Chapter 27 – Greatly Hopeful

“It’s like this….” Tang Tang said the circumstances in the afternoon to Deng Xiaokun once more, then said afterwards: “Okay Deng Xiaokun, you don’t need to worry about this. This isn’t your problem!”

“****, Xiao Chen, you’re amazing!” After Deng Xiaokun heard the whole story, he immediately gave Xiao Chen a thumbs up: “Tricking Lou Zhenming of 200,000, you’re really daring! However, these abalone and lobster were really delicious.”

“Deng Xiaokun, are you taking pleasures in others’ misfortunes? This is amazing?” Tang Tang frowned and then turned to look at Xiao Chen, saying: “Xiao Chen, after school ends, don’t listen to Lou Zhenming and don’t go with him. I’ll take you home! Let’s see if he can do anything then!”

“Tang Tang, although your method doesn’t have an issue, avoiding it once doesn’t mean one can avoid it forever!” Deng Xiaokun interfered and said: “Dude, what you should be doing right now is to figure out how you offended Lou Zhenming. First find out why, then act appropriately to solve the problem.”

“How would I know?” Xiao Chen wryly smiled: “This morning, Ma Gangmen wanted me to pay up 10,000. However, I didn’t have the money. Then in the afternoon, they asked to treat me to a meal and as for the following matters, Tang Tang has already told you. Tell me, how did I offend him?”

“That’s true!” Deng Xiaokun couldn’t help but frown after hearing Xiao Chen’s words. Indeed, if it was according to what Xiao Chen said, there was no hatred between the two people. If anything, the hatred was just created during lunchtime.

But Lou Zhenming had no reason to treat Xiao Chen to a meal. Just for 10,000 protection money, there was no need to go to war. Treating Xiao Chen to a meal, then trying to make Xiao Chen pay for the meal was just plain stupid. Xiao Chen couldn’t even pull out 10,000 for protection money, so where would he have the money to pay for the meal?

“All right, I’ll just go along with them after school ends.” Xiao Chen indifferently said: “Deng Xiaokun, what you said is right. Avoiding them once doesn’t mean that it’s avoidable forever. It just so happens that I want to question them on why they want to bully me.”

“Xiao Chen, it’s not that I’m looking down upon you, but if you follow them tonight, it’s predicted that you won’t come in tomorrow!” Deng Xiaokun racked his brains, then said: “Xiao Chen, do you know what Lou Zhenming’s family does?”

Previous, during the morning class, Xiao Chen and Tang Tang had spoken in low voices, so Deng Xiaokun didn’t hear anything. Therefore, he didn’t know about Xiao Chen’s background. Thus, he thought Xiao Chen didn’t know about Lou Zhenming’s Aristocratic Family background.

“What do you mean?” Although Xiao Chen already knew about what Lou Zhenming’s family did, he could only pretend to not know! Truth to be told, Lou Zhenming, Ma Gangmen and Shou Hou, these three, Xiao Chen paid no attention to. He had strength equivalent to a First Layer Inner Qi! If he wanted to, he could send Lou Zhenming’s group of three to experience Western Paradise!

“Lou Zhenming belongs to Lou Family, the Lou Family of the Nine Aristocratic Families. Moreover, Lou Family has origins with the underground, occupying three-fourths of the underground land in Songning City. Such a son of a gigantic underworld enterprise, do think that going along with him will end up with a good result?” Deng Xiaokun said: “Don’t say I didn’t warn you. In the school, several students have been beaten up to the point that they had to drop out!”

Drop out? They must have been seriously hit to drop out! Xiao Chen didn’t think that this Lou Zhenming was this ruthless! When he was ‘Young Master Xiao’, he had also bullied others, but it was never so serious.

“Then tell me, what should I do?” Xiao Chen asked. Although he didn’t know why, Xiao Chen felt that Deng Xiaokun wasn’t so simple. Perhaps it was the vision of an aristocratic family junior or perhaps it was due to his intuition from cultivating true virtue.

