Chapter 57 – You Picked Up A Treasure

“No……Cheng Mengying, you misunderstand. My meaning is that I can help you look for the bracelet……” Xiao Chen had just realized that his action caused the Young Lady’s misunderstanding, so he bitterly smiled as he gave an explanation.

“You……sniffing my hand, mean to help me find my bracelet?” Cheng Mengying creased her brows, not really believing Xiao Chen’s words. But carefully thinking about it, for the past few days of Xiao Chen living with her, he had behaved himself and didn’t think about taking small advantage. Could it be that he really wanted to use this method to help her find her bracelet?

“That’s right.” Xiao Chen nodded. His six senses upgrading was a benefit of becoming a Second Layer Qi-Training Truth Cultivator and he also held the mentality of giving anything a try. After all, higher level Truth Cultivators would sometimes depend on their sense of smell deep inside ancient mountain forests to seek out Heaven and Earth Spiritual Herbs.

“Damn, I had already said that cousin’s man was a transformer. Now he’s changing form into a police dog!” Jin Beibei excitedly exclaimed: “Cousin Mengying, quickly let brother-in-law perform!”

“That……fine.” Cheng Mengying was somewhat skeptical. She thought in her heart: If you can’t find it in a while, watch how this Young Lady will punish you! Daring to use this kind of excuse to take this Young Lady’s small advantages, this Young Lady will definitely perplex you without end!

Xiao Chen nodded and pulled Cheng Mengying’s hand, once again carefully sniffing the smell. It was a very natural, fresh and clean girl’s body fragrance, making Xiao Chen somewhat intoxicated. However, Xiao Chen currently didn’t have the mind to enjoy it. If he couldn’t find the bracelet, it was estimated that the Young Lady would flip out.

Seeing Xiao Chen’s serious face and earnest manner, Cheng Mengying actually almost believed him. However she looked at him, Xiao Chen didn’t seem like a lecher. This was the reason why she allowed him to sniff.

When he more or less remembered the Young Lady’s body fragrance, Xiao Chen let go of her hand. He understood the principle ‘stop before going too far’; although it was a very nice smell, however……the current Cheng Mengying, already wasn’t his fiancée.

“Follow me.” Xiao Chen slowly walked forward, but even though his eyes were looking at the ground, he wasn’t ‘seeing’. He was currently relying completely on his sense of smell within the six senses. He believed that the Young Lady’s bracelet had just fallen, so the smell on it shouldn’t have completely dispersed. In the case that it was still within several meters vicinity, he may be able to smell the fragrance.

Cheng Mengying had a doubtful face, but Jin Beibei actually had a curious face. The two people followed Xiao Chen and they walked forward.

After walking approximately 1 li1, Xiao Chen suddenly stopped in his tracks. Then, he turned towards the greenery by the roadside and walked over to it!

Watching Xiao Chen walk towards the greenery, Cheng Mengying’s look immediately became a little ugly. She had been pulled by Xiao Chen and ran all the way to the villa area. Although they hadn’t necessarily gone in a straight path, it was nevertheless impossible to turn up inside the greenery right?

If one wanted to say that her bracelet would appear within the greenery, how could it be possible?

But Cheng Mengying still followed while she was panting in rage. She wanted to take a look; if this place didn’t have it, then how would Xiao Chen explain it?

However, what made Cheng Mengying surprised was that Xiao Chen stood at the base of a tree and a lone puppy was lying there. The puppy looked like a stray dog, undernourished, coat color was dirty and looked to be the descendant to the kind of ‘unknown how many types of dogs were crossbred’. Not only was it emaciated, but its appearance was also very ugly.

Of course, this stray dog wasn’t important. The important thing was that under this stray dog’s paw, her bracelet was unexpectedly there! Moreover, it was exactly the bracelet that Cheng Mengying had lost! Evidently, this bracelet had been discovered by this stray dog and was held in his mouth to over here!

