Chapter 14 – Plan

Zhao Yuliang and Chen Jinpeng hurriedly nodded, gloomily walked, but, didn’t walk too far before Zhao Yuliang heard some words from Chief Chen that almost made him fall down: “You think I’m stupid? Exchanging notes doesn’t result in almost dying! Isn’t this just brain damage?”

After going to the corner of the school building, Chief Chen disappeared, Zhao Yuliang stopped, darkly looked at Chen Jinpeng, his gaze was as if he wanted to hack Chen Jinpeng: “Chen Jinpeng, I curse you to be paralyzed! Don’t think that since you’re a Second Layer Inner Qi Fighter, this father doesn’t dare make a move on you. Our Zhao Family’s bodyguard can still kill you!”

“Brother Liang….I really didn’t mean it ah, I also don’t know what happened. Earlier I seem to have suddenly been confused, then afterwards nothing is known, up until Chief Chen pulled me, only then did I know what had happened….” Chen Jinpeng turned deathly pale. Chen Family despite not being weak, he is only Chen Family’s *******. If Zhao Yuliang wanted to teach him, who would stop him from doing so? Even if he entered the hospital, Chen Family wouldn’t do anything for him, so he was scared to almost directly kneeling: “Brother Liang, you have to believe me ah, Xiao Chen has fallen. Only if I had brain damage, would I continue being his little brother, I’m not like Zhu Yingxiong that pig head!”

Zhao Yuliang frowned, Chen Jinpeng’s words were reasonable, and he felt that Chen Jinpeng wasn’t a fool. He shouldn’t be able to two-time, but unfortunately, Chen Jinpeng did two-time.

“You say you don’t know about the matters a moment ago? How can you prove it?” Zhao Yuliang asked.

“This…how can I prove ah, yesterday I was at the basketball tournament, I had shamed Xiao Chen. How can he and I be a group ah, Brother Liang can clearly check!” Chen Jinpeng distressingly said with caution.

Zhao Yuliang nodded, it was reasonable, yesterday Chen Jinpeng and Xiao Chen just had broken off. It happened yesterday, however when going to beat Xiao Chen and bringing him a bigger injury today he was injured. After all for dandy’s like Xiao Chen, being beaten is nothing, but losing face in front of an audience, that was worse than death ah! ⌈1

Of course, Zhao Yuliang had mistakenly judged Xiao Chen, that face-wanting dandy young master was only Xiao Chen’s disguise. The real Xiao Chen simply did not care. Face, how could it compare to life?

“Chen Jinpeng, I see that you have schizophrenia, you’d better go see a doctor.” Zhao Yuliang said coldly: “This time’s matter, never mind. However, if there’s a next time, I don’t mind letting you die!” ⌈2

“Definitely no next time….” Chen Jinpeng wiped his forehead sweat: “It must have been from drinking too much alcohol last night, my mind was somewhat not sober….right, it must have been this!”

“Later on be more careful!” Zhao Yuliang rubbed his swollen face, saying it angrily.

If it wasn’t for that Chen Jinpeng was Xiao Chen’s former little brother, and the sense of humiliation that Xiao Chen gave him was worse than this humiliation, Zhao Yuliang really would have kicked Chen Jinpeng away! But after thinking about, he endured it and believed Chen Jinpeng one time.

Inside the theater of a restaurant, there sat two middle-aged men. One of them wore a Chinese robe and one look could tell that he was a successful businessman, whereas the other one was obviously a powerful Fighter at a glance.

But, the two people at this moment were plotting something. After a while, the two men had apparently come to a consensus and both of them went out of the theater, and left.

This white-robed man that was driving back was actually the head of the Nine Aristocratic Families, Cheng Family!

“Young House Master, you’re back! House Master is in the meeting hall, and told us to tell you to go directly there after you came back.” A disciple of the Cheng Family told him.

This person was Cheng Family’s Young House Master, as well as Cheng Mengying’s father, Cheng Zhongming. He currently is a Sixth Layer Inner Qi Fighter, and in the younger generation, it is a fierce existence.

“I understand.” Cheng Zhongming nodded, quickly walked to the meeting hall. At this moment, Cheng Family’s Cheng Old Master, Cheng Tianqiu was sitting was sitting on the seat of honor in the meeting hall, and in front of him was Cheng Zhongming’s younger brother Cheng Zhongfan. ⌈3

“Big brother, you came back!” Cheng Zhongfan saw that Cheng Zhongming came back, and anxiously asked: “How is it, is there any news about Third Brother?”

“None, previously I went to ask the Fighter’s Association. The other trial squads came back and only Xiao Feng and Third Brother’s trial teams have no news….” Cheng Zhongming sighed, saying with some helplessness.

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“Xiao Feng! Harming my son and going missing, irritating this old man!” Cheng Tianqiu beat on his chair’s armrests, bellowing hatefully: “Right, how is Xiao Feng’s little ******* now? Dead or not? I heard that he jumped off a cliff to his death.”

“Father, Xiao Chen hasn’t died, the jump off a cliff is just a rumor.” Cheng Zhongming got news last night and knew that Xiao Chen didn’t die, only Cheng Old Master didn’t know.

“Not dead?” Cheng Tianqiu frowned: “Zhongming, Zhongfan, you guys talk. Afterwards, how will we deal with Xiao Chen that little *******? Thinking of him makes me want to move him!”

“Father, nowadays Xiao Chen has fallen. Our Cheng Family is the head of the Nine Aristocratic Families, so it’s not good to be extreme. These ruthless matters, if we let other Aristocratic Families see, they will think that Cheng Family is too overbearing….”

“Overbearing? This old man is always overbearing!” Cheng Tianqiu coldly snorted, saying: “Zhongqian is missing with life and death unknown, it’s all Xiao Feng that *******’s decision error. His son should pay the debts of his father! Zhongming, I know Xiao Feng is your sworn brother, but you should also think, is your sworn brother comparable to your blood relative?”

“Zhongming understands!” Cheng Zhongming’s heart was a little cold, quickly replying.

“Then you tell me, how should we deal with Xiao Chen?” Cheng Tianqiu could not catch and hold onto a junior, but his most outstanding son was missing, and he had no way to vent his anger on Xiao Family, so he could only select a soft persimmon to pinch, to vent his anger on Xiao Feng’s dandy son!

In any case Xiao Chen was a dandy waste and couldn’t even cultivate Inner Qi. He was a waste that couldn’t contribute anything to the family, therefore Xiao Family wouldn’t come to Cheng Family to fight to death, so Cheng Tianqiu wanted to vent his anger on Xiao Chen’s body.

“Father, as a matter of fact, sometimes the pleasure of revenge doesn’t come from killing people, but torturing the person! If Xiao Chen is tortured and humiliated, wouldn’t father feel even better?” Cheng Zhongming asked.

“Ah? You’re telling me, what you mean is, we should go torment and humiliate Xiao Chen?” Cheng Tianqiu listened to Cheng Zhongming’s words with a little interest.

Cheng Zhongfan was also surprised for a moment, somewhat surprised looking at Cheng Zhongming! Cheng Zhongming and Xiao Feng are sworn brothers, and with this relationship, Cheng Zhongming was destined to have some favor towards Xiao Chen. However, how could he put forth such a proposal? Could it be that Cheng Zhongming was also mad at Xiao Feng?


  1. TLN: Okay, I don’t know how to TL the whole thing. 
  2. TLN: Schizophrenia is a mental disorder. 
  3. TLN: So Cheng! 

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