“Speak no more!” Deng Xiaokun replied: “Since you didn’t do anything to offend him, then just ‘talk it out’. After you ‘talk it out’ openly, there won’t be any more problems.”

‘Talk it out’ was an underworld gang’s jargon for negotiation, so Xiao Chen naturally understood.

“Then what do I do if they don’t want to talk with me?” Xiao Chen asked in return.

“Sigh, one is partial to those whom presents have been accepted…who made me eat so much of that abalone and lobster at noon?” Deng Xiaokun sighed somewhat helplessly: “After school ends, I’ll go along with you.”

“You?” Xiao Chen counter-questioned.

“Dude, don’t look down on me! I am the ‘Brother Kun’ in this school and am also very famous!” Deng Xiaokun proudly stated as he patted his chest.

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Tang Tang pondered for a moment, then said: “Xiao Chen, what Deng Xiaokun said is right. Get a chance to talk it out with Lou Zhenming. It isn’t an option for this to continue, so I’ll also go with you guys.”

“Come on, monitor Tang! If you go, I’ll also have to take care of you. The you right now is not Tang Family’s Young Lady Tang, okay? I, alone, will be enough for the talk in the evening!” Deng Xiaokun said.

“Let it go, Young Master Deng! Is there a difference between you and I? Don’t forget which family your Deng Family is being substituted by!” Tang Tang was intelligent. She quietly pointed out Deng Xiaokun’s identity, but had not talked about Xiao Chen’s identity. Since Xiao Chen wanted to make a fresh beginning, his identity naturally couldn’t be exposed.

However, Tang Tang wanted Xiao Chen to know what kind of person Deng Xiaokun was!

Sure enough, Xiao Chen understood. Deng Family….was the family that was replaced by Lou Family!

Deng Family was also a family affiliated with the underworld. Of course, it wasn’t entirely of an underworld nature, but it was more of a half-black/half-white existence. As for the half-white part, Deng Family had the largest Industrial Security company and Martial Hall, and as for the half-black part, it occupied a large share of Songning City. However, it did not sell drugs!

Drugs is an underworld gang’s important source of income. Deng Family did not sell any and also did not let the other factions sell. If it was sold, it would be immediately plundered. This was the reason why Deng Family was especially hated. As a result, a new underworld family arose, and under the support of an honored one, it combined with other small gangs and dealt a fatal blow to Deng Family!

Even though Deng Family wasn’t destroyed, it was damaged severely. Its influence wasn’t as it was prior to the event and Deng Family’s strongest Fighter, Deng Dao, was seriously injured. With its strength greatly reduced, it forced Deng Family to drop out of the ranks of the Nine Aristocratic Families alliance and become an ordinary family in Songning City.

What made Xiao Chen surprised, however, was that a person from Deng Family was here. It was just a mystery on how Deng Xiaokun and Deng Dao were related.

“Don’t worry about substituting or not! This Young Master is strong, at the very least the deterrent effect is still there!” Deng Xiaokun said: “I don’t believe that Lou Zhenming wants things to blow up. If I entered the hospital, my Deng Family, although it currently isn’t strong, it isn’t a soft persimmon to pinch! Don’t worry, with me, I guarantee Xiao Chen’s safety!”

After Tang Tang heard Deng Xiaokun’s words, she thought about it, then nodded, saying: “Deng Xiaokun, seems like you’re very kind. Looks like this class monitor being kind to you hasn’t been in vain! Xiao Chen, let Deng Xiaokun accompany you this evening!”

“Come on, all you do is give me some of your unsold break sticks and sesame seed cakes in the morning. How is that being kind?” Deng Xiaokun rolled his eyes: “I took the initiative simply because of the seafood I ate at noon. I don’t eat for free, okay?”

Tang Tang knew that Deng Xiaokun was a man of loyalty. But this loyalty was towards her, Tang Tang’s, words, instead of Xiao Chen. Tang Tang did not think that Deng Xiaokun would do anything for Xiao Chen since it was the first day they had met.

