Chapter 68 – Dying From An Accident

“Travelling along at a regular speed?” After Chen Zhantian heard this, he couldn’t help but knit his brows. Not to speak of travelling along at a regular speed, what was abnormal was that with Chen Jinkun’s strength, making a split-second decision wasn’t difficult. Even if there wasn’t any help, wasn’t it impossible for him to make way to the bottom of a truck?

At this time, Shen Zhenghao inquired Shen Jingxuan after the event, then also walked over. He happened to hear that Captain Zhong’s words and couldn’t help but ask: “This accident, is there any other circumstances?”

Shen Zhenghao’s questioning words was precisely what Chen Zhantian wanted to ask. Although Chen Clan is powerful, it isn’t like they didn’t have any enemies; every large aristocratic clan was in a hidden competition. As for killing a successor of Chen Clan’s, suppressing Chen Clan, it wasn’t impossible. Especially seeing that Chen Clan and Shen Clan were cooperating, and that Chen Clan tempo of going to suddenly rise up, killing Chen Jinkun at this time was tantamount to stopping Chen Clan and Shen Clan’s cooperation.

“According to the words of the eyewitnesses, it was an accident.” Captain Zhong replied: “But our accident branch colleagues have already found the driving record apparatus inside the car. There are also people going to obtain the video recording of this intersection, everything will be concluded very quickly.”

Chen Zhantian nodded and let out a sigh: “Then I’ll be troubling you.”

That Captain Zhong didn’t say anything, only seriously nodding, then immediately busied himself with other matters.

“Brother Chen, restrain your grief and accept fate. This matter appears to truly be an accident.” Shen Zhenghao said.

“I also hope that it is an accident……” Chen Zhantian nodded and said: “Originally, you and I could tie the knot through a marriage. Who would have known that an unexpected matter like this would happen, Jinkun this child, how could he be this reckless……”

Chen Zhantian’s voice somewhat shook, but was actually able to control his sorrow because it was estimated that other clans received this message. He didn’t want other people to see a joke.

“Brother Chen, feel relieved, even if our two clans aren’t related through marriage, this friendship can still be tied. In the future, we can still help each other out!” Shen Zhenghao actually didn’t want this kind of matter to happen. Shen Jingxuan had just been engaged to Chen Jinkun, but now that Chen Jinkun was dead, he was very depressed. Thankfully he hadn’t spread news of Shen Jingxuan being engaged. In fact, if he let out a rumor, other aristocratic clan juniors would line up to marry Shen Jingxuan and take her back home.

But this involved an issue of face; Shen Zhenghao was also from a rich and powerful clan. Immediately being engaged to some other clan after the fiancé over here just dying wasn’t so much of a problem. But at that time, it would be inevitable that it would be impossible for them to cooperate with Chen Clan again. This wasn’t the situation that Shen Zhenghao wanted to see.

He didn’t like double-crossing people; since he said he would cooperate, then he would cooperate. Although they weren’t related by marriage, causing this cooperation to become not too solid, at the very least he temporarily couldn’t choose another clan. After this matter blew over, they could discuss it again.

“Ai, brother Shen having this degree of intention, our Chen Clan is very grateful. Brother Shen, this place is noisy, how about you bring Jingxuan back first? She has received a not-small frightening, and you guys staying here is of no use.” Chen Zhantian1 said.

“Okay, then we’ll go back first.” Shen Zhenghao nodded.

At this time, he also knew that he would’ve be able to help with anything by staying. Right now was Chen Clan’s sorrowful moment, their clan would need to talk over a countermeasure to deal with the situation.

Chen Jinkun had been considered and nurtured as Chen Clan’s third generation successor. Chen Clan’s cultivation resources were all tilted toward him, but now that he suddenly died, it was equal to disrupting Chen Clan’s deployment. At present, Chen Clan had to once again consider this as well.

The traffic accident scene was processed very quickly, but at this moment, Chen Zhantian already returned to Chen Clan. Inside Chen Clan’s meeting hall, Chen Clan’s old master, Chen Wushen’s, complexion was very unsightly.

At this moment, this originally spirited and very energetic old man suddenly aged a lot.
His hand was slightly trembling; he was somewhat unable to accept the fact before his eyes. The grandson he care for the most had died? Died like this?

Perhaps at this moment, within the entire Chen Clan, the happiest person was Chen Jinpeng! Even Chen Jinpeng’s father, Chen Huanling, didn’t wish for Chen Jinkun to die; a clan’s continuous development required an able person to operate it.

What kind of person his son was, Chen Huanling was very clear on. Naturally, it was the dandy type. His strength was inferior to Chen Jinkun, as well as his temperament, and nowadays, he would be other people’s little brother all day long. What future prospects could he have?

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“Zhantian, just how did this situation come about, does the traffic police squad over there have a conclusion?” Chen Wushen sorrowfully asked.

“Father, there’s already a conclusion; it was an accident. Regardless of whether it is the surveillance camera nearby the street, or Jinkun’s driving record apparatus, both confirm that this was an accident, that nobody set up Jinkun.” Although Chen Zhantian was unwilling to be convinced, he still had to speak the truth from facts.

“Truly an eventful period! Originally, I thought that our Chen Clan and Shen Clan would be related through marriage and move a step forward, but now such a matter occurred……” When Chen Wushen heard that it was an accident, and also knew that other people had searched into it, he could only recognize it.

