Chapter 54 – There Is Someone Above That Wants To Remove You

The three people walked for a little while and this time, they arrived at the alley where Xiao Chen had been previously ambushed! This road was a path going to the villa area. Although it couldn’t be said that it was a road that must be taken and could be detoured if using a car, it was the shortest road if one was walking.

Xiao Chen didn’t know why, but when he entered the alley, he suddenly felt burst of uneasiness! When he was walking this way the day before yesterday, Xiao Chen didn’t feel any particular feeling, so it definitely wasn’t a psychological shadow. There was only one conclusion left; there was danger!

There was definitely someone ambushing over here, moreover, the target seemed to be himself!

Last time, Xiao Chen had felt someone tailing and only then discovered the enemy. But this time, Xiao Chen had just entered the alley and immediately discovering the anomaly!

Evidently, Xiao Chen’s current Spiritual Knowledge perceptivity had been enhanced along with the enhancement of his strength.

“Tian Lao, have you detected it?” Xiao Chen asked in his subconscious.

“En, sensed, but the enemy’s strength isn’t too high. It is only slightly fiercer than the previous one!” Tian Lao’s voice faintly echoed in Xiao Chen’s mind.

“Eh……” Xiao Chen inherently believed that if Tian Lao saying that the enemy’s strength wasn’t too high, it meant that having a fight was possible with Xiao Chen’s current strength. However, the words Tian Lao said afterwards made Xiao Chen thoroughly speechless.

Slightly fiercer than the previous one? Then what was the rank of this expert?

“It should be a recently promoted Fourth Layer Inner Strength Martialist, only a bit stronger than the one you previously faced.” Tian Lao said: “But what you ran into is still something that should be run away from, so think up a method to run away.”

“It’s possible for me to run, but what about the two before my eyes?” Xiao Chen bitterly smiled. At present, Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei had already entered the alley. If he called for them, it would undoubtedly alert the enemy. Him running by himself was an issue, not to mention them!

But if he didn’t call for them to run, then wouldn’t the enemy take them hostage to compel him to submit, or possibly directly injure them? Although Xiao Chen didn’t think that there were people daring to touch Cheng Clan’s young lady, he still wasn’t clear on who the secret manipulator was at present. Granted that the opposite party did move his hand, then what if Cheng Clan wasn’t able to find the person?

Therefore, Xiao Chen didn’t dare take the gamble. The Young Lady hadn’t been unkind to him these past few days. Although she had a slight proud and lovable princess disease, she was the Young Lady, so Xiao Chen could understand.

What’s more, even if Xiao Chen ran, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to run away, Fourth Layer Inner Strength Martialist, even if just promoted to Fourth Layer, was still a honest-to-goodness four times of an ordinary person’s explosive power. It was feared that overtaking him would be no effort at all.

Just as he was thinking this, a black shadow appeared before them without even a warning sign and blocked their path!

“You……who are you?” Cheng Mengying was walking in the front, so when the black-clothed men appeared, it frightened her into jumping and subconsciously asking.

The black-clothed person actually didn’t pay attention to Cheng Mengying. Instead, he looked towards Xiao Chen, took out a photo out from his pocket and gave it a look, only then asking: “Are you Xiao Chen?”

“No.” Xiao Chen subconsciously replied.

“No?” That black-clothed person was obviously dazed for a moment. He looked at Xiao Chen once more, then looked at the photo again. Subsequently, he wrinkled his brows and abruptly said: “You want to deceive me? The person on this photo is obviously you! Do you think that I, Sha Dage, am easy to deceive?”

Xiao Chen didn’t expect that this black-clothed person would take his thoughtless words of defense so seriously. However, the black-clothed person’s following action also made Xiao Chen baffled.

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This person……seems a bit stupid?

Moreover……this person is called ‘idiot’1? Apparently, it seems like he is a little stupid.

“Let me take a look?” Xiao Chen pretended to say in doubt and extended his hand.

Sha Dage watched Xiao Chen’s action and it didn’t appear to be fake, so he put out his hand and handed over the photo to Xiao Chen: “Take a good look. If this isn’t you, then who is it?”

Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei dodged to the side. The two people didn’t know this Sha Dage’s origins, but very tacitly didn’t open their mouths and speak. Rather they quietly watched on the changes because the two of them hadn’t made clear their current situation.

“Oh, so it turns out that you’re searching for my brother. This is my elder brother’s picture.” Xiao Chen looked at the photo and immediately replied.

“Your elder brother?” Sha Dage stared blankly at him.

“My twin brother.” Xiao Chen said with a nod.

“This is your elder brother? You aren’t Xiao Chen?” Sha Dage seemed like he didn’t believe Xiao Chen’s words one bit.

“Nope. If you don’t believe me, ask them.” Xiao Chen pointed at Jin Beibei and said. Believing in Jin Beibei, with this young- girl’s intelligence, he felt that she could definitely find a way of explaining.

“Yes oh, this one is Cheng Clan’s young lady Cheng Mengying. She is Xiao Chen’s previous fiancée. Xiao Chen had his engagement broken off by Cheng Clan, so how can he be together with us? Aren’t you also a Martialist? The matters of the Aristocratic Families level, you should have heard of, right? What do you think?” Jin Beibei said while pointing at Cheng Mengying.

“Oh, then since the elder brother had his engagement broken, he was replaced by his younger brother?” Sha Dage still had a little logical thinking. It was just that he had started cultivating since childhood and hadn’t come into contact with the world. Thus, his whole person seemed stupid and was given the nickname ‘Sha Dage(Idiot)’ by other people.

