Chapter 89 – Nouveau Riche Jin Beibei’s Car

Since there was something to eat, the puppy quickly hobbled over in joy and gobbled down the food. It really was a good-to-provide-for dog.

“How adorable!” Cheng Mengying also pushed the door to come out and saw the puppy wolfing down the leftover food, so she bent down and stroked it.

The puppy seemed to know that Cheng Mengying was its “savior” and immediately swung its tail towards Cheng Mengying, showing its desire to be intimate.

Xiao Chen was slightly amazed, this dog’s memory was actually so good? Still able to remember the young lady?

“Jin Beibei?” Xiao Chen didn’t see Jin Beibei, so he spoke out thoughtlessly.

“Who knows what she’s fiddling with, messing with her car, that Porsche.” Speaking of the car, Cheng Mengying was somewhat helpless, she just didn’t know how to explain it to Shen Jingxuan.

“Oh……” Xiao Chen nodded. Jin Beibei was this kind of person, if there was something she liked, then her liking wouldn’t stop.

“Xiao Chen, how about we give it a name?” Cheng Mengying held up the puppy and showed how much she liked it.

It was very hard for Xiao Chen to comprehend why Cheng Mengying would like the dirty dog, but still said: “This dog is crippled, so how about we call it ‘Crippled Dog’!”

“Get out with your ‘Crippled Dog’, how come you’re now called ‘Loser Chen’ after dropping down!” Cheng Mengying glared at Xiao Chen: “Right now this lady is giving you an opportunity to help her name this puppy, so try again.”

“Then how about calling it ‘Goddess Dog’?” Xiao Chen looked at the young lady’s bad gaze and said with a forced smile: “Or calling it ‘Lai Fu’? ‘Wang Cai’? ‘Xiao Baibai’?1

“Xiao Chen, are your eyes blind? This dog is black, why would you call it Xiao Baibai?” Cheng Mengying became angry: “Also, Lai Fu, Wang Cai, can you not be so cliché? Goddess Dog, fancy that you can think of this? This dog is male, it even has a little jj2, why would you call it Goddess Dog……hiccup……”

Cheng Mengying was angered stupid by Xiao Chen and spoke incoherently in anger, even able to say ‘little jj’. At this time, her face suddenly became red and in order to cover up her embarrassment, Cheng Mengying said: “I feel that it should be called ‘Universe’s Super-Unparalleled Dog!”

“……” Xiao Chen felt that it was hard for him to catch up with the young lady’s train of thought: “What you say you want to call it is what it’ll be called it.”

“What’s this ‘whatever this young lady calls it is what it’ll be called it’? Xiao Chen, I’ll give you an opportunity to praise this young lady.” Cheng Mengying hugged Universe’s Super-Unparallelled nouveau riche dog and felt that the name she gave was very cool.

“It’s really pleasant to hear, Universe’s Unparallelled Super Dog.” Xiao Chen nodded.

“Wrong! It’s Universe’s Super-Unparallelled Dog, not Unparallelled Super Dog!” Cheng Mengying angrily said: “Say it again!”

“……” Xiao Chen was a bit sympathetic for Cao Yuliang. If he was able to successfully pursue the young lady, then his whole life would be destroyed. En, therefore it’s better that I be destroyed.

“Cousin Mengying, brother-in-law, quickly come and see my car!” Just as Xiao Chen was about to repeat the puppy’s name, Jin Beibei animatedly ran over and helped him out of trouble, making him let out a sigh of relief.

Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen followed Jin Beibei to the front courtyard of the villa to look at the car. They were scared the moment they took a glance; on top of the rear window, Jin Beibei stuck on several large glittering golden words: “Nouveau Riche Jin Beibei’s Car”.

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“This car……” Cheng Mengying felt a bit out of place.

“This is so that if Chen Jinpeng gets the car back, it will have my mark on it!” Jin Beibei said complacently.

Xiao Chen looked at the dazzling “777” trademark on the car and became a bit speechless. Such an obvious identification mark was still present, how could Chen Jinpeng not recognize it? Moreover, this car’s color was limited edition and it was probably the only of its kind in Songning City.

