Chapter 56 – Xiao Chen, You Want To Take Small Advantages?

However, this way actually averted Sha Dage’s harming of Lou Zhenming. This kind of ‘firmly staking it all’ manner forced Sha Dage have no other choice but to wholeheartedly respond to it or rapidly escape. In short, he simply had no time to deal with Lou Zhenming.

But Sha Dage clearly didn’t think a Martialist whose strength wasn’t weaker than his would exit and come attack him. There wasn’t enough time for him to dodge, so he had no alternative but to release Lou Zhenming, turn around, and strike in response to Lei Dianfeng.


The sound of muffled thunder burst forth from the collision of the fists from the two people. The two people simultaneously retreated several steps; this really was true ‘meeting force with force’! Lei Dianfeng feared that Lou Zhenming would be injured by Sha Dage, so he had no other choice but to use all his strength and make Sha Dage defend himself. Thus, Sha Dage also had no other choice but to use up all his strength.

The outcome was that the two people were mutually injured and both received a very severe internal injury.

The two formidable experts bumping each other caused Lou Zhenming to suck in his tongue. Wasn’t this too flamboyant? Luckily Lei Dianfeng jumped out to save him otherwise he truly would have died here!

But Lou Zhenming had some doubts; where did this Sha Dage come from? Before, Lou Zhenming was under the impression that he was the migrant worker that Jin Beibei had hired from somewhere. However, when this damn person truly struck out, it was with the strength of a Fourth Layer Inner Strength Martialist! How would he be so easy to hire?

And just a moment ago when he asked him whether he was companions with Xiao Chen or not, from what he saw, this person clearly wasn’t Xiao Chen’s companion. Could it be that he was in a group with Cheng Mengying? Cheng Mengying’s bodyguard?

It was possible once he thought about it! Remembering his completely uncalled for offense to Cheng Mengying’s bodyguard, Lou Zhenming felt a fire burn inside. He had truly sent out troops for no reason! Not only did he not obtain the proper result of ‘Hero Saving The Beauty’, on the contrary, he offended people!

“Who are you?” After Lei Dianfeng spat out a mouthful of blood, he coldly looked at Sha Dage and asked in a loud voice.

Sha Dage wasn’t much better. After Lei Dianfeng spat blood, he also couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood. Only, Sha Dage didn’t respond. He hesitated but also didn’t continue fighting. Instead, he turned around to run away!

Lei Dianfeng hesitated yet didn’t go chase. His current injury wasn’t light, moreover he feared that Sha Dage was planning to lure him away. His top priority was to send back Lou Zhenming safe and sound, so he endured the injury inside his body and said to Lou Zhenming: “Young Master Ming, let’s quickly leave this place.”

“O-oh, okay!” Lou Zhenming was a bit stunned. Hearing Lei Dianfeng’s words, he hurriedly nodded! Taking a glance at the hooligans lying on the ground, even if Lou Zhenming was extremely unwilling in his heart, he could currently only helplessly say to Ma Gangchuan and Thin Monkey: “Gangchuan, Thin Monkey, carry these people inside and deliver them to the hospital! Right, there are also the books on the ground. Pick them up and return it to Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei tomorrow.”

“Yes, Brother Ming……” Thin Monkey and Ma Gangchuan promptly responded, but taking a look at the scattered review materials on the ground, Thin Monkey carefully asked: “Right, should we also pick up Xiao Chen’s materials together?”

“Pick!” Even if Lou Zhenming didn’t want to pick them up, since today’s circumstances had already become like this, if he picked up Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei’s and only not Xiao Chen’s, then this good person would also be tarnished! Thinking about it, he had really bad luck. Not only did his ‘hero saving the beauty’ fail, but he also became a porter for free.

The original lively alley instantly become empty without a person.

Xiao Chen pulled Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei and madly dashed, running straight towards the villa area. Despite the two females having exercised themselves from childhood and also on the basis of having cultivated inner strength for a period of time, they still were tired panting at this moment.

