Chapter 24 – I Want To Pack It Up

Ma Gangmen and the lanky guy had no choice but to follow Lou Zhenming’s lead and eat bamboo shoots.

A smile flashed through Cheng Mengying’s lips, how could she not see that Xiao Chen wanted to keep all the food to herself? Young Master Xiao, what have you not eaten? It was clear that he wanted to trap Lou Zhenming!

Young Lady Cheng smiled. Upon seeing this, Lou Zhenming believed that Miss Cheng was looking at him, after all, how could Xiao Chen, this bumpkin, have anything good thing to look at? In Lou Zhenming’s opinion, it must have been the “often eating abalone and lobster” phrase that attracted the attention of Miss Cheng. Nowadays, who doesn’t like a “GaoFuShuai”? In particular, those who act as a “GaoFuShuai”.1

Only, what made Lou Zhenming feel weird was that after Xiao Chen ate an abalone, he didn’t eat the seafood. Instead, he started with the other food on the table and instantly, the several dishes that Xiao Chen picked were all eaten clean. Before Lou Zhenming could even eat a few mouthfuls, the things were already gone!

Pig! Truly a damn pig! Lou Zhenming cursed hatefully in his heart and picked up his chopsticks. He didn’t know where to stop over and wanted to clamp a piece of the abalone in front of Xiao Chen, but didn’t have the face. Thus, he could only put down his chopsticks and pick up a plate. He was ready to fill up a bowl of soy sauce fried rice and eat some staple food.

Generally when eating, it was ‘first eat the dishes, then eat the staple foods’. Lou Zhenming also has this habit, but it was only today that there was nothing to eat. However, as he picked up the plate, the pot of soy sauce fried rice was directly taken away by Xiao Chen!

Then, Xiao Chen opened the held pot and the soy sauce fried rice disappeared in moments!

The plate in Lou Zhenming’s hand trembled. Forcefully restrained the anger in his heart, he placed the plate back down. Ma Gangmen and the lanky guy looked at each other and thought ‘This Xiao Chen can really eat huh?’

Before, the lanky guy had seen Xiao Chen eat 4 steamed buns and the crumbs of the steamed buns ah! Is this kid the reincarnation of a starved ghost?

“Really delicious ah, have you guys eaten your fill?” Xiao Chen burped and asked comfortably.

Xiao Chen discovered that after he started cultivating true virtue, he could eat more than before. Could it be that cultivating true virtue consumes a lot of energy?

“I….ate my fill, ate very well….” Lou Zhenming had a belly filled with fire, but had no way to vent. After all, Cheng Mengying is watching him. If he didn’t eat his fill, then doesn’t this mean that he has no face?

Moreover, he wants bystanders to view this as Xiao Chen’s treat. Since it’s Xiao Chen’s treat, if the host asks the guests if they have eaten will or not, then the guests definitely have to say that they have eaten well.

“Oh, then okay, I’ll go pack up the rest!” Xiao Chen pointed at the two dishes of seafood and said: “Waiter, give me some food containers, I want to pack it up!”

“Understood, these students!” The waiter nodded and got the food containers.

Pack it up, pack it up, let’s see how you pay the bill in a moment! Lou Zhenming grit his teeth, while looking at Xiao Chen pack it up.

When Xiao Chen finished packing up the dishes, he stuffed the food containers into plastic bags. Then, Lou Zhenming finally said to Xiao Chen: “Many thanks for Classmate Xiao’s treating today. Now then, we’ll go back first ah!”

After hearing Lou Zhenming’s words, Xiao Chen narrowed his eyes. At this point, he finally knew Lou Zhenming’s meaning. Lou Zhenming wanted to trap him in the meal and make himself take out the money to treat himself! And during the time to eat, Lou Zhenming’s eyes had been floating in Miss Cheng’s direction. Xiao Chen, with his strong spiritual powers, could easily spot it.

Thus, Xiao Chen could definitely confirm that Lou Zhenming fancies Cheng Mengying. And so, during the time to eat, he deliberately said some bullshit words to make Lou Zhenming feel helpless and to determine whether or not Lou Zhenming was willing to lose face in front of Cheng Mengying.

‘Only, since Lou Zhenming wanted to pursue Cheng Mengying, did he think that I am nothing? Could it be possible that he knew that I was Cheng Mengying’s former fiance? But if knew then why would he be afraid to speak about it? Evidently, he thinks I came down from the mountains. Still, he thinks that since I’m a newcomer that I’m easy to bully? Does he have a sense of accomplishment by bullying me in front of Cheng Mengying?’

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During his dandy young master time, he knew that one had to step on people before other in order to be worshipped. However, isn’t there no sense of accomplishment if Lou Zhenming steps on a newcomer like him ah?

As for making Xiao Chen pay the bill, Xiao Chen didn’t care. Although Lou Family is strong, compared to Zhao Family and Chen Family, it is a lot worse. However, it still is the rise of an emerging underground family, but now that Xiao Chen is now cultivating true virtue, as long as he has strength of a certain level, what would he be scared of?

Isn’t Lou Family being promoted to Aristocratic Family status due to their Worshipped One, a high level Fighter?

Letting Xiao Chen this big fool pay is impossible since Xiao Chen doesn’t have any money to use to pay. However, Xiao Chen believes that perhaps the Young Lady would pay for him, thus Xiao Chen plainly pointed at the plates of seafood!

Wait, if Young Lady spends her money, then it will just deduct it from his wages ah!

