Chapter 80 – Tang Tang Outraged By An Injustice

When the bowl fell onto the floor, it had indeed already broken into pieces. But when he held it in his hands, Xiao Chen used an illusion to make everyone see that the bowl was in perfect shape. Of course, this was also because Yue Shaoqun and Lou Zhenming’s, as well as the others, strengths weren’t high, so Xiao Chen was able to fool them easily.

“It can be considered as such.” Xiao Chen nodded with a smile and didn’t explain any further.

When Tang Tang heard how Jin Beibei addressed Xiao Chen, she wrinkled her brows and wanted to say something, but ultimately said nothing. Xiao Chen seemed to quite enjoy being called this, so who was she to say something?

“Holy crap, I told you brother-in-law was a Transformer, he can even perform magic tricks!” Jin Beibei took a look at Xiao Chen, then took a peek at her chest and asked: “Brother-in-law, is it possible to make my chest even bigger?”

“……” Xiao Chen was speechless.

“Beibei, if your chest is any larger, you’ll need a cart to push it with.” Cheng Mengying was angry enough for her breasts to heart. Your breasts are so large, yet you still want to make them bigger? “I saw a flash sale for child strollers on the online, and it just so happens that it can support your chest. You can push one to school every day!”

“Then forget it……” Jin Beibei thought for a moment then replied: “Brother-in-law, how about you help older cousin Mengying enlarge her chest!”

“This young lady doesn’t need it!” Cheng Mengying wickedly stared at Jin Beibei.

Tang Tang glimpsed at Jin Beibei and wanted to say something but hesitated. Xiao Chen was here and she didn’t want to hurt Xiao Chen’s self-esteem, so she planned on speaking later.

The restaurant server began serving the first few dishes on the menu and the private room began to quickly become like the Manchu Han imperial feast. It was like the Shuili River flying through the skies and rapidly flowing on Earth, whatever you wanted was whatever you got.

“Yum yum!” Jin Beibei ate with oil dripping out of her full mouth.

Tang Tang witnessed Jin Beibei’s table manners and didn’t know what would be fine to tell her. Her appetite was already quite big, but seeing Jin Beibei, she still felt inferior.

Cheng Mengying was very refined as she took small bites of the French foie gras. Meanwhile, Xiao Chen was fearless and ate whatever he saw. If there was anyone that could compete with Jin Beibei, then that would be Xiao Chen.

“Brother-in-law, this turtle soup1 is tasty, you should drink it too!” Jin Beibei drank several mouthfuls of turtle soup, then directly gave her ladle and bowl to Xiao Chen.

“Is that so?” Xiao Chen took the turtle soup and drank it. Sure enough, it was quite tasty. He didn’t think too much because Jin Beibei’s disposition as such. Moreover, the two of them were like this at home, both were gluttons!

“Brother-in-law, that dish also looks very yummy, help me take some!” Jin Beibei pointed at the Australian baked fish and said.

“Okay.” Xiao Chen did so in passing.

“Brother-in-law, that dish looks like a delicacy, help me take some!”


Tang Tang knit her brows once more, but still didn’t speak out.

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“Huh? How come the roast duck hasn’t come up?” After the third service, Jin Beibei suddenly discovered that the Yanjing roast duck still hadn’t appeared.

“It seems like the roast duck is in the self-serve area on the first floor, so you need to go take some yourself.” During the time Xiao Chen passed the entrance, he had caught sight of the Yanjing roast duck booth on the first floor. A Truth Cultivator’s spiritual perception was quite formidable, so Xiao Chen was able to remember anything he casually took a glance at.

“Great great, help me get one brother-in-law.” Jin Beibei said with saliva flowing out of her mouth.

“Why don’t you go get it yourself? For what reason do you make other people go when you have legs yourself?” Tang Tang finally couldn’t bear it and stood up in outrage by the injustice done to Xiao Chen.

“But my chest is big, if I run down then back up, my breasts will hurt from shaking.” Jin Beibei innocently replied.

