Chapter 76 – Do You Have A Hole In Your Brain?

The wealthy woman could see that Xiao Chen was very earnest, without the intent to cheat or rob her. She let loose a sigh of relief and was somewhat expectant. Can this person really find my little Blacky?

“In that mahjong building over at the morning market street, me and my sisters go play mahjong there every afternoon!” The wealthy woman said after thinking about it for a moment: “But it isn’t open right now, how about we go at another time?”

“Are you going to find a dog or play mahjong?” Xiao Chen coldly asked.

“Don’t……Detective Arctic Fox, don’t get angry, let’s go right now!” The wealthy woman hurriedly asked, then telephoned a middle-aged man to come out from the villa: “Old Liu, bring us to the mahjong building!”

“Yes, Mrs. Wang!” That male nodded and went to the villa’s garage to drive out the car.

The wealthy woman’s car was a Mercedes-Benz S500L, approximately 2 million. This kind of car could only be considered an ordinary private car when he was previously in Xiao Clan. Therefore, Xiao Chen calmly sat down in the car and skillfully adjusted the back row air conditioner. This made the wealthy woman even more definite that Xiao Chen wasn’t a swindler, but rather truly competent.

It seemed like Xiao Chen should have ridden on this kind of car before, otherwise he wouldn’t be so familiar with the controls.

After arriving at the mahjong building, Xiao Chen got off the car and shut his eyes. The wealthy woman and driver didn’t dare to disturb him, watching Xiao Chen stand in spot.

After a moment, Xiao Chen said: “Follow me!”

“Oh, good, should we drive?” The wealthy woman hastily asked.

“If you wish to drive, then follow behind me.” If Xiao Chen got onto the car, his scent perception would naturally be much weaker, so naturally he couldn’t get onto the car.

“I’ll walk, Old Liu, follow us driving!” The wealthy woman was anxious for her puppy’s safety. Normally, she wouldn’t want to walk and extra step if she didn’t need to, but today was different. She wouldn’t hesitate to climb mountains or wave rivers if she could find Little Blacky.

Fortunately, the current season didn’t have rain. On the sidewalk’s surface remained a weak puppy smell. Of course, this was only something Xiao Chen, a current Third Layer Qi-Training Truth Cultivator, could perceive. It was absolutely impossible for others to achieve.

Xiao Chen walked in the front while the wealthy woman followed behind him, and the driver Old Liu slowly drove in the rear. The trio arrived at the Flower-Bird-Fish Market. This place was called ‘Flower-Bird-Fish Market’, but was actually a place that sold dogs, cats, lizards, and turtles, and was Songning City’s biggest pet market.

“It’s here.” Xiao Chen stopped at the door of a pet shop called “Family Has A Spoiled Treasure” and indifferently said.

“Here?” The wealthy woman stared blankly.

Xiao Chen didn’t reply, instead directly striding into the pet shop.

For a pet shop, early morning was when they just started doing business, so there wasn’t any business. The boss was a married couple and they were right in the middle of taking care of hygiene. Seeing customers come in, the proprietress promptly called out cordially: “Boss, buying a pet? My dogs are all imported purebreds, faces are especially straight……”

However, when the proprietress suddenly saw the mask on Xiao Chen’s face, she immediately felt that it was very strange! Even though there were a few dragon-embroidered clothed performers on the streets, subway and public transportation, it was her first time seeing one in her pet shop.

“Do you have a Tibetan mastiff?” Xiao Chen indifferently asked.

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“Ah?” The proprietress stared blankly for a moment. Just as she was about to speak, the boss on the side immediately said: “No, how can our little store have such an expensive dog, my most expensive dog is an Alaskan malamute.”

Xiao Chen slightly creased his brows. He could only judge that this dog should have ultimately appeared in this pet shop due to his strong sense of smell, but when he entered the pet shop, the trail broke off. Not only did this entire place have the scents of other dogs, but this boss was in the middle of cleaning up for sanitation. Thus, Xiao Chen couldn’t judge where that Tibetan mastiff finally went!

Moreover, this pet shop had a U-shaped staircase. Even if Xiao Chen wanted to look for the dog, it would be very hard to start. He couldn’t just forcibly go upstairs to search right? However, this boss’ response made Xiao Chen get suspicious.

“Since I’ve found this place, you should know why I’m here.” Xiao Chen wasn’t anxious and began a psychological offense: “How much that Tibetan mastiff is worth, you two should be clear on. It shouldn’t be lower than 1 million in the market, but since you’ve stolen it, if we report it to the police, perhaps you’ll be sitting in prison?”

Hearing that Xiao Chen wanted to report them to the police, the boss and proprietress looked at each other and their expressions changed!

“It’s you guys who stole my dog?” The wealthy woman was impatient in her search for her dog, so she didn’t have any mood to ponder whether or not Xiao Chen’s words were true or false. Since he had judged that her Little Blacky was here for some reason, she instead subconsciously said: “Should we report them now?”

“Stop slandering us, when did we steal a dog, we just picked him up……” In a moment of desperation, the proprietress immediately defended herself. But when she spoke up to here, she suddenly quieted down because she let it slip!

“Haha, picked? Then we can forget reporting, as long as you return the lost dog to the owner, I can take responsibility and make her give you the fee for taking care of a puppy.” Xiao Chen’s goal was achieved. He couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. From what he could see, this pet shop’s proprietress was still a good person and wasn’t lacking in conscience.

“Old Liu, go to the car and get me 50,000 RMB!” The wealthy woman instructed the driver.

“Yes, Mrs. Wang.” The driver called Old Liu nodded and immediately went to take the money.

