Chapter 22 – Treating You To A Meal

“I know.” Xiao Chen nodded, saying: “Don’t worry, as long as he doesn’t cause me any trouble, I won’t provoke him. Moreover, I just came over here and also don’t want to cause any trouble.”

“If you understand then it’s okay. Don’t worry, I’ll be on the lookout to make them behave themselves.” Tang Tang shook her fist with the aura of an eldest sister.

In a blink of an eye, it became the noon lunch break and young lady left the classroom to eat in the cafeteria. While Lou Zhenming watched Cheng Mengying leave, his eyes flashed with desire. However, Lou Zhenming isn’t an idiot. He could see that Young Lady Cheng’s clothes are very good, so her background should be good. This is the reason why he purposefully chose the route of taking certain actions in order to warn others.

Just as Xiao Chen got up and was about to go get something to eat, Tang Tang pulled him back: “Hey, where are you going?”

“E….” Xiao Chen was surprised for a moment, finding Tang Tang, this valiant little girl, actually pulling on his waistband, suddenly made him somewhat embarrassed: “I say Tang Tang, do you want to pull my pants off? Men and women shouldn’t be so intimate ah!”

“Che! Who cares ah!” Tang Tang was indifferent, loudly crying: “Let me tell you, I’m a tomboy, so I don’t like men!”

“Cough….okay then!” Xiao Chen felt as if he were struck by thunder: “Sister Tang, why did you stop me?”

“I asked you ‘where you were going?’ Are you not going to eat?” Tang Tang didn’t care whether Xiao Chen called her ‘Sister Tang’ or not.1

“Yes ah!” Xiao Chen nodded: “Is there anything good to eat around here?”

“Okay, don’t go and instead eat with me, okay!” Tang Tang took out several steamed buns and pickled vegetables and placed them in front of Xiao Chen: “I don’t eat a lot, so the remaining is yours. Looking at your thin physique, you need to eat more!”

Xiao Chen was surprised for a moment, then pointed at the steamed buns and pickled vegetables, asking: “You usually eat this for lunch?”

“Yes ah, what else would I eat?” Tang Tang actually glared/stared at Xiao Chen: “Don’t pretend before me and tell me that you still have money to spend. Even if you work for Cheng Mengying, it’s impossible for her to give you money. Looking at you, one can see that you’re a poor man!”

“You? Poor?” Xiao Chen actually blankly stared: “Even if you….broke an engagement, you weren’t expelled from Tang Family right? You shouldn’t be eating this right?”

“So what, we are the same type of falling from the skies people and it’s not like you don’t understand these large families matters. It’s interests first and I’m just a girl in the family, just a tool for marriage. My father and mother died early, oh….this is just like you, your father and mother are missing! My grandfather doesn’t love me and uncle doesn’t care because now that I’ve lost the value of being married off, I’m treated as a parasite in the Family. People give me a blaming look me, so my older sister moved out in order to rely on herself and not spawn their birdlike attitude!” Tang Tang patted Xiao Chen’s shoulders, then said: “Okay, eat. It’s very good, getting used to eating like this is fine!”

“Right….” Xiao Chen had never eaten this stuff, but….he really wasn’t picky, enduring for these many years, this wasn’t just an ordinary strong willpower! However, Xiao Chen found out today that Tang Tang is also strong, this heart is simply too strong! This isn’t a tomboy, this is a true man ah! (TLN: Wtf Xiao Chen.)

Xiao Chen was really hungry. He hadn’t eaten breakfast because he wanted to save some money. He didn’t think that Tang Tang’s steamed buns would be quite delicious….eh…..not that steamed bun, don’t misunderstand.

Tang Tang just ate 1 steamed bun while Xiao Chen ate the rest of the four buns with his voracious appetite. Tang Tang delightfully watched Xiao Chen eat and couldn’t help but laughing: Young Master Xiao, I didn’t think you can endure hardship. Is it really that delicious?”

“E….sorry, I was too absorbed in eating and ate all your steamed buns….” Xiao Chen discovered that he had eaten four steamed buns! Doesn’t this mean that Tang Tang only ate one?

