Chapter 83 – I Forget Things

“I actually have a good plan, when it comes time for me to text Teacher Lei, I’ll also text Xiao Chen. Then we can report Xiao Chen for looking at his cell phone during an exam and when the teacher sees the exam answers in his cell phone, it would be like yellow mud falling onto the crotch of his pants, even if it wasn’t his fault, it would still be his fault1!” Thin Monkey, as he was Lou Zhenming’s number one trusted advisor, had a pretty good brain and quickly thought up a way to fix up Xiao Chen.

“This is a pretty good plan. When it comes time for you to report, I won’t be able to step in because I am currently pretended to have friendly relations with Xiao Chen.” Lou Zhenming said after thinking for a moment.

“Okay, Brother Ming.” Thin Monkey nodded.

The afternoon exam was English, a subject that Xiao Chen previously wasn’t good in. However, this class was just a relatively more things to remember subject. Xiao Chen took several days to memorize most of the material and after the exam paper was given out, Xiao Chen started to write at a tremendous speed. Although Xiao Chen currently try for this 10,000 RMB scholarship, he couldn’t exactly score too badly or else it would be easy for him to be expelled. He currently had no background, so he had to carefully consider several matters.

After testing more than half the exam, there still remained half an hour.

“Phbbbt——” The noise of a fart sounded out, then under the astonished gaze of all the students in the class, Thin Monkey held his stomach as he ran to the restroom while all the surrounding students held their noses.

Lou Zhenming sat right behind Thin Monkey and almost threw up from the smell of the fart!

Initially, he didn’t think too much into it, but after waiting 10 minutes and Thin Monkey still hadn’t come back, Lou Zhenming became a little worried! They had agreed to report Xiao Chen 20 minutes before the exam finished, this way it more or less secured the possibility of Xiao Chen copying off of Tang Tang. This way, it would make his expectation fall from the clouds; this feeling would definitely make Xiao Chen wish he was dead.

However, Thin Monkey went to the bathroom and still hadn’t returned after their agreed upon time was reached. Lou Zhenming anxiously looked out the door repeatedly, but didn’t see Thin Monkey’s shadow and his neck almost fell from stretching.

“Lou Zhenming, what are you doing? Not carefully taking your exam, instead glancing around?” At this time, school administration had placed Director Xu as head proctor and he happened to be examining each classrooms’ situation. As he entered Third Year First Class’s classroom, he saw Lou Zhenming looking all over the place, so he immediately shouted out in askance.

With regards to Director Xu, Lou Zhenming was still very afraid of him. As long as this guy gave his father a call, then when he returned home, he would be beaten up for a good while. Lou Zhenming hastily said: “N-……nothing, I finished writing so I was just casually taking a look……”

“Casually taking a look? It isn’t that you want to copy?” Director Xu glared at Lou Zhenming.

“How could that be possible……but I did just see fellow classmate Xiao Chen playing with his cell phone……” When Lou Zhenming saw Director Xu, he was reminded of being humiliated in the cafeteria and because his heart was anxious since Thin Monkey hadn’t come back, he reported Xiao Chen in a moment of excitement.

Cheng Mengying wrinkled her brows. She was aware of Xiao Chen’s academic record; he was first from the bottom year after year in First High, so it was impossible for him to have any good achievements after transferring over to Second High. Could it be that he really was cheating?

Tang Tang was frightened. Second High’s school regulations were very strict; cheating on an exam was a demerit the first time and they would be persuaded to give up the third time. Xiao Chen had transferred for a few days, so wouldn’t this be a major demerit?

“Xiao Chen, were you playing with your cell phone?” Director Xu knew Xiao Chen had a relationship with Cheng Zhongming, moreover he had just obtained Cheng Clan’s investment. In the next school director meeting, it was possible for him to be appointed vice-principal, so he naturally couldn’t offend Xiao Chen at this time.

