Chapter 15 – Expelled From School

But, Cheng Zhongfan didn’t say anything and instead watched quietly.

“Father, I think it would be a good idea to torment and humiliate Xiao Chen!” Cheng Zhongming said: “Think about it ah, if a once aloof young master, became a valet, a servant, how do you think it would feel?”

“Servant? Your meaning is to sell him as a slave?” Cheng Tianqiu didn’t understand Cheng Zhongming’s meaning: “If you sell him, we won’t be able to see him, who knows if Xiao Family would buy him back?”

“Of course we can’t sell!” Cheng Zhongming said up to here, coldly leaned and sneered: “What if we give him to Mengying as a servant? A once aloof Young Master of the Xiao Family, Mengying’s fiance, but now becomes Mengying’s servant, how about this is what kind of disparity? Normal people cannot bear it, not to mention Xiao Chen that big young master? This is estimated to be might as well as killing him, as well as making him unable to bear it right?”

“Ah? What you said is very interesting ah! But, is Xiao Chen willing? I think even if he died he wouldn’t be willing, right?” Cheng Tianqiu nodded with approval. Indeed, he also knew that these Aristocratic Family juniors cared the most about face, especially Xiao Chen that dandy young master. He cared the most about face and right now, let alone being a big young master or Mengying’s fiance, becoming Mengying’s servant, was equal to “Pa Pa” his face ah, it would make him even more uncomfortable compared to dying right? ⌈1

“Unwilling? As far as I know, he is penniless now ah, as long as I use a little method, making the school pick a thorn while giving some money, if Xiao Chen does not come out, then he would have to be expelled. By that time he won’t have a place to live and even if he’s unwilling, if he wants to live, then he would have to allow me to manipulate him!” Cheng Zhongming’s face flashed with a sinister smile.

“Excellent, this idea is very good!” Cheng Tianqiu was in favor: “Then it’s settled, haha, this disparity is enough for Xiao Chen that little *******, the more uncomfortable he is, the more I’m able to vent!”

“Father, let me carry it out immediately….” Cheng Zhongming nodded, saying it calmly and composed.

Cheng Zhongfan who was standing by, did not speak a word, but in his mind he was thinking about the pros and cons about this matter. It was reasonable that Cheng Zhongming shouldn’t be so sinister ah, but isn’t this like killing Xiao Chen as a whole? ⌈2

With Xiao Chen’s dandy personality, even if he could bear it in the beginning, over time while being treated as a servant, wouldn’t he commit suicide ah?

Could it be Cheng Zhongming really wants to put Xiao Chen to death?

Cheng Zhongming directly went out of the meeting hall and immediately went to work. It couldn’t helped that Cheng Family’s energy in Songning City is huge; after Xiao Chen had just went to class, he already had received the school’s notice!

Within today, must pay a 1 million sponsor fee, the reason was because Xiao Chen was last ranked in last year’s finals exam! If this was done before, naturally no one could trouble Xiao Chen with this trivial matter, Xiao Family’s Young Master. Not to mention being last on the finals, even if he didn’t take the exam, what could the school do about it?

But the situation is different now, the school made it clear that it was looking for trouble for Xiao Chen, moreover, if he couldn’t pay the fee to the school then Young Master Xiao would be expelled.

After hearing the news, Xiao Chen’s complexion was cloudy. He definitely wanted to transfer, but before he could get the transfer fees in his hands, the school wanted him to pay sponsor fees!

“Boss, don’t mind it, isn’t it just 1 million? I’ll help you settle it!” Zhu Yingxiong didn’t pay any attention, with Zhu Family’s strength, 1 million was nothing. In fact, for the former Xiao Chen, 1 million also was nothing; Xiao Chen’s sports car was worth tens of million, this 1 million, was but a drop in the bucket!

However, when Zhu Yingxiong dialed his father’s phone, he learned that his bank account had been frozen and was immediately scared. Although it is true that Zhu Family’s Ancestor supported Zhu Yingxiong, however, Cheng Family made it clear that they wanted to mess with Xiao Chen. Zhu Yingxiong’s father didn’t have Ancestor’s courage, so he didn’t dare to help out Xiao Chen at this crucial time. ⌈3

Zhu Yingxiong and Xiao Chen’s closeness could be evaded by explaining it as a relationship between juniors, but taking out money was a different issue!

“Boss…my father froze my bank account, ****, it’s really killing me!” After Zhu Yingxiong learned this news, he was immediately frustrated, and said these words to Xiao Chen embarrassedly

“It’s okay.” Xiao Chen shook his head. This process made it clear that Cheng Family wanted to fix him up, so even if Zhu Yingxiong came up with the money, he believed that Cheng Family would make up at least 100 reasons to get him expelled. Therefore, it fundamentally wasn’t a money problem: “Dropping out is no problem, we’re still brothers! Take care of Ke’er on my behalf!”

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Xiao Chen patted Zhu Yingxiong’s shoulder, sighed slightly, no longer saying anything, then stood up and walked out of the classroom.

“Boss, don’t worry, my people, I won’t let anyone bully her!” Zhu Yingxiong beat his chest and promised. This little problem, for the present Zhu Yingxiong, was a little effort, so long as he said the words, no one would dare move Lin Ke’er within the school, even Zhao Yuliang and Chen Jinpeng did not dare!

They dared to move Xiao Chen because of Cheng Family’s attitude, however in the case of Lin Ke’er, they didn’t think it was worthwhile to die from annoying Zhu Yingxiong, wouldn’t that be the actions of someone with a head filled with water?

“Secretly protecting is okay, she’s a….stubborn and strong girl, she has her own insistence.” Xiao Chen smiled towards Zhu Yingxiong and took big strides towards the classroom entrance.

“En?” Zhu Yingxiong was slightly surprised after hearing Xiao Chen’s words. He didn’t think that these were Eldest Young Master Xiao’s words ah, wouldn’t his response be short, did these adverse circumstances change him? After Young Master Xiao went through this matter once, he became profoundly deep?

Xiao Chen didn’t care how Zhu Yingxiong saw him, directly walked out of the classroom. To speak the truth, in this school, Xiao Chen’s sole reason for being reluctant to leave was only Zhu Yingxiong and Lin Ke’er. As for Young Lady Cheng Mengying, Xiao Chen thinks that he and her will not have any relations in the future, that gentle lily. Initially, however, Young Master Xiao had to pursue the girl for the sake of performance. Young Master Xiao was very clear, that the gentle lily couldn’t have a liking for a “dandy” young master.

But now, Xiao Chen could only rely on Tian Lao. Having Master Tian Lao’s cultivation mnemonics, coupled with the money that Young Lady gave him, supporting for a while should be no problem.

Thinking up to here, Xiao Chen’s mood wasn’t so bad, and quickly walked walked towards the dormitory. Inside the dormitory, Xiao Chen still had some of his own clothes. They were from previously when he brought some clothes, so he conveniently put them here and hadn’t wore them at all.

These clothes, to the former Young Master Xiao, were worth nothing at all, but now that Xiao Chen didn’t have any source of income, in order to be economical, he was prepared to take away these clothes.

Only, on the way to the dormitory, Xiao Chen was stopped by a vehicle!


  1. TLN: “Pa Pa” is the noise that a slap on the face makes 
  2. TLN: If this line makes no sense to you, go look up the raws 
  3. TLN: It says ‘economic resources’ and this being a modern XianXia novel, I switched it with ‘bank account’ 

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