Chapter 46 – This Person is Eccentric

This is Third Layer Inner Qi! Due to the reason of not being easy to cultivate, these family juniors, as long as they can cultivate Inner Qi, all hope to become Third Layer Inner Qi before the age of 20. By doing so, it is equal to taking the glorious road. Once one accomplishes this cultivation before 20, then one will be considered important by some senior of a family or sect and one’s future will be limitless!

And even if one cannot reach those senior’s requirement, after one returns, one will at least be a Seventh, Eighth, or Ninth Layer Inner Qi Martialist like Xiao Feng and Cheng Zhongming in those days. They studied under 1 person and when the 2 people came back, they came back with some skills and are currently first class Martialists.

Deng Xiaokun has two targets in his mind, first is for Deng Family, second is for his and Tang Tang’s matter! As long as he was cared for by those seniors, he won’t have to worry about returning back to Deng Family and becoming glorious!

One days’ time.

Everything passed with nothing extraordinary happening. The Young Lady and Jin Beibei drove away while Xiao Chen, Tang Tang and Deng Xiaokun went out of the school gate together.

“Xiao Chen, don’t forget about our agreement! Tomorrow morning at 5:00, come early to find me. If you don’t go, then don’t blame this older sister for looking down on you!” Tang Tang said as she waved to Xiao Chen.

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely go!” Xiao Chen nodded. Then, he waved towards Deng Xiaokun: “Xiaokun, tomorrow we’ll bring breakfast to you!”

“Good!” Deng Xiaokun laughed, but his heart was filled with bitterness. Some matters could not be forced.

“****!” Watching Xiao Chen’s departing back, Lou Zhenming’s eyes were full of unwillingness. Am I going to let off this kid like this? Looking at his swaggering manner of walking, Lou Zhenming felt that this was sort of mocking him, mocking his abilities: “If I don’t kill this kid, I will feel unwell looking at him. In the long run, I will get a heart disease!”

“Yo Louzi, were you roasted by someone?” Yue Shaoqun’s voice rang out. Upon seeing Lou Zhenming’s flushed complexion, Yue Shaoqun thought that it resembled a boiled pig’s head, so as a result he came over to ask.

“Young Master Yue, ai, don’t raise it, how can it not be Xiao Chen that country bumpkin? Yesterday I sent out a wanted outlaw in order to kill him, but the result wasn’t good. Before he even caught sight of Xiao Chen, he was killed by an expert who acted righteously and minded others’ business!” Lou Zhenming’s voice was full of unwillingness. He said yesterday’s matter with Yue Shaoqun because for this sort of matter, there was no need to conceal. It is estimated that Yue Shaoqun could investigate it out himself.

“Holy crap! How can it be like this?” After Yue Shaoqun heard it all, he was shocked enough to choke on his words. He thought to himself that Lou Zhenming had really bad luck, having a person die like this: “Louzi, since you cannot move your hand, how about having elder brother help you?”

“En?” Lou Zhenming was slightly surprised for a moment, then rejoiced. Right, he was fettered by the rules of road, unable to move Xiao Chen, but that didn’t mean other people couldn’t. If Yue Shaoqun moved Xiao Chen, that was Yue Shaoqun’s matter and did not have any relations with him, Lou Zhenming: “Ok Young Master Yue, if you can help me kill Xiao Chen, I will definitely be your knight afterwards and follow whatever you order!”

“Killing him is no good. If he provokes me, I will teach him a lesson, but if I kill him, others will call me narrow-minded.” Yue Shaoqun waved his hand and said: “Ok, you do not need to manage this matter. I’ll go and ponder on how to manage this first.”

“Good, then many thanks Young Master Yue!” Lou Zhenming watched as Yue Shaoqun walked away, then disdainfully spat on the floor: “****, I might as well get a ***** to set up a signboard in a neighborhood. He truly is a ******* hypocrite! But teaching Xiao Chen is also good, at the very least it can quell the anger in my heart!”