However, compared to Chen Jinpeng, Xiao Chen still stood on Jin Beibei’s side.

After they finished looking at the car, Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei went upstairs while Xiao Chen returned to his own room. He began inspecting his body for any changes, but the examination disappointed Xiao Chen a little: “Tian Lao, how come I feel that there’s no clear effect after taking this auxiliary medicine?”

“What kind of effect did you want? Didn’t you listen to me? Truth Cultivation is like defying heaven and order, each step is filled with hardship. You becoming a Third Layer Qi-Training Truth Cultivator after several days is already very good!” Tian Lao rebuked: “Besides, you only took the medicine and still haven’t continued cultivating, where would the change come from?”

“That……is true.” Xiao Chen just remembered that he didn’t have time to revolve his mental mantra after tempering himself because Cheng Mengying called him for an outing. Moreover, if his strength was converted to a practitioner of martial arts, it would be that of a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist’s; how could it be that easy to achieve3?

“However, there is a difference between a Martialist and Truth Cultivator; for a Martialist, it’s hard in the beginning, easy later, then hard again, but for a Truth Cultivator, it is always very difficult.” Tian Lao said: “Your current speed is enough for you to be burning incense.4

Xiao Chen nodded and sat down cross-legged on his bed, then began revolving his mental mantra and started cultivating.

Truly, one wouldn’t know if one didn’t cultivate. Once he started cultivating, Xiao Chen then detected a difference! Previously, when Xiao Chen absorbed the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth to transform into his Origin Qi, there was an indistinct feeling of feeling full, but now, it seemed like he was a hungry person that had just seen food, doing everything he could to absorb the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth with his entire body.

A night without words.

Early morning.

What made Xiao Chen disappointed was the fact that he hadn’t broken through to Fourth Layer Qi-Training. Xiao Chen did a simple tidy up of his room, then left for the grocery store near the morning market street.

When Xiao Chen arrived, he discovered Tang Tang in the middle of something, so he asked with a bit of curiosity: “What are you doing?”

“Making soft tofu sauce.” Tang Tang replied without raising her head: “Our current business is so good that if we don’t sell soft tofu, it would be a pity; we could be raising our daily income!”

“Okay.” Xiao Chen nodded: “Is there anything I need to do?”

“Oh, you should try learning it, I feel like the flavor of your creations will definitely be better!” Tang Tang was very confident about Xiao Chen’s cooking skills.

Xiao Chen nodded. Actually, the creation of soft tofu sauce was extremely simple. It only required several kinds of seasonings, then blending it together with some dried daylily and wood ear.

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After he finished doing this, Xiao Chen began placing the things onto the tricycle. However, when he was placing the dough in, he suddenly felt his hands sink, so he asked with a bit of confusion: “Tang Tang, how come there’s so much dough prepared today?”

“There isn’t enough fried breadstick, honey fruits and so on for us to sell every day, so I prepared a bit more. In any case, if we don’t end up using it all, we can just give it to the grocery store grandma and it wouldn’t be wasted.” Tang Tang said: “The cost for these things is low and what’s fried becomes money!”

Seeing Tang Tang’s little miserly appearance, Xiao Chen felt a slight pang of pain in his heart. Her ability to unhesitantly give her hard-earned money to him and even not ask for it back made Xiao Chen very emotionally moved.

Riding the tricycle to the morning market street, Xiao Chen began a new day of business. Although he had earned 120,000 yesterday by helping a wealthy woman look for her dog, Xiao Chen knew that it was impossible to earn this kind of money every day. Steadily deep-frying breadsticks was better.

Xiao Chen and Tang Tang belonged to the relatively early group; there weren’t many people on the morning market street at this time. Xiao Chen moved the gas tank and other equipment, erected the vendor stall, and prepared to start a day of business……

Lin Ke’er was recently a bit depressed. Xiao Chen transferred out of First High without leaving behind any news. She was merely a girl from an ordinary family, so she simply didn’t have any news channels and naturally didn’t know that Xiao Chen had gone to Second High.

