Chapter 87 – Car Key Isn’t Working Properly

“Did you not see Jin Beibei call me brother-in-law!” Xiao Chen complacently responded.

Cheng Mengying faintly creased her brows. Xiao Chen usually wasn’t this stupid at home, what was wrong with him today? He could even speak these kinds of words? She couldn’t help but cough twice to hint Xiao Chen from arbitrarily speaking.

It wasn’t that Cheng Mengying looked down upon Xiao Chen, but rather feared that these words would spread to Cheng Clan. If so, wouldn’t that be equal to harming Xiao Chen?

But when this coughing noise passed through Chen Jinpeng’s ear, Chen Jinpeng nearly sprayed spittle in laughter! Indeed, this boss has been immersed in his perverted self-delusions! Brother-in-law? You actually believe Jin Beibei’s words? I heard that ** specializes in tricking people and derives joy from it, you truly cannot be more foolish than this!

In Chen Jinpeng’s point of view, Xiao Chen was unable to endure the shock and became a little mentally ill! It was right after he thought about it; an aloof young master suddenly becoming a goddess’ servant and in order to survive, he had to go sell breakfast in the morning market street. With Xiao Chen’s arrogant mind, it would be strange if he wasn’t insane!

Not to speak of Xiao Chen, Chen Jinpeng also thought that he would be unable to bear it.

Thinking that Xiao Chen was a little mentally ill, Chen Jinpeng was disinclined to lower himself to his level: “Haha, then congratulations young master Xiao, you’re my previous boss no matter what. Now that you and I now hold beauties to marry, we’ve achieved our dreams and can be considered to share the same joy! But it seems like you previously liked Jingxuan? It’s hopeless for you now, since you’re eating meat, you should leave your little brother, me, some soup to drink!”

Chen Jinpeng’s move was nothing less than wicked and poisonous. In his opinion, he and Shen Jingxuan could be considered both in name and reality while Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying were simply not together. If Cheng Mengying directly refuted it at this time, Xiao Chen’s shock would be fairly immense and perhaps Xiao Chen would be sent straight to a psychiatric hospital.

Of course, this move seemed to not gain the expected effect. Although Cheng Mengying wrinkled her brows, she didn’t flare up. Thus, he mentioned the former matter of Xiao Chen pursuing Shen Jingxuan.

In the past, Chen Jinpeng was Xiao Chen’s little brother, so he naturally understood the affairs between Xiao Chen, Cheng Mengying, and Shen Jingxuan. He knew that it was because of this matter that Cheng Mengying was brooding.

Once he mentioned it again at this time, it was reckoned that Cheng Mengying would definitely be in an extremely bad mood. There was previously no way to deal with Xiao Chen, but now it was different; she was Xiao Chen’s master and could go vent her anger on Xiao Chen after returning.

“That’s not correct, maybe you’ll die the same way your brother did, then wouldn’t I have an opportunity?” Xiao Chen said matter-of-factly.

“……” Chen Jinpeng completely felt no angry feelings at this moment, but rather deep sympathy! In his eyes, Xiao Chen was already an imbecile and his delusion illness was already in a quite serious degree.

Normally, it was impossible for Xiao Chen to be unaware of his situation, but his current display totally didn’t seem like he was a young master in dire straits. Like, he believed that he was still the past young master Xiao. If this wasn’t living in a delusion and imagination, then what would it be?

Therefore, Chen Jinpeng didn’t feel like saying anything. What common language could you have with a mentally ill idiot? If you mocked him, he wouldn’t be able to hear it1; it was practically preaching to deaf ears.

Thinking to here, Chen Jinpeng sat down and simply didn’t respond to Xiao Chen. Instead, he shifted his attention to Shen Jingxuan: “Jingxuan, your coffee’s cooled down? I’ll get a new cup for you.”

“No need, thank you.” Even though Shen Jingxuan didn’t like Chen Jinpeng, her tone was still gentle and made Chen Jinpeng feel fluffy upon hearing it.

Xiao Chen breathed in deeply. Shen Jingxuan’s voice was always this pleasant to listen to, but the previous young master Xiao’s delusion was enough, now……

“Little Chenzi, don’t be so pessimistic, you’re a Truth Cultivator!” Tian Lao’s expecting-too-much voice sounded out: “I really feel like I’m losing face with a disciple like you.”

“Tian Lao, if I were a Seventh or Eighth Layer Inner Strength Martialist, it wouldn’t be a problem for me to marry two wives. But right now, you should speak based on strength! When you were a Truth Cultivator, was your awesomeness all false?” Xiao Chen was a bit dumbstruck.

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“Uh, doesn’t this just mean that I have very high expectations for you, hoping that my disciple can turn into a dragon2.” Tian Lao said with a bit of embarrassment.

Chen Jinpeng had come here to act cool, but was helpless as his only acting cool target was Xiao Chen, who didn’t coordinate from the start. Besides, Chen Jinpeng felt no sense of achievement by acting cool at an idiot. As for the remaining Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei, Chen Jinpeng would practically be courting death if he acted cool with them. Just as he was depressed, a red haired man sat down at the table next to them. He was wearing a golden jacket and wore a large golden chain around his neck. ‘Pa’, the guy placed a Porsche car key onto the table and mumbled: “It’s really hard to park around here, I hope my Porsche isn’t scraped!”

This redhead clearly wasn’t a student in the vicinity and had come here to pick up girls. Anyway, there were really some people going over to strike up a conversation. Two girls with skimpy outfits walked over and sat by the redhead’s sides.

“Big brother, treat me to a cup of coffee~.”

“Big brother, you’re quite handsome, let’s become friends!”

