Chapter 62 – Hong Clan’s Chamber of Commerce

“Venerable sir, I am not concerned about who you are. I have already given you face. I am a person from an Ancient Martial Aristocratic Clan, Cheng Clan!” Cheng Zhongfan and Cheng Zhongming were unalike. Cheng Zhongming did business, so he had money in his hands. Although he could take out this 100,000 RMB, his hand wasn’t ample. Spending 100,000 RMB to bring back a pile of waste medicine for no reason, what use would he have for it?

“Yanyan, write out a receipt for this guest!” Grandpa Chen actually paid no attention to Cheng Zhongfan and directly instructed Hong Yan.

“Okay, grandfather.” Hong Yan naturally could hear the difference in grandpa’s mouth when he said “customer” and “guest”. This referred to two different clientele, so the receipt books were also different.

Hong Yan took out a slightly yellowing book that somewhat looked like those trading company’s detailed list from the past. The top didn’t have a lattice, there was only the four big characters “Hong Clan’s Chamber of Commerce” written on the side.

“It can’t be that you’re forcing us to buy this? Do you not want to mix in Songning City?” The sunglasses male was in a bad mood. We’ve given your small ******** a lot of face, yet you truly believe you’re some extraordinary character?

Also, not asking how big of an influence Cheng Clan is in Songning City? If you want to do business here, then offending Cheng Clan means you’ll be in an extremely precarious situation!

However, when Cheng Zhongfan saw those folded banknotes in Hong Yan’s hands, his eyes immediately jumped. He turned around, swung his arm, and gave the sunglasses male a sudden ‘pa!’ slap to his face, causing the sunglasses on his face to be fly off: “Shut up!”

The sunglasses male was slapped stupid by Cheng Zhongfan. He amazedly covered the inflamed half of his face, foolishly standing in spot, not knowing what would be good to say.

But Cheng Zhongfan didn’t pay attention to him. Rather, he politely said to Grandpa Chen: “Sorry for inconveniencing Venerable sir, this subordinate doesn’t understand rules. What you said is right; the medicinal herbs have already been grabbed, if I don’t buy it, then there will be no one buying it.”

“En……” Grandpa Chen naturally knew why Cheng Zhongfan’s about-face change was so big. However, he wasn’t alarmed at strange sights, only snorting to indicate that he knew.

“Still not hurriedly taking out your money? This batch of medicine just happens to be taken back to mend your brain, you eyeless thing!” Cheng Zhongfan berated the sunglasses male.

“Yes, yes……” The sunglasses male hurriedly took out his bank card and carefully handed it over to Hong Yan.

Hong Yan swiped the card and the sunglasses male input his password. Then Cheng Zhongfan took that package of medicine towards the sunglasses male’s chest and gloomily left the ********.

Hong Yan was behind them, covering her mouth trying not to laugh, but Cheng Zhongfan didn’t dare to have the slightest degree of dissatisfaction.

After walking out the door, only then did the sunglasses man very carefully ask: “Brother Fan, what organization is that Hong Clan’s Chamber of Commerce?”

“Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask.” Cheng Zhongfan wrinkled his brows, clearly not wanting to speak more. He simply said: “Walk, let’s return.”

In Old Master Cheng’s practice room inside Cheng Clan’s mansion, Cheng Tianqiu was sitting upright on a taishi chair1. After Cheng Zhongfan returned back to Cheng Clan, the first thing he did was arrive here.

“How’s the investigation? Did Zhongming really turn Xiao Chen into a servant and not secretly give him material assistance?” Cheng Tianqiu faintly asked when he saw Cheng Zhongfan come in.

Cheng Tianqiu wasn’t an idiot; the older one got, the more experienced one was. Although Cheng Zhongming had previously said that he would make Xiao Chen degenerate into a servant and ruin Xiao Chen’s self-esteem, after calming down, Cheng Tianqiu feared that Cheng Zhongming was taking advantage of this justification to secretly aid Xiao Chen!

After all, Cheng Zhongming and Xiao Feng were sworn brothers and there was extremely sincere sentiments between the two2. Cheng Zhongming was a person who attached importance to loyalty, so he had Cheng Zhongfan secretly go investigate.

