Chapter 25 – Tang Tang’s Fiance

Xiao Chen made Lou Zhenming seethe in rage. Originally, he thought that Xiao Chen would say, ‘When I develop, I’ll treat you for a meal’. Then, Lou Zhenming would be a little comforted, but he didn’t think that Xiao Chen would say that he would use his own money to eat!

“Xiao Chen….wait for me!” Lou Zhenming grit his teeth. Seeing Xiao Chen departing, his complexion became blue!

Running away after eating a meal in the school cafeteria? Lou Zhenming couldn’t have this kind of face. Moreover, there was no escape even if he wanted to escape. Everyone knew him, so how could he escape? Making big trouble was something that the entire Lou Family couldn’t face because people would say, ‘Look, Lou Family isn’t good ah. Their level is too low; their juniors have the habit of dining and ditching when going to school.’

When that happens, Lou Zhenming’s beating wouldn’t be as simple as being hit into a pig.

Lou Family is currently proceeding to flatter themselves, so how would he dare to discredit Lou Family? Lou Zhenming did not dare.

He took out a credit card, handed it to the lanky guy and said to him: “You go pay the bill, afterwards we’ll go find a place to hold a meeting and talk about how we’re going to punish Xiao Chen!”

Previously, teaching Xiao Chen a lesson was only to curry favor with Cheng Mengying. But now, Lou Zhenming thought that he wouldn’t be able to feel comfortable if he didn’t teach Xiao Chen a lesson.

Young Lady Cheng was sitting in the table in the corner and had witnessed the whole process. Xiao Chen’s approach, although it was was similar to his former rascally dandy behavior, however, Young Lady Cheng saw something unusual.

She could not hear the dialog between Xiao Chen and Lou Zhenming, so she didn’t understand the meaning of Lou Zhenming making Xiao Chen paying the bill. She knew that Lou Zhenming was the one who asked Xiao Chen to eat, so she felt that it was very strange. Later on, Xiao Chen running with the food bags made Cheng Mengying feel confused, what was Xiao Chen running for?

‘After going back in the evening, I’ll make sure to ask him!’ Curiosity killed the cat, but Cheng Mengying couldn’t help but feel curious!

Formerly, she and Xiao Chen didn’t have any interactions. Regarding Xiao Chen’s actions, it was from a biased view, therefore, she simultaneously didn’t care about him. However, right now, the only person Cheng Mengying knows is Xiao Chen inside of this new school.

Also, Xiao Chen is her manservant. Especially now that Cheng Mengying feels that Cheng Family has been unfair to Xiao Chen, so she is more or less concerned about Xiao Chen.

Going out of the cafeteria, Xiao Chen directly went back to the classroom. Lou Zhenming called Ma Gangmen and the lanky guy out to the basketball court, preparing to discuss how to cope with Xiao Chen and pursue Cheng Mengying.

“Lanky, your mind works well. Tell me, when Xiao Chen looked for Director Xu, how was his attitude towards Xiao Chen?” Today, although Director Xu’s attitude was impartial, but in Lou Zhenming’s opinion, Director Xu’s words today seemed to be a bit much. Therefore, he made the lanky guy further analyze it.

“It can’t be? Director Xu wasn’t partial to whatever Xiao Chen said. From what I saw, it may probably be due to Xiao Chen just transferring over. Director Xu wanted to leave a profound impression on him so he just said several words, that all.” Lanky guy shook his head: “However Xiao Chen, this kid, is really smart. He understands how to escape! To make away with so much abalone and lobster, and I hadn’t even eaten any ah!”

“Right ah, more than 200,000 ah!” Ma Gangmen was also regretting: “If my hands were a bit quicker, then wouldn’t the lobster be in my hand? But we also let Xiao Chen, that kid, pack it away!”

“Enough!” Lou Zhenming couldn’t help but get angry after hearing the two’s words: “I didn’t get to even ******* eat the fried rice, you two’s words are like fart! What we should be discussing right now is how to deal with Xiao Chen instead of complaining!”

“How to deal with Xiao Chen? In accordance with my meaning, we bring the kid into a place with no one around and beat him up at lightning speed but we can’t make him die!” Said Ma Gangmen as he clenched his teeth: “But Brother Ming, you had to use him in order to get close to Cheng Mengying….”

“Yes ah, if it wasn’t so, we wouldn’t have suffered a loss in the hands of a country bumpkin!” The lanky guy added on.

“What? Are you trying to say that this matter is my fault?” Lou Zhenming cloudily said while looking at his subordinates.

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“E….I don’t not dare!” Ma Gangmen hurriedly said after being startled.

“How can we blame Brother Ming….” The lanky guy also hurriedly said.

“Then what constructive suggestions do you have?” Lou Zhenming asked.

“Brother Ming, I think using Xiao Chen to get close to Cheng Mengying isn’t realistic.” The lanky guy pondered for a moment and said: “Previously, when Ma Gangmen went to manage Xiao Chen with protection money, if there was a conflict at that moment, then there actually was a chance to tell Cheng Mengying that ‘Newcomers must go to Brother Ming to ask for protection’. But now, Cheng Mengying has seen us invite him for lunch, so we can’t use this strategy anymore ah!”

“Yes ah Brother Ming, Xiao Chen has already lost his value. Thus, it would be better to block him and beat him near death after dismissal in the evening. This way we can solve the anger!” Ma Gangmen nodded and said: “When it’s time to talk about the matter of pursuing Cheng Mengying, we’ll try to find a solution again.”

“All right!” Lou Zhenming nodded. He really couldn’t swallow his anger; if he didn’t beat Xiao Chen up, he reckoned that he would have to restrain a breakdown: “Then today evening it is. Gangmen, go to the gym and tell Teacher Lei to empty the gym!”

