Chapter 35 – Drinking Your Papaya Yogurt

Harsh, unreasonable, and not afraid of death, Old Master Jin was exactly one that did not fear death. When the family inquired about Jin Family’s doings throughout the years, they immediately gave up. Not only did they give an apology to Old Master Jin saying that it was a misunderstanding, but they also compensated Jin Beibei a car. However, Jin Beibei threw this car into the garage because she liked her Beatle. She felt that a girl driving a Beatle was quite lovable.

Although she looked lovable, her disposition wasn’t lovable at all.

Anyway, that dead influential son was nothing more than a collateral and that Ancient Martial Family would not fight to death just for a collateral because Old Master Jin was a lunatic. He was exactly this, so as a result, the Head of the family put the blame on the parents of that influential son for not teaching him properly and their family industries were taken back.

As a result, Jin Beibei’s ‘little demoness’ title spread like wildfire. Lou Zhenming did not think that his own family was as formidable as the Ancient Martial Family. Lou Family was taking time to recuperate and build up strength and if they got into trouble with Jin Family, then they would be finished.

“Then your invitation to cousin Mengying for a meal, that is to say, is just cheating us?” Jin Beibei unhappily looked at Lou Zhenming.

“This….eating a meal doesn’t require 100,000 RMB. I meant that I don’t have 100,000 RMB, but I have enough money to eat breakfast.” Lou Zhenming quickly explained as he got a scare.

“Oh, then give it to me.” Jin Beibei extended out her somewhat chubby little hand.

Lou Zhenming cursed his bad luck, but actually took out his meal card and handed it over to Jin Beibei: “There’s about 7 to 8 thousand RMB in here, so it’s definitely enough for breakfast….”

“Okay, I understand. I kindly accept this offering.” Jin Beibei smiled with curved squinted eyes as she put the meal card away: “You can go but you still owe me 93,000 RMB.”

Hearing Jin Beibei’s first half of her words made Lou Zhenming let out a sigh of relief, but after hearing the latter half of her words, he almost staggered and fell onto the floor! So there was this kind of trap! Just by saying hello, he somehow already owed a debt of more than 90,000 RMB!

“Puchi….” As Cheng Mengying watched Lou Zhenming deflate before Jin Beibei, she immediately could not help but laugh.

But upon hearing Cheng Mengying’s laugh, Lou Zhenming thought that he had successfully won the beautiful girl’s laugh! He felt that his 100,000 RMB was spent well. In the past, there were fights with fire between princes and the purpose was to win the beauty’s smile, but he didn’t have to set himself on fire. All he had to do was spend 100,000 RMB, so he felt that it was worth it! Thinking up to here, Lou Zhenming’s mood balanced out.

He returned to his seat no longer depressed, but first thing he did was dial his father, Lou Siwen’s, phone.

“Zhenming, you don’t seem to be studying well in school; why the **** are you giving me a call?” Lou Siwen was collecting debts in the gathering place as he answered Lou Zhenming’s call. He immediately became a bit unhappy due to this. Although he was called Lou Siwen, the way he spoke to children wasn’t gentle 1. However, he could not change this, so he very much hoped that Lou Zhenming would be successful.

“That….dad, I want to apply to you for some money to chase a girl!” Lou Zhenming had been tricked out of 200,000 RMB by Xiao Chen the day before and tricked out of 100,000 RMB by Jin Beibei today, thus suddenly making his economic status unable to make ends meet, so he had to seek help from Lou Siwen.

“Chase a girl? You’re not studying well at school, chase my ***!” Lou Siwen was furious! ‘This daddy2 sent you to school to make you study, but you dare to chase girls?’

“That….dad, don’t be angry, hear me out…” Lou Zhenming forehead immediately became full of cold sweat: “Dad, this time the girl I’m chasing is not an ordinary girl, but rather a top quality one….”

“**** your ***, what chasing a top quality girl? Hurry and study well for this daddy!” Lou Siwen angrily said.

