Chapter 81 – Don’t Lead Xiao Chen Astray

When Yue Shaoqun previously came to Tang Clan, there was no need to inform anyone because he had the status of an ‘about-to-become’ son-in-law. He could directly go see Old Master Tang, but now things have changed and the two guards gave each other a look and courteously said: “So Young Master Yue has come, can you please allow us to go inform?”

Yue Shaoqun was somewhat annoyed in his heart, but his face showed a modest and genial expression: “This is natural, I’ll be troubling you two.”

Although Tang Fangbai was also puzzled on what Yue Shaoqun had come for today, he still let him in.

“Shaoqun pays respects to Old Master Tang!” Yue Shaoqun courteously bowed after entering the guest room.

“En, Shaoqun, what matter have you come here for today? Hehe, it’s been about two years since you’ve come here?” Although Tang Fangbai greeted Yue Shaoqun, he didn’t have too good of an expression. He felt that this boy was fake; directly breaking the engagement after seeing Tang Tang become unattractive, when had Tang Clan been so easy to bully?

Although Tang Clan was a bit in the wrong about this matter, their imposing manner couldn’t always be so feeble!

“Actually, it’s not that big of a matter. Tang Tang found her true love, so I came to bless her!” Yue Shaoqun kept his smile as before while he spoke.

Tang Fangbai’s look instantly changed: “Yue Shaoqun, what kind of random things are you saying? What ‘Tang Tang found her true love’?”

“Oh? It seems like grandpa Tang still doesn’t know? Tang Tang is currently in love with Xiao Clan’s young master Xiao Chen; the two people can be considered well-matched. As a matter of fact, I passed through here to congratulate you while on my way to do something else. But I would have never thought that you, grandpa Tang, was unaware……This is truly embarrassing, consider this me shooting off my mouth.” Yue Shaoqun put on an absolutely guilty expression as he spoke.

“Xiao Chen?” Tang Fangbai immediately creased his brows. Naturally, he was clear on who Xiao Chen was. If it was the previous Xiao Chen, who wasn’t driven out of his clan, that fancied Tang Tang, Tang Fangbai would happily go seek a marriage with Xiao Clan, but now……

However, Tang Tang was Tang Clan’s abandoned child and was actually a good match with Xiao Chen’s current status. Tang Fangbai was also disinclined to get furious because of a fat little girl, so he simply nodded indifferently.

“Hehe, grandpa Tang, how do you feel about my and Tang Tang’s engagement, yes or no……” When Yue Shaoqun spoke up to here, he instantly stopped. This extremely conformed with his hypocritical nature. Although he thought like this in his heart, he didn’t say it and made others say it for him.

“I am tired. Look at how old I’ve become, my vigor has faded and have to take a nap. How about resting here for a bit and then eating dinner together, Little Yue?” Tang Fangbai didn’t directly answer Yue Shaoqun’s words.

Yue Shaoqun was feeling uncomfortable at heart, but still had a smiling countenance on his face. He placed the brocade box onto the reception room’s small table and said: “I know that grandpa Tang is fond of antiques; this bowl is said to have been used by Demon Sect Cult Master Zhang Naipao, I hope that grandpa Tang will like it.”

“Oh?” The originally listless Tang Fangbai instantly changed his expression, turning it into a spirited one: “It’s a thing that the legendary Demon Sect Cult Master Zhang Naipao used? How about letting me take a look?”

“Yes, of course, I don’t know whether it’s genuine or fake, so I request grandpa Tang to inspect it!” Yue Shaoqun sneered in his heart. Old *******, I knew you were more hypocritical than me!1

“Oh, leave it behind, I will study it. As for the matter you spoke of, I will consider it.” Tang Fangbai nodded and lovingly picked up the two pieces of the broken bowl.

“Then I will not be disturbing grandpa Tang’s rest, I take my leave!” Yue Shaoqun didn’t receive the reply he wished for, so he was somewhat disappointed. But since Tang Fangbai indicated that he would consider it, then that showed that there was a possible solution for this matter. As long as he was diligent, he would be able to achieve it.

