Chapter 77 – Young Lady Also Wants To Go

“That’s right, you’ve guessed correctly, I want to treat you to a meal!” Lou Zhenming was actually grinning ear-to-ear as he nodded.

“Ah?” Xiao Chen was bewildered as he looked at Lou Zhenming. Had this person not been ripped off enough?

“You don’t need to be surprised. I know your identity, Xiao Clan’s young master? Relax, we are people of the same level; it’s better to squash enmity than keep it ongoing. I’m not afraid to tell you that in school, I follow Yue Shaoqun, Young Master Qun. It was also Young Master Qun who told me of your status. Young Master Qun said his relationship with you isn’t too bad and made me invite you out to eat to undo this misunderstanding!” Lou Zhenming said.

“Yue Shaoqun?” Xiao Chen didn’t think that Yue Shaoqun actually knew of his status. But the matter of Yue Shaoqun investigating him, Xiao Chen could understand. He wanted to free himself of Tang Tang and now that Xiao Chen had appeared before Tang Tang, it happened to coincide with his intentions. Particularly, after discovering the situation of his background, Yue Shaoqun discovered that Xiao Chen and Tang Tang were “an appropriate match”, so how couldn’t he be happy to death?

To be honest, regarding this hypocrite, Xiao Chen disdained to even take a glance at him. He would rather be a real low-status person. But now his situation and status was seen through, and it wasn’t something that Xiao Chen wanted to see. He aim in transferring schools was to start afresh in a new environment. Since there was Yue Shaoqun coming out now, this kid probably didn’t spread it out. If he did, then it would disrupt Xiao Chen’s plan on secretly cultivating.

“That’s right. That day when I went to save you, it was actually because of Young Master Qun, otherwise why would I go save you when we have contradictions?” Lou Zhenming replied: “How about it Xiao Chen, can you give me face? After finishing morning tests, I’ll play the host at noon and Young Master Qun will be company. I invite you and Tang Tang to a feast!”

“Tang Tang is also going?” Xiao Chen stared blankly.

“Yes, since Tang Tang is your girlfriend, then it’s fine if you go together!” Actually, this was Yue Shaoqun’s suggestion. He wanted to solidify the relationship between Xiao Chen and Tang Tang, but for Lou Zhenming, another person didn’t matter. Today’s food was destined not to be entirely eaten, even if 100 people were invited, he wouldn’t even spend 1 cent.

Xiao Chen originally wanted to decline, but thinking of that girl Tang Tang’s pitiful unable-to-eat-her-fill appearance, he straightforwardly nodded: “Fine, since you’re so sincere, then we’ll go.”

“Haha, then it’s settled. When we finish testing, be sure to be there!” When Lou Zhenming saw that his invitation succeeded, he was instantly extremely happy. This time, he would be able to mess with Xiao Chen until he wanted to cry but had no place to go to do so.

Xiao Chen entered the classroom and sat by Tang Tang. Tang Tang gave him a glance and asked: “Why did Lou Zhenming look for you?”

“He wants to treat us to a feast at noon.” Xiao Chen replied.

“Him? Invited us? He isn’t sick is he?” Tang Tang thought that this matter was inconceivable.

“He knows my identity……” Xiao Chen lowered his voice and said: “But he mentioned Yue Shaoqun and said that Yue Shaoqun would be company. I have a feeling that this matter is most likely related to this fellow.”

“Lou Zhenming knows your identity?” Tang Tang slightly wrinkled her brows and immediately spoke with some disgust: “This fellow Yue Shaoqun is quite shrewd. I reckon he is taking advantage of the things between us as a way to justify rescinding his engagement with me.”

“Rescinding is just rescinding, it’s not like anything good will happen by being with him anyway.” Xiao Chen was indifferent: “Eating and drinking without paying, only a fool wouldn’t go.”

“That’s true.” Tang Tang nodded. After she finished speaking, she didn’t speak any further and earnestly studied. Tang Tang’s academic record wasn’t bad, but Lou Zhenming seeing through his identity actually disrupted Xiao Chen’s plan of testing into first place.

He was previously ‘young master Xiao’, so how could he possibly test into first place? If he seized hold of first place this time, would he be suspected? This was Xiao Chen’s greatest worry. The 10,000 RMB right now wasn’t regarded anything in Xiao Chen’s eyes. One auxiliary medicine was at least 100,000 RMB, so 10,000 RMB was just scratching the surface.

Thinking up to here, Xiao Chen decided that it was better to take it step by step. This time I will get a test score close to Tang Tang, so even if Lou Zhenming suspects me, he will definitely think that I copied Tang Tang. When I truly become a Fourth Layer Qi-Training Truth Cultivator, why would I give a damn about him? Even if I’m doubted, at least I’ll have the ability to defend myself!

One has to know, there aren’t many Fourth Layer Inner Strength Martialists within these aristocratic clans.

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“Bzz……” Xiao Chen’s mobile phone received a text message.

Xiao Chen took it out to take a look and found that it was sent by the young lady: “What did Lou Zhenming seek you out for a moment ago?”

Cheng Mengying’s care was somewhat unexpected to Xiao Chen. He didn’t think she would pay quite the attention to him. Of course, in Xiao Chen’s opinion, this wasn’t because of the young lady having a favorable impression towards him, but rather because of her kindheartedness.

However, what made Xiao Chen not know whether to laugh or cry was Cheng Mengying’s text right after. The text message content was: “This young lady simply wants to remind you that everything must be reported to this young lady. You’re a servant, so you need to have the awareness of one!”

