Chapter 44 – Short of Money, Ah, Short of Money

After retrieving the medicinal ingredients, the old man came out and put a small red colored fruit with the medicinal ingredients. Just, this small red colored fruit actually made Xiao Chen’s look stare, a storm was rising up in his heart!

Because he was very familiar with this small fruit; he had just see this yesterday! This small fruit was the same kind of fruit that Ye Xiaoye had put in the refrigerator! Yesterday, Xiao Chen felt that it was a bit strange that Ye Xiaoye had put a fruit while she was brewing medicine. Now he knew today that this thing was called ‘Bitter Relief Fruit’!

Zeze(Wow), this Ye Xiaoye really was a rich person, being able to afford such an expensive medicinal ingredient. It was also unknown on what kind of medicine she is brewing with it.

“Old grandfather, this Bitter Relief Fruit, how is it usually used in a prescription?” Xiao Chen asked with a composed face.

“There aren’t many uses, it will only be used in some special prescriptions. However, since you didn’t tell me, I won’t tell you.” The old man smiled at Xiao Chen. ‘You want to know? I stubbornly will not tell you.’

Xiao Chen was immediately struck speechless. He didn’t think that this old man would bear a grudge, but didn’t do anything. For his own curiosity, he could not expose his own secret, right?
Thus, Xiao Chen did not say anything, just picked up the securely wrapped medicinal ingredients and quickly walked out of the ********.

After Xiao Chen left, Hong Yan turned around to look at the old man: “Grandpa Chen, this Bitter Relief Fruit, what it is? How could I’ve never heard of it?”

“Young Lady Yan, it is because this Bitter Relief Fruit is uncommon. In addition, people who buy this have no use for it, so I didn’t put it out for display.” The old man’s address towards Hong Yan unexpectedly changed. If Xiao Chen was still on the scene, he would be extremely astonished. It turned out that this old man and Hong Yan unexpectedly were not grandfather and granddaughter. The old man’s surname was Chen and Hong Yan’s surname was Hong!

“Oh? The person just now bought it……” Hong Yan was a bit doubtful: “Grandpa Chen, what use does the Bitter Relief Fruit have?”

“The specifics for the usage, I’m not clear on. Perhaps this thing originally is something that someone of my level cannot access.” Grandpa Chen said with a wry smile.

“Grandpa Chen, you were deceiving him?” Hong Yan looked at the old man a bit oddly. Before, when the old man wanted to slyly obtain Xiao Chen’s words, she didn’t think Grandpa Chen also wasn’t clear on the use of the Bitter Relief Fruit.

“Hehe, it can’t be counted as deceit. At least I know some prescriptions that require a Bitter Relief Fruit. However, the usage of these prescriptions, I also am not clear on!” Grandpa Chen said: “In the prescription that the young man from before brought, a few of the medicinal ingredients I have seen in those other prescriptions. But because I don’t know the use of the prescription, I wanted to ask.”

“So it was like this.” Hong Yan nodded: “Grandpa Chen really is a profiteer!”

“Haha, Young Lady Yan, for our line of work, benefit is supreme!” Grandpa Chen laughingly said.

“Then Grandpa Chen, why did you give him a discount?” Hong Yan thought that it was a bit weird.

“Consider it an investment.” Grandpa Chen said.

Hong Yan nodded while looking she understood but didn’t.

Xiao Chen put the bag of priceless medicinal ingredients directly into the deflated pocket. The remaining 200 RMB was the money that the Young Lady gave him. Xiao Chen could only use this money frugally. Originally, Xiao Chen wanted to go to the appliance store to buy an electrical earthenware pot, but seeing that the price was 299 RMB, the corners of Xiao Chen’s mouth could only twitch. The money he had on himself wasn’t not enough to buy it, so he could only go back afterwards and discuss with Ye Xiaoye on whether or not he could borrow her electrical earthenware pot for his own use.

“Tian Lao, isn’t the prescription that you gave me a bit too expensive?” Xiao Chen said with a bitter smile.

“Who would have known that the prices are like this now? Moreover, I rarely buy things within the secular world.” Tian Lao also didn’t think that his prescriptions’ medicinal ingredients would cost so much money, making things difficult for Xiao Chen!

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“Whatever, it seems like I need to find a way to make some money. The purchase just now made me lose all my fortune, the distance from the fifth batch seems to be very long!” Xiao Chen let out a sigh. To tell the truth, the previous Xiao Chen had no concept towards money. But now, he was really a penniless heroic man!

It wasn’t that Xiao Chen hadn’t thought about borrowing money from Zhu Yingxiong, but it was simply because Xiao Chen understood Zhu Yingxiong. This guy’s pocket money wasn’t much, but if Xiao Chen opened his mouth, Zhu Yingxiong would definitely lend his help to Xiao Chen. However, Zhu Yingxiong would definitely also ask what he would do with the money. At that time, Xiao Chen didn’t want to deceive his own good brother, so he could only temporarily drop the thought.

“Little Chenzi, this is not the problem of the fifth batch. This fifth batch of medicine can only be taken before you reach Third Layer Qi-Training. Afterwards, the medicinal ingredients will become rarer and I fear that the price would be even higher!” Tian Lao said: “Most importantly, the things you can and cannot buy are another matter!”

“It can’t be?” Xiao Chen was surprised for a bit. Then, he immediately smiled bitterly. It seems like his road of being a vagrant had just started!

This made Xiao Chen think more on whether or not he should borrow money from Zhu Yingxiong once, but he couldn’t keep borrowing money right? First, let’s not talk about Zhu Yingxiong not having enough money, even if Zhu Yingxiong didn’t ask what he was going to do with it the first or second time, would he still not ask on the third time?

