Chapter 66 – Major Event Occurs

“You……” Tang Tang didn’t think that Chen Jinkun1 would directly begin and was dumbfounded for a moment.

Originally, Xiao Chen wanted to disguise himself and used his ‘readily-available’ anger-restraining young master exterior, but at this moment, Xiao Chen truly was at his last straw. Those bills that hit Tang Tang’s face seemed to be hitting Xiao Chen’s heart. He was unable to deal with any offending Chen Clan or not, in any case, he already offended several clans, so he might as well add a Chen Clan. Xiao Chen easily lifted up the deep fryer that was deep frying deep-fried breadsticks, then went to splashing it towards Chen Jinkun’s head!

Tang Tang didn’t expect that Xiao Chen would make such an extreme action. She recognized Chen Jinkun, and knew that if Xiao Chen really poured this boiler oil, then even if Chen Jinkun was a Third Layer Martialist, he would be scalded. Being disfigured was a definite, so Tang Tang anxiously held Xiao Chen from behind at once: “Xiao Chen, don’t be impulsive……”

But Chen Jinkun was also frightened; he didn’t expect that Xiao Chen would unexpectedly dare to do such. He thought that Xiao Chen would be an enduring turtle all throughout! A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him; although he was very angry, while Tang Tang was being a cushion, he took advantage of this opportunity to avoid this and hurriedly left the deep-fried breadstick stall **.

“Hu……” Xiao Chen set down the deep fryer and let out a mouthful of foul air. Although he had that moment of impulse a moment ago, in this moment, he had already calmed down. There were plenty of methods to deal with Chen Jinkun, and it wasn’t necessarily to insist on giving people a reason to injure him.

“Xiao Chen, what do you want to do! This much money, we can also earn, it’s nothing serious!” The one who received grievance was Tang Tang, but it was also Tang Tang consoling Xiao Chen.

In a place not far away, Cheng Mengying and Shen Jingxuan were feeling embarrassed and at a complete loss; they didn’t think such a matter would occur. Without doubt, they also understood that Chen Jinkun’s way of handling things was indeed somewhat excessive.

Of course, in Cheng Mengying’s heart, she still felt somewhat uncomfortable. What is Xiao Chen’s meaning, to seethe with anger for young beauties? First Lin Ke’er, then Shen Jingxuan, and now Tang Tang, am I really that inferior? How come he doesn’t get angry for me? In any case, am I not his previous fiancée?

On the other hand, Jin Beibei was engrossed in looking at Xiao Chen, looking pensive.

“Hmph! Xiao Chen, you’re good. I came with good intentions to cheer you on and deliver you money, and you guys give this attitude! I feel that it would be better if your breakfast stall wasn’t open! Tomorrow I will call over my buddies to come over; let’s see how you do business then!” The ‘buddies’ that Chen Jinkun were speaking about naturally was a group of dandies. These people didn’t excel in anything else besides stirring up trouble with people. If these people came, how would Xiao Chen be able to do any business?

With regards to Chen Jinkun’s manner, Cheng Mengying was somewhat unhappy, but she couldn’t publicly express support to Xiao Chen. But at this time, Chen Jinkun pointed his attack at Tang Tang: “Fat girl, are you Xiao Chen’s girlfriend? It seems like he quite cares about you? Very good, tomorrow, maybe he’ll be even more concerned about you!”

To speak about how Chen Jinkun usually was, it could be said that he was a relatively steady person. Although he somewhat had the aura of a dandy, he still knew propriety. Today he was truly angered to stupidity and spoke these words. Of course, it shouldn’t be thought that he had said these words casually, because he kept his promises!

“Jingxuan, Cheng Mengying, wait here for me, I’ll go to a five-star hotel to buy breakfast. We can eat over here and let Xiao Chen, this kid, take a look. If there’s no butcher, how can I eat a plucked pig?” After Chen Jinkun finished speaking, he furiously got into his Bugatti Veyron. The engine rumbling sounded out, but the car was unable to directly leave the morning market street.