“Oh, no problem, I’m on a diet.” Tang Tang said with an indifferent smile.

“Tomorrow noon, I’ll treat….” Xiao Chen said a little embarrassedly.

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“No need, this sister has money. Even though I have gone down in the world, this sister is still better off than you. This sister can wait for you to recover. By then, it isn’t late for you to treat me.” Tang Tang really didn’t eat until she was full ah. These five steamed buns was her lunch and dinner! Every two and a half steamed buns would fill her, so she wanted to give Xiao Chen half. However, who would have thought that Xiao Chen would directly massacre four.

“Then….okay.” Xiao Chen wasn’t unreasonable. Although he currently has a little money on hand, he couldn’t eat with it unrestrictedly ah.

“I’ll go walk for a bit, so don’t wander aimlessly in the classroom. I’ll be back soon.” Tang Tang didn’t eat her fill, so she went to get two steamed buns or rolls to eat.

Xiao Chen waited for Tang Tang to leave then quickly shoved the rest of half a steamed bun that he didn’t swallow into his food bag. He also had not eaten his fill!

Although Xiao Chen has a bamboo-like figure, his appetite is not small. This appetite is directly related to the exercise he has done every night for the past few year. Xiao Chen continuously exhausted himself, thus he ate a lot. Although he didn’t exercise last night, due to the fact that he didn’t eat breakfast, four steamed buns couldn’t fill his stomach.

However, now that there aren’t any problems, eating less doesn’t mean dying of starvation. For the rest of lunch break, Xiao Chen stopped paying attention to his surroundings and started cultivating ‘Seizing Good Fortune War Mantra’. Cultivating true virtue and cultivating martial arts isn’t the same. Cultivating true virtue allows cultivation while sitting motionless. In this way, others won’t be able to see what one is doing and it’ll look like one is just like not paying attention to others when resting, thus it won’t evoke the suspicions of other people.

With his mental mantra operating, Xiao Chen’s YuanQi was making revolutions through his body’s meridians and a really comfortable warmth spread throughout his body.

“Huh? Kid, how is your cultivation speed so fast?” Tian Lao felt that Xiao Chen’s internal situation and Xiao Chen’s cultivation speed were somewhat different.

“Maybe I’m a genius!” Xiao Chen said.

“Sure. When this old man was younger, he also was a genius and had seen many geniuses. However, this old man hasn’t seen your kind of genius. Practicing ‘Seizing Good Fortune War Mantra’ backwards, this really is genius.” Tian Lao replied disdainfully.

“Then perhaps it’s due to practicing backwards?” Xiao Chen asked.

“Don’t know, but your cultivation speed is a bit abnormal.” Tian Lao said: “I’ll keep observing. Normally speaking, the city’s Qi of Heaven and Earth is very scarce, so your cultivation speed should be very slow. Because you were held back for a few years, breaking through First Layer Qi-Training makes sense, but right now, you’re about to break through to Second Layer Qi-Training, thus this cultivation speed defies heaven’s will a bit.”

“Second Layer?” Xiao Chen’s heart was a little cold. Although this looks like a good thing on the surface, Xiao Chen knows that speed isn’t always a good thing. Cultivating too quickly definitely has some factors within it.

“But for the time being, there seems to be nothing wrong, so continue.” Tian Lao said to Xiao Chen.

Tian Lao’s words made Xiao Chen feel slightly relieved. Although Xiao Chen desires strength, however, if strength comes too quickly, he will be a bit scared ah! Second Layer Inner Qi, this was the height a lot of Fighters could only reach by cultivating for many years ah!

“Xiao Chen? Brother Ming and Brother Gangmen wants you to go to the school cafeteria.” Xiao Chen was currently practicing when the lanky guy who came with Ma Gangmen told this to Xiao Chen.