When the pet shop’s married couple heard that they could attain a 50,000 reward, they were immediately very happy! Although the Tibetan mastiff they picked up was expensive, this thing was considered illegal goods. They didn’t dare to casually sell it off because Tibetan mastiffs were different from other dogs. The daily money for food was quite a lot, so as the matter stood, they couldn’t raise it nor could they sell it. Although it was a good thing, they unfortunately couldn’t enjoy it.

“Sorry, we indeed picked up a Tibetan mastiff, but if you guys know, then the several pet shop owners beside us should also know. I fear that you guys are people who they’ve sent to cheat me and want to cheat away the dog……we have to make sure, and only then will it be fine! In a moment, you have to admit that if the puppy doesn’t recognize you, then you can’t blame me for not giving it to you!” The boss was an astute person for being able to immediately speak like this after seeing the situation clearly. Naturally, the pet shop owners in the vicinity knowing was a complete fabrication. Who would let an outsider casually be aware of this kind of matter? He said it so that he wasn’t to blame.

“This is but of course.” Xiao Chen smilingly nodded. Naturally, he knew that pet shop boss’s thoughts, but didn’t go point it out.

Very quickly, the boss lead a black Tibetan mastiff from the upstairs. As expected, this dog was hidden upstairs. If Xiao Chen wanted to seek for it, it wouldn’t be so easy.

“Mrs. Wang, this is 50,000 RMB.” Driver Old Liu quickly returned with a black plastic bag in hand and handed it over to the wealthy woman.

“Little Blacky!” The wealthy woman indicated for Old Liu to hand over the money directly to the pet shop boss as she happily went and called that Tibetan mastiff.

When the Tibetan mastiff saw Mrs. Wang, it also walked over. The pet shop boss had a smile across his entire face as he received the money: “Many thanks, many thanks……this place has dog food, I’ll present you some……”

“Okay, I should go now.” Xiao Chen urgently needed to take the exam, so he naturally wasn’t willing to stay here for too long.

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“Right, right! Thank you, heroic detective Arctic Fox. Old Liu, quickly give the money to this hero. Hero, where do you want to go? How about we deliver you?” The wealthy woman took notice that Xiao Chen truly had skill, so she naturally showed an exceedingly good attitude towards him.

“Sure, then send me to the vicinity of Songning City’s Second High, I have another customer waiting for me there.” Xiao Chen looked at the time. Although he could run, it was naturally better if someone wanted to deliver him.

“Good, good!” The wealthy woman promptly hinted for Old Liu to start the car.

In the car, Xiao Chen sat in the back holding a black plastic bag filled with 120,000 RMB worth of bills. He sighed with some emotion, he had finally gathered enough. However, this was merely 1 auxiliary medicine’s worth.

“Hero Arctic Fox, er, do you have a business card? If I have any problems in the future, I’ll be able to look for you?” The wealthy woman asked with extreme respect.

“Just give me a call.” Xiao Chen thoughtlessly replied. He didn’t have a business card, nor did he want to expose his identity.

“That’s good……” The wealthy woman nodded.

Seeing that Xiao Chen wasn’t fond of speaking, the wealthy woman could only close her mouth. After arriving at Songning City’s Second High, Xiao Chen got off the car. After the wealthy woman’s car drove away, he took off the mask and chef clothing, stuffed it into his backpack, then walked towards the direction of the classroom.


This early morning, Lou Zhenming appeared very impatient and uneasy. He was waiting for Xiao Chen, but after he saw Tang Tang come without Xiao Chen, he couldn’t help but be somewhat anxious.

“Tang Tang, have you seen Xiao Chen?”

Lou Zhenming was thinking in his heart, it can’t be that this Xiao Chen’s grades are too ******, therefore he didn’t come to the test?

After knowing that Xiao Chen was Xiao Clan’s abandoned young master, Lou Zhenming involuntarily thought like this.

“Xiao Chen? Why are you looking for him?” Tang Tang naturally didn’t think that Lou Zhenming was showing kindly concern for a fellow classmate that hadn’t come to school. If he was like this, then something had to be up because when had Lou Zhenming ever paid attention to Xiao Chen?

“Ha, indeed there is a little business, but it’s a good matter…” Seeing Tang Tang’s alert appearance, Lou Zhenming didn’t speak any further. Some things had to be said in front of Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen didn’t appear until around 9:00 AM. Just around the time to take the exam, Xiao Chen slowly arrived. When Lou Zhenming caught sight of Xiao Chen, he immediately fast-walked over. This gave Xiao Chen a scare as he thought in his heart, is this kid sick? Don’t tell me he wants to find trouble in the classroom?

“Ha, isn’t this classmate Xiao Chen, good morning!” Lou Zhenming trotted to Xiao Chen’s front and beamingly said.

“Good morning? It’s already morning1…what business do you have?” Xiao Chen looked at Lou Zhenming with bewilderment. Did this kid take the wrong medicine?

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“Haha, Xiao Chen, the previous matter was just a misunderstanding, you don’t need to bother about it……” As he was speaking, Lou Zhenming put his arm over Xiao Chen’s shoulder and guided them towards the outside of the classroom. It was clear that he didn’t want anyone in the classroom to hear their words.

“Lou Zhenming, does your brain have a hole?” Xiao Chen creased his brows as he naturally didn’t believe Lou Zhenming’s words: “Have you not sufficed in treating me to a meal, and wish to treat me to another meal?”


  1. TLN: There are a few ways to say “good morning” in Chinese, but what is said usually depends on time. Lou Zhenming’s error gets lost in translation, but to explain it, it would be that Lou Zheming is saying ‘good morning’ for when the time is from 6 AM ~ 9 AM, whereas Xiao Chen is correcting his error and saying that it’s already ‘morning’, which is from 9AM ~ 12 PM. 

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