“Father, I think that our Chen Clan must put out a regulation. Jinkun died; although this is very sorrowful, I believe that we can’t give up the cooperation with Shen Clan!” Chen Zhantian2 said.

“Oh? How can we still cooperate?” Chen Wushen slightly stared.

“Jinkun is dead, but there’s still Jinpeng. In the future, our Chen Clan can only treat Jinpeng as the sole fostering target. The way I see this engagement, it can be shifted onto Jinpeng’s body!” Chen Zhantian proposed.

“Oh?” After Chen Wushen heard this, he gave an extremely praising gaze to Chen Zhantian. As Chen Clan’s second generation public affairs person, Chen Zhantian, this person, already had the consciousness of putting the clan first. If Jingpeng and Jinkun were fighting openly and covertly, of course Chen Jinpeng wouldn’t be able to shine. Chen Clan didn’t think that Chen Jinpeng had any future prospects; even Chen Huanling didn’t feel that his own son would cause any storms. He only wished for his son to stay under the protection of Chen Clan, and become a wealthy man.

Chen Jinpeng quivered from head to toe. Yes, now that Chen Jinkun is dead, the only remaining direct descendant of Chen Clan is me, if they don’t foster me, then who will they foster? Especially the engagement with Shen Jingxuan, it nearly made Chen Jinpeng cry out in happiness!

He was also secretly in love with Shen Jingxuan, but previously he felt that there wasn’t any hope, and only daydream about it in his heart. Never did he think that it would become reality.

“Jinpeng, this child, doesn’t have any capability……” Chen Huanling said somewhat anxiously. His own son, he was more clear on than anybody else.

“Second brother, Jingpeng, this child, is also one that we watched grow up. Though he’s slightly naughty and mischievous, if our Chen Clan doesn’t cultivate him now, then who will we foster? Don’t tell me, we should go groom one of those inadequate collateral relatives?” Chen Zhantian interrupted Chen Huanling’s words and said.

“Huanling, what Zhantian said is right. Whatever the case, Jinpeng is our Chen Clan’s direct descendant, as well as our sole direct descendant, if we don’t groom him, then who do we groom3? This matter will be set like this, in the future, Chen Jinpeng will be our Chen Clan’s third generation successor!” Chen Wushen said in the tone of making the final decision: “Zhantian, give a call to Shen Zhenghao in a moment and talk about the matter of the engagement. Even though we’ve discussed it over, if the other doesn’t agree, then we don’t have the means.”

Actually, Old Master Chen also knew that what Shen Zhenghao had a fancy for in Chen Jinkun was his Third Layer Inner Strength power. Chen Jinkun was different, but it could only be tested right now.

At this moment, Shen Jingxuan was sitting still in Shen Zhenghao’s car, taciturn and not speaking.

“Fortunately, Jingxuan, you guys weren’t formally engaged. Otherwise, having an unmarried ** reputation wouldn’t be so good to hear……” Shen Zhenghao said with lingering fear. If it was truly like that, it wouldn’t be so easy for Shen Jingxuan to marry into another person’s family. After all, these large clans all attached great importance to face.

“Dad, now that Chen Jinkun’s dead, does that mean this engagement is cancelled?” Shen Jingxuan really didn’t like Chen Jinkun, not a bit at all. Now that Chen Jinkun had died, apart from some sympathy, she didn’t have any other feeling.

“Jingxuan, you know that as a girl of Shen Clan, it’s impossible for you to make your own engagement. Only if you genuinely like a powerful great clan’s young master, then Shen Clan will support you.” Shen Zhenghao replied: “Relation by marriage, although it’s a very vulgar working method, our Shen Clan has been continuously developing to date. Though we aren’t able to tower above, with the several calamities we’ve withstood, what have we relied on? Isn’t it some external help? Where this external help comes from, is through the relations by marriage!”

“I know, but after this matter, can you give me some time to calm down? At least, before I finish studying, no more engagements, okay?” In front of bystanders, Shen Jingxuan seemed very attractive and dazzling, but behind their backs, she felt a lot of sadness without the freedom to act independently.

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“Jingxuan, you should know that Shen Clan has started beginning to select the best third generation successor. Your younger brother is among the list of names for the clan to groom, but whether or not he’ll be able to rise above others, besides his own strength, depends on his influence. You are his older sister, if you can marry into Chen Clan, then Chen Clan will be our supporter.” Shen Zhenghao said: “Jingxuan, you know that once the next generation clan head is decided, the other candidates will be assigned outside. If they don’t have any matters, they may not return to Shen Clan as they wish. This kind of ‘leaving one’s native place’ taste is unpleasant, you also don’t want your little brother and us to separate, right?”

“This……” Shen Jingxuan had some hesitations. When it came to Shen Clan, the one she cared the most about was her younger brother. Her younger brother was her pride; his age was young, yet he was already a Fourth Layer Inner Strength Martialist. However, Shen Clan was a great clan with great assets. Shen Jingxuan’s younger brother wasn’t the only Fourth Layer Inner Strength child. If one wanted to rise above the others and become the clan’s successor, it was necessary for them to have external help. Sometimes, whether or not the external help was formidable immediately decided the position of the person.

Actually, this was understandable. This clan head’s connections were broad and was familiar with some powerful people. When the time comes that the clan meets trouble, the clan head could invite several fierce people over with personal connections, and settle the trouble.

Just as the father-daughter duo were speaking, Chen Zhantian’s call reached Shen Zhenghao’s side.


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