“Go to the cafeteria?” Xiao Chen opened his eyes. He felt that it was a little strange. It is reasonable to say that if one wanted to teach a person, one would go to the men’s bathroom or the school roof, right? Why go to the cafeteria? That kind of place easily attracts the attention of the Director: “Ma *** wants to invite me to eat?” (TLN: English is…indescribable)

“Right, just inviting you to eat! However, it’s Brother Gangmen, not Ma ***!” The lanky guy frowned while saying.

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“Oh, since they’re inviting me to eat, then lead the way!” Xiao Chen knows that if this matter isn’t solved, it’s estimated that Ma Gangmen and Lou Zhenming will look for other ways to interfere with him. However, Xiao Chen believes that fundamentally there is no sinless person, so in any case, it’s better to take a look, then make a judgment.

If it’s good fortune then it’s not misfortune, if it’s misfortune then why try to evade it? Xiao Chen currently has already cultivated true virtue to First Layer Qi-Training. This is equivalent to First Layer Inner Qi, so he actually doesn’t fear any matter! Moreover, during his ‘Young Master Xiao’ time, who was he afraid of?

En? This frankly? The lanky guy was slightly surprised. He originally thought that he would have to have an argument with Xiao Chen, but he didn’t think that Xiao Chen would directly agree. ‘Seems like this kid really is a country bumpkin, he is convinced that he’s being invited to eat ah?’

Xiao Chen followed the lanky guy out of the classroom and followed him to the cafeteria. Second High’s cafeteria is very large, about the same size as First High’s cafeteria. It is divided into First Floor, Second Floor and Third Floor. The First Floor has the most common food for the majority, with its food at around the same quality same as fast food restaurant. All around on the First Floor are windows selling all kinds of dishes, while the middle has rows of tables and chairs suitable for students to eat their fast food.

On the Second Floor, there’s a place to order just like a regular hotel. The Second Floor has a menu and allows one to select whatever is to one’s preference. This is the place that the wealthy students like the most. Of course, some school teachers occasionally eat here, but some not-so-wealthy students will also hold birthday parties or something over here. Obviously, the dishes on the Second Floor are better than the ones on the First Floor. This floor has specially hired hotel chefs and there are some special dishes that are directly delivered over here from a nearby hotel after the cooking is finished.

The Third Floor is like theater box floor. It requires reservation and each theater box has a minimum spending. Generally, the not specially rich students will not go reserve a theater box, but small groups of school teachers will often go to reserve a theater box.

After all, Second High’s salaries are very high. Moreover, teachers have a teacher’s dignity, so they also would not want to eat together with students. After all, having the joke topic among teachers being heard by students is a very awkward matter.

Of course, there are Aristocratic Family juniors who don’t care about money like Lou Zhenming, and are frequent patrons to the Third Floor. However, today Cheng Mengying is eating her meal in a corner on the Second Floor. Thus, in order to show off in front of Cheng Mengying, Lou Zhenming went to the Second Floor to find a table and waited for Xiao Chen to come.

“Brother Ming, do you think that lanky guy can make Xiao Chen come? What should we do if he doesn’t come? I’m afraid that Tang Tang, that *****, will stop him from coming!” Ma Gangmen said.

“Who knows? Just watch, there are plenty of opportunities, there’s no need to rush!” The more Lou Zhenming looked at Cheng Mengying, the more he felt that Cheng Mengying wasn’t simple. Even the way she ate food was elegant! Even though it was just her eating by herself, she didn’t appear lonely. Therefore, the more so Lou Zhenming didn’t dare to use strength against Cheng Mengying, and only thought of ways to get closer: “Right, Cheng Mengying’s background, have you investigated it yet?”


  1. TLN: Okay, the actual translation can be both ‘Brother Tang’ or ‘Sister Tang’ because Tang Tang’s name is used with only the first part of ‘Xiong[兄]’. In Chinese, ‘Xiong[兄]’ can be used with either ‘Di[弟]’ or ‘Mei[妹]’ to mean ‘Younger Brother’ or ‘Younger Sister’, respectively. In this case, I used ‘Sister’ because Tang Tang is female, but Tang Tang is a tomboy, so it could be used sarcastically. By the way, it’s sort of like slang. 

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