Yue Shaoqun was truly a hypocrite. He did bad deeds, but actually did not want people talking about them. This was his Yue Family’s working style. It is said that from childhood, he utterly worshipped 《The Smiling, Proud Wanderer》’s Yue Buqun1 and took him as an idol, wanting to become like Yue Buqun some day.

But his previous name was not Yue Shaoqun, it was Yue ShaoX. As for what the X was, only a few people currently knew. When he was very young, he changed his own name to Yue Shaoqun with the meaning that he was the younger version of Yue Buqun!

The reason that Yue Shaoqun wanted to help Lou Zhenming was not because he and Xiao Chen had a grudge, but it was entirely from wanting to win over Lou Zhenming. He would later govern Yue Family and if at that time Lou Zhenming was his little brother and supported him, then Yue Family’s words would have weight among the other families and would subsequently develop according to the situation.

Xiao Chen still did not go by car. Rather, he jogged in the direction of the villa area. Yesterday he met 2 killers, but today shouldn’t be so unlucky.

As expected, the journey was safe. As he passed the ******** from this morning, Xiao Chen subconsciously stopped and took a glance at the inside. The result was seeing Hong Yan’s quiet and exquisite figure. She was currently sitting with a cabinet behind her, peacefully reading a book. She was full of classical beauty, looking like a girl from a wealthy family in the olden days.

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However, just as Xiao Chen gazed at Hong Yan, Hong Yan suddenly raised her head and looked out of the ********’s windows. She also saw Xiao Chen and gave him a small smile.

It seemed as if his peeping had been discovered! This made Xiao Chen have some shame in his heart, but thankfully he had trained his face to become thick when he was still Young Master Xiao, even a machine gun firings wouldn’t be able to go through. He gave a slight smile back to Hong Yan, then waved his hand and left the ********.

Hong Yan blinked and put down the book in her hand. Xiao Chen gave her a very special impression. Although this boy also liked her beauty and didn’t hide it, it didn’t make her feel disgusted. By comparison, when she previously met those young talents, it made Hong Yan feel that it was especially artificial.

“Young Lady Yan, don’t get too close this person, but don’t deliberately alienate him either.” At this time, Grandpa Chen’s voice resounded behind Hong Yan.

Hong Yan’s face became slightly red. She jumped in fright as if her thoughts were exposed by Grandpa Chen, so she was somewhat embarrassed: “Grandpa Chen, I just feel that he’s quite special.”

“He is special, but it’s because he’s special that you shouldn’t get close to him. Our level is very high already, but in this world there is some level of people that we cannot offend. Also, we would ordinarily not have any interactions.” Grandpa Chen sternly said.

“Ah……what is that level?” Hong Yan asked a bit surprised.

“I also don’t know, it’s only a legend.” Grandpa Chen said: “But Young Lady Yan may be able to come into contact with it in the future. This old man is only your initiation Master and still cannot come into contact with these things……”

After Hong Yan listened to Grandpa Chen’s words, she was somewhat lost in thought. Xiao Chen seemed to only be a student, what special status could he have?

After Xiao Chen left the ********, he went to the convenience store and bought some packs of instant noodles and small side foods like salt brined eggs, then ran back home.

Today, shortly after Cheng Mengying came home, she saw Xiao Chen come home. Looking at the time, she thought about why Xiao Chen came home earlier today by nearly an hour. Immediately, she was somewhat unhappy: “Xiao Chen, where did you go yesterday? Today you also bought instant noodles, how come you came back so early?”

“I say, Young Lady, yesterday I was bargaining back and forth with a person. I wasted one hour, but was only given a 30 cents discount. Today, because I am a repeat customer, they gave me an automatic discount……” Xiao Chen said with a bitter face. He was thinking about the money in his pocket becoming less and less, so he was suddenly inspired and came up with this reason that had a bit of truth.

“Ah? Yesterday, you delayed for 1 hour just to save on 30 cents?” Cheng Mengying felt that it was a bit inconceivable.