“Dad, don’t get stirred up! This girl, I plan to marry her, she is Cheng Family’s Chang Mengying, the one that broke off the engagement with Xiao Family!” Lou Zhenming was afraid that Lou Siwen would hang up, so he quickly explained what he meant.

“Oh?” Although Lou Siwen gave him an education for his future career, he wasn’t a fool. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to coordinate with Old Master Lou to turn Lou Family into an Aristocratic Family. When he heard that the girl Lou Zhenming was chasing was Cheng Mengying, he immediately became interested: “Do you have any confidence?”

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“Can’t say that it’s 100%, but there’s at least a 50% chance because I discovered that Cheng Mengying seems to like violent boys. Moreover, she and Jin Beibei, this overbearing over, play together, so it may be assumed that she likes bullying people and bullying people is our strength!” Lou Zhenming stated his analysis.

“That’s fine, how much do you want!” Lou Siwen actually didn’t meddle this time. If Lou Zhenming actually managed to successfully pursue Cheng Family’s Young Lady, then Lou Family and Cheng Family would be related by marriage. Though it wouldn’t be said that they would acquire help from Cheng Family forever, however, for the next few years, at least Lou Family would run smoother.

“Then how about giving me 1 million?” Lou Zhenming asked as a probe.

“Okay, I’ll make someone put it into your card in a moment.” Lou Siwen had no hesitation this time as he directly replied.

Lou Zhenming immediately felt some regret upon seeing that Lou Siwen didn’t argue and directly agreed to his request. Wouldn’t he have gotten 2 million if he asked for it?

Jin Beibei was not in Third Year First Class, but she sat on the edge of Cheng Mengying’s seat. She didn’t fear anything because even the school principal would say nothing upon seeing it because Chen Family wouldn’t want to offend Jin Family over a trivial matter like this.

However, Lou Zhenming was a bit in a bad mood. Having this kind of young demoness sitting at Cheng Mengying’s side simply increased the difficulty of his pursuing! If he didn’t know about Jin Beibei’s character, Lou Zhenming would have been very happy about her arrival. This kind of cow girl at Cheng Mengying’s side, if possible, having a threesome with them would be very refreshing, but obviously this was not possible. Only if Lou Zhenming had a head filled with water, otherwise there wouldn’t be such a ridiculous idea in his head.

“How come Xiao Chen hasn’t come yet?” Young Lady Cheng looked at the time on her watch. It had been half an hour, but Xiao Chen still wasn’t here: “This guy wouldn’t have gotten lost when riding a taxi right?”

“Cousin Mengying, you’re worrying about brother-in-law?” Jin Beibei said while drinking papaya-flavored yogurt.

“Why are you drinking your papaya-flavored yogurt. Even though your chest is almost at soccer ball size, you still want to drink?” Cheng Mengying naturally would not admit that she was worrying about Xiao Chen and that she was just afraid that Xiao Chen had become lost.

“Cousin Mengying is definitely jealous of me.” Jin Beibei intentionally threw out her chest: “If you don’t believe then ask brother-in-law whether he likes my breasts or cousin Mengying’s poor breasts.”

“Who has poor breasts? Mine aren’t small, they’re B-cups!” Cheng Mengying was unwilling to show any weakness.

“Just a B oh. When I was 10, I had a C-cup.” Jin Beibei said.

“Sooner or later, you’ll have to hold them with your hands.” Cheng Mengying was defeated. To be honest, she was a little jealous.

“No problem, in any case you have a servant, I’ll just make him hold them for me.” Jin Beibei said indifferently: “Right, Cousin Mengying, you won’t be jealous if I make brother-in-law hold my chest for me right?”

“I wouldn’t care if he died!” Cheng Mengying replied: “But Jin Beibei, don’t you understand that men and women can’t be too intimate? Why would you ask him for help?”

“I was just joking!” Jin Beibei really was joking. Who would go out with someone holding their breasts for them? But as she looked at her own size and the papaya-flavored yogurt at her hand, she really feared that there would be such a day. Thus, she directly swapped her own papaya-flavored yogurt with Cheng Mengying’s original flavored yogurt: “Let’s switch drinks.”

