Chapter 8 – First Time Possessing Strength

Xiao Chen’s dormitory was separated to the other dorm rooms, but Xiao Chen had been enrolled for three years and had not lived there, inside, the furniture was covered in a thick layer of dust. Fortunately, this was still his dorm, otherwise Xiao Chen would have to sleep on the streets.

The dormitory was paid when he was admitted, so Xiao Chen did not need to worry about payments.

Dust on the furniture, Xiao Chen refused to pay attention to trivial matters and sat cross-legged on the bed. Ready to begin cultivation, with the mantra given to him by Tian Lao. After all, he yearned for strength for too long, and now had the opportunity turn his situation around, made Xiao Chen impatient.

Xiao Chen sat there and started to recall the cultivation method, Xiao Chen did not know how the method was passed on, just as he recalled, suddenly in his mind a formula scroll appeared!

The scroll was vivid, as if he had seen it before. Presumably, this was Tian Lao’s knowledge, but he still did not know how it transmitted into his mind.

“Battle to seize the heaven?” This name is quite strange! However, Xiao Chen did not care too much, generally methods would have strange names. For example he read a book called “Personal biographies of the master’s school.” Novel, which had a forest God practicing what was called “shaft driving the dragon”. However, the mantra had a better name “battle to seize the heaven”, which rather made it fierce, and allowed one to soar through the clouds. ⌈1

Xiao Chen started to recall information on “battle to seize the heaven”, although this and his previous cultivation methods were different, Xiao Chen was still familiar with the acupuncture points and meridians to circulate the energy into.

Although Xiao Chen thought that this “battle to seize the heaven” was somewhat strange, he had not come across anything similar to it and braced himself to practice.

According to Tian Lao’s information that was left behind in Xiao Chen’s mind, to cultivate true Qi, the first step is to form Qi in its gas state, in accordance with the mantra, let the gas cycle through his meridians. As long as he is able to succeed in doing so, it will equal to him setting foot at the threshold of cultivating true Qi.

It was difficult at the start, but for a madman like Xiao Chen, it was nothing. To make the body produce qi in its gas form, even for an average person, after getting used to it, how trivial is it? Especially when Xiao Chen had practiced in his basement for several years, comparing each other, this was nothing.

Once again, Xiao Chen tirelessly started the cycle of the mantra, although he felt no changes to his body, Xiao Chen though that Tian Lao would never deceive him, therefore he repeated the mantra over and over.

Eight, nine, ten, eleven and twelve cycles were completed until it was morning. Although Xiao Chen repeated the cycle of the mantra, he suspected that “battle to seize the heaven” was unsuitable for him to practice. After such a long time, it had not responded to him, was his qualifications too poor or was he practicing it wrong.

Just as Xiao Chen was doubting the mantra, his chest felt slightly cool, then he felt this air flow from his chest and spread along his meridians and in his mantra, the air was getting larger

At this moment, Xiao Chen wanted to scream. He successfully cultivate his Qi into gas form, which would mean that he was able to cultivate true Qi? Thinking of this, Xiao Chen clenched his teeth and repeated the cycle of the mantra once more, circulating the Qi throughout his meridians.

With the increase of Qi in Xiao Chen’s body, Qi started to circulate through his meridians, this made Xiao Chen cry out in pain. This was the first time Qi circulate through his meridians, the feeling of being pierced did not stop Xiao Chen from continuing.

Since childhood, Xiao Chen believed in the words “no pain, no gain” ⌈2

That is why Xiao Chen, for several years, continued to exercise in his basement diligently. But sometimes it’s not that one cannot achieve it in a certain way. ⌈3

Xiao Chen’s physique was unable to cultivate Qi, therefore when he was able to feel Qi, Xiao Chen was excited, even if he was in incomparable pain.

Finally, under Xiao Chen bearing through the pain, he could feel all the meridians in his body filled with Qi. Even though he kept circulating the Qi through is meridians, Xiao Chen sense that his meridians weren’t being torn and in pain, instead a warm comfortable feeling passed through his meridians.

Xiao Chen did not know how long the Qi had been circulating through his buddy, but it suddenly stopped, rapidly welling up in his dantian All of the built up Qi gathered in his dantian, Xiao Chen thought that it would explode, but instead started to compress, turning Xiao Chen’s face red.

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Won’t have problems? Xiao Chen clenched his teeth not knowing what do to, he wanted to stop the mantra, but did not dare to as he knew far too less. Practising with great difficulty, and able to form Qi, Xiao Chen was unwilling to give up. ⌈4

“Bang!” Xiao Chen felt he body shake, as if something broke in his body, pain surged throughout his body, but as if something broke, a pleasant sensation was released.

By now Xiao Chen had stopped cultivating the mantra, if he kept at it, who knows what would happen later, power is important, but so was his life.

After stopping the mantra, Xiao Chen quickly checked his body to see if there were any problems, but as Xiao Chen began to check his ears, suddenly a voice rang out, giving Xiao Chen a scare!


  1. TL: Imo “Battle to seize the heavens” sounded better… 
  2. TL: Do remember this is set in modern day era. 
  3. TL: More than one way to succeed. 
  4. TL: Originally said practiced for such a long time…but it like seem he only practiced for a night.. 

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