“Of course! I say, Young Lady, you also know how poor I am. I don’t have an income, but I also cannot sit idly and eat!” Xiao Chen said with outreached arms: “These instant noodles are also not cheap! Eating this thing every day requires 30 to 40 Yuan, but you only give me 100 yuan. Not even speaking about taking a taxi, I even saved on the public transportation fee and walked back on foot……”

“Pu……” As Cheng Mengying watched Xiao Chen put on a miserable appearance, she could not help but laugh: “Real or fake? Is it really as exaggerated as you say? You actually walked back?”

“I guarantee a replacement if it isn’t real.” Xiao Chen let out a sigh: “This convenience store is simply located right between school and the villa area, I wouldn’t be able to purchase if I sat in a car!”

“Are you really Xiao Chen, Young Master Xiao?” Cheng Mengying didn’t laugh as she finally believed Xiao Chen’s words: “What happened to the 10,000 RMB that Jingxuan gave you?”

“Preparation for an emergency.” Xiao Chen had no choice in speaking about buying medicine. Deceiving Tang Tang had succeeded, but deceiving the Young Lady is not good. The Young Lady was once his fiancee and he feared that his commonly-seen materials were already by the Young Lady’s desk a long time ago. Whether or not he regularly drank medicine, she was already very clear on!

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Moreover, although the Young Lady was a group with him, in the end she was a person from Cheng Family. It was not to say that the Young Lady would sell him out, but it was only that he feared the Young Lady pure disposition would accidentally speak it to the family elders. By then, his endurance would be in vain.

“Miser.” The Young Lady coldly stared at Xiao Chen’s eyes: “Beginning tomorrow, this Young Lady will give you 50 Yuan for food expenses and this won’t be in your debt.”

“50……fine.” Xiao Chen let out a sigh. In his heart, he was thinking ‘You are more of a miser! But this is better than nothing!’

Seeing Xiao Chen’s fading dissatisfied face, Cheng Mengying was a bit angry. If not for being afraid that Cheng Family’s people would find out, she would give him 100,000! However, her bringing Xiao Chen to the villa as a servant was to torture him, not to give him money to enjoy!

Cheng Mengying did not believe that Cheng Family’s people would not investigate. If Xiao Chen ate well and put on good clothing, then it was feared that Xiao Chen wouldn’t have many happy days left.

“Here, this is today and tomorrow’s food expenses, as well as tomorrow’s transportation money.” Cheng Mengying said as she opened her wallet, took out two 100 yuan bills and gave them to Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen received it and impolitely put it into his pocket, then said: “There’s another matter. Tomorrow morning, I might go out a bit earlier, but I will put the instant noodles into a lunch box, put some flavoring and heat up some hot water. All you need to do is soak the instant noodles.”

“Why do you want to go out earlier?” Cheng Mengying said with a bit of surprise.

“To sell breakfast, make some extra money.” Xiao Chen smiled.

“You? Sell breakfast?” Cheng Mengying was frightened by Xiao Chen’s words: “Where are you going to sell?”

“Not far from the school vicinity there is a morning market street. I will go there to sell deep-fried breadsticks and soy milk.” Xiao Chen replied.

“You’re going alone?” Cheng Mengying didn’t think that Xiao Chen would suddenly raise such a request so it was hard to deal with.

“No, Tang Tang has already set up a shop there for a long time. I am going to go help, no need to worry.” Xiao Chen replied.

After hearing the two characters of ‘Tang Tang’, she didn’t know why, but the Young Lady felt an unknown fire rise. She stood up with the hands by her waist and stared at Xiao Chen: “Xiao Chen, are you rebelling? Didn’t this Young Lady already give you money? What breakfast do you want to sell? Don’t you know that you are this Young Lady’s exclusive servant?”


  1. TLN: This is a reference to Jin Yong’s book. Google Jin Yong if you don’t know who he is. 

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