Chen Jinkun couldn’t endure this tone. Formerly, he didn’t deal with Xiao Chen because at that time, there was the halo of Xiao Chen being the eldest young master of the Xiao Clan. But now, there weren’t many taboos. As long as he didn’t move Xiao Chen in front of Shen Jingxuan and Cheng Mengying, it was fine.

“Is this Chen Laosan? I am Chen Jinkun!” While Chen Jinkun was on the car, he directly dialed the telephone of one of Chen Clan’s disciples, Chen Laosan.

“Young master Kun, it’s me, what instruction do you have?” When Chen Laosan received Chen Jinkun’s call, he promptly became incomparably respectful. He knew that Chen Jinkun was Chen Clan’s next generation successor, so if he wanted to continue staying in a prosperous position in Chen Clan, it was necessary for him to curry favor with Chen Jinkun.

“Find several people for me to come to the morning market street tomorrow and smash Xiao Chen’s vendor stall. Smash the people into handicaps, but don’t kill them. The fat girl on the side, find some little brothers to gangrape2 her!” Chen Jinkun instructed with a cold voice.

“Xiao……Xiao Chen?” Chen Laosan stared blankly for a moment. He naturally knew Xiao Chen, and also knew the grudges between Xiao Chen and Chen Jinkun. Even now, the second young master Chen Jinpeng and Xiao Chen’s falling out matter, he also knew. But he was bewildered, how did Xiao Chen end up going to sell breakfast?

“Right, Xiao Chen is in the morning market street selling breakfast. You go fix him up for me!” Chen Jinkun replied: “Okay, do the matter like this!”

“Yes, I understand!” Chen Laosan is one of Chen Clan’s work affairs disciple. He operated a public security firm under his hand and its3 nature was half white, half black. For this kind of matter, Chen Jinkun naturally would call on him.

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After hanging up the call, Chen Jinkun started the car and left for the five-star hotel to buy breakfast4……

But on the side, Xiao Chen seemed to be calmly deep frying deep-fried breadsticks, but vicious qi suddenly burst forth in his heart! The words that Chen Jinkun had spoke inside the car, Xiao Chen had heard them clearly. He’s a Truth Cultivator; this distance was no problem for him.

With regards to finding trouble with him, Xiao Chen actually didn’t feel anything; different situations called for different actions. But Chen Jinkun’s last couple of words caused Xiao Chen’s just-suppressed anger to burst out again.

You want to put your hands on Tang Tang? Look for some people to gangrape Tang Tang? Very good, let’s see if people listen to your words once you’re dead! In Xiao Chen’s eyes right now, there already wasn’t any clan restriction. If you want to mess with my friend, I’ll kill5 you first.

“Tang Tang, substitute me for a while, I’m going to the restroom.” Xiao Chen said to Tang Tang without batting an eyelid.

“Okay.” Tang Tang simply didn’t think too much. After all, after a person eats mixed grain rice, who wouldn’t need to go to the bathroom? Last time, Xiao Chen had also gone to the bathroom.

Cheng Mengying watched Xiao Chen leaving and clenched her teeth: “Xiao Chen……”

When Xiao Chen took a look at the young lady, how could he know understand her meaning? He gave her a faint smile, expressing that it was sufficient goodwill. This made Cheng Mengying’s heart relax, apparently Xiao Chen understood her difficulties.

However, Xiao Chen didn’t have any extra time to say anything with Cheng Mengying. He feigned the appearance of his stomach hurting and hurriedly left the morning market street.

“Tian Lao, which direction did he go in?” Xiao Chen inwardly asked.

“He went to the left of the morning market street.” Tian Lao naturally knew Xiao Chen’s thoughts: “I say Little Chenzi, you aren’t going to move him on the main street, will you? The receiving party is but a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist. Although you have odds of success, your odds of success isn’t that too large.”

“There’s no need to move him, it’ll be fine if you, Tian Lao, lend me a hand in a moment.” Xiao Chen wasn’t foolish. Fighting Chen Jinkun on the streets, wasn’t that equivalent to exposing his strength to the public? The current Xiao Chen didn’t want to prematurely expose his strength.

