Chapter 38 – Both Dead

Of course, if someone started talking before the two people started fighting, then it would be possible for the flaws to be revealed. However, the two people couldn’t divert their attentions and talk at this moment. Whoever got distracted and talked would receive bad luck, so the two people tacitly sealed their mouths. ‘You come I attack’, fighting without playfulness!

And Xiao Chen, although he only had strength equivalent to a Peak First Layer Inner Qi, his battle experience was lacking. In school, even if he fought others, it was only fighting between students, not a brutal fight of military ‘if you don’t die I do’. Therefore, Xiao Chen did not depart and instead stood in the distance carefully watching the fight between the two men, watching their tactics and how they solved each other’s tactics, learning some experience. When it came time for when he had to fight an enemy, he wouldn’t be taken by surprise.

Although both people were going all out, the strength gap was very obvious. One had just became a Third Layer Inner Qi, while the other was a Peak Third Layer Inner Qi one step into Fourth Layer Inner Qi. Unconsciously, the Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior started getting into a disadvantageous situation, but even though the other Peak Third Layer Inner Qi was getting the upper hand, he obviously wasn’t feeling any better because his body suffered not too few attacks. This caused his speed to suffer, but the Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior was in an even more worse situation!

Very quickly, both their strengths appeared to be weak due to the both people going all out and suffering severe injuries!

The Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior and Peak Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior were complaining incessantly in their hearts. They did not think that the opposite party would be so difficult to deal with. This was practically putting another’s life before one’s own! The two people were forced to pull out all their skills. ‘Even if I am injured, I must clench my teeth to persist. Whoever shrinks back and waits a bit, then that person will be dead!’

The Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior’s heart became increasingly cold. The opposite party was extremely difficult to deal with; even though he was already going all out, he was still losing ground. He feared that the final result would definitely be him dying on the spot!

Thinking up to here, the Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior’s eyes had a flash of ruthlessness! In any case he was going to die, so it would be better to pull someone with him into death’s door! That’s right, that Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior was the wanted outlaw that Lou Zhenming asked for through Lei Dianfeng. He had long ago disregarded life and death, so since he would die today, then he might as well give his death some value!

“Die for me!” The Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior suddenly changed his previous attack and defense battle style and didn’t give mind to his weakness, fist suddenly pounding towards the Peak Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior’s head!

The Peak Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior’s eyes flashed with horror. He didn’t think that the opposite party would use a last resort move to end the fighting! But thinking for a bit, the opposite party was Xiao Chen’s bodyguard, so protecting the master so loyally was reasonable!

Therefore, the Peak Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior was also forced to fight recklessly. He knew that his strength and this “Xiao San’s” strength was about the same, so he absolutely wouldn’t be able to run away even if he wanted to. Once he showed a weakness, the opposite party would take advantage of it to obtain victory, and he would die miserably!

Now under the resolute risk of life, if there was a leeway, perhaps he wouldn’t die! Therefore the Peak Third Layer Inner Qi also made his move and in spite of his body’s lack of energy, his fist pounded towards the Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior!

Seeing this scene, the not-so-far-away Xiao Chen was on the verge of laughter. These two people, they really thought that the opposite party was his bodyguard, unexpectedly fighting to death?

But just as Xiao Chen was happily excited, the voice of Tian Lao pouring cold water resounded near his ear!

“Little Chenzi, are you happy?” Tian Lao coldly asked.

“Yes ah, Tian Lao, could it be that you wouldn’t be happy if you escaped?” Xiao Chen asked confusedly.

“This time, indeed we luckily escaped unharmed, but did you ever think about what would happen if even one of them said something? Your display would break up, then what would happen at that time?” Tian Lao rhetorically asked.

“This…” After Xiao Chen listened to Tian Lao’s words and was scared endlessly! Right, if he wasn’t successful in stirring the two men into battle, then the dying person right now would be him!

“In fact, me saying these words is not to attack you, wanting to tell you that it’s true that crafty plots and machinations are important, but one’s own strength is the most important! If you were currently a Third Layer Qi-Training Truth Cultivator, you would have enough strength to fight, but your current strength is too weak.” Tian Lao said.

“I understand, I will cultivate assiduously.” Xiao Chen nodded.

“You are working hard enough, moreover your cultivation speed is quick enough.” Tian Lao said.

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“Then what do you mean by the words you said before….” Xiao Chen couldn’t help but smile, so to speak, what Tian Lao was saying before was nonsense!

“The meaning was to cause you to make persistent efforts.” Tian Lao replied.

“Okay!” Xiao Chen shrugged and continued watching the battle situation. One has to say, Tian Lao’s words, although it was nonsense, it made Xiao Chen realize the importance of strength. It was just that Xiao Chen was somewhat regretful, how come he didn’t meet Tian Lao earlier?

If he had encountered Tian Lao earlier, then he would be a Fourth or Fifth Layer Qi-Training or higher Truth Cultivator by now. At that time, would he need to silently endure it? Perhaps during this time when his father was missing, Cheng Family wouldn’t break the engagement so easily!

