Chapter 3 – Possessed by a Spirit?

When going away from the food stall, the face of Xiao Chen was perplexed. Originally he thought that even if the hard work yielded no result, he will be the Xiao clan’s heir. As long as he marry Cheng Mengying and had children, then those children would put their foot on the martial road. In that way the Xiao clan wouldn’t say anything.

After all, the life of a warrior is long. His father, Xiao Chen was rare genius of his generation so they would have patience with his grandson to grow.

So he had a plan. He would fake being an ignorant and incompetent rich boy. He would also pick hot girls and indulge himself in a life of debauchery.

Besides the inner branch of the Xiao clan, Xiao Chen successfully fooled all the people and nobody thought that Xiao Chen force himself to cultivate every day for ten years like a madman.

What he didn’t expect is that his father would disappear and Cheng Mengying’s uncle, the most promising youngster of his generation, would be also missing from the small team which his father led into the trial. The news from the outside world said that because the mistakes in making decision, Xiao Chen’s father, Xiao Feng, resulted in the whole trial team killed. They said that his father ruined the lives of those people and their future prospect in the trials.

Cheng master’s son was furious, so they put under pressure the Xiao clan, resulting in the expulsion of him from his clan!

The Cheng clan is an old martial clan, and can be compared either with the four big clans of the Songning city or the small five clan’s head. In the northwest is one of the very best, and it was natural because they were one of those few ancient martial clans on the Daxia Country but not only that, the clan was born here. They are a transcendent existence, a clan where the martial arts were passed through hundreds of years.

The Xiao clan, Chen clan and the Cao clan were that type of existence, but almost ten years ago, the Cheng clan rose abruptly as a clan. They also cultivate but the Chen clan’s heritage cannot be compared! There are nine clans on the Songning city, but the ranking is not always the same, they regularly held a clan meeting where they will be re ranked according to the comprehensive strength of each clan.

The ranking has always changed more or less but never the ranking of the Cheng clan!

Therefore, being married with the Cheng Clan would mean the rapidly advance of their respective clans. That’s what they thought and because the head of their clans, Xiao Feng and Cheng Zhenfei were training from childhood under the same person, from early they fixed a marriage for Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying.

“Kid, need a car?” In the moment when he was hesitating, a taxi stopped besides Xiao Chen. The driver estimated that because he was standing foolishly there, that maybe he was waiting for a car.

Xiao Chen looked blankly at him, but he still nodded. He didn’t want to stay anymore in the school, because if he stays he would be ridiculed. He wants a quiet place to think about the future.

Now that he was without clan, without father, he must plan his life all for himself.

“As you like, I need to find a peaceful place!” Xiao Chen opens the taxi’s door.

“A peaceful place? Kid, you have someplace in mind?” The taxi driver distracted asked.

“En, a place where you can’t find people.” He didn’t want to talk much; he went to the point and nodded.

Without asking why, the taxi driver launched its small car leaving behind the food stall.

Xiao Chen doesn’t know but not long ago after he left on the taxi, a black Audi car was behind them, the model was an A6L. It was pretty ordinary but if you don’t have a professional anti reconnaissance capability you wouldn’t notice it.

The taxi stopped on the edge of a cliff of the Longshan Mountain. This place was a tourist attraction. A company brought this place with the intention of developing into a business, however in this moment; this place is an unmanned place. In summer, lovers come here to have a love affair but now it was autumn, so the wind is quite big on the precipice. That’s why was actually uninhabited.

But for Xiao Chen, this place is perfect. It was possible to calm down his heart. The blowing wind was clearing his head.

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What happened today was so much and because he was expulsed from his clan, he had much time to think about just before participating on the friendly match of basketball. Xiao Chen paid the driver and went to sit on the edge of the precipice. He was looking at a bottomless cliff, lost in his thoughts…

From now on what I’m going to do? I don’t have inner strength. Xiao Chen is no different to an ordinary person, but even in the clan, ordinary people were not expulsed, so he was inferior to them.

Originally, he was a good-for-nothing young master, but he thought that he was quite intelligent, fooling everyone, but now that he lost everything, he understood that he was only a little smart.

When Xiao Chen was contemplating the scenery, he does not know who but someone pushed him violently with a kick!

“****!” Xiao Chen curses in rage, his body was falling down slowly though the precipice. Who the hell can be so cruel?

Wind was whistling on his ears and the bottomless cliff left Xiao Chen forehead covered with cold sweat!

I’m going to die? Xiao Chen’s eyes flashed a hint of unwilling! After all, who is going to kill himself? The person who pushed him has inner strength. Xiao Chen felt that if they hadn’t used inner strength, then he wouldn’t fall so easily. The distance from where he sat to the precipice was at least two meters or more. Ordinary people would only make him stumble because it would be impossible to push him downwards the precipice given the distance!

Although all this years he couldn’t train inner energy, his body was sturdier than average people. That was the fruit of his effort, the effort of training every day in the night.

However, now this effort has become meaningless. He felt helpless seeing getting closer more and more to the end of the precipice…

“Bang——“ A loud sound. Xiao Chen felt all of his organs shattered, then, he lost consciousness…

He doesn’t know how many time passed, but suddenly, he heard a sound who let Xiao Chen absolutely terrified!

Because that sound didn’t come from hearing, rather, it comes from inside of his mind!

“Wake up… Wake up…” That sound was spinning on his mind. Scared, he did a great jump but he was not aware that he jumped suddenly!

“Who? Who is it?” Xiao Chen even forgot that he was pushed down from the precipice but also he didn’t have time to think about why he didn’t die. Rather, he looked everywhere looking for the sound source.

“I.” A somewhat old sound echoed again. Inmmedialty his face was covered with horror!

Because he practiced martial arts, Xiao Chen is not a coward, he already saw countless dead people, but the scene in front of him surpassed a normal situation!

“You… Who are you? Where are you?” Asked Xiao Chen shortness of breath.

“I’m inside of your body!” Said the voice.

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“What… What joke are you saying?” Said Xiao Chen subconsciously, but he still looked down, lowering his head, looking at himself. But there was no difference on him

“You thought that I was joking? I’m a spirit/soul. In this moment I’m inside your body.” The voice said it indifferent.

“A spirit? In my body? I’m… possessed?” When Xiao Chen spat the word “possessed” his face turned white.


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