Although Xiao Chen was Cheng Mengying’s servant, beating a dog required the consent of the master.

“Playing with my cell phone?” Xiao Chen was somewhat puzzled in his heart, was this Lou Zhenming ill? One moment he would be fine, the next he would be ill, wasn’t this just falsely accusing him of cheating during an exam? But Xiao Chen hadn’t played with his cell phone at all the entire time, so there was nothing for him to fear: “Director Xu, I haven’t played with my cell phone, I’ve been answering questions the whole time.”

Although Lou Zhenming regretted his impulse, he couldn’t make any concessions at this time and could only brace himself to say: “Informing Director Xu, I saw Xiao Chen playing with his cell phone a moment ago!”

Director Xu knit his brows. He couldn’t side with Xiao Chen under the eye of the public, so he had no other choice but to say: “Xiao Chen, take out your cell phone for me to take a look.”

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“Okay, no problem.” Xiao Chen was actually indifferent as he pulled out his cell phone from his pocket to give to Director Xu.

Director Xu took Xiao Chen’s cell phone and browsed through his call record and texts, then placed it onto Xiao Chen’s desk: “Lou Zhenming, there’s nothing in Xiao Chen’s cell phone. Even if he was playing with his cell phone, couldn’t it have been him looking at the time?”

“Impossible!” Lou Zhenming was originally expectantly looking at Director Xu. In his opinion, as long as Director Xu saw the texts, Xiao Chen would be toast. However, his desired outcome didn’t occur and he suddenly became anxious as he directly got up, picked up Xiao Chen’s cell phone, and read the text message record.

“Huh??” Seeing that there was no recent texts in Xiao Chen’s cell phone, Lou Zhenming was instantly stunned as he became frantic: “Impossible, it should definitely be there, how come it’s not there?”

It wasn’t weird for Lou Zhenming to become frantic; Xiao Chen hadn’t even turned on offline mod. In addition, he had been watching Xiao Chen the entire time from the corner of his eyes and hadn’t seen Xiao Chen take out his cell phone to delete messages. In fact, his idea was to report Xiao Chen when he took our his cell phone for a better effect.

“What nonsense!” Xiao Chen creased his brows: “Director, you see……”

“Lou Zhenming, have you vented enough?” Director Xu wasn’t too happy at this moment. In his opinion, this was definitely Lou Zhenming taking revenge for Xiao Chen cheating a meal off of him.

“Impossible, I received it, why haven’t you received……geh!” Lou Zhenming suddenly realized his slip up.

“You received?” Director Xu turned his head and coldly looked at Lou Zhenming: “Bring out your cell phone for me to examine.”

“This……my……my cell phone doesn’t have anything good to look at……that, Director Xu, nevermind, I’ll go back to answering questions……” Lou Zhenming subconsciously wanted to leave.

However, he was held by Director Xu and his cell phone was taken out of his pants pocket. Director Xu rapidly browsed through it and when he finished reading, his face had already become incomparably gloomy: “Lou Zhenming, it seems like you’re the thief crying thief, yes? You yourself used your cell phone to cheat, yet you still falsely accused a classmate? Your exam is invalided this time and you will accrue a major demerit. If this happens again, you will be directly expelled!”

“I……” Lou Zhenming truly wanted to cry but had no tears. He scolded Thin Monkey in his heart. It would’ve been fine for him to take a dump at any other time, but he had to go at the most critical moment. In the end, Lou Zhenming reported Xiao Chen without being clear on anything and instead threw himself in.

“Hmph!” Director Xu coldly snorted and left Third Year First Class. As for Lou Zhenming, he couldn’t only resentfully return to his seat and feel more resentful the more he thought.

After Director Xu left and the exam ended, Thin Monkey walked in with a pale face.

“Thin Monkey, where the **** did you go? Did you get dropped into the toilet?” Lou Zhenming was angered upon the sight of Thin Monkey.