Lou Zhenming’s teaching people places isn’t just limited to the male’s bathroom. There was also the rooftop and gym. However, when it’s evening, the rooftop can’t be seen clearly, so just in case the wrong person is beaten up, there was still the option of the gym.

“Okay, I’ll tell Teacher Lei later.” Ma Gangmen is in the school boxing team and Teacher Lei is the school boxing team coach, so Teacher Lei and he are very close and people don’t suspect anything.

“Heng heng, Xiao Chen, however much you ate for lunch, I’ll make you vomit it out during the evening!” Lou Zhenming bitterly said. He had never been trapped before because he was Young Master Lou. Instead, he had always trapped other people, but now that he had been played around by a country bumpkin, he had to get rid of the arid taste: “But for fear that this will blow up and we’ll be expelled, I will beat up this kid tonight!”

“Right, if it’s digested, we’ll make him **** it out!” Ma Gangmen added.

“Then make him eat it!” The lanky guy added to make it more disgusting.

As the three people were discussing, a handsome effeminate boy came over: “I say LouZi, what are you doing? Why are you having a meeting in the basketball court?”

“Turns out it’s QunShao ah!” Lou Zhenming looked up and saw their equivalent Ninth Aristocratic Family Yue Family’s Young Master Yue Shaoqun, Tang Tang’s fiance. Of course, their engagement only existed in name.

Yue Shaoqun nodded. He enjoyed being called “QunShao”. He called Lou Zhenming “LouZi” and Lou Zhenming called him “QunShao”. In this way, it made their identities stand out. Lou Family is a new Aristocratic Family, so it naturally couldn’t compare to Yue Family’s old established Aristocratic Family.

“Seeing at your clenched jaws, what happened? What troublesome matter have you experienced?” Yue Shaoqun would rarely mind others business, but being called “QunShao” today was nice, so he bothered to ask.

“Actually, it’s nothing. Just a country bumpkin transferring in midterm, so I wanted to let him know how fierce I, Lou Zhenming, am!” Lou Zhenming played it down. Naturally, he couldn’t let Yue Shaoqun know that a country bumpkin had made him spend 200,000 for nothing. If this was spoken, then wouldn’t Yue Shaoqun laugh at him ah!

“Oh, then you guys are seriously having a meeting. You’re giving that country bumpkin too much face!” Yue Shaoqun curled his lips and mockingly said. He knew that Lou Zhenming had not said the truth.

“This definitely is not a meeting for him. Our class has an addition besides this country bumpkin. A Goddess Cheng also came; I’m thinking up ways on how to pursue her!” Lou Zhenming didn’t conceal this. He wanted Yue Shaoqun to spread this rumor, ‘Cheng Mengying is what he, Lou Zhenming, regards as important’, so that other people won’t try pursuing.

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“Cheng Mengying?” Yue Shaoqun asked in a slightly surprised manner.

Hearing Yue Shaoqun say Cheng Mengying’s name, Lou Zhenming’s face suddenly changed: “QunShao, it couldn’t be….you want to snatch this little brother’s woman right….”

“Tang Tang and my engagement hasn’t been lifted, how could I pursue other people?” Yue Shaoqun shook his head. He’s a hypocrite, so this naturally was an act: “You think I am Xiao Family’s Young Master Xiao, pursuing other women in front of his fiancee? Do you see the result? Breaking off the engagement right?”

“That guy was really a dumbfuck. I heard he committed suicide?” Lou Zhenming had also heard the matter about Young Master Xiao: “I think he ah, was seeking death. Xiao Family’s face was completely lost by him. I estimate that Xiao Family already wanted to expel him out of the Family, so they took advantage of this matter and directly expelled him from the family.”

Lou Zhenming used his own Lou Family’s situation to think about other people’s situation. Lou Family, this budding Aristocratic Family, is most concerned about face. It poses as an Aristocratic Family everywhere for fear of other people calling them unqualified.

Just, both Yue Shaoqun and Lou Zhenming are fine. Both are Second High’s students, so they had never seen Xiao Chen. They had only heard about Young Master Xiao and didn’t know the name Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen’s breaking off of an engagement, in their eyes, was a bit of entertainment. Who would have thought that Xiao Chen would transfer to Second High?1

Their families and Xiao Family didn’t have any dealings. Not even mentioning the family, even their elders didn’t care about this.

“I have to remind you, this Cheng Mengying was that Young Master Xiao’s fiancee, Cheng Family’s Cheng Mengying. Note that when you’re pursuing someone, to make clear who you’re pursuing. Brother, I wouldn’t be able to help you out if it was too late.” Yue Shaoqun said while patting Lou Zhenming’s shoulder.

Inside the school, Lou Zhenming had always respected Yue Shaoqun. Thus, he always posed as the little brother to make himself look pleasing in Yue Shaoqun’s eyes and as a result, this sentence was conveniently mentioned.

“Ah! Cheng Family?” Lou Zhenming’s body shuddered. Cold sweat formed on his forehead! This Cheng Family is the head of the Nine Aristocratic Families ah, luckily he didn’t use any strength or coercion. Although Lou Family is part of the Nine Aristocratic Families, however, it’s a thousand light years away from Cheng Family!

But after Lou Zhenming was scared for a while, he suddenly felt that this was an opportunity ah. If he could get that girl, Cheng Mengying, and lead her home for marriage, then wouldn’t Lou Family suddenly rise up? Having Cheng Family’s support would make their situation drastically different from what it is now!

Thinking up to here, Lou Zhenming grit his teeth and decided to pursue Cheng Mengying.


  1. TLN: No idea how to translate first sentence. Probably just referring to how ‘fine’ it is for those two not to know who Xiao Chen is. 

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