“You……” Tang Tang was thoroughly dumbfounded by Jin Beibei, but she was still thinking in her heart: does this ** girl not have a sense of shame in her heart? Doesn’t she know that there’s a boy here? Speaking about chests and breasts, does she not know what bashfulness is?

Cheng Mengying originally wanted to scold Jin Beibei, but when she heard Tang Tang’s words, she was a bit upset in her heart and her pampered princess sickness recurred: “Xiao Chen, this young lady wants to eat roast duck, go fetch some for this young lady!”

After she finished speaking, Cheng Mengying gave Tang Tang a provocative look. Since everybody’s status has been made public, I don’t believe that you don’t know the matter of Xiao Chen being my manservant! You seem to quite care about Xiao Chen? Hmph hmph, then let me see whether Xiao Chen listens to me or you!

“Sure.” Xiao Chen refreshingly stood up and left the private room.

Tang Tang watched Xiao Chen’s departing back and a smear of complex emotions flashed past her eyes. After Xiao Chen completely left, she placed down the bowl and chopsticks in her hands and seriously looked at Jin Beibei and Cheng Mengying.

“Jin Beibei, Cheng Clan already broke the engagement with Xiao Chen, can I trouble you to not call him ‘brother-in-law’ in the future? Since your older cousin and him cannot be together, can you not give him any fantasies?” Tang Tang really couldn’t bear it anymore. Although she knew Xiao Chen liked Cheng Mengying in his heart, Xiao Chen probably didn’t even have the qualifications to be a fallback choice! How could they play someone like this?

“What’s wrong with me calling him ‘brother-in-law’? I’m from Jin Clan and I like regarding brother-in-law as a sister-in-law, so what relationship does that have to do with Cheng Clan?” Jin Beibei spit out a shrimp skin and counter-questioned Tang Tang with a strange look on her face.

“You……” Tang Tang was left speechless. She discovered that quarrelling with Jin Beibei made one suffer grievously. It was no wonder that sons of influential people would be like mice seeing a cat in front of Jin Beibei. This ** girl’s logical thinking and thought process was too amazing.

“Beibei!” Cheng Mengying shouted for Jin Beibei to stop, then looked towards Tang Tang and lightly said: “Tang Tang, I know you like Xiao Chen, but Xiao Chen is currently my servant. This is his voluntary choice and nobody forced him either. Beibei likes cracking jokes and if Xiao Chen took it seriously, then that’s still his business. If you care about him so much, then go advise him!”

Although Cheng Mengying’s words sounded very reasonable, how come Tang Tang could feel the thick smell of gunpowder? It was like Xiao Chen was Cheng Mengying’s personal belonging, but she didn’t believe that Cheng Mengying had any affection for Xiao Chen. Therefore, in Tang Tang’s mind, she regarded Cheng Mengying as the rumored scheming ‘green-tea *****’ prostitute that liked toying around with Xiao Chen’s emotions and happiness.

However, Tang Tang also secretly sighed in disappointment in her heart at Xiao Chen. Who made him like Cheng Mengying?

“Xiao Chen and I are only buddies, Xiao Chen just disdained to argue with Yue Shaoqun’s words!” Tang Tang also felt that she had no qualifications to lash out at Cheng Mengying and could only remind her: “Actually, Xiao Chen is a very good boy. If you don’t like him, then please let him off.”

“Right, right! Brother-in-law is very awesome, Beibei super-likes and ultra-worships him!” Jin Beibei suddenly chimed in.

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“……” Tang Tang couldn’t make heads or tails of how this was related to their conversation. Was this Jin Beibei sent by Cheng Mengying to deliberately embarrass her?

Cheng Mengying gave Tang Tang a glance and wanted to say some words, but ultimately didn’t speak. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Tang Tang, but rather because ‘walls have ears2’. If by any chance Xiao Chen’s true motive of becoming her servant was leaked out, then there wouldn’t be any good happening for Xiao Chen and her.

