Chapter 37 – Quick-Witted In An Emergency

Songning City First High.

Inside the doors of a recreational vehicle, a young man was sitting in the car with a gloomy face and to his side was a person wearing black clothes, an ordinary appearance middle-aged man.

“Young Master, Old Master made me assist you!” The black-clothed man said with respect.

“Tonight, Xiao Chen must die!” The young man lightly spat out these words, then continued: “Do not leave any evidence; find a place with no people, then quickly start!”

“Yes, Young Master!” The black-clothed man nodded in agreement.

“En, go get prepared, I’ll leave first.” The young man did not stay any longer and directly got out of the car. He muttered to himself while feeling not too well: “Xiao Chen, I didn’t expect that you would survive after being pushed down a cliff. This time, let’s see if you can still survive!”

And that recreational vehicle, after the young man got off, quietly left, heading towards Songning City’s Second High. Although the black clothed man felt that killing a waste without any Inner Qi simply didn’t require him, a Third Layer Inner Qi expert, moreover a Peak Third Layer Inner Qi almost at Fourth Layer Inner Qi expert, go into action, he naturally could not say anything since this was the arrangement of the Old Master.


“Isn’t this Chen Jinpeng?” Zhu Yingxiong’s plump body suddenly blocked Chen Jinpeng’s path. Zhu Yingxiong had already wished for an opportunity to scold Chen Jinpeng, but couldn’t even catch his shadow. Now that Zhu Yingxiong had seen him, how could he let him go?

“Zhu Yingxiong, what do you want to do?” Chen Jinpeng frowned. He didn’t think that he would meet Zhu Yingxiong on lunch break. Even though he was a Second Layer Inner Qi Warrior and Zhu Yingxiong’s was an average person whose Inner Qi hadn’t even reached First Layer Inner Qi, Zhu Family already wasn’t the past Zhu Family. Zhu Family’s Ancestor was present and it could be said that Zhu Family’s status was not inferior to Xiao Family’s. Even if Zhu Yingxiong was a waste, he could still walk sideways in school. Therefore, Chen Jinpeng did not dare to strike him!

“Chen Jinpeng, I have always heard that people grow larger bones from the back of their heads after rebelling. I wonder where the position of this bone is? I would like to dig and examine the shell of the head of such a person, what do you say?” Zhu Yingxiong coldly smiled as he stared at Chen Jinpeng.

“You….you better not act recklessly, this is a school!” Chen Jinpeng truly feared that Zhu Yingxiong would go crazy.

“Zhu Yingxiong, stop being so mystical.” At this time, Zhao Yuliang’s voice suddenly rang out. Chen Jinpeng turned around, just in time to see Zhao Yuliang come, so he immediately relaxed.

“Brother Liang, this fatty threatened me!” Chen Jinpeng gained some confidence.

“Stop it, Zhu Yingxiong. Chen Jinpeng gave up a wrong way of life to trade for a better one. When he followed me, the next Lord, Xiao Chen didn’t say anything, so why are you blindly creating a ruckus? This truly is ‘Emperor not hurried, court eunuch anxious’!” Zhao Yuliang coldly said. 1

“Seems like you have good luck.” Zhu Yingxiong, upon seeing Zhao Yuliang coming by, knew that he would be unable to teach Chen Jinpeng a lesson, so he could only shake his fat body as he trudged away.


Xiao Chen steadily passed the time and when it was time to leave school, Xiao Chen did not go to find Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei. After all, he had already taken taxi money.

Tang Tang walked out of the classroom with Deng Xiaokun. Xiao Chen got ready to take the bus, but discovered at the bus stop that there was unexpectedly a sea of people at the station. From the look of it, everyone who got out of school was in the same place!

Thus, Xiao Chen didn’t bother to wait for the bus. He calculated that if he waited for the bus, he would have to squeeze in and if he waited for the next bus, he would have probably had enough time to walk back! Xiao Chen had already experienced how crowded this bus actually was in the morning; he almost didn’t squeeze in.

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Therefore, Xiao Chen directly stepped out and walked towards the direction of the villa. From the side of the people’s racket, it wasn’t that much time before it became quiet. Very quickly, the people decreased, especially as he moved towards the direction of the villa area, and soon, it was only Xiao Chen on the roadside alone!
Going to the villa area, shouldn’t there be a few people walking? Like Xiao Chen’s walk, it shouldn’t be this weird.

There’s a person!

Xiao Chen suddenly found himself being followed! One has to say that a Truth Cultivator has a large pool of Spiritual Force, though it generally isn’t very strong. If it was still the Xiao Chen from before, it would be impossible for him to feel that there were people following him. However, the current Xiao Chen did not need to deliberately search; he could just feel that there was a person tracking him. Only, Xiao Chen didn’t know whether the strength of the tracker was high or not. If the tracker was powerful, would he also have this feeling?

“Not bad, the tracker’s strength isn’t that high. If his strength was high, not to mention you, it would be hard for even me to feel. After all, the strength in your body would not even be one ten-thousandth of the previous me!” Tian Lao’s voice suddenly resounded in Xiao Chen’s mind.

“One ten-thousandth? Can you not be so exaggerated?” Xiao Chen curled his lips, as he naturally did not believe Tian Lao’s words: “You can feel the tracker’s strength?”