Chen Jinpeng then reacted. He had brought his Porsche Panamera to show off to Shen Jingxuan. It was just that he was stirred up by Xiao Chen and forgot about this matter. Thus, he also hurried to slap his Porsche car key onto the table: “It is indeed quite hard to park around here, I also had to look for several places before stopping. Right, Jingxuan, how about I bring you to go for a spin later?”

“This……” Shen Jingxuan didn’t really want to go out with Chen Jinpeng, but when thinking of her family’s arrangements, she could only sigh: “Just around this place’s vicinity……”

At this time, the server came over with the dishes that Jin Beibei had previously ordered one by one. This cafe near the school was actually also a western restaurant. The flavor was pretty good and was quite authentic, a deep favorite of the high school students.

Jin Beibei wasn’t a First High student in the past, so it was her first time coming. Seeing the pretty good pictures on the menu, she ordered a big pile of them, but didn’t think that they would also be so delicious: “Brother-in-law, eat this one, this one is tasty!”

“Mm-mm!” Xiao Chen also took an equal portion and ate.

Chen Jinpeng looked at Xiao Chen and disdainfully shook his head. Not only was his mind ill, he also had a huge food illness.

Cheng Mengying watched Xiao Chen, who had his mouth full and oil leaking from the corner of his lips, and slightly frowned. Xiao Chen wasn’t like this at home, how come he was like the reincarnation of a hungry ghost? It was really disgraceful!

“Brother-in-law, help me get that lobster!” Jin Beibei pointed at a place not far away.

“Okay, lobster is delicious!” Xiao Chen brought the lobster over.

“Mm-mm!” Jin Beibei ate with big bites.

Xiao Chen was very satisfied with Jin Beibei’s coordination, or rather, Jin Beibei’s original nature was so. Xiao Chen suspected everyone at this point and the traitor Chen Jinpeng was also one of his suspected targets, so he was playing the fool to numb this fellow.

Anyway, the young lady was exceptionally intelligent; she quickly sensed that something was off. Is Xiao Chen acting? There’s really this possibility, but what’s the benefit of him acting like this? Of course, Cheng Mengying didn’t think that Xiao Chen was guarding against Chen Jinpeng.

The most surprised was Shen Jingxuan. Today’s Xiao Chen and the impression of Xiao Chen she had were two entirely different people, like opposite extremes. The Xiao Chen from before was arrogant and insolent, but today, although it couldn’t be said that today’s Xiao Chen wasn’t arrogant, today’s Xiao Chen made her feel very strange!

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Although Xiao Chen even acknowledged that he liked her, Shen Jingxuan didn’t feel the slightest bit of admiration from Xiao Chen. This was a type of girl’s intuition. Chen Jinpeng naturally couldn’t feel it, but Shen Jingxuan felt that Xiao Chen already seemed to be ignoring her.

“Young master Xiao, have you not eaten in these past few days? Your hunger isn’t light!” Chen Jinpeng finally couldn’t help but to mock.

“I had no money, selling deep-fried breadstick every day isn’t much income. Now that there’s little brother treating, I’m eating a bit more!” Xiao Chen spoke unclearly as he ate: “Thanks for your warm hospitality!”

Chen Jinpeng shook his head and felt that it was a little insipid. After waiting a while, Xiao Chen and Jin Beibei finally finished eating, then he got up to go pay the bill. He was actually scared that Xiao Chen and Jin Beibei would continue eating. It wasn’t that he was afraid of wasting money since this thing simply didn’t waste much money, but it was that it mainly wasted time. He was still thinking of going for a spin with Shen Jingxuan.

“Brother-in-law, look, that’s my long-awaited Porsche car key!” Jin Beibei picked up Chen Jinpeng’s car key and looked at it left and right before incautiously, ‘pa’, dropping it onto the ground.

“Beibei, stop moving around, what if you fall and get injured?” Cheng Mengying chided.

Jin Beibei stuck out her tongue in embarrassment, then bent down to pick up the car key and placed it back onto the table.

Chen Jinpeng finished paying the bill, then picked up the car key and left to walk towards the cafe entrance. Shen Jingxuan, Cheng Mengying, Jin Beibei and Xiao Chen followed behind.

After leaving the cafe, Chen Jinpeng confidently pressed on the car key and waited for the nearby Panamera’s headlight to flash. But what he didn’t expect was that Panamera didn’t have any reaction at all.

“Hm?” Chen Jinpeng stared blankly and pressed the unlock button on the key towards the Panamera again, but the car still didn’t have any response! Chen Jinpeng was a little anxious: “****, it can’t be out of energy?”

After speaking, he continuously pressed several times, but even though the light on the indicator was flashing, the car didn’t have any signs of activity. After a moment of helplessness, Chen Jinpeng carefully inspected his remote and discovered nothing wrong with it, instantly becoming helpless and brows of sweat lining his brows.

This was his first time asking Shen Jingxuan to go for a spin. If a problem arose with this car, how would he be able to solicit her? Chen Jinpeng gave Shen Jingxuan a somewhat awkward look: “It might be signal interference……”

Right at this time, the redhead that was sitting next to them also came out while embracing two prostitutes and holding the Porsche car key in his hand. When he walked to the entrance and saw Chen Jinpeng standing there pressing the key, unable to open his car no matter how much he pressed. He was instantly dumbfounded and thought in his heart, it can’t be that this dude is also acting cool?

“Huh? My Porsche? It might have been driven off by my buddy!” The redhead spoke the the two prostitutes in his embrace: “Forget it, let’s call a taxi!”


  1. TLN: As in, person wouldn’t understand the meaning behind the words. 
  2. TLN: I had a very funny moment translating this line since ‘turn into a dragon(成龙)’ in Jackie Chan’s Chinese name. So, ‘hoping that my disciple can become Jackie Chan’ was what I was thinking of putting. 

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