With a depressed look, Xiao Chen went into the classroom. Buying the medicinal ingredients had delayed some time, so Xiao Chen walked in right as the bell rang.

Originally, when Lou Zhenming saw that Xiao Chen did not come today, he felt it to be quite unexpected. Then, an excited speculation followed, could it be that Vicious Wolf had gotten rid of Xiao Chen before he was gotten rid of by the ‘Acting Righteously’ person?

Think about it for a bit, he felt that this was possible. As for not discovering Xiao Chen’s corpse, he feared that it was Vicious Wolf already dealing with the corpse, so it could not be discovered in the short term. However, when Xiao Chen appeared unharmed now, it made Lou Zhenming’s original lucky excitement mentality seem like it had been doused by a bucket of cold water!

“Damn, this kid actually has no problem?” Lou Zhenming whispered with a dark face.

“It seems like this kid has great good luck. Brother Ming, this matter can only be endured.” Shou Hou didn’t have any good solution. After all, Lou Zhenming had already given out the promise, so Ma Gangmen’s matter could only be let go. Finding trouble with Xiao Chen in the short term was impossible.

“Okay, let’s not talk about this country bumpkin. The ‘Hero Saving the Beauty’ matter, how is it going along?” Lou Zhenming asked.

“It’s been talked about with Ma Gangchuan. He said he would coordinate, but with that kid’s slow brain, I’m afraid he would be dazed when the time comes. However, having him help as an assistant ought to be no big problem.” Shou Hou said: “Right now, the most important problem is that we don’t have an opportunity!”

“Don’t have an opportunity? What opportunity?” Lou Zhenming asked with a bit of confusion.

“Brother Ming, it’s the opportunity to commit a robbery. Right now, Cheng Mengying goes to school every day with Jin Beibei together. Moreover it’s by car, so how can we rob? If we block the car, Jin Beibei, that violent girl, would probably dare to run us over!” Shou Hou did not dare to go and block Jin Beibei’s car, he had not lived enough!

Lou Zhenming nodded. He did not blame Shou Hou for being timid, it truly was something that Jin Beibei would dare to do! Running over is just running over, the reason to argue back could not be found! A robber being run over, what could you argue? If you go to Jin Family, not only would it be equal to admitting that the robbers were the ones that Lou Zhenming hired, but Jin’s old master would not necessarily be reasonable. According to Jin’s old master’s nature, Lou Zhenming would die a meaningless death by being hacked to death!

“Look for an opportunity, there’s no rush.” Lou Zhenming pondered for a bit, then said: “I do not believe that Jin Beibei will be with Cheng Mengying every day. There should be an opportunity! Make Ma Gangchuan prepare to be called at a moment’s notice.”

“Understood, brother Ming.” Shou Hou nodded.

Cheng Mengying looked at Xiao Chen coming to the classroom very late, eyes flashed with a trace of suspicion, where did this guy go? It shouldn’t be that he was looking for Tang Tang right? But seeing that Tang Tang had been here early, it couldn’t be that.

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“Cousin Mengying, are you thinking of brother-in-law?” Jin Beibei asked while licking a lollipop.

“Yes, why do you think he came so late?” Cheng Mengying unconsciously responded, but after she finished speaking, she quickly changed her statement: “Who is thinking about him? Who cares whether he comes or not!”

“Sister Mengying’s mouth says yes but her heart says no!” Jin Beibei said while grinning: “Stop hitting me, I understand.”

Cheng Mengying raised her hand, then helplessly dropped it. She stared at Jin Beibei’s eyes and said: “Just eat your lollipop!”

“Why did you come so late?” Tang Tang also thought it was very strange. If Xiao Chen wanted to say that he had gotten up late, it wouldn’t work because Cheng Mengying had gotten here earlier than her, so it was impossible for Xiao Chen to not have gotten out of bed.

“I walked.” Xiao Chen said while smiling bitterly.

“You walked? It can’t be? You don’t have money?” Tang Tang suddenly thought of a reason: “It can’t be that after you treated us to the buffet yesterday that you became poor like this, right? To the point of not being able to take public transportation?”

“It’s not that bad yet. It’s just that I want to save money.” Xiao Chen said: “Right, Tang Tang, do you have methods for earning money?”

“You want to earn money?” Tang Tang was slightly surprised for a moment. She did not think that Xiao Chen would run out of money this quickly. However, after thinking for a bit, she said in a lowered voice: “Eating three meals a day can’t use up all your money right? Don’t find a job and keep your mind on studying. Your kind of Young Master is not the kind to bear hardships. Breakfast and lunch, I will help you solve and for dinner it’s impossible for Cheng Mengying to starve you, right?”

Xiao Chen took out of bag of medicinal ingredients out of his pocket, shook it in front of Tang Tang, and said a white lie: “I have been physically weak since childhood, being unable to cultivate Inner Qi, you also know right? I must take massive medications every month, but this is a considerable starting sum. If I don’t earn money, I’m afraid I won’t be able to afford it.”

Tang Tang suddenly understood, Xiao Chen being frail since childhood was not a secret, so she was not surprised: “So it was like this, you buying the medicine should cost a lot of money, right? A thousand RMB should be sufficient, right? I’ll clench my teeth and take out the money I have saved up……”

Although Tang Tang’s mouth had said that she couldn’t care less, she was calculating in her heart how much earlier she would have to get up starting tomorrow. In addition, how much more soybean milk and fried breadstick material she had to prepare, or else, subtracting from this month’s rent and expenses, there really would not be left with much money. Xiao Chen’s one thousand RMB medicine, truly would make her unable to make ends meet.

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