“A Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior and a Peak Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior almost at Fourth Layer Inner Qi.” Tian Lao replied. Not only was Tian Lao able to feel the tracking, but he was even able to feel the strength of the tracker.

“What?! One Third Layer and one Peak Third Layer, there are two people tracking? And this strength isn’t even considered high?” Xiao Chen had a scare. His current strength was only equivalent to a Peak First Layer Inner Qi and although he was one step into Second Layer Qi-Training, even if he was Second Layer, he would not be the opponent of the two people!

Moreover, Xiao Chen could only feel that there was a person tracking. Now that he carefully feeling around, there indeed was two people! Only, what Xiao Chen felt was strange was that the two people weren’t together. Rather, one was to the left and one was to the right, tracking in both directions. From what it seems, these two people shouldn’t be a group?

“Not bad Little Chenzi. Now, you should be thinking about how to solve this!” Tian Lao’s voice this time wasn’t in a joking tone like before, it could be assumed that he attached great importance to this.

“Do you have a solution?” Xiao Chen’s heart went cold as he quickly asked.

“I have to say, your body is too weak. Even with my strength, I can only help you by controlling one person, and that person is probably that Third Layer Inner Qi expert. There is basically no hope in controlling the Peak Third Layer Inner Qi expert, only if you were a Second Layer Qi-Training Truth Cultivator!” Tian Lao seriously said: “Therefore, you must still think of a solution, think about how we can escape. Who made you go to such a secluded place?”

“This is my fault? This is the road I take to go home!” Xiao Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but his heart was actually racing, thinking about how to deal with the two people! ‘There is a solution!’ Xiao Chen’s mind moved and quickly said it to Tian Lao: “Tian Lao, wait for my order in a moment. When I say so, take over my body to make that inferior Third Layer Inner Qi fight the Peak Third Layer Inner Qi!”

“Okay.” Tian Lao readily agreed. After all, if Xiao Chen had any bad matters, there would be no advantage for him.

“Following for so long, how about you come out?” Xiao Chen suddenly stopped and tranquilly talked towards his backside: “Xiao San, help me out with this stalker!”

Originally, upon hearing Xiao Chen’s words, that Third Layer Warrior and Peak Third Layer Warrior were both ready. They did not take his first words too seriously, as they did not believe that Xiao Chen, a waste unable to cultivate Inner Qi, would be able to discover them. Not to mention Xiao Chen, an ordinary person, even a Third Layer Inner Qi to Fifth Layer Inner Qi would not be able to detect them. They would be discovered only if they were careless, otherwise, they were undiscoverable.

A Warrior’s Spiritual Force was very limited!

It was just that after hearing the latter half of Xiao Chen’s words, their hearts went cold simultaneously! Who is Xiao San? Xiao Chen’s bodyguard? These words made the two of them release their Spiritual Force and during the probe around them, they discovered each other’s existence!

This made the two people surprised at the same time. Xiao Chen wasn’t a liar; he really had a bodyguard following him! Now that things had reached this stage, the two people no longer hid and simultaneously jumped out.

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These two people probably did not think that the opposite party was not Xiao Chen’s bodyguard and that Xiao Chen was completely bluffing. But these two people didn’t open their mouths.

They didn’t start fighting, as the two people felt that the strength of the opposite party was about the same as their own. Thus, they dreaded each other a bit and the hearts of both these two had the intention of killing Xiao Chen, not of fighting the bodyguard on the ‘opposite side’.

“Tian Lao, make that Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior attack the other Peak Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior!” Xiao Chen requested Tian Lao.

“Okay!” The next moment, Tian Lao took over control of Xiao Chen’s body and started to use Spiritual Force from Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Knowledge to impact the Third Layer Inner Qi expert’s mind. Although the time of influence wouldn’t be too long, it would be enough to make the two people fight, Tian Lao had seen through Xiao Chen’s crafty plot; one has to say, this plan was a bit wicked. Making the two people who were against him fight each other was like kicking the two into a pit.

That Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior suddenly started attacking that Peak Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior without warning! The Peak Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior immediately stared blankly. He did not think that the opposite party, whose strength was weaker than his, would start to get rid of him. Even if the opposite party was Xiao Chen’s bodyguard, wasn’t this a little too tigerish?

But since “Xiao San” started, that Peak Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior could only meet it. In a split second, the two people started fighting!

Xiao Chen’s strength was truly too weak. He only had enough to control Chen Jinpeng with some to spare, but trying to control a Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior was a little too difficult. After just a moment of effort, the Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior was back to normal!

Only, the Third Layer Inner Qi couldn’t understand; why did he suddenly attack Xiao Chen’s bodyguard ‘Xiao San’ whose strength seemed higher than his? But since they were already fighting, he could only passively continue to fight. There’s no turning back from what one has already started; if he shrunk back at this moment, he would die miserably!

Therefore, the Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior could only brace himself and fight with the Peak Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior in the manner of ‘you come to fight I come to fight’. He didn’t think that the other side would let him off if he begged for mercy upon looking at the appearance of the opposite party. The opposite party obviously wanted to slaughter him, so the Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior could only go all out!

As a result, the two people thought that the other party was Xiao Chen’s bodyguard and were locked in battle!


  1. TLN: Pretty sure this should be a reference to many Chinese dramas about the ancient times. 

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