Chapter 1 – The Young Master in Dire Straits and The School’s Prettiest Girl


A burst of applause came from the stands when Xiao Chen sent flying the basketball from his hands. Their applauses were ear-piercing and reached Xiao Chen’s ears.

Blocked! The way he took the ball humiliating Xiao Chen, let Xiao Chen with the mouth open when looking at Chen Jinpeng!

Inner energy! Chen Jinpeng was secretly using inner energy!

Under normal circumstances it’s unlikely for warriors to use their inner energy. Because, what is the meaning of using it in a friendly match? Otherwise, unless the other party provokes them, warriors disdain using their inner energy to bully people.”

Xiao Chen looked gloomily at his side; looking like Chen Jinpeng snatched the ball to the extent that he even forgot that his hands were swollen! Chen Jinpeng was formerly his little brother, ah, so this match was under his hands?


Moments later the sound of a whistle was heard together with sounds of cheers due to Chen Jinpeng succeeding in shooting at the last moment!

He used again inner energy! Xiao Chen knows that if from the far distance where Chen Jinpeng was, the only way to succeed would be using inner energy!

“Chen Jinpeng… You are quite good…” Even if Xiao Chen was mentally strong, but with one blow after another, he was unable to restrain his anger coming out from his chest!

“What are you looking? You still believe that you are the Xiao clan’s young master? You were expulsed from your clan, so looking at one place to hide you came running to this sport ground to oppress us? You still think that you are the center of attention? If it were not by your daddy being close and bribing your teammates you would have lost every time. What do you think that you were?” Chen Jinpeng was ridiculing Xiao Chen. In his eyes, he was superior and Xiao Chen was like an ant!

“Match-fixing ah? It’s no wonder why he lost so miserably. Xiao Chen still believes that he is the center of attention but he was always a waste!” Hearing his classmates in this moment, Xiao Chen understood that what Chen Jinpeng was doing. He was starting a crusade against him.

“You are a scumbag ah, you’ve been fixing matches. Now I know why his skill was so bad after Chen Jinpeng took his ball each time. Indeed, he is a huge trash!”

In the past, these people wouldn’t have dared to go against Xiao Chen in that way. Xiao Chen is currently attending a nobility school, and although the families of those people were wealthy and respectable, but to compare them with the Xiao Clan which is one of the four big clans on this Songning City, it was like the sky and the earth!

But Xiao Chen was expulsed from the Xiao clan, and not only that, he was deeply hatred by one of the heads of the four big clans, the Chen clan. So no matter if what Chen Jinpeng said was true or false, these people would follow him like parrots!

Xiao Chen was looking coldly at everyone on the sport ground, nevertheless he didn’t say anything. They don’t know what they say. In fact, Chen Jinpeng’s skill with the ball was inferior to Xiao Chen’s skill and he was only able to beat him because he used inner energy!

But, who is going to believe that? How many people of them know what inner energy is? And even if they were aware of the inner energy, who would come to save him of this predicament? He was no more the Xiao clan’s young master. Now that the Xiao clan’s head was missing, the formerly little brother, stepped over taking the head…

“Sigh…“ Xiao Chen shakes his head. Why? Why I was expulsed from the Xiao clan? It’s because I couldn’t train inner energy? Xiao Chen put great effort training since childhood, but who looked at him?

Xiao Chen is the master’s only son, but because his physique was bad, from the beginning he wasn’t able to cultivate inner energy.

This year Xiao Chen endured great pressure. The heir of all the four big clans must be an outstanding warrior. Only a warrior would be able to defeat the rest and push their family forward.

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Before, Xiao Chen didn’t had other choice but to assume the appearance of a young master so he spent money like water, if not they wouldn’t be able to save their face and the other three clans together with other five small clans would laugh when looking at the waste heir.

Being incapable of protecting himself, he had to make others believe he was harmless.

He worked hard to cultivate every day for ten years in the dead of the night on the Xiao clan’s basement. From it came a sound of exercise, however, he hadn’t received nothing from the heavens in return of his great effort.

His father went missing and next he was expelled from the clan, even the marriage with the Chen clan was withdrawn. He was still a guy without the ability to protect himself!

Xiao Chen takes a deep breath. Regardless of his previous display, the Chen son’s head hates him but people who hit a person who fell down can be found everywhere.

The basketball match had finished and everyone on his side had dispersed. The people who wanted to have a relationship with the Chen clan went to celebrate alongside Chen Jinpeng.

“Xiao… Xiao Chen.” The somewhat nervous voice but still pleasant for the ear was accompanied by a beautiful image of a woman which appeared in front of the Xiao Chen.

This person who was wearing a school uniform is a simple and plain girl. Although she was simple, she could not hide her natural beauty.

“Lin Keer?” In front of his eyes is the commoner girl who was regarded as the most beautiful of the school. And it was natural for her stand in front of Xiao Chen, because before, she was pursued and harassed by Xiao Chen.

Actually, you could say that Xiao Chen is Lin Keer’s benefactor. Behind the school, in an alley, she encountered a hoodlum who wanted to harass her. Just in time, that scene caught the eye of Xiao Chen. He ordered to Chen Jinpeng and a few of his guys to stop the hoodlum and beat him. As result, the scene looked like a hero saving a beauty.

And although she is grateful, she didn’t expected that the next day she would be pursued in the school by Xiao Chen. He sent her love letters and roses, so the heart and soul of Lin Keer who only wanted to study diligently collapsed.

And the only thing that she could do was to hide from Xiao Chen.

Fortunately for her, Xiao Chen was only a playboy and contrary to what you would expect he didn’t make of the issue a big one.

That she came to find him, let Xiao Chen startled.

“I… I heard that you were expelled from your clan… And not only that, they canceled the marriage…” Lin Leer face was red, even she stuttering when speaking: “But… You don’t have to give up and fell in despair. If you don’t give up and study hard, making a great effort, then you will be able to become an outstanding person… Then… at that time, I… I will let you chase… chase me…”

After finishing her words, she seemed to have spent all the force of his body. On her forehead also appeared sweat. His delicate face was covered with crimson. After lowering her head, she didn’t dare to look at the Xiao Chen’s eyes. Turning around, she started to run…

Seeing her walking away, Xiao Chen can’t help but force a smile. He sighs at this kindheartedly and innocent small girl. Again he can’t help but sighs with sorrow. These years she only thought that I was playboy? Probably she thinks that I’m depressed?

Xiao Chen doesn’t know but inside of the school, a small scale rumor has started to spread! Lin Keer may have heard the rumor, so she plucked up courage to find Xiao Chen.

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For this simple Lin Kerr, how much courage she needed to speak these few words?


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