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“Father, according to my investigation, Xiao Chen currently is indeed quite miserable. There hasn’t been an indication of big brother helping him in secret.” Although Cheng Zhongfan did want to destroy his big brother’s image in their father’s heart so that he could replace him, he wasn’t an idiot. He knew that if he talked rubbish, father would definitely be skeptical. Thus, no matter whatever he3 did, he would give an impartial point of view to explain the issue in order to give father a just impression.

“Oh? Truly quite miserable?” Cheng Tianqiu was slightly dazed, thinking in his heart ‘Did I think a little too much? Cheng Zhongming is Cheng Clan’s person in the end, representing Cheng Clan’s interest! Even if Xiao Feng is his sworn brother, that’s only swearing brotherhood. What is missing is his own blood younger brother!

“Yes, it seems like Mengying hasn’t even given Xiao Chen a cent in wages. Xiao Chen is currently impoverished and defeated. He has to wake up at 3 o’clock in the morning every day to go to the morning market street to make a living by selling breakfast……” This was what Cheng Zhongfan had seen with his own eyes and couldn’t speak falsely about it.

“Him? Going to the morning market to sell breakfast?” Cheng Tianqiu was very astonished. A former young master from the Xiao Clan, who didn’t need to worry about clothes or food, unexpectedly went to the morning market to sell breakfast? Who would believe it if told that?

“That’s right. In addition, he is selling breakfast together with Tang Clan’s Tang Tang.” Cheng Zhongfan replied: “It seems like the two people’s relationship is pretty good.”

“Tang Tang……oh, I understand.” Cheng Tianqiu also knew about Tang Clan and Yue Clan’s matters. Now that he heard that Tang Tang and Xiao Chen walked quite closely, his heart relaxed. It seems like Xiao Chen is self-aware that he isn’t fit for Cheng Mengying and went to Tang Tang, who has similar life experiences as him. Actually, Cheng Tianqiu was most afraid that Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying would become friendlier over time. But now, this possibility was practically none.

“Xiao Chen isn’t a Martialist and was previously a dandy young master, so it is estimated that he is unable to handle standing upright selling for two days. As a matter of fact, he went to a family ******** this evening and wanted to get some medicinal supplements to make up for his health.” As Cheng Zhongfan was speaking, he also spoke about the matter of Hong Clan’s Chamber of Commerce to Cheng Tianqiu.

“This boy’s luck is actually good, to have Hong Clan’s Chamber of Commerce gift him a batch of medicine for free.” After Cheng Tianqiu finished listening, he shook his head. What this Hong Clan’s Chamber of Commerce was doing, wasn’t something Cheng Clan could meddle with. Regarding the Martialist circles, there were two big mystical secret organizations that an individual clan could mess with.

One was the Martialist Guild, which was in charge of distributing some Martialist aspect information and smelting trial missions. The other was Hong Clan’s Chamber of Commerce, which specialized in selling spiritual medicines or treasures and so on to Martialists.

“Yes, that old ******* isn’t any nice person. He scammed me of 100,000 RMB!” Cheng Zhongfan helplessly said.

“The way they work has always been subjected to their moods and cannot rashly be discussed!” Cheng Tianqiu’s expression was solemn as he repeatedly warning Cheng Zhongfan: “Since we know that ******** is a subsidiary to Hong Clan’s Chamber of Commerce, don’t go provoking it in the future.”

“Yes, I understand!” Cheng Zhongfan promptly answered.

“All right, don’t focus attention on Xiao Chen, this junior’s, body, just pay attention to news of changes.” Cheng Tianqiu only made Cheng Zhongfan to ask around. Since there were no problems, then it would be fine for Xiao Chen to run his own course.

Xiao Chen was in the front walking to return to the villa, while Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei car was in the back stopped at the villa’s entrance. However, Jin Beibei couldn’t reside here today; she still had to go home. It was fine for her to occasionally stay the night outside, but if she wanted to live outside, Old Master Jin wouldn’t agreed because he treated this granddaughter like a treasure.