After all, a young Fourth or Fifth Layer Inner Qi expert was a very outstanding presence in the Nine Aristocratic Families. Even if Cheng Family’s Old Master became angry, he would still handle the matter very clear-headedly and carefully, rather than put all the blame on Xiao Chen’s head!

It would be very unlikely for any family to kick a young expert out the door. This would be tantamount to allowing other Aristocratic Families to cheaply rein in Xiao Chen. Xiao Family, even if it was under immense pressure, would not drive out Xiao Chen from the Xiao Family!

This is the strength of benefits, but the current Xiao Chen would have to rely on his own efforts.

“Hong——” A loud noise resounded. The Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior and Peak Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior collided at the same place, exuding a sound that caused Xiao Chen’s ears to deafen. The wind produced from the collision made Xiao Chen take two steps back.

The two Warriors simultaneously flew out of the destruction in opposite directions. The Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior heavily fell onto the floor, directly spitting out blood from his mouth, nose, ears also had blood. The seven orifices on his head were bleeding and it was obvious that he wouldn’t be able to survive. On the other hand, the Peak Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior, although he also fell onto the ground, couldn’t get up, and was incessantly spitting out blood from his mouth, it was evident that he could be saved. If he were rescued promptly, then he would at least he would have his life. As for receiving the heavy injury, being able to return to normal would not be easy to say, it depended on his own fortune.

“Tian Lao, does the living person have the ability to kill me?” Xiao Chen was very sensible and did not walk towards him, but instead asked Tian Lao first.

“No, you can kill him.” Tian Lao replied: “If no one treats him right now, he’ll be like a strung bow. He barely retained a layer of strength, only equivalent to a First Layer Inner Qi expert.”

Xiao Chen nodded and let out a sigh of relief. The Peak Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior would greatly weaken if he did not die!

The Peak Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior was clearly surprised for a moment. He did not think that not only did Xiao Chen not run away, but also came towards him. Wasn’t this like coming to die? Although he was seriously injured, he had retained the strength of a First Layer Inner Qi. Killing Xiao Chen, this waste, would be a simple matter to do!

Could it be that Xiao Chen still had other helpers? Or did Xiao Chen think that he couldn’t move due to his injuries? This Peak Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior naturally was the black-clothed man in the recreational vehicle in the afternoon. At this moment, he finally understood why the Old Master sent him to kill Xiao Chen; originally there was such a reason. It was reckoned that the Old Master expected that there would be a bodyguard by Xiao Chen’s side, but did not expect that the bodyguard would have the strength of a Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior, about the same as him!

But the black-clothed man didn’t suddenly kill him. Even though he had retained the strength of a First Layer Inner Qi, that was only strength-wise. If Xiao Chen turned around and ran, his physical strength would not be able to keep up with Xiao Chen.

“Who sent you?” Xiao Chen was absolutely not feeling well. Originally there was someone who wanted to kill him before. It was confusing enough that someone pushed him off a cliff, but now two groups of people went to kill him? These two groups of people, were whose people?

Was this person in the same group with the one that pushed him off the class, or not?

“You think that I will tell you?” The black-clothed person sneered at Xiao Chen: “I didn’t think that there would be a bodyguard by Young Master Xiao’s side, this is my wrong guess! But next time, you will not be so lucky!”

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“Next time?” Xiao Chen slightly frowned.

“Yes, next time….exactly…” After finishing talking, the black-clothed man saw Xiao Chen coming closer, so he suddenly jumped off the ground, turned his hand into a fist and threw his attack towards Xiao Chen!
Xiao Chen’s eyes faintly shrunk. If it wasn’t for Tian Lao’s reminder, then he would be caught off guard at this moment! However, Xiao Chen had made sufficient preparations at this time. When the black clothed man’s fist was coming towards him, Xiao Chen’s figure suddenly dodged, escaping the black clothed man’s fierce strike. Then, he threw out his own fist, pounding the black-clothed man’s chest!

This movement was done smoothly. In fact, Xiao Chen had been learning without sparing any effort when he was watching the black-clothed man and the Third Layer Inner Qi Warrior fight before. Thus, Xiao Chen had slightly grasped the black-clothed man’s boxing style and this was also due to the black clothed man being gravely injured.
Although the black-clothed man had retained the strength of a First Layer Inner Qi, his speed and reaction response were significantly impacted. More importantly, the black-clothed man did not think that Xiao Chen, a waste who couldn’t cultivate Inner Qi, would be able to dodge his sharp blow, but also dare to counterattack!

This made him feel incredulous and unprepared. Watching Xiao Chen’s fist pound his chest and produce a ‘Peng!’ sound, the black-clothed man’s chest suddenly sank inwards. His whole body was sent flying away by Xiao Chen and his eyes flashed with a trace of horrified amazement: “You….you unexpectedly hid your strength….Peak First Layer Inner Qi!”

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