While Tang Tang and Deng Xiaokun seem to be buddies, these two were actually together from elementary school, middle school, and now through high school. These many years, if not for Tang Tang and Yue Shaoqun already being engaged, these two being childhood sweethearts wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

Cheng Mengying sat in her seat, frowning due to the fact that Lou Zhenming was going to find trouble with Xiao Chen after school ended.

‘I….should I help or not? If I help, then the relationship between me and Xiao Chen would be exposed. Then Xiao Chen’s identity would be exposed…I’m afraid that this isn’t the result that Xiao Chen wants to see. But if I don’t help, then I would have to see Xiao Chen be beat up on the first day, right? Although Xiao Chen indeed needs a beating in my opinion, he is this lady’s servant, so I can’t let others hit him, right? It would only be good if this young lady beat him up herself.’

And so, Young Lady Cheng was very puzzled and ended up not paying attention in the following class, just thinking about what to do in the evening.

Only, just as Young Lady Cheng was still thinking, Lou Zhenming came over on his own initiative and sat on the empty seat next to Cheng Mengying: “Cheng Mengying, nice to meet you. My name is Lou Zhenming and I’m from Lou Family!”

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After he finished saying that, Lou Zhenming put out his hand and looked at Cheng Mengying with an earnest vision.

“Oh, hello….” Cheng Mengying naturally could not shake hands with Lou Zhenming, so she just indifferently replied.

“Mengying, I, Lou Zhenming, in this school, am a very capable person. If you meet some trouble in the future, just say it to me; I’ll help you out!” Lou Zhenming said: “Of course, with your position as Young Lady Cheng, you probably won’t need me. However, if you have any problems, such as wanting to teach someone a lesson or so, I can do it for you, so that Young Lady Cheng can avoid dirting her hands!”

“Oh? I heard that you wanted to teach Xiao Chen a lesson in the evening?” Cheng Mengying wasn’t too sure how to meddle in this matter, but now that Lou Zhenming had bought it up, Cheng Mengying pretended to casually ask about the matter.

“Xiao Chen ah, that kid doesn’t know the difference between heaven and earth! At noon, he invited us to eat lunch and ended up in ordering a lot of abalone and lobster. Then he also made me pay for it thinking that I was a rich handsome guy!” Lou Zhenming naturally did not tell the truth. In his opinion, Cheng Mengying shouldn’t know the truth becase she was sitting so far away.

“Oh….” Of course Cheng Mengying did not believe that Xiao Chen would take the initiative to invite Lou Zhenming out to lunch, but she quietly said: “Oh? Then how will you teach him a lesson?”

“I’m preparing to take him to the gym. What, Mengying, are you interested in taking a look?” Lou Zhenming invited in order to curry favor with her.

“This….then I’ll come take a look….” Cheng Mengying nodded, seemingly excited. She was feeling relieved in her heart! She wanted to go because if Xiao Chen was about to be badly beaten up, she could stand up at the right opportunity to urge Lou Zhenming to stop and consider the matter as finished. She would then say that she was sick at the sight of blood and it would be predicted that Lou Zhenming would give her face.

Cheng Mengying was very clear on Lou Zhenming’s thoughts. Even at First High, when she had Xiao Chen as a fiance, she was still surrounded by pursuers. One of them, for example, was Zhao Yuliang.

“Okay Mengying, I’ll call you in the evening!” Lou Zhenming was feeling joyful in his heart. He was thinking, ‘Cheng Mengying also likes violence? It seems like it is and after thinking about it, it should be. Previously, when she had a fiance, he was a cheating tyrant looking at other girls. Since Cheng Mengying was willing to be engaged with him, then she definitely likes me!’

As for the present engagement break off, Lou Zhenming didn’t think too much about it. That was entirely the family’s behavior. How could these Aristocratic Family juniors have the right to choose who they wanted to be engaged to?

As a result, Lou Zhenming felt that him matching up with Cheng Mengying was very hopeful! Was he not Cheng Mengying’s favorite type of boy?

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