Chapter 10 – Caught In a Dilemma

“Right, for example Transformation, Stealth, Tracking, Targeting, Healing, Farming(Ripening Planting), Pill Refining….” Tian Lao replied: “I can transfer all layers of every corresponding spell and how they are used to you.”

  Tian Lao’s voice faded, Xiao Chen’s mind flashed, there was another scroll, recorded above, was each layer’s comprehension of spells and methods use. Xiao Chen saw that the First Layer Qi-Training spells could be used, ****, there’s nothing at all!

“Tian Lao, this First Layer Qi-Training, how is there nothing?” Xiao Chen asked depressedly.

  “A First Layer Inner Qi fighter just has to keep fit and can display the limits of their physical prowess. This is pretty fierce is it not?” Tian Lao counter-asked.

Xiao Chen was surprised for a moment, then nodded his head! Indeed, a fighter’s Inner Qi was divided to First Layer, Second Layer up to Tenth Layer.

 First Layer Inner Qi, achieves a strong and healthy body, is able to display their full strength, that is to say, it can display 100% of a normal human’s strength, while Second Layer Inner Qi, can display twice the physical limit, Third Layer Inner Qi can do three times, and so on!

And so, even if it is equal to a Third Layer Inner Qi expert, there is also a gap, but this gap isn’t particularly wide, those able to cultivate a fighter’s Inner Qi, generally their physique isn’t weak, the displayed limits of power are about the same, of course excluding the fighters with Inborn Divine Strength, these fighters, once they start cultivating, they would become kings of the Martial World!

Inner Qi is common practice for a fighter’s Kung Fu, similar to mental mantra, even if there is a difference, it is basically about the same, so it’s fairly easily to distinguish, even those who don’t practice Inner Qi, when fighting an Inner Qi user, they can determine the strength level of the fighter.

Of course unless they were ordinary people that didn’t understand fighting, but Xiao Chen’s First Layer Qi-Training isn’t the same, this is a very vague concept, Xiao Chen himself felt his own strength limit, it wasn’t as Tian Lao said, he thought that First Layer Qi-Training had no use, it was just the start!

Thinking up to here, Xiao Chen’s excitement rose, and punched the wall of the dormitory as he passed by!


A loud sound, the dormitory wall splintered and began to fall into pieces. Although it was thick concrete and wasn’t damaged, this is only in the case of a normal person’s strength limit, if one wants to punch down concrete, then better have Inborn Divine Strength.

“Hiss——” Xiao Chen sucked in cold air, he didn’t think he could cause such a loud sound, this big sound during the quiet early morning was unusually loud ah! Didn’t know if others would consider it an earthquake?

Anyway, Xiao Chen clearly felt, this was really the strength of a First Layer Inner Qi fighter, he could elevate his strength to its limit, these ten years, the height that Xiao Chen couldn’t reach. ⌈1

“Tian Lao, this ‘Final Battle to Control the Heavens’, is simply too powerful!” Xiao Chen said excitedly.

“It’s ‘Seizing Good Fortune War Mantra’….” Tian Lao said while perspiring.

“Isn’t what I’m cultivating ‘Final Battle to Control the Heavens’?” Xiao Chen nevertheless replied.

“Okay then, it is.” Tian Lao wasn’t clear on what Xiao Chen’s mental mantra was.

Xiao Chen felt as if his body was reborn, for these ten years, it had never been this comfortable during the morning! There was still time before class, still a few hours, calm down, think about what happened yesterday.

Father disappeared? Nevertheless, before confirming this news, father had disappeared for more than 6 months, many people said that father’s team fallen from the sky, but Xiao Chen didn’t believe his father would fall from the sky.

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Inside Xiao Chen’s heart, his father was a role model, as well as the target of his efforts. Although Xiao Feng’s qualifications were inferior to Chen Mengying’s brother-in-law, Chen Family’s younger generation of talent, Xiao Feng and Xiao Chen were the same, absolute effort, this allowed him to become one of the best experts of the younger generation!

 The trial was worse than father’s strength so it should have been a successful return, but father didn’t come back, so Xiao Chen felt it a bit strange, with father’s strength, there shouldn’t be any surprises! That is to say, father’s squad falling from the sky, and yesterday’s Xiao Chen jumping for the suicide was similar, there were people putting out false information!

But yesterday’s matter, it gave a wake-up call to Xiao Chen, there were people who wanted him dead! These people, didn’t know if there was a connection with father’s disappearance?

Xiao Chen knew, every puzzle, can be determined only after he caught the culprit! It was just that, Xiao Chen was current out in the open, the enemy in the dark, this school, the people who disliked Xiao Chen was too much, it would be a bit difficult if Xiao Chen wanted to ferret out this person.

If not for Xiao Chen’s childhood cultivation of a calm countenance personality, yesterday’s fight, would already be enough to get him down, if he really was a useless idiotic dandy, maybe he probably would have already done suicide. ⌈2

When the news spread throughout the school that Xiao Chen did suicide, no one suspected Xiao Chen’s suicide, instead it was weird that Xiao Chen didn’t do suicide! Have to say, the manipulator behind the scenes is really sinister, killing him, and framing it with suicide.

Seeing it was almost time, Xiao Chen washed his face, got out of the dormitory, and went in the direction of the classroom. Along the way, there were fingers constantly pointing at Xiao Chen, maybe due to the satisfaction from the information that Xiao Chen was expelled from the Xiao Family had emerged today.

However Xiao Chen ignored it, only secretly frowning in his heart, under such circumstances, finding the people who want to harm me is difficult, at least Xiao Chen can see now, everyone couldn’t possibly be his killer, but only the people who disliked him.

 “Look, isn’t that Young Master Xiao Chen? Where are you going so urgently ah?” A playful voice passed through Xiao Chen’s ears, this is Zhao Yuliang’s sound.

Xiao Chen stopped in his tracks, looked up, and coldly stared at Zhao Yuliang. With Xiao Chen’s strength now, he could easily beat Zhao Yulian up, and although Zhao Family was flamboyant, Zhao Yuliang was the same as his former self, he wasn’t a cultivating Inner person, but, Xiao Chen feared Zhao Yuliang’s little brother Chen Jinpeng!

Chen Jinpeng was equivalent of a Second Layer Inner Qi fighter, also Xiao Chen was reluctant to prematurely show off his strength, who knew if there were two people, or, if they were watching in the vicinity?

If they know that I already have First Layer Inner Qi strength, they might want to kill me right? Changing his mind quickly, Xiao Chen couldn’t think of any means.


  1. TLN: Using ‘elevate’ and ‘height’ was a really bad joke on my part… 
  2. TLN: Dandy is playboy or someone who just spends their parents money 

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