At this moment, Cheng Mengying’s eyes was full of unimaginable shock! Xiao Chen unexpectedly had this kind of mystical ability? This person……was her former dandy fiancé? Cheng Mengying couldn’t make out Xiao Chen more and more. On his body, it seemed like there were many unknown secrets.

“Well damn, cousin Mengying, you picked up a treasure. Brother-in-law truly is a transformer!” Jin Beibei was also stunned at this moment. She curiously looked at Xiao Chen, looking him up and down, as if wanting to make out if Xiao Chen had any different place: “Brother-in-law, did you previously disguise yourself as ‘a pig to eat the tiger’2? If I had known earlier that you were this fierce, I would’ve replaced cousin’s place to marry you. What breaking off a marriage, what a waste.”

“Beibei, if you want to marry, it isn’t too late. Couldn’t you just turn around and discuss it with me and sister-in-law?” After Cheng Mengying heard Jin Beibei’s words, her complexion blackened and she turned her head, glaring at Jin Beibei.

“Eh……umm, I don’t seize away people that don’t like me, haha……” Jin Beibei closed her mouth.

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“Little doggy, can you give back that bracelet to elder sister?” Cheng Mengying squatted, afraid that the puppy would hold the bracelet in its mouth and run away.

“What can you discuss with a lousy dog? Just take it and it’ll be fine.” Xiao Chen conveniently took the bracelet and returned it to Cheng Mengying, then said: “This dog seems to be a stray, how about we catch it and cook it into soup to drink? How about it, Jin Beibei?”

“Good, good.” Jin Beibei nodded with saliva flowing.

“Xiao Chen! How can you not have sympathy? This good puppy helped me find my bracelet! Instead of being grateful to it, you want to kill it and make soup?” Upon seeing Xiao Chen take the attitude of wanting to catch the dog, Cheng Mengying was immediately anxious.

“Wasn’t I the one who found the bracelet?” Xiao Chen pointed at himself, not knowing whether to laugh or cry: “It’s just a stray dog. If you look at its back leg, it seems like it was injured. Leaving it here is akin to making it wait for death, so we might as well make it die with some value.”

“Who said that it would stay here? This Young Lady quite likes this puppy. This Young Lady feels that it is her lucky star and wants to bring it back home to raise it!” Cheng Mengying rapidly said: “Xiao Chen, if you dare eat it, this Young Lady will eat you!”

Cheng Mengying’s words were somewhat ambiguous. Jin Beibei’s mind quickly revolved and a flash went past her big eyes. She looked at Cheng Mengying’s attractive red lips, then looked at Xiao Chen’s crotch. She wanted to say something, but didn’t dare to speak.

Cheng Mengying saw Jin Beibei’s mischievous ‘xixi’ looking around out of the corner of her eye and immediately understood that she wasn’t thinking of anything good. Cheng Mengying seemed to think of something and her complexion became faintly red, but she feigned calm and said: “Xiao Chen, this Young Lady isn’t discussing with you. You are this Young lady’s manservant; now carry that puppy and let’s return home!”

“Okay……” The smile of a plot having prevailed flashed by the corner of Xiao Chen’s mouth, but the Young Lady actually couldn’t see it because Xiao Chen already bent down to carry that puppy!

The fact was that when Xiao Chen had just come over, when he discovered the bracelet, he felt that this puppy seemed to have some sort of familiar breath on its body. As for what, Xiao Chen was unclear, but this kind of intimate feeling made it seem like he and this stray dog were similar?

When this idea popped up, it made Xiao Chen immediately somewhat dumbfounded. How could he and a dog be similar? But regardless of anything, Xiao Chen wanted to bring this puppy back and slowly study it in the future.

But he was currently living under someone else’s roof. If he randomly brought home a stray dog, wouldn’t Cheng Mengying explode in anger? As a result, Xiao Chen acted out a small plan and as expected, Young Lady Cheng was quite full of compassion, taking the initiative to bring back the puppy and raise it.