“Yes, you’re really intelligent.” Jin Beibei extended five fingers to praise him.

“Then where did your brother go?” Sha Dage nodded, believing it 70-80%, then turned his head to look at Xiao Chen and asked.

“My elder brother heard that someone was out to kill him, so he ran away.” Xiao Chen replied: “Why are you searching for him?”

“Of course, I am……” When Sha Dage spoke up to here, he suddenly vigilantly looked towards Xiao Chen: “You want to fish for my words?”

“Of course not. Since you’re looking for him, so I must at least make clear on whether you are a friend or enemy. Or else why would I tell you my brother’s whereabouts?” Xiao Chen began acting stupid and dazed. Speaking these kind of fool-like words required one to use a fool’s tone to perform.

“I heard that there were people looking for trouble with him, so I came to lend a hand. I am his friend.” Sha Dage said in a deadly earnest manner.

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“Oh, so it’s like this……then let me think about the time before my brother left, so that I can think clearly about where he went……” Xiao Chen nodded with the appearance that he didn’t harbor doubts in the slightest.

“Right, think about it.” When Sha Dage heard these words from Xiao Chen, he promptly nodded and responded. The mission he had this time was exactly to kill Xiao Chen. This was his first mission to gain experience after he finished his apprenticeship, so he naturally wanted to fully complete it. Only then would he obtain his clan’s approval.

As Xiao Chen pretended to contemplate, he was secretly complaining of hardships in this heart. Tricking this Sha Dage for a while doesn’t mean I can trick him forever. If I wait until this idiot calls the Master behind him, then he would know that I’ve said a bunch of nonsense. At that time, I’ll die more tragically!

“Help me carry this for a while. These things are heavy and is disturbing my train of thought.” Xiao Chen temporarily couldn’t think of a solution, so he could only stall for time by doing random things.

“Okay!” What made Xiao Chen not know what to feel was that Sha Dage had unexpectedly nodded his head in agreement and reached out to take and carry the bags in Xiao Chen’s hands.

Xiao Chen was thinking of countermeasures as he was walking. This present enemy made him feel that it was a very thorny problem, causing him fear to move his hands and legs……

In a distant place, Lou Zhenming, Thin Monkey, Ma Gangchuan, and Lei Dianfeng, in addition to a crowd of hooligans, sat behind a hidden public restroom. They were still and unmoving, waiting for Cheng Mengying to walk by! According to the route that Lou Zhenming had calculated beforehand, there was a 99% chance that Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei would walk this way!

Because their car had broken down and they couldn’t call for a taxi, it was unlikely for them to take the longer route.However, this present road was the shortest route, moreover, this uninhabited alley was the best location for Ma Gangchuan to lead those hooligans to start!

“Huh? Brother Ming, isn’t that Xiao Chen?” Thin Monkey was using an infrared binocular to pay attention to the alley entrance. Seeing Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei both walk over, he also saw behind them, surprisingly, Xiao Chen and an unfamiliar man behind them.

“Xiao Chen? How come he came?” Lou Zhenming stared blankly. He also picked up a binoculars to take a look and saw that Xiao Chen really was there!

“I don’t know. I just saw him handing over two bags to the man on the side……” Thin Monkey replied.

“It can’t be that Jin Beibei, that demoness, felt that those books were too heavy, so she caught a young man at random, right?” Lou Zhenming said speculatively.

“That’s possible.” Thin Monkey nodded. After all, no matter how intelligent Thin Monkey was, it was impossible for him to guess Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying’s relationship. In his opinion, the only possibility was the one Lou Zhenming had guessed: “Moreover, that huge statured person seems to be a migrant worker. Maybe Xiao Chen became too tired to hold, making her search for a migrant worker?”

In their opinion, Xiao Chen was in a completely different world than Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei. It was impossible for them to have any interactions.

“Who knows? It’s possible. Regardless of that huge statured guy, Xiao Chen……heihei, since you didn’t walk the path heaven gave and instead came into hell, I, your father, don’t need to look for an opportunity to find trouble with you because you sent yourself in. Let’s see if you’ll be able to escape becoming crippled this time!” A sinister smile flashed on Lou Zhenming’s face, then he said to Ma Gangchuan: “In a moment, bring the people to cut that kid to death! He’s the person who wounded your brother!”

“Understood!” Ma Gangchuan nodded.

On one hand he could become the hero saving the beauty, on the other, he could teach Xiao Chen a lesson; it really was killing two bird with one stone. Waiting for until Xiao Chen was beaten senseless, then appearing could scare Cheng Mengying.

Only, what made Lou Zhenming didn’t think of was that every word he uttered had been heard by Tian Lao, who was in Xiao Chen’s body! Although Xiao Chen was a Second Layer Qi-Training Truth Cultivator and his six senses were heightened, even if his hearing was promoted again, he still wouldn’t be able to hear due to the distance, not to mention how clear Tian Lao had heard.

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“Little Chenzi, there’s someone who wants to take care of you in the front!” Tian Lao’s voice sounded right next to Xiao Chen’s ear.

“I know, what’s wrong?” Xiao Chen was confused for a moment, but immediately said: “Isn’t it this guy before us?”

“Heihei, it isn’t. It’s your old acquaintance!” As Tian Lao was speaking, he passed on the words that he had heard to Xiao Chen! Even though Tian Lao didn’t want to become a telephone receiver, he had no other choice. There was not one bit of benefit if Xiao Chen died, so he could only secretly mention it this once.


  1. TLN: Okay, so this person calls himself ‘Sha Dage’, which can mean ‘greatly stupid(literal)’ or just ‘idiot’. 

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