Chapter 5 – Martialist? Truth Cultivator!

“What am I meant to do when you hibernate?” Xiao Chen gawked. Secretly in his heart, he was surprised that he could fly up the cliff. In Xiao Chens mind, even if his father and several qi masters were to try, it would be impossible for them to succeed. It seems as if his master was a really great person, yet he didn’t recognize earlier.

“According to the cultivation method you used, it was to strengthen your qi. But the cultivation I will be showing you will enhance your spiritual strength!” Tian Lao said “Also don’t worry, I will wake up after a short amount of time. Once you become a genuine cultivator is when I will awake. But right now, let me help you before things become too difficult. ⌈1

How do I cultivate?” Xiao Chen was confused “What sort of power?”

“Previously you were trying to cultivate qi, but there is also true qi. Both are very similar, but are worlds apart. Most cultivate qi to become true qi but fail to do so. Only those who have a spiritual root are able to!” Tian Lao said “A warriors training for the body and a monks training for breathing. I will refine a method of techniques to teach you, which you will cultivate in.”

Although what Tian Lao had said was simple, to Xiao Chen it was extremely shocking! Cultivating true qi? Was there truly such a thing? This was the first time he had heard of “true qi”, then again, to be able to cultivate true qi, one must have spiritual roots which was rarely found.

“Yes Master!” Xiao Chen excitedly said.

Tian Lao did not reply, but suddenly, Xiao Chen felt as if his mind was being stretched to its limit. Multitude of information regarding cultivation techniques appeared in his mind!

“I will be momentarily taking over your body” Tian Lao said this as he finished transferring the information to Xiao Chen. To Xiao Chen’s surprise, he could not control an inch of his body. All he could do was watch what his eyes could see.

“Master…How are you?” Xiao Chen asked through is mind.

“I’m fine, your body is truly weak. This is consuming more of my soul than I thought. We’ve only just met and you’re already causing so much trouble for me! Such a high cliff, truly bothersome.” This was all said by Tian Lao through his mouth, which made it awkward for Xiao Chen to hear his own voice.

Well…If I didn’t fall you wouldn’t have been able to inhabit my body!” Xiao Chen thought to himself.

“Ha-ha! Well said! In the past, I was seriously injured and pursued to this cliff. It was fate for you to be brought here.”

“Master was able to fly over the cliff?” Xiao Chen was a little surprised.

“At the time I was injured… No forget about it. It’s in the past.” Suddenly Tian Lao jumped and flew straight up the cliff.

Xiao Chen looked with amazement. With a single jump, he was able to soar this high. By cultivating true qi, who would be able to rival him?

“Different roads will converge. There’s not a set path to a destination!” Xiao Chens thoughts were as plain as day, Tian Lao spoke “Remember, do not underestimate a warrior, It was a warrior that beat me down this cliff.” ⌈2

“Hisss” Xiao Chen hissed as he felt that his good mood was washed away by Tian Lao’s words.

“Of course if I was not injured already, he wouldn’t have been able to kill me!” But Xiao Chen did not know whether to laugh or cry at his reply.

After Tian Lao spoke, he had landed on top of the cliff. Soon after, Xiao Chen was able to resume control of his body.

“Master, you are truly strong! With just one leap we were able to traverse up the cliff!” Xiao Chen was unable to hold in his excitement.

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However, Tian Lao did not reply to Xiao Chen. An eerie silence could be felt.

“Master?” Xiao Chen called out once more.
But he received no reply. Xiao Chen then remembered the words that were spoken before, that for them to make it up the cliff, Tian Lao would use up all his soul power and enter hibernation. Only when Xiao Chen reaches a certain point in his cultivation, will he be able to supplement his master and wake him for his slumber.

Xiao Chen stood there thinking, he decided he would cultivate as hard as possible to achieve his goal as soon as possible.

Just a few hours ago, Xiao Chen was standing right where he was. The only difference is that he now has a goal and a way to achieve it. This had increased Xiao Chen’s morale and filled up his fighting spirit.

However as he ran away from the cliff, he was unable to see any taxi’s. This dampened his mood, thus he began his journey to school.


  1. TLN: Tian Lao is the spirit that inhabits him. I don’t think it was mentioned in Chapter 4. 
  2. TLN: I think they are calling people who practice QI warriors. 

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