Therefore, Xiao Chen was planning how to escape the bill in his heart. His spiritual force searched the entire Second Floor cafeteria. It wasn’t good to just to beat them up because Xiao Chen didn’t want to be expelled on the first day of transferring. Of course, if there wasn’t the presence of school teachers, it would be a different story.

However, under this search, Xiao Chen’s eyes lit up!


Just when Lou Zhenming wasn’t paying attention, Xiao Chen stood up, packed up the food containers at lightning speed, picked up the bags and quickly walked towards the stairs.

“Not good, this kid wants to run!” Lou Zhenming’s response was quick. Seeing Xiao Chen running, he immediately said to Ma Gangmen and the lanky guy: “Block him for me!”

After saying that, he also sped towards Xiao Chen’s direction.

Only, what made the three of them surprised is that after Xiao Chen went to the cafeteria stairs, he actually didn’t go directly down, but smilingly said: “Director Xu, are you about to eat ah?”

“Oh? Studen Xiao ah!” After Director Xu saw that it was Xiao Chen, his face showed a trace of a smile. One has to know that Cheng Zhongming’s working efficiency is very quick. After returning to the corporation, he immediately called the school and said that Cheng Family is giving the school a sponsorship fee and his go-between is Director Xu, directly praising Director Xu in front of the school principal.

And Xiao Chen, although he looks like has no background, he is Young Lady Cheng’s servant ah. There was a chance that Xiao Chen’s words represented Cheng Mengying’s meaning, so Director Xu greeted Xiao Chen: “Xiao Chen, are you getting used to the new school? How is it, your classmates are good right?”

“Director Xu, I’m fine. My classmates are good to me, especially classmate Lou Zhenming! He treated me to seafood meal and also let me pack it!” Xiao Chen said to Director Xu while waving the bags.

“Lou Zhenming?” Director Xu was surprised for a moment. As for what kind of person Lou Zhenming was, he was clear. But, he had unexpectedly asked Xiao Chen to treat for a meal?

However, at this time, Lou Zhenming, Ma Gangmen and lanky guy, the three of them, also ran over. Just as Lou Zhenming was about to act crazy, he suddenly heard the conversation between Xiao Chen and Director Xu, and immediately stopped in place without knowing what to say!

I treated Xiao Chen to a seafood meal? Although it seems like nothing is wrong, however, Lou Zhenming’s purpose was not to treat Xiao Chen, but to blackmail Xiao Chen! The purpose was to teach Xiao Chen a lesson ah!

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If I said to Director Xu that it is Xiao Chen’s treat, rather than his, Lou Zhenming’s, treat, then Director Xu will believe it ah! Xiao Chen looks like a poor man, so how could he afford this seafood meal? This lie is very vulgar and with Director Xu’s intelligence, he afraid that Director Xu will want to know what’s happening.

Although, Lou Zhenming doesn’t find any value in going to school, Lou Zhenming’s father and grandfather don’t feel the same ah! Master Lou had a dream since childhood to become a mixing with high-society person, so he tried to make his son into a refined scholar. Thus, Lou Zhenming’s father’s name became Lou Siwen.2

Only, the past influence of Lou Family was worse than the present, so Lou Siwen had to drop out of school early. This made Master Lou have a troubled heart, but in Lou Zhenming’s generation, Lou Family became an Aristocratic Family. Whether it was Master Lou or Lou Siwen, they both had hopes that their Lou Family could enter the ranks of high society, so Lou Zhenming’s studies had an exceptional value. They had hopes that Lou Family could dish out a university student. Even though having a university student doesn’t really help out Lou Family in a business angle, however, it’s a nice reputation ah!

Otherwise, other families would look down on them. Upon seeing Lou Family people, they would say, ‘Look at that family of unsophisticated people, even if they’re an Aristocratic Family, they’re just a low-grade Aristocratic Family.”

Thus, Lou Zhenming is very afraid of Director Xu in school. If he was expelled, even if Lou Family was able to ask for a favor from Chen Family, it would still be disgraceful ah. It is estimated that Master Lou would beat Lou Zhenming into a disabled!

Such a loss of face, Master Lou can’t afford to lose that person ah!3

“Director Xu, caring for and unifying students is what you have taught us.” While Lou Zhenming was saying these words, his heart was bleeding, but he had no other choice: “I saw that classmate Xiao Chen had come from the mountains and had never eaten seafood, so I just asked him to eat.”

“Oh, Student Lou, you have done well.” Although Director Xu was wondering if Lou Zhenming had eaten the wrong medicine, however, what Lou Zhenming did was a good thing, so he could only say: “Hope you make persistent efforts! If you can maintain this, there will definitely be a space for you in the ‘Outstanding students of the year’!”

“Haha, then many thanks Director Xu, I will continue working hard!” As Lou Zhenming’s mouth was saying this, in his mind he was thinking, ‘Make persistent efforts? Then won’t I go bankrupt ah!’

“En, I’ll go upstairs to eat, so I’ll leave first. You guys should go back to the classroom to study. After eating, don’t hang out! Third Year, do your best and get into a good university!” Director Xu said.

“Understood, Director Xu.” Lou Zhenming sighed. He knew that teaching Xiao Chen a lesson would not be easy now, only, he was not willing to give up.

“Classmate Lou, many thanks for the treat, wait for the day I develop….I will eat with my own money.” Xiao Chen waved to Lou Zhenming and turned to go down the stairs.


  1. TLN: “GaoFuShuai[高富帥]” is a phrase in China that literally means “Tall, Rich, Handsome” and refers to a male. 
  2. TLN: Master Lou is the grandfather and ‘Siwen’ in this case means “refined” in Chinese 
  3. TLN: Worshipped One 

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