“Tired…….tired to death……Xiao Chen, you *******, do you want to tire this Young Lady to death……” Cheng Mengying held her chest and heavily breathed in big mouthfuls of air.

“My chest, my chest, nearly ran away waa……” Jin Beibei used her hand to support the twin peaks of her big chest. She sighed and cried out: “Brother-in-law Xiao Chen, compensate me for my chest!”

“Beibei!” Cheng Mengying turned her head and glared at Jin Beibei. What sort of time is this, yet still asking to compensate for your chest? Xiao Chen is a big man, how can he compensate for your chest?

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“Eh……then no need to compensate. Who let him become my cousin’s man!” Jin Beibei said with a suffering face.

“Do you believe that I will grasp you right now……and pinch your chest until it explodes?” Cheng Mengying had a murderous gaze that made Jin Beibei firmly shut her mouth.

Xiao Chen naturally wouldn’t take Jin Beibei’s words seriously. He was very clear on Jin Beibei’s character, moreover he didn’t believe that if Jin Beibei called him ‘cousin’s man’ several times, he would really turn into her ‘cousin’s man’. He would only believe it if he was a ******.

“Sorry, I’ve implicated you guys……” Xiao Chen apologized to the panting Young Lady and little girl Jin Beibei.

“Xiao Chen, what’s the matter? Who was that person? Why did he want to find trouble with you?” Cheng Mengying calmed down and seriously looked at Xiao Chen: “Do you need this Young Lady to call my father to check?”

Although the Young Lady’s tone was icy and arrogant, the ‘deeply concerned’ expression on her face couldn’t be faked, making Xiao Chen’s heart warm! Today, he almost caused the two of them to have bad luck, but the Young Lady actually didn’t find fault and blame him. Instead, she inquired if he had any troubles!

From what he could see now, aside from being arrogant and pampered, the Young Lady’s character was very kind hearted. It was just that he wasn’t clear about this before. He was still thinking that she was a proud and arrogant looking-down-on-people person, but now he could see that it actually totally wasn’t like this. At least when Xiao Chen went down like this, Young Lady Cheng still didn’t look down on him.

“I don’t know. There are many people who will hit a person when he’s down, who knows if it’s Lou Zhenming’s self-directed performance? Moreover, there’s also Chen Jinpeng, Zhao Yuliang and others who will hit a person when he’s down……” Xiao Chen spoke up to here and broke off, then looked towards Cheng Mengying: “Of course……actually, there’s another possibility……”

After he spoke up to here, Xiao Chen didn’t continue speaking. But because Cheng Mengying was extremely intelligent, she was able to guess what Xiao Chen wanted to say.

As expected, Cheng Mengying’s complexion slightly changed; Cheng Clan was one of Xiao Chen’s suspected targets. Quickly after, Cheng Mengying gave up the idea of letting Cheng Clan help investigate. Her father had said not to rely on Cheng Clan. Even if he was the Young Clan Head, he was only temporarily managing Cheng Clan’s business. Grandfather Cheng also didn’t give him too much authority to interfere with family affairs, rather firmly controlled it by himself. In fact, to be honest, Cheng Zhongming had already wanted to take over. Due to Grandfather Cheng’s original way of thinking, the position of Young Clan Head should be left to Cheng Mengying’s missing brother-in-law, but he had encountered a sudden encounter midway! If Cheng Zhongming helped Xiao Chen under this kind of Clan environment, it was very possible that he wouldn’t be able to help him, but also implicate himself! After all, there was still Cheng Zhongfan on the side who was covetously eyeing the position of Young Clan Head!

“Let’s go home, we’re going to buy a car on the weekend.” Cheng Mengying didn’t ask any further. Rather, she said these words very flatly.

The meaning of buying a car was very obvious; that was to let Xiao Chen drive them back to the villa every day. This way, they could greatly reduce the possibility of meeting an enemy in this kind of unlucky street alley.