Xiao Chen came out of the morning market street, then walked to the left-hand direction, searched for a covert roadside bench, and sat down. Since Chen Jinkun had left from this side, then he would definitely return from this side, so Xiao Chen absolutely didn’t need to be worried about not seeing Chen Jinkun.

Chen Jinkun was fearing that Shen Jingxuan and the others would be waiting for too long, so he hurriedly came6 and hurriedly went. He bought four sets of high-quality soybean milk and deep-fried breadsticks at the hotel, then immediately drove the car back. His vehicle was a sports car, and because there weren’t many cars on the road first thing at dawn during the weekend, the sports car’s superiority was very obvious.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen opened his eyes. In the distance, a silver Bugatti Veyron had already entered the scope of his perception. This actually was thanks to Chen Jinkun; if not for his vehicle being extremely dazzling, it wouldn’t have been this easy for Xiao Chen to discover it.

“Tian Lao, help me make Chen Jinkun drive his car to knock against that garbage truck on the opposite road.” A cold and detached glint flashed through Xiao Chen’s eyes.

“Haha, I knew that you, Little Chenzi, wouldn’t be so impulsive. Just a moment ago, I was puzzled, what you wanted me to help with, so it turns out that you wanted me to help you like this!” Tian Lao was previously a person from the Cultivating World, and over there, there were no cars and such, so he simply didn’t think of the matter of making Chen Jinkun dying via traffic accident. Therefore, he was very baffled, but with the response right now, it turned out that Xiao Chen wanted to kill him without touching him.

Influencing a Third Layer Martialist was an instantaneous decision. With regards to Tian Lao, it could be said to be something very easy. Chen Jinkun’s silver sports car suddenly changed direction, made a beeline for the opposite road, and stopped on the roadside. Just at that time, the garbage truck’s rear end knocked against it.

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The traffic accident happened in a split second; it was but a wink of labor. The Bugatti Veyron was totally destroyed under the truck’s rear end, and Chen Jinkun head was also instantaneously crushed by the impact.

In a flash, the roadside was drenched with blood. Beside the truck, the worker operating the garbage truck’s rear loader was already terrified upon seeing the bloodstain and fragments on the ground, not knowing what to do.

In the end, a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist was too weak. By being crushed under pressure, there was absolutely no hopes in returning alive.

Xiao Chen was disinclined to take more than one glance. He got up from the bench, then quickly ran towards the morning market street.

After returning to the breakfast stall, Xiao Chen feigned a nonchalant appearance. Seeing Tang Tang rushing around and brow beaded with sweat, a burst of a peculiar feeling appeared in his heart. It was still the working people that were the most lovely: “Tang Tang, is it too busy? I’m here.”

As Xiao Chen was speaking, he skillfully took the work in Tang Tang’s hands. Meanwhile, both Cheng Mengying and Shen Jingxuan were somewhat awkwardly standing in a place not far away. They couldn’t exactly leave, yet they couldn’t exactly not leave. They also didn’t know what damnable thing Chen Jinkun was doing, leaving for so long and not returning.

As for Jin Beibei, it was unknown where she went. It was reckoned that she had gone to stroll along the morning market street. She previously hadn’t come to this kind of place, so she was naturally full of curiosity.

After a while, Jin Beibei suddenly ran back panting with both her hands supporting her chest, gasping for breath: “Not good, not good, a major event occurred! My chest nearly ran off……”

Although Jin Beibei’s voice wasn’t loud, it still attracted several nearby young men’s peculiar visions. Cheng Mengying’s face immediately blackened and she glared at Jin Beibei’s eyes: “Beibei, are you sick? Can your chest running away be considered a major event? Won’t there be no problem if you don’t run?”


  1. TLN: The author put ‘Chen Jinpeng’ here haha. 
  2. TLN: The Chinese raw says ‘轮’, which can mean ‘to take turns’. When looking at possible words it can form, ‘gangrape’ popped up and this is most likely what Chen Jinkun means. 
  3. TLN: The public security firm. 
  4. TLN: Somewhere along the line, Chen Jinkun turned off his car engine… 
  5. TLN: Another translation would be “I’ll mess with you to death first.” 
  6. TLN: Sorry if you clicked on this, but ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). 

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