“Heh……” Xiao Chen read the text message and could imagine Cheng Mengying’s proud appearance. He replied: “Lou Zhenming wanted to invite me and Tang Tang to a feast at noon.”

After sending the text message over, there was no reply. But right beside Cheng Mengying, Jin Beibei was looking at Cheng Mengying’s mobile phone: “Cousin Mengying, I also want to eat a feast.”

“Eat, what eat? He didn’t invite you!” Cheng Mengying was somewhat annoyed. Why invite Xiao Chen and Tang Tang? What relationship does Xiao Chen and Tang Tang have? Doesn’t he know that he is this young lady’s servant? And if he wanted to invite, then he would have to also invite this young lady?

Of course, if Lou Zhenming knew Cheng Mengying’s thinking, he would probably die happy. He wanted to invite Cheng Mengying to a meal, but didn’t have any opportunities!

The first subject was language. Although Xiao Chen had done a great amount of review in the recent days, he didn’t dare to score to high this time. He used his spiritual consciousness strength to look at the answers on Tang Tang’s test paper, guessed the grade, and answered to get a similar result.

Naturally, Xiao Chen definitely would not be wrong in the same areas that Tang Tang was because if it was like that, then it would be considered as cheating! In any case, Lou Zhenming couldn’t see the test papers, so Xiao Chen didn’t need to use this kind of cheating.

In a blink of an eye, two hours went past and Xiao Chen handed over his test paper. Lou Zhenming quickly walked over, seeming to be afraid that Xiao Chen would run away: “Xiao Chen, let’s go and eat a feast.”

Just as Xiao Chen was about to reply, he caught sight of a big-chested person rapidly walking before Lou Zhenming: “Feast? Feast? Where is the feast? I also want to eat!”

“Uh……” Lou Zhenming was speechless. Seeing Jin Beibei and her big chest in front of him, he wasn’t pleased one bit with the visuals and was instead a bit depressed. Is this girl someone with extremely good hearing? So far away, yet able to hear about the matter of eating a feast? But when Lou Zhenming saw that the person behind Jin Beibei was Cheng Mengying, his eyes couldn’t help but brighten!

“Beibei, he hasn’t invited you, so how can you randomly join? Quickly come with me to eat some roast duck, I heard that the school cafeteria invited an authentic roast duck master over from Yanjing.” Cheng Mengying said as she pulled on Jin Beibei’s hand.

“Oh Mengying, how could I not invite you? As a matter of fact, Xiao Chen and I spoke of wanting to invite you! You and Jin Beibei should also come, I reserved a banquet table at the best restaurant in the city, Jade Sea Sky Palace, and there is also an authentic Yanjing roast duck over there! The authenticity is better than our school cafeteria; their duck is custom-fed and I heard that they use fruit tree charcoal brought in through air transport in their ovens. When they roast it, it’s a good yellow color and the outside is delicate while the inside is fresh, fragrant, and juicy!” Lou Zhenming hastily said.

“Good good, cousin Mengying, I want to eat!” Jin Beibei’s saliva was flowing out as she heard these words. Her eyes turned cat-like and looked at Lou Zhenming as if he was a big roast duck.

“Then fine, this young lady will reluctantly go and eat!” Cheng Mengying actually wanted to know what Lou Zhenming’s intentions on inviting Xiao Chen was, but she had no reason justification to go ask. Now, she happened to be able to come take a look.

Lou Zhenming was a little scared by Jin Beibei’s look. This girl shouldn’t be making trouble by coming along? He immediately said: “Then let’s go, I’ll guide in the front!”

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Xiao Chen and Tang Tang followed right behind. Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei were a bit farther away from Xiao Chen, probably because they didn’t want to expose the relationship between them in front of outsiders. They didn’t know that Lou Zhenming already knew Xiao Chen’s identity, but even if they knew, what could be done? Cheng Mengying still had to pay attention to avoid suspicion.

The five people arrived at the school’s parking lot. Yue Shaoqun had been standing by his Audi A8L waiting and upon seeing Xiao Chen and Tang Tang walking over, Yue Shaoqun face exposed a sunlight smile. People would think that he was harmless and affable. He extended his hand to Xiao Chen: “Young master Xiao, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you. I feel relieved leaving Tang Tang in your capable hands!”

Xiao Chen and Tang Tang weren’t very surprised. After all, they already knew this matter beforehand. However, Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei were extremely astonished, how come this guy knew about this matter?

But Cheng Mengying wasn’t not stupid and related this to Tang Tang. She had also heard of the matter that Yue Shaoqun wanted to get rid of Tang Tang. Since Xiao Chen and Tang Tang were quite close, Yue Shaoqun wanting to investigate Xiao Chen was very easy.

This idiot! Cheng Mengying secretly thought to herself, why can’t you just play your part? Getting defeated in a woman’s hand? If you were on bad terms with Tang Tang, would Yue Shaoqun even be interested in you?

Seeing Cheng Mengying’s astonishment, Lou Zhenming promptly explained: “Mengying, I didn’t intentionally investigate Xiao Chen’s identity, there’s a reason for it. You should also know that although Young Master Qun and Tang Tang’s engagement was rescinded, no matter what, the two are considered to have a little sentiment. Young Master Qun wishes Tang Tang to have future happiness, so that’s the reason why he investigated young master Xiao’s identity! Naturally, I also know that you don’t want to make other people know that Xiao Chen was your previous fiancé. Rest assured, this matter will be limited to just me and Young Master Qun, and will not be made public to the class.”

“It better be like this!” Cheng Mengying pridefully nodded: “This young lady doesn’t hope for other people to know!”

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