Chapter 55 – Midway Through Is Cheng Yaojin

“What?!” After Xiao Chen listened to it, he couldn’t help but be startled. How could it be that kid Lou Zhenming? This guy truly was like a lingering ghost! But from the point of view that Tian Lao had communicated to him, Lou Zhenming hadn’t targeted himself this time. His targeted person was Young Lady Cheng, Cheng Mengying. He was just something chanced upon to become a funerary object.

This made Xiao Chen somewhat helpless. If he wasn’t here, then Cheng Mengying would at most be disgusted and not have any big matter. But since he was here, it was estimated that there would be a beating!

“But it doesn’t matter. Those several small subordinates aren’t even First Layer Inner Strength Martialists.” Tian Lao’s words made Xiao Chen let out a sigh of relief. But the words Tian Lao said afterwards made Xiao Chen feel like spitting out a little blood: “As long as you pay attention to the secret place over there, there is Martialist that is a bit ferocious, at Fourth Layer Inner Strength!”

“Pfft……!@#¥%……&……” Xiao Chen didn’t know what was good to say. Another Fourth Layer Inner Strength Martialist had come, was this letting him live or die?

“Can you influence this idiot’s thoughts and make him go over there to fight that hidden Fourth Layer Inner Strength Martialist?”

“Unable to influence. You’re too weak and furthermore, the circumstances this time and last time are different. The influence of a second or two has no use; before he would even be able to rush to the side of that Fourth Layer Inner Strength Martialist, he would probably awaken.” Tian Lao decisively dashed his hopes: “Think up some other solution.”

“……” Xiao Chen was speechless. Think up other solutions? How could other solutions be so easy to think up?

“Great little brother, have you finally remember what your brother confessed before he left? Have you properly thought about it?” Sha Dage was a bit impatient. This was his first time carrying out a mission, so he naturally wanted to have a perfect completion without any mistakes.

“I have actually thought about it well……but there are several people in the front that are disturbing my thoughts!” Xiao Chen’s mind came up with an plan. Immediately spreading out his hands, he spoke very helplessly. Although Xiao Chen had already played this dog-eat-dog trick twice before, besides it being well-tried, it was the third time using it, so it wouldn’t be that interesting!

The last two times were all due to Tian Lao’s influence, but this time could only be done by taking a step and watching a step. It all depended on his social skills! Thinking up to here, Xiao Chen’s deliberately showed a distressed faced and spoke.

“Oh? Who is disturbing you?” Sha Dage stared blankly, then suddenly became irritated: “Don’t trick me, where are the people?”

“Aren’t they in the front!” Xiao Chen moved forward and pointed. It just so happened that Ma Gangchuan had just brought five little brothers from the shadows out!

Sha Dage turned his head to take a look and sure enough, there were several people with bad intentions walking over. He didn’t suspect how Xiao Chen discovered this in his heart. He thought that Xiao Chen had also just seen them. After all, his attention had been on Xiao Chen’s body before and he wasn’t paying attention to whether or not the front had any people.

“Don’t move, this is a robbery!” When Ma Gangchuan saw that Xiao Chen and the others had discovered him, he immediately didn’t hide away. Instead, he shouted out to clear the way.

Sha Dage became furious! Where did this group of trash come from? Why did they come to rob at the most important time? Didn’t they see that he was interrogating? If Xiao Chen’s train of thought was interrupted and he didn’t remember where his elder brother went, how would Sha Dage be able to go back to report ‘mission completed’?

As a result, Sha Dage said to Xiao Chen: “Wait here. I’ll get rid of them, so think about it well!”

After he finished speaking, Sha Dage dashed forward and went to face Ma Gangchuan and those several hooligans!

Ma Gangchuan stared blankly. He didn’t expect this oaf to take the initiative and dash towards them. Just before, wasn’t it said that this guy was an employed migrant worker? Seeing this attitude, didn’t he resemble a bodyguard?

But seeing that Sha Dage dashing over, Ma Gangchuan didn’t think too much about it. He directly told to his several subordinates: “First take down this rash youth down for me!”

“O……” One of the subordinates in the front rushed out and promptly agreed, but just as he said half of this ‘Okay’, he caught sight of a big fist greeting his face right before his eyes. As a result, there was a “Peng!” and the subordinate was sent flying. This was completely unexpected and the subordinate didn’t guard against it!

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And this hit was especially ruthless and spicy. After the subordinate hit the ground, he incessantly moaned in pain because his bones had been broken into many pieces. Under one fist, he was punched into a disabled person. Later on, he could ride in public transportation free of charge.

Ma Gangchuan looked on distracted. He didn’t think this oaf would be this amazing, directly overturning one of his subordinates. Even if it was in a situation where it was a sneak attack when not paying attention! His complexion became somewhat unsightly and he said to the other people: “Kill him for me!”

Actually, they didn’t need Ma Gangchuan’s reminder. The remaining 4 little brothers dashed and encircled Sha Dage. The collapsed little brother was their sworn brother buddy. In ordinary times they would get along but now that he had been flipped over to the ground, how could they not worry?

But the strength Sha Dage revealed nevertheless was impressive. Not waiting for these 4 little brothers to attack, Sha Dage took the initiative to attack and once again, without suspense, another little brother lied down on the floor. His eyes rolled up and he wasn’t able to say anything before immediately fainting after!

It had to be said that these little brothers and Sha Dage’s strength had a large disparity. They couldn’t even handle one move! One was a Fourth Layer Inner Strength Martialist while the others were hooligans who hadn’t even reached First Layer Inner Strength. Fundamentally, they weren’t on a level playing field.

Seeing two of the people that he had searched for be disposed of by the migrant worker by Xiao Chen’s side, Lou Zhenming was seized by anxiousness. Where had this person come from? How could he be this violent? Were migrant workers this ferocious?