“Good good, I just happened to want to change cars!” Jin Beibei happily said.

Towards Jin Beibei’s simple-mindedness, Cheng Mengying didn’t what was good to say. She was tidying up the cuff that Xiao Chen pulled wrinkled and about ready to go home, but was suddenly alarmed: “Ah! My bracelet……”

“What bracelet?” Xiao Chen stared blankly.

“Before my grandmother departed, she left me a bracelet. This is the only relic my grandmother left me……” Cheng Mengying was a little anxious. Inside Cheng Clan, a girl wasn’t a target of much importance. Although she was proud Cheng Clan Young Lady outside, from the view of Cheng Clan people, she was going to be some other family’s daughter-in-law from beginning to end.

Therefore, in the aspect of cultivating Inner Strength, she could only cultivate a bit. It was very unlikely for a specialist to take the trouble to guide her. As for inside Cheng Clan, the person best to Cheng Mengying outside of Cheng Zhongming and his wife, was Cheng Mengying’s grandmother, Esteemed Mother Xiao.

Esteemed Mother Xiao was surnamed Xiao and in fact was considered Xiao Clan’s person. She was Xiao Chen’s grandfather’s adopted younger sister, but there was no blood relation.

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This was also the reason why Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen could be engaged so smoothly at the time. Cheng Zhongming and Xiao Feng, however said, was their Clan’s second generation. Another good matter was that without the Grandfather’s nod, it was impossible for their children to be engaged in private.

At the time, there was Esteemed Mother Xiao pushing it along, so this matter naturally didn’t encounter any resistance. However, now that Esteemed Mother Xiao had passed away from a long time, Grandfather Cheng began to waver. Cheng Clan’s son also had something bad happen, so as a result, Cheng Clan didn’t have any speakers to defend Xiao Chen.

If it was an ordinary ornament, Xiao Chen wouldn’t care too much about it, but this bracelet was different. It was the gift that his grandfather had given Esteemed Mother Xiao when they swore siblinghood. He didn’t think that it would unexpectedly pass into Cheng Mengying’s hands! The implied message in this action was self-evident.

Of course, Xiao Chen also didn’t think Esteemed Mother had any other bracelets. This was because Esteemed Mother Xiao wasn’t a woman that wished to be beautiful. She was a Martialist, so she had very few jewelry.

But even if this bracelet wasn’t the one his grandfather gave Esteemed Mother Xiao, Xiao Chen would still help the Young Lady look for it. Firstly, it was because that it was his fault that the bracelet was lost. Secondly, even if it wasn’t his fault, the Young Lady hadn’t been cold to him these days. Thus, if he could help, he naturally would help.

However, how to search?

Xiao Chen didn’t speak. Cheng Mengying had already begun turning around towards the original road to find it. However, with this greatly dark sky, even if there was street lights, it would be very hard to look for something on the ground.

“Cheng Mengying, wait.” Xiao Chen opened his mouth and called for Cheng Mengying to stop.

“En?” Cheng Mengying turned her head and looked at Xiao Chen somewhat doubtfully, not understanding why Xiao Chen called for her to stop.

Xiao Chen didn’t speak too much. Instead, he quickly walked to Cheng Mengying’s side, suddenly reaching out and held Cheng Mengying’s small hand. Then, he proceeded to pick it up and sniff it with his nose.

“Ah……what do you want to do?” Cheng Mengying was frightened by Xiao Chen’s abrupt action. She subconsciously shook off Xiao Chen’s hand and fumed as she glared at Xiao Chen: “You want to take small advantages?”

“Let me smell again.” Xiao Chen said as he went to pull at Cheng Mengying’s hand again.

“You…….what do you want to do?” Cheng Mengying was startled and angry: “Xiao Chen, did you take the wrong medicine? Look at what time it is yet you’re still thinking of these dirty matters? Before, you just pulled me and ran. Did you not pull enough?”

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