gangchuan will take the lead tonight and be followed by a few coolies. These coolies are the real hooligans in society, but have no relations with Lou Family. They came from outside the city and Teacher Lei helped find them. Every one of them has close to a First Layer Martialist’s strength!” Shou Hou replied.

“That’s fine.” Lou Zhenming’s face exposed a pleased smile. Cheng Mengying is not a girl from an average family; she is Cheng Family’s Young Lady. Cheng Family is an Ancient Martial Family, so she definitely cultivates Inner Strength. Even if she doesn’t have much strength, it’s still cultivation. If a random group of useless people were used, then the Young Lady might be able to directly handle it herself.

Especially that little demoness Jin Beibei by her side, Lou Zhenming was unable to estimate that little girl’s strength. In the case that the little girl hits a little, those coolies may not be enough for her to hit! So to ensure safety, Lou Zhenming sought out Lei Dianfeng and asked him to hire some outside-of-the-city people that had near-First Layer Inner Strength!

And thus, it would also seem more real. Lou Zhenming’s strength was also near-First Layer Inner Strength, so if they engaged in a fight, it was definitely unlikely for him to immediately gain the upper hand. He would have to eat some sufferings, then obtain a narrow victory!

If he won like this, Young Lady Cheng would be more moved. Otherwise, if he quickly and easily settled it, besides obtaining immediate worship to him, Lou Zhenming, Cheng Mengying definitely wouldn’t be too grateful afterwards. But if it was a narrow victory, in addition to fighting and getting injured, Cheng Mengying would definitely not be able to not visit Lou Zhenming after the event, then sentiment would grow in the course of time.

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As Cheng Mengying was sitting in her seat, Jin Beibei was whispering something to her but it was evident that Cheng Mengying wasn’t too interested. Chatting with Jin Beibei idly, Cheng Mengying’s gaze swept towards Xiao Chen’s direction from time to time. Seeing Xiao Chen’s hand holding the most cheaply-priced bread and milk, she had somewhat mixed feelings.

The resentment she had in her heart towards Young Master Xiao before had now become weak. If he had not pursued Shen Jingxuan and Lin Ke’er before her eyes, she probably would’ve had a better impression of him, right?

But thinking about Xiao Chen’s conduct and deeds from before, Cheng Mengying once again felt that Xiao Chen was just reaping what he had sown! If you had been good to this young lady before and a bit polite, you wouldn’t be in such dire straits right now and this young lady wouldn’t ignore you! Not to speak of buying you the most expensive bread and milk, you would also be given at least a school cafeteria card!

Class began and the teacher in charge, Teacher Wang, entered the classroom and turned her head in Deng Xiaokun’s direction, saying: “Deng Xiaokun, bring a few classmates with you and come with me to the materials room, so that we can bring back the prep materials for third year.”

After the third year in high school, it would be the college examinations and the review materials were quite a bit. Deng Xiaokun was the class’ sports committee member, so this sort of physical labor work would naturally be put onto him.

“Xiao Chen, Lou Zhenming, Chen Shouhou1 (Thin Monkey), Zhang XX, Li XX……come with me.” Deng Xiaokun stood up and immediately called out several names. He had seen Xiao Chen’s strength before. It was pretty strong and was able to hit Ma Gangmen, who was still not discharged, into the hospital. In addition, Lou Zhenming and Thin Monkey, these two people, would be full of energy when not doing any physical labor. But now that Deng Xiaokun had Teacher Wang’s instructions, the two people naturally wouldn’t be let off.

And as for the several remaining people, they were enthusiastic guys that had relatively big strength, so this kind of work would normally fall on them.


  1. TLN: Okay, so this is where you guys might be a bit confused. Previously, I translated Shou Hou as just ‘Monkey’ or the like. That was the literal translation and what I felt right at that time. And I still do, but I changed it to ‘Shou Hou’ anyway. Now, this ‘Shouhou’ here, which is his name, are different Chinese characters and the ‘Thin Monkey’ in parenthesis is the literal translation for the homonym of ‘Shouhou’. 

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