As a result, during the time that Xiao Chen was away, Cheng Mengying and Tang Tang were silent and didn’t look at each other. On the other hand, Jin Beibei was thoughtlessly enjoying herself.

A while later, Xiao Chen came back carrying roast duck in his arms, but just as he entered the private room, Xiao Chen felt that there was a chill in the air of the private room. Although the three people were safe and sound, Xiao Chen still felt that the atmosphere was a little off! Perhaps this was due to a Truth Cultivator’s sharpened six senses?

“Eat some roast duck.” Xiao Chen brought some ready-made roast duck rolls with him from downstairs and placed one each in front of the three people.

Jin Beibei picked up a roll and bit into it. Oil flowed from the corner of her mouth as she chewed: “En, roast duck is tasty!”

“How come you’re not eating?” Tang Tang discovered that Xiao Chen had only brought back three roast duck rolls and he himself didn’t have one.

“Roast duck is supplied at 11 o’clock and that time has already gone past. I scrambled to snatch these final three.” Xiao Chen indifferently shrugged: “It’s fine if I don’t eat, there are still many other dishes.”

“Brother-in-law, eat mine, it’s really very delicious!” Jin Beibei handed over the roll that she took a bite of to Xiao Chen.

“I won’t eat……” Xiao Chen found it truly embarrassing to eat Jin Beibei’s saliva in front of Xiao Chen. If was fine if it was at home, but here, Xiao Chen didn’t want to make Tang Tang think that he was a **: “You eat, don’t you like eating?”

“Oh, then okay!” When Jin Beibei saw that Xiao Chen wasn’t going to eat, she went on eating.

Tang Tang originally wanted to give Xiao Chen her roll, but thinking about how she said Xiao Chen was her buddy, she was embarrassed to do such!


An Audi A8L sped towards the southern outskirts of Songning City. In this place was Songning City’s most powerful clan, Tang Clan’s home!

Stopping the car at the entrance of Tang Clan’s family courtyard, Yue Shaoqun discovered that he was a little anxious in coming here. Tang Clan’s grandfather Tang Fangbai was a person that attached heavy importance to benefits. Although Yue Clan and Tang Clan had reached a tacit understanding long ago, this was still the first time for openly suggesting to rescind the engagement.

Yue Shaoqun felt that he should have brought a gift to flatter old man Tang, but because he came in such a hurry, he hadn’t prepared anything at all! His eyes swept through his car’s backseat and his eyes immediately lit up!

The broken bowl that Lou Zhenming had previously purchased made Yue Shaoqun think of something. He faintly smiled and carefully picked up the broken bowl, then got out and searched for something in the trunk for quite a while. Finally, he found a comparatively exquisite brocade box and placed the broken box inside3.

This brocade box had a ginseng within it last year, but after Yue Shaoqun used the ginseng in training his martial arts, he casually threw it into his car. He didn’t think that it would have such use in this moment!

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Tang Fangbai was fond of collecting antiques, particularly antiques related to Martialists. And this bowl that was used by the Demon Sect Cult Master just happened to fit his tastes! Of course, broken antiques didn’t mean that it was worthless. In fact, many antiques were already broken at the time of being unearthed, but that didn’t influence the collection value! Because these things were lone goods for the most part and there would only be one of it whether it be broken or not.

When Tang Tang was 16 years-old, Yue Shaoqun was a frequent visitor to Tang Clan. Now that two years had so quickly gone by, the two guard disciples at Tang Clan’s entrance couldn’t help but stare a little upon seeing Yue Shaoqun!


  1. TLN: If I recall correctly, turtle soup is used to invigorate men. 
  2. TLN: You never know if there’s someone outside the door listening in on their conversation, or if there’s a hidden camera in the room. 
  3. TLN: The meaning within is seems quite obvious. Yue Shaoqun may be thinking about using the broken bowl to express his wish the next chapter. Or maybe it’ll be something else. 

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