Chapter 60 – Being Tailed By The Goddess

“En……” Xiao Chen nodded and let out a sigh of relief in his heart. The second batch of Body Tempering medicinal herbs funds had their whereabouts. The distance from upgrading his strength became nearer by a step.

Taking the tricycle and delivering it to the grocery store, Xiao Chen and Tang Tang went together to a 24-hour business bank. Watching Tang Tang take out the 10,000 RMB that she had just saved up, Xiao Chen couldn’t restrain the slight tremble in his heart.

But Tang Tang seemed to not pay attention to this. She took the money and immediately handed it over to Xiao Chen: “Here, take it!”

Things had already gone to this point, so what else could Xiao Chen say? There was no other choice but to receive the 10,000 RMB and put it away.

When they arrived at school, Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei also arrived. Lou Zhenming was fawning upon Cheng Mengying at that moment, returning those review materials that he had picked up yesterday back to Cheng Mengying.

Although Cheng Mengying didn’t have a good opinion on this guy, Lou Zhenming, she couldn’t exactly reach out and slap a smiling-faced person, to say nothing of Lou Zhenming who had come to return books.

“Mengying, did you come across any matter yesterday?” In reality, Lou Zhenming wanted to wrap Cheng Mengying’s words and see through that Sha Dage’s origins, to make sure whether or not he was Cheng Mengying’s bodyguard.

“No, what matter could there be?” Cheng Mengying rhetorically asked.

“Haha, nothing. Right, before, why was Xiao Chen and that big fellow walking together by your side?” Lou Zhenming pretended with a calm appearance as he asked thoughtlessly.

“What big fellow?” Cheng Mengying stared blankly.

“Cousin Mengying, it’s that Sha Dage. Did you forget? He looked for us to ask for directions and we happened to go the same way, so he came along. I saw that he was looking at cousin Mengying’s beauty and came to hit on you!” Jin Beibei suddenly opened her mouth and said.

“Ask for directions? Hit on her?” This answer made Lou Zhenming look distracted, but he relaxed in his heart. It was good as long as this person and Cheng Mengying didn’t have any relationship.

“Yeah, he asked us for directions, then politely helped me and cousin Mengying by holding our bags. Later, when we came across a robbery, he wanted to show off his ability ‘hero saving the beauty’!” Jin Beibei said: “Cousin Mengying doesn’t have any eye for such a guy, so she doesn’t have any impression!”

“Ooh, so it was like this……” Lou Zhenming suddenly became happy. So it turns out that Cheng Mengying doesn’t like any ‘hero saving the beauty’! Luckily my ‘hero saving the beauty’ plan was defeated, from what it seems now, there was nothing to regret!

As for whatever relationship Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen had, Lou Zhenming simply didn’t ask. In Lou Zhenming’s opinion, they definitely didn’t have any relationship. Moreover, Xiao Chen and Tang Tang, who had become a ‘couple’, entered the classroom just now, so Lou Zhenming was even more relieved!

Xiao Chen had made clear his interest in Tang Tang. For this country bumpkin from the mountains, it was only right for him to pair up formerly fantasized about school beauty.

Making Shou Hou give back Xiao Chen his review materials, Lou Zhenming was disinclined to speak with Xiao Chen. Yesterday was a forced situation, today is ‘what isn’t seen, isn’t grieved over at heart’.

Jin Beibei’s car had been delivered to a 4S Shop by a Jin Clan disciple and returned it back after it was serviced. She heard that it was some pipe that fell, not a big problem.

The day passed by without anything happening, with Xiao Che still looking over the review materials the whole day. Although the breakfast income was considerable, having more paths was better. What’s more, after Xiao Chen tested into a college he had to depend on himself, it was impossible for the clan to give him a single cent.

During evening dismissal, Cheng Mengying sent a text to Xiao Chen and allowed Xiao Chen sit together on the car to go back. Although the Beetle was small, he could still fit if he squeezed in.

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But Xiao Chen wanted to go buy medicine in the evening, so he naturally politely refused the Young Lady’s good intentions.

However, Xiao Chen’s covering up actually made Young Lady Cheng misunderstand. Seeing that Xiao Chen said that he still had matters after evening dismissal, her vision couldn’t help but sweep towards Tang Tang and was somewhat annoyed at heart! Are your eyes blind? This Young Lady is a lovable youth without rival, why are you getting along with Tang Tang all day long? Getting beaten to death by someone is deserved!

After dismissal, Cheng Mengying left one step earlier with Jin Beibei. She was heavily angry, but after boarding the car, her anger disappeared. She thought about yesterday’s danger and became somewhat anxious.

“Beibei, about those people from last night, do you think they’ll still look for trouble tonight?” Cheng Mengying asked.

“Is cousin Mengying worried for brother-in-law Xiao Chen?” Jin Beibei asked back with a smile.

“Why would I be anxious about him? I only fear that he’ll die and damage my reputation! The outside would think that this Young Lady is narrow-minded and unable to tolerate people, and will definitely think that I was the one who caused Xiao Chen’s death!” Cheng Mengying explained.

“Oh, oh.” Jin Beibei nodded.

“Why are you ‘oh’-ing?” When Cheng Mengying heard Jin Beibei’s reply, she felt that Jin Beibei needed a little beating.

“It’s just that I understand.” Jin Beibei replied.

“Understand, yet still not driving after Xiao Chen? Let’s take a look at what he’s doing!” Cheng Mengying helplessly ordered.

“Okay oh.” Jin Beibei started the car. At this time, they just happened to see Xiao Chen, Tang Tang and Deng Xiaokun walk out of the school.

But what made Cheng Mengying surprised was that Xiao Chen unexpectedly waved goodbye to Tang Tang and Deng Xiaokun at the school gates and didn’t walk with them. This made the somewhat quietly resentful Young Lady’s heart a little happier.