Cheng Mengying got off the car and took a glance at Xiao Chen. Then, she said: “Why did you go buy medicine? What problem does your body have?”

Xiao Chen knew that he couldn’t constantly conceal the truth from Cheng Mengying4, but he still couldn’t say the entire truth. He merely said: “I actually have no problems. It’s just a auxiliary medicine to strengthen and invigorate one’s body. Formerly, my father would regularly get some for me to drink, saying that after I drank it, I would be able to cultivate Inner Strength.”

“So it was like this……” After Cheng Mengying listened to Xiao Chen’s words, she immediately became silent.

Actually, Xiao Chen not being able to cultivate Inner Strength wasn’t merely just Xiao Chen’s sore point, not so long ago, it was also Cheng Mengying’s sore point. When Cheng Mengying found out that she had a good-for-nothing fiancé, how could she be happy in her heart? She would definitely secretly be very bitter.

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But at that time, Cheng Mengying didn’t understand what she did now. Now that she had been in contact with Xiao Chen for some time, Cheng Mengying discovered that Xiao Chen was suffering even more than her. From what she had seen, Xiao Chen thirsted for obtaining strength more than anyone else, to cultivate Inner Strength, but the Heavens didn’t care for him.

Of course, what Cheng Mengying didn’t know was that even though the Heavens5 didn’t care for him, Tian Lao quite cared for Xiao Chen……

“I’m going to brew medicine.” Xiao Chen smiled towards Cheng Mengying: “After that, I’ll go fix up some dinner for you to eat.”

“It’s not urgent, go brew medicine first.” Cheng Mengying shook her head. It was very unexpected that she didn’t stop Xiao Chen from brewing medicine with her young lady temperament today: “Xiao Chen, not having Inner Strength doesn’t mean anything. I previously……hadn’t avoided you……”

As for whether or not she had avoided him, only Cheng Mengying herself was clear about it in her heart. Because Cheng Mengying’s current impression of Xiao Chen had changed a lot, she naturally wouldn’t avoid him now. But previously, to be honest, she truly despised Xiao Chen.

“Hehe……” Xiao Chen laughed. He clearly knew that the Young Lady was being a little hypocritical, but it was still very unexpected to him. Cheng Mengying could unexpectedly say these kind of words; was this her true opinion?

Shaking his head, Xiao Chen returned to his room. Even if what the Young Lady said was true, Xiao Chen wouldn’t naively think that he could now have any results6 with Cheng Mengying. Some matters, when they occur, it’s impossible to go back.

After setting the electric earthenware pot to the correct temperature, he went to the kitchen to fix up something to eat at once. The staple food was naturally still instant noodles, but the dishes were some foods that were placed in the refrigerator yesterday. Xiao Chen took them out and used the microwave to heat it up, then arranged it on the table.

Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying sat side by side on the dining table eating things. Without Jin Beibei, Cheng Mengying suddenly felt that it was somewhat unbearable! Initially, she and Xiao Chen would also eat stuff like this, but she didn’t think too much about it. Cheng Mengying didn’t know why, but today she felt that she and Xiao Chen were like a newlywed couple, sitting at the dining table and eating a meal at home.

If there weren’t any accidents between Xiao Clan and Cheng Clan, after how much time would this scene still happen? At that time……she should be Xiao Chen’s wife!

Formerly, Cheng Mengying would absolutely reject this matter. However, thinking of these today, she didn’t know why, but she felt especially warm. As if, there was a faint trace of expectation.

How is this possible? Cheng Mengying shook her head and got rid of these chaotic thoughts, peacefully eating the food……


  1. TLN: Taishi chair is something like this
  2. TLN: Bromance moment (no ****). 
  3. TLN: So many ambiguous nouns….this ‘he’ refers to Cheng Zhongming. 
  4. TLN: The author uses ‘陳夢妍’, which is not her name…it’s ‘程夢瑩’. Which, by the way, he used on the previous paragraph in the raws. 
  5. TLN: The characters for “Heavens” in this case is “老天”. Tian Lao’s name is “天老”. 
  6. TLN: Get married. 

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