Cheng Mengying didn’t say anything. In any case, she didn’t mind drinking what Jin Beibei drank out of. Before, she actually wanted to buy papaya-flavored yogurt, but she was embarrassed to do so in front of Jin Beibei lest Jin Beibei think that she wanted to make her breasts larger. Therefore, she brought the original flavor so the exchange right now fine with her.

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This was Xiao Chen’s first time taking a bus and he felt that the smell on the bus wasn’t so nice, especially the leek boxes3 and meat bun smell and the fragrances of many different foods. However, the beautiful girl holding a fried bread stick4 was quite attractive, making Xiao Chen feel ashamed….and hungry….

However the position Xiao Chen boarded the bus was outside the villa area, naturally it was impossible for this kind of place to sell a breakfast like this, and the shops named “Jewel Congee Shop” and the like looked like really domineering places. Xiao Chen did not have the desire to go in and thought: ‘Shouldn’t the kinds of food in these shops cost a few hundred?’ Xiao Chen simply didn’t have the money.

When he got off board, Xiao Chen suddenly discovered Tang Tang happening to walk from the opposite direction. She was carrying a bag of fried bread sticks in her hands and probably a soybean milk, causing Xiao Chen’s eyes to light up, his eyes giving off a green ray5.

“Tang Tang!” Xiao Chen waved his hands at Tang Tang.

Tang Tang looked up and saw Xiao Chen get off of the bus. Seeing that he had not coming together with Cheng Mengying, she immediately became a bit astonished! It was seen from yesterday that Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying had gone home together, thus the two should come to school together too, but why was Xiao Chen coming by himself?

Tang Tang could not help but admire Xiao Chen’s ability to adapt. Able to crowd into public transportation? But thinking about how Xiao Chen wolfed down the steamed buns yesterday, Tang Tang knew that Xiao Chen’s character was good. At least he hadn’t been badly influenced too much by his dandy attitude.

“You haven’t eaten breakfast yet right? I brought you some fried bread sticks and soybean milk. Go eat it in the classroom.” Tang Tang shook the bags in her hand as she talked to Xiao Chen.

“Thank you!” Xiao Chen grinned. He originally wanted to bear his hungry and eat at noon and did not expect Tang Tang to bring him breakfast: “Generous, sorry for making you spend money!”

“It’s not a big deal.” Tang Tang indifferently waved her hand: “It’s self-made and sold so it costs nothing. Right, why did you come from a bus? What about Cheng Mengying?”

Xiao Chen was about to ask what she meant by self-made and sold, but was interrupted by Tang Tang’s question, so he instead said: “She and Jin Beibei came in a car, while I went to public transportation.”

“They came in a car?” Tang Tang became a bit angry after she heard this: “Isn’t this just bullying? Even if you’re her servant, you don’t need to deal with this right? How could a car not have enough space to not accommodate you?”

“I was given the choice to come by either car or taxi and I chose to take a taxi, thus earning 100 RMB, so I feel that it was worth it.” Xiao Chen explained with a smile. The Young Lady’s heart was very good. Although she was a bit prideful, her character wasn’t bad, so Xiao Chen helped explain her.

“That’s more like it, then every day you’ll be earning 100 RMB. This month you can make a lot of money!” Tang Tang nodded her head after hearing this: “Having so much money, you’ll have to treat me to lunch!”


  1. TLN: Siwen means ‘gentle’, ‘refined’, ‘cultured’ and so on. Here’s the Chinese characters if you want to put it onto an online dictionary ‘斯文’. 
  2. TLN: In this case, Lou Siwen is not referring to himself as a father or daddy, but the Chinese idiom that looks down upon someone else. If you’ve read other novels, the ‘father/daddy’ here is ‘老子(LaoZi)’. 
  3. TLN: If you’re interested and want to make them: Chinese Leek Boxes 
  4. TLN: If you’ve ever been to a Chinatown or a Chinese community before, you should have seen these at Dim Sum restaurants: Fried Bread Stick 
  5. TLN: Green means to desire someone else’s stuff. Google it if you’re interested. 

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