After Yue Shaoqun left, Tang Fangbai impatiently picked up a magnifying glass to evaluate this so-called ‘bowl that was used by Demon Sect Cult Master Zhang Naipao’. At first, Tang Fangbai absolutely felt that it wasn’t worth doing, after all Zhang Naipao was merely a person in legends, but after a while, he suddenly let out a “huh” cry of surprise and his expression became dignified……


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“I’m so full~ Brother-in-law, do you think my chest is bigger or my belly is bigger?” Jin Beibei rubbed her perfectly round belly as she waddled around in the instant they walked out of Jade Sea Sky Palace.

“Cough cough!” After Tang Tang, who was in the back, heard this, she was a bit unhappy: “Jin Beibei, other people might fear you, but I, Tang Tang, do not fear you. Do you really think that Xiao Chen isn’t an outsider and is truly your brother-in-law?”

“Yeah!” Jin Beibei turned around to look at Tang Tang and seriously nodded.

Tang Tang was dumbfounded; she truly didn’t know how to respond. Jin Beibei’s reply instantly made her incapable of speaking. She finally understood why so many people suffered disadvantaged in front of Jin Beibei, because you were unconsciously already tricked by her.

Seeing Jin Beibei’s innocent expression, Tang Tang truly didn’t know whether she was really foolish or acting cute, so she had no other choice but to shake her head.

As for Cheng Mengying, she didn’t know why, but when Jin Beibei said “yeah”, she felt that it was the first time that Jin Beibei’s ‘making trouble’ skill was quite powerful……

Xiao Chen forced a smile and winked to Tang Tang, hinting that he was used to Jin Beibei’s jokes.

Seeing Xiao Chen’s manner, Tang Tang let out a sigh of relief. She feared Xiao Chen falling deeper and deeper, so she wanted to show that he and Cheng Mengying were impossible. If his thinking wasn’t put in check, Tang Tang truly feared him becoming depressed.

The four people had various concerns as they walked to the parking lot. When they arrived, they suddenly discovered that Lou Zhenming and Yue Shaoqun had left and the only vehicle left in the parking lot was Jin Beibei’s Beetle. How would they be seated?

The Beetle’s back row could reluctantly seat two people, but Tang Tang’s build ‘took up space’. At this time, Tang Tang was somewhat embarrassed: “You guys go by car, I’ll walk back?”

“Hold on……” Although Cheng Mengying didn’t have a favorable impression towards Tang Tang, her character wasn’t bad. Jade Sea Sky Palace was several kilometers from school, if one walked to school, wouldn’t one be tired to the point of falling down? Also, would one be late to the exam? One has to know, there was only an hour left until the afternoon exam.

But the present situation was that if they made Tang Tang sit in the car, with her figure, she would have to sit in the copilot seat. Then the problem came, who would sit with Xiao Chen in the back seat? The space in the back row was originally small and with Xiao Chen’s tall build, the two people would have to inevitably stick together.

If Beibei drove the car, then Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen would have to sit together. Cheng Mengying didn’t want to sit together with Xiao Chen……

He doesn’t like me, so if I move close to him, won’t it mean that I’m cheap? Hmph!

Therefore, after Cheng Mengying said ‘hold on’, she didn’t continue speaking. She was a bit unsure on how to arrange this.

“I’ll run back, let Tang Tang take the car.” Xiao Chen didn’t wait for the young lady to speak and immediately spoke. In his opinion, he had enough physical strength and time to run back.

“No need, I’ll call a taxi……” Before Tang Tang even finished speaking, Xiao Chen gave a natural wave and quickly ran towards the outside of the parking lot.