Xiao Chen didn’t dare to walk any alleyways today. He would rather go around through a longer proper street because at least on a proper street, there would be more people making it safer. Of course with that said, if the person wanting to cope with him didn’t fear any influences, then they could totally still deal with him on a proper street. However, Xiao Chen felt completely at ease with his plan.

Onlu, after not walking too far, Xiao Chen’s heart was faintly alarmed! Apparently, he was being followed again! Xiao Chen hadn’t turned his head to take a look, but his improved six senses allowed Xiao Chen to detect himself seemingly being followed!

It can’t be that I have such bad luck right? That Sha Dage from yesterday came again? After all, the first time he met danger, those two Martialists both died, so it created a short period of peace for Xiao Chen. But yesterday, Sha Dage shouldn’t have died, so there was some reason if he came again today.

Xiao Chen was anxious at heart and cold sweat covered his forehead, when suddenly, Tian Lao’s familiar ridiculing voice rang out from beside his ear: “Little Chenzi, you seem quite nervous.”

“No kidding. When being followed, who wouldn’t be nervous? Don’t tell me you haven’t perceived it!” Xiao Chen said with a bitter smile.

“Stop speaking, I truly didn’t perceive it. I haven’t discovered anyone behind you except for your goddess.” Tian Lao mockingly said.

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“Goddess?” Xiao Chen stared blankly: “What goddess?”

“Your fiancee, Cheng Mengying……oh, sorry, now it’s your mistress Young Lady Cheng.” Tian Lao replied.

“Cheng Mengying?” Xiao Chen turned his head in amazement, and sure enough, not far away, a red-colored Beetle was slowly travelling along! Xiao Chen was astonished and somewhat silent at the same time, not knowing how to take this. At that time when he was at Xiao Clan, apart from his die-hard Zhu Yingxiong, Xiao Chen basically didn’t feel that there was a friend who was concerned about him. But after he was driven out of Xiao Clan and lost power, there was still so many good people by his side!

Tang Tang, Cheng Mengying, Xiao Chen engraved it into his memory and heart.

Although Young Lady Cheng was regularly haunted with the ‘proud and lovable princess disease’, the more contact Xiao Chen had with her, the more often he saw her kindhearted and enthusiastic side.

Regarding Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei’s tailing, Xiao Chen didn’t plan to expose. Xiao Chen previously buying medicine and not wanting them to know was entirely based on the principle of confidentiality. After all, if they knew where he went to buy medicine, it was hard to say if they would leak out information. If he caused Cheng Clan or his enemy’s Clan to know, then it certainly wouldn’t be amusing.

But since they already knew, Xiao Chen didn’t need to keep concealing. He believed that the Young Lady wouldn’t do anything harmful to him!

It was still the previous ******** that Xiao Chen had visited two days ago. Those previously bought auxiliary medicinal herbs could still be use another time for today, but it would would run out tomorrow, so Xiao Chen planned to buy tomorrow’s medicinal herbs.

Pushing the door to enter to ********, that girl called ‘Yan Yan’ was still sitting behind the counter reading a book. A tranquil peacefulness permeated from her, causing the people watching to feel extremely comfortable.

When Hong Yan heard a visitor come in, she put down the book in her hand and raised her head to take a look. When she saw that it was unexpectedly Xiao Chen, she couldn’t help but be slightly startled: “It’s you?”

“En, I’ve come again.” Xiao Chen nodded: “When I came the day before yesterday, I spoke about needing five auxiliary medicinal herbs.”

“Oh, wait, I’ll call grandfather.” Hong Yan didn’t say anything else. Orders involving the Bitter Relief Fruit wasn’t something she could take responsibility for. Although she was a rich young lady, she was merely here to learn and experience. The ********’s operation was Grandpa Chen’s responsibility.

After saying this, Hong Yan turned around and went into an inside room. Soon after, she came back with “her grandfather”.

“Young fellow, it’s you?” Grandpa Chen glanced at Xiao Chen: “I heard you wanted to buy medicine?”

“Yes.” Xiao Chen nodded.

“I can make a loss selling you a batch of auxiliary medicine this time, but the next batch will not be at this price.” Grandpa Chen said as he was preparing Xiao Chen’s prescription: “Did you prepare your 10,000 RMB?”

“Prepared, many thanks old grandfather!” Xiao Chen knew that taking advantage of another person twice was already quite good and that wanting to always benefit wasn’t realistic. He and the other party weren’t relatives or friends, so why would the other person want to make a loss selling him medicinal herbs? But Xiao Chen was currently impoverished, so he couldn’t help but ask: “Old grandfather, next time I buy… much money do I need?”

“Next time……I can give you a discount. 20,000 RMB and the Bitter Relief Fruit can be considered as a present to you, but after next time, I will collect 50,000 RMB.” Grandpa Chen said. In reality, his condition was already very generous. Even if it was 50,000 RMB, it already showed a lot of consideration for Xiao Chen.

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Xiao Chen wasn’t the kind of person that was avaricious and insatiable. Although he felt that it would be somewhat difficult to take out 20,000 RMB after 3 days and very troublesome to take out 50,000 RMB afterwards, Xiao Chen didn’t have any solutions. He could only walk a step and look a step.

“Many thanks old grandfather, I will earn money as soon as possible.” Xiao Chen nodded.

Grandpa Chen didn’t speak anymore. After grabbing all the medicinal herbs, he handed it over to Xiao Chen, saying: “If you can get Bitter Relief Fruits yourself, I can still sell you the medicinal herbs for 20,000 RMB afterwards, but the Bitter Relief Fruit in my hands aren’t much.”

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