The puppy was carried by Xiao Chen and didn’t struggle. Instead, it seemed to be very relieved following Xiao Chen. Jin Beibei looked at the puppy, then looked at Xiao Chen. She wrinkled her nose, looking pensive.

When they returned to the villa once again, it was already over 8:00 PM. Jin Beibei’s car had broken down, so she was unable to return to her home, leaving her with no choice but to stay in the villa for the night.

When they returned to the villa, they immediately saw Ye Xiaoye inside the kitchen decocting medicinal herbs. A strong medicinal herb smell permeated the entire living room, making Cheng Mengying not help but wrinkle her brows. Just as she wanted to say something, Ye Xiaoye immediately carried the electric earthenware pot upstairs, not giving Cheng Mengying even a chance to flip out!

Clearly, the smell of decocted medicinal herbs in the room was unpleasant but Xiao Chen endured it. They had returned late today, so it was calculated that Ye Xiaoye thought that they wouldn’t come back. Thus, she returned to the kitchen to decoct medicinal herbs and as a result, didn’t expect that they would return midway.

But Ye Xiaoye’s reaction was quick; she immediately carried the earthenware pot and walked.

“She infuriates me.”Cheng Mengying clenched her teeth, but didn’t have anything to vent her anger.

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“She’s that Ye Xiaoye?” Jin Beibei looked towards Ye Xiaoye’s figure and asked.

“Yes. Beibei, teach her a lesson for me later.” Cheng Mengying seethingly said.

“Eh……okay.” Jin Beibei nodded.

Xiao Chen put the stray dog in the villa’s backyard pet room. When the villa was built, there was originally a space put aside for house pets on the design; a separate cabin behind the villa.

“Xiao Chen, I’m hungry. Go make us instant noodles.” Cheng Mengying was sincerely tired enough today. Not to speak of running from school to home, they had even turned back to find her bracelet. After returning home, she just fell on the sofa and didn’t want to move.

Jin Beibei was actually spirited and energetic. She was curiously looking here and there because it was her first time here.

“There’s no need to eat instant noodles today, I brought home some food.” As Xiao Chen was speaking, he opened his bookbag. Before, they had lost the review materials, but his bookbag had been on his back all along. Inside his bookbag was the food that he had ripped off of Yue Shaoqun at noon in the cafeteria.

When Xiao Chen took out the lunchboxes inside his schoolbag out one by one and arranged them on the dinner table, Cheng Mengying was shocked and stared blankly in place! She didn’t expect that Xiao Chen would actually prepare food for her! Before in school, she had seen Xiao Chen gorge himself and believed that he had forgotten about her!

Remembering that she had eaten up what she had originally wanted to give Xiao Chen, the Young Lady immediately became somewhat ashamed. Her charming face became red, but the words that came out of her mouth were: “Isn’t this your and Tang Tang’s leftovers?”

Xiao Chen was distracted for a moment. He didn’t think Cheng Mengying paid much attention to him, otherwise how would she know he and Tang Tang had eaten together? Before in First High, it seemed like Cheng Mengying didn’t even take a glance at him? Xiao Chen mind was slightly unclear for a moment.

“No. It’s the food that guy, Yue Shaoqun, treated me to. There were extras, so I packed it and walked out.” Xiao Chen replied.

“Why did Yue Shaoqun treat you to a meal?” This was the question that Cheng Mengying wanted to ask before in the afternoon, but because she was sitting pretty far away and didn’t know how to matter happened, she felt embarrassed to ask.

“He saw Tang Tang and I together and thought I was Tang Tang’s new boyfriend. Since he finally found a reason to abandon Tang Tang, he naturally felt happy to treat.” Xiao Chen replied.

“Then you acknowledged?” When Cheng Mengying heard that Xiao Chen was Tang Tang’s boyfriend, she was somewhat slightly uncomfortable at heart.


  1. TLN: 1 Chinese Mile = 500 meters 
  2. TLN: Should’ve seen this phrase before. If you’re a fairly new reader, it means to be low-key in order to beat higher leveled opponents. 

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