As Cheng Mengying watched Xiao Chen’s departing back, she didn’t know why, but she suddenly had a feeling of loss. She was unclear of where this feeling of loss came from as she got into the back row of the Beetle. Cheng Mengying suddenly recalled that night when she slept soundly on Xiao Chen’s body and a red blush surfaced on her cheeks, seemingly like she put on some rouge makeup2……

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“Huh? Cousin Mengying, what’s up with your face? Did you drink too much?” When Jin Beibei finally boarded the car, she unintentionally looked in the back row, saw Cheng Mengying’s reddish complexion, and was immediately baffled: “Not right, we didn’t drink alcohol? Oh oh oh! I know, in that movie we watched yesterday night, it said that a quick running man’s performance is super powerful. Moreover, the longer he can run, the more lasting he is, you were thinking that brother-in-law will definitely be very fierce later on!”

“You should marry him if he’s so fierce.” Cheng Mengying glared at Jin Beibei. Joking around at home wasn’t a problem, but there was currently a Tang Tang, so Cheng Mengying felt like she lost some face.

“I am currently considering it…that movie said that big-chested girls are comparatively strong in that area.” Jin Beibei gave off a pensive appearance.

Jin Beibei’s reply made Cheng Mengying want to rip off her hair. She was merely chiding Jin Beibei and didn’t expect her to actually take it seriously.

“You guys watch A movies…….at home?” Tang Tang opened her eyes wide. In Tang Tang’s opinion, only r-rated movies would discuss this kind of topic.

“No, C movie.” Jin Beibei blurted out.

“You two are quite dirty, outside you are goddesses, at home you are rotten girls, don’t lead Xiao Chen astray.” Tang Tang faintly wrinkled her brows. She really couldn’t bear it when thinking that Xiao Chen still regarded Cheng Mengying as a goddess, while it wasn’t worthy for him to do so.

“I……” Cheng Mengying was extremely angered by Tang Tang’s words. Yesterday, it wasn’t her wanting to watch, but rather Jin Beibei luring her to watch it, so she followed her to take a casual look-see. Who would have thought that Jin Beibei would speak it out loud in a public space?

“So what? That proves that our sexual orientations are normal while some other person’s sexual orientation is abnormal, being fond of regarding themselves as a masculine woman3!” Jin Beibei curled her lips.

“You……” Tang Tang pointed at Jin Beibei, but words didn’t come out. When did she ever want to be a masculine woman? However……

Tang Tang didn’t speak any further because she knew Jin Beibei was a person-confusing spirit and she definitely wasn’t her opponent. Moreover, there was no way to tell Xiao Chen the matter of Cheng Mengying watching C movies at home, so why speak? It would seem like she was speaking behind other people’s backs. She only hoped that Xiao Chen that understood the will of people and was aware of what kind of people they were.

Seeing Jin Beibei win, Cheng Mengying relaxed. However, she was somewhat displeased in her heart. Me watching C movies? Tang Tang is really meddlesome, I don’t believe that you haven’t watched before! This young lady is going through puberty, being curious is normal……

The Beetle exited Jade Sea Sky Palace’s parking lot and Xiao Chen could be seen running under the scorching sun on the sidewalk. Instantly, Cheng Mengying’s heart was struck, this person, was he truly Xiao Chen? The dandy that pursued Lin Ke’er and Shen Jingxuan?

Tang Tang saw Cheng Mengying stare dazedly out the window from the rearview window and was confused as to why, so she also took a look out the window. But at this time, Xiao Chen was already left behind by the car, so what Tang Tang saw was a billboard for the hot drama star called ‘Beast’. She couldn’t help but scold Xiao Chen for being a love-struck fool and couldn’t understand why Xiao Chen liked Cheng Mengying.


  1. TLN: In this chapter, we can see that YSQ is aware that he’s hypocritical. 
  2. TLN: Basically, the red powder that you put on your cheeks to make it seem as if you’re blushing. 
  3. TLN: I think this term ‘masculine woman’ can also be translated as ‘tomboy’, but I wasn’t sure. Therefore, I referred to an online source and put something close to the literal translation(e.g. female man). 

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