She had wanted to ask Xiao Chen’s friend Zhu Yingxiong, but didn’t go dare ask because she didn’t know whether Zhu Yingxiong was good or bad, whether he had defected or not. The matter of Chen Jinpeng’s betrayal made her really hate this person. In Lin Ke’er’s opinion, Chen Jinpeng was previously Xiao Chen’s little brother yet still betrayed Xiao Chen and this was unforgivable.

In the past, Lin Ke’er avoided Xiao Chen in fear of him requesting something from her, but now that Xiao Chen disappeared, Lin Ke’er felt a sense of emptiness in her heart. It wasn’t to say that she liked Xiao Chen, it was just that she felt that Xiao Chen was very pitiful. Xiao Chen assisted her in the past before; now that Xiao Chen was in a difficult situation, she should help him with her humble strength.

However, Xiao Chen didn’t appear at First High anymore.

Lin Ke’er was helping her parents push their three-wheeled cart5 towards the morning market street. Her parents were laid-off workers and did a small-scale business to earn a living, already operated a beef banmian6 business for many years on the morning market street. Lin Ke’er came here every day before school to help her parents do business.

This girl, at this age, was already beginning to bustle around for her family’s livelihood.

Just as usual, Lin Ke’er was at the back pushing the cart towards her family’s vendor spot when a breeze blew past and dispersed the beautiful hair on Lin Ke’er’s forehead. She subconsciously went to sweep her hair back into place, but this also caused her to unintentionally glance to the side, which made her see a familiar silhouette!

Lin Ke’er suddenly halted in her steps and covered her mouth in disbelief, to make herself not cry out in surprise!

It’s Xiao Chen! It’s really Xiao Chen!

Xiao Chen’s shadow long ago already left its mark in Lin Ke’er’s heart. Although it was the type where it was fear and protection against, it didn’t hinder her from suddenly recognizing Xiao Chen right now.

What is he doing? He’s actually setting up a vendor stall in the morning market? It was very difficult for Lin Ke’er to match up this bustling figure before her eyes and that campus dandy young master in her heart.

Where had the past Xiao Chen gone, the one gambling with with several little brothers, the one that would create awe wherever he went? And now, Xiao Chen was unexpectedly……he was preparing to deep-fry breadsticks?

“Dammit girl, what are you doing? How come you’re not pushing? Do you want to tire your old mother to death!” A harsh sounding voice echoed out and frightened Lin Ke’er, making her train of thought return to reality.

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Lin Ke’er’s father had severe rheumatism, so he couldn’t pull the cart. He also didn’t have the strength to push the cart, so he had no other choice but to sit on the car with Lin Ke’er’s mother pulling the cart and Lin Ke’er pushing the cart. Lin Ke’er stop caused mother Lin to suddenly feel labored.

“Ah……sorry.” Lin Ke’er hurriedly exerted herself to push the car and took back her gaze off of Xiao Chen from her peripheral vision.

Lin Ke’er had never thought that Xiao Chen, an aloof young master, would be here selling deep-fried breadsticks as this was only something a poor person would do. Lin Ke’er once thought that she and Xiao Chen were worlds apart, but it didn’t seem so true at this moment.


  1. TLN: Lai Fu = Come, happiness | Wang Cai = Flourishing Wealth | Xiao Baibai = Lil’ White | Also, when Xiao Chen suggests calling it ‘Goddess Dog’, he means it in the form of “oh, this is Goddess XYZ, ruler of XYZ.” 
  2. TLN: JJ is slang for *****. 
  3. TLN: Some chapters ago, it was stated that Third Layer Inner Strength is the threshold for geniuses and you can only get an OP master if you’re a teenager and Third Layer Inner Strength. Therefore, it goes to show how hard it is for a Martialist(one who practices martial arts) to achieve this level. 
  4. TLN: “Burning incense” is also a way of saying that he’s so blessed that he should probably start worshipping his ancestors for his good luck. 
  5. TLN: This can also be called ‘tricycle’, but the reason I don’t put it as such is because the one Xiao Chen & Tang Tang use is more of a vehicle while Lin Ke’er’s family uses three-wheeled vendor stall. 
  6. TLN: Banmian 

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