But regardless of everything, Lou Zhenming couldn’t wait any longer. He had to make some response otherwise there wouldn’t be anything for him to deal with in a moment! As a result, Lou Zhenming had no other choice but to jump out ahead of time and loudly shouted: “Cheng Mengying, don’t fear, I’m here to rescue you!”

Although these words could be said to be a bit false and the current Cheng Mengying absolutely didn’t have any dangers, he couldn’t let ‘hero saving the beauty’ plan that he schemed with great difficulty go to waste. This was completely different from Lou Zhenming’s anticipation of Xiao Chen being beat up to the point of not being able to tell if he was dead or alive and Cheng Mengying receiving serious threatening.

After he finished speaking, Lou Zhenming wasn’t concerned about whatever attitude Cheng Mengying had. He directly dashing to the 3 not collapsed hooligans and started brandishing his fist!

Although those remaining several hooligans thought that the present was different from how it was planned out prior, since Lou Zhenming sent over his fist, they naturally put out an appearance of not being his match and successively fell down!

Seeing Lou Zhenming posturing, a trace of a sneer flashed past the corners of Xiao Chen’s mouth. Then, he gratefully and passionately said: “It’s Brother Lou! You came to save1 us?”

“Yes……Xiao Chen, quickly take Cheng Mengying and escape from here. Let me take care of this place!” Although Lou Zhenming didn’t want to let off Xiao Chen, this kind of circumstance made it clearly impossible to tidy up Xiao Chen, so he could only first let him run. But the words that came out from his mouth displayed much magnanimity, seeming like a hero who would rescue Xiao Chen in his times of calamity.

“Brother Lou, many thanks! Then we’ll go ahead!” After Xiao Chen finished speaking, he didn’t stay any longer. He used his left hand to pull Jin Beibei and his right hand to pull Cheng Mengying, then began running away!

Although Sha Dage was a little stupid, he wasn’t retarded. Hearing that Lou Zhenming and Xiao Chen were acquainted and hearing him call Xiao Chen as Xiao Chen, he knew that he had been fooled! Xiao Chen had no damn elder brother; it was clearly him that was Xiao Chen! The words that this kid had spoke just a moment ago was just nonsense to cheat him!

In addition, it was estimated that Xiao Chen spoke bullshit in order to stall for time and wait until this whatever “Brother Lou” reinforcements arrived. As for those several robbers, they were probably an accident. This made him utterly angered! Seeing that Xiao Chen wanted to run, he didn’t bother dealing with the robbers and turned around to give chase!

However, Sha Dage’s movement in Lou Zhenming’s eyes became ‘wanting to follow after Xiao Chen to leave together’! In Lou Zhenming’s eyes, this Sha Dage was most likely Xiao Chen’s hire or helper. In front of Cheng Mengying, he was unable to teach Xiao Chen a lesson. But for this meddlesome Sha Dage that wrecked his plans, Lou Zhenming wasn’t prepared to let him off!

He lifted his hand and pulled on Sha Dage’s clothes, coldly saying: “Why are you leaving so urgently? As a robber, you must have the consciousness of being beaten!”

Lou Zhenming wasn’t stupid and immediately framed Sha Dage as a robber. In fact, he was fearing that this Sha Dage and Cheng Mengying had relations. If they had relations, then he could explain it as ‘I mistook him for a robber because I came “afterwards”. When he and Xiao Chen were together before, I didn’t see.

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Moreover, the reason why Lou Zhenming dared to get rid of Sha Dage was because Sha Dage hadn’t exposed his real strength yet. After all, Sha Dage simply didn’t need to use his real strength for several hooligans. Therefore, what Lou Zhenming didn’t know, he didn’t fear.

“You and Xiao Chen are a group?” Sha Dage wrinkled his brows. Previously, he had a bad mood towards Lou Zhenming, but felt anxious to pursue Xiao Chen so he didn’t pay attention to him. However, he didn’t expect this kid to dare move against him! Was he tired of living?

“Correct! Robber, don’t run!” Lou Zhenming pretended not to understand and continued to frame Sha Dage as a robber.

But Sha Dage was clearly indifferent regarding whether or not Lou Zhenming framed him as a robber. He coldly gazed at Lou Zhenming and said: “Then you can die!”

Lou Zhenming was just about to ridicule Sha Dage as ‘fearless manner and lightning tongue” but before these words came out, Lou Zhenming’s cold sweat came out! Because Sha Dage clearly didn’t want to be entangled with Lou Zhenming, he directly exposed his real strength and prepared to kill Lou Zhenming with one fist.

Fourth Layer Inner Strength Martialist!

Lou Zhenming trembled from head to toe. He wanted to escape but both of his legs seemed to be weighed down with lead and he wasn’t able to move one step. Of course, in front of a Fourth Layer Inner Strength Martialist, he wouldn’t able to run away.

“Receive this move!” Just as Lou Zhenming turned pale in fright and believed that he was going to be finished here, Lei Dianfeng jumped out! He had also seen Sha Dage’s real strength but had no choice except to move!

In the most crucial moment, Lei Dianfeng directly jumped out and used his palm to slap towards Sha Dage! He feared that Sha Dage’s move would be harmful to Lou Zhenming, so he came out with his most formidable strength. Furthermore, the move he used was the most primitive! It was the most technique-less ‘firmly staking it all’2!


  1. TLN: In the raw, the wrong ‘jiu’ was used. The author meant to put ‘jiu(save)’ but put ‘jiu(at once/right away/etc)’ instead. This is what I feel as a Chinese person myself. . . 
  2. TLN: Last resort: plain punch/slap etc with all one’s strength behind it. 

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