“Brother Ming, I had diarrhea……” Thin Monkey wasn’t aware of the matter of Lou Zhenming’s exam becoming invalid, but he did know that according to their agreement, he should have reported Xiao Chen. But in the end, he hadn’t come out of the restroom: “In fact, when you, Brother Ming, and Young Master Qun were eating, I myself had nothing to eat, so I bought several strings of fried stinky tofu and fried wool egg2 and when I finished eating, everything went up **** creek.”

“You……” Lou Zhenming didn’t know what to say after hearing this: “When I saw that you didn’t come back before, I became anxious and reported Xiao Chen on my own. In the end, Xiao Chen’s cell phone didn’t have any text messages, and Director Xu discovered that my cell phone did. I’m screwed this time since my score was invalidated and I accrued a major demerit!”

Getting marked a major demerit wasn’t what Lou Zhenming feared; with his status and background, even if he accrued 100 major demerits, it would be impossible for the school to expel him. But the key problem was that once his father Lou Siwen knew of it, then he was screwed.

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If it was a demerit due to a scuffle, then it could be forgotten because Lou Clan mingled with the underground, so fighting was a common occurrence and Lou Siwen wouldn’t care about it. What Lou Siwen cared about was Lou Zhenming’s academic record. Cheating in this exam would be enough for Lou Zhenming to be beaten black and blue.

“Ah? It can’t be, I made Teacher Lei give him a text message!” Thin Monkey was bewildered: “It’s impossible for Teacher Lei to forget.”

“I am also confused, Teacher Lei is very reliable when engaging in business, could it be that Xiao Chen’s cell phone is out of credit?” Lou Zhenming was extremely befuddled.

Just at this time, Xiao Chen was smiling as he walked over and sat right next to Lou Zhenming. This seat was previously Ma Gangmen’s seat, but he had been in the hospital for the past few days, so the seat was empty.

“Young master Lou, were you the one who sent me the answers on my cell phone?” Xiao Chen raised his cell phone and let Lou Zhenming get a look at the text message.

It could be considered that he avoided a calamity before; due to the matters of finding a dog in the morning, his sim card was new and he forgot to replace his old sim card. He felt like something was wrong after finishing the exam, so he walked over after trading sim cards.

Not long after he exchanged it, Xiao Chen received a text message with the answers to the English exam just then! Xiao Chen glanced over it and saw the amount of correct answers weren’t too low, at least 80% of them were correct.

“Ee……” Lou Zhenming was flabbergasted as he rigidly watched Xiao Chen’s cell phone screen! Isn’t this the English exam answers from the exam just now? Moreover, this sender is Lei Dianfeng’s dummy cell phone! Lou Zhenming recognized the cell phone number, but why did Xiao Chen only receive it now?

Could it be signal delay? Thinking about it, there was only this possibility. Lou Zhenming suddenly had the urge to cry. His report on Xiao Chen didn’t succeed and he got in trouble instead, but the worst part was that the little bit of friendship he built up with Xiao Chen was destroyed just like that!

No good, absolutely no good, he still needed to make Xiao Chen go to the underground boxing stage to do illegal boxing, their relationship couldn’t be broken off this manner! Thinking up to here, Lou Zhenming gave a puzzled look to Xiao Chen: “Young master Xiao, what are you talking about? I have a little personality disorder, did I send you answers a moment ago? I don’t remember, I can’t remember anything! Thin Monkey knows that I’m sometimes like this, sometimes I don’t know what I’ve done the moment before, just like something’s possessed me……”


  1. TLN: The phrase is kind of hard to understand, but basically, the yellow mud part is a reference to a stain on his academic career, and the second part is what it is. Original second part was ‘even if it isn’t ****, it would still be ****’. Made no sense, so I changed it to a phrase that made sense. 
  2. TLN: Took the direct translation of the food, don’t even know how to translate it. Here’s the phrase if you want to Google it: 炸毛蛋 

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