Chapter 63 – Must Upgrade Strength So That It’ll Be Okay

Xiao Chen didn’t have as many thoughts as Cheng Mengying. What Xiao Chen thought of was, The Seventh Layer Inner Strength Martialist that tracked me today, what is his background?

Since this Seventh Layer Inner Strength Martialist already tracked him for a day, it showed that he shouldn’t have any malice towards him and should simply want to take a look at him. If it was like this, was this person from Xiao Clan……or someone dispatched by Cheng Clan?

Thinking of these two possibilities, Xiao Chen slightly calmed down in his heart.

If it was Xiao Clan dispatching someone to take a look at how his current situation was, then there had to be some reason. But if it was Cheng Clan, it was naturally to see whether or not he was currently very miserable!

“I’m done eating. I’ll first go to the room to take a look at whether or not the medicinal soup is ready or not. You don’t need to clean up after you’re done eating, I’ll come back after a while to tidy the tableware up.” As Xiao Chen was speaking, he stood up his body and began walking towards his own room.

“Okay……” Cheng Mengying is a lady; she eats very slowly. While Xiao Chen already wolfed down his food and finished, she was still eating slowly.

Xiao Chen returned to his room and looked at the electric earthenware pot. There was still some time before it would be appropriately boiled, thus he lied down on his bed and closed his eyes to rest for a while. These past few days, there were truly too many things happening, making Xiao Chen somewhat unable to digest.

He had transformed from a young master in dire straits into a mysterious as well as flamboyant Truth Cultivator. If this was spoke out, perhaps nobody would believe him. It was just that Xiao Chen’s currently only needed to be low key; even if nobody would believe him, he couldn’t speak irresponsibly.

After waiting a while, the electric earthenware pot automatic power-off beep sounded out, signifying that the boiling medicinal soup was complete. Xiao Chen took out the medicinal soup and directly drained it in one gulp, then began slowly refining the medicinal soup in his stomach using the Seizing Good Fortune War Mantra’s mental mnemonic chant……

Guessing that the time was just about right, that the young lady should have finished eating dinner, Xiao Chen temporarily stopped cultivating and pushed the door open to leave his room. As expected, the young lady already wasn’t inside the living room.

It goes without saying that Xiao Chen thought that Cheng Mengying had gone upstairs to rest in her room. However, when he turned his head to glance about, he unexpectedly discovered that the young lady was inside the kitchen standing before the sink, clumsily washing the tableware!

When had Cheng Mengying ever done these matters inside the house? However, today she was actually taking the initiative and giving it a try. At this very moment, she somewhat admired Xiao Chen; it was truly hard to fathom how he, a young master, changed his mentality and adapted to doing housework!

Of course, these could still be regarded as nothing; Xiao Chen could even go as far as to sell breakfast while she, Cheng Mengying, couldn’t even wash tableware. For a while, she thought that the good-for-nothing wasn’t Xiao Chen, but her.

“You……” Xiao Chen didn’t think that Cheng Mengying would go wash dishes. This made Xiao Chen not know what was good to say. After speaking the word ‘you’, he couldn’t continue on.

But, it would have been fine not to even say it. This word made the originally somewhat flustered young lady frightened and the hand holding the chinaware bowl trembled. The chinaware bowl in her hand slipped and dropped downwards.


The sound of the bowl breaking sounded from the floor and it immediately broke and split into many pieces. Yet what was extremely unfortunate was that a fragment directly shot towards her bright and clean foot; blood immediately started flowing out!

“Ya! My foot……” Cheng Mengying cried out in alarm. She looked at her own ‘bobo’ bleeding foot and became somewhat scared, then screeched: “Xiao Chen, you’re a ghost, scaring this Young Lady to death without any warning!”

“Uh……sorry.” Xiao Chen suddenly felt that his head would explode. He didn’t think that him opening his mouth would frighten the young lady, but since this matter had already happened, Xiao Chen could only brace himself and apologize, even though he thought he didn’t make any mistake.

“What use does a ‘sorry’ have? My foot is already injured!” It wasn’t that Cheng Mengying was weak; after all, she was an Ancient Martial Clan’s young lady, and had suffered hardships from childhood; but that she had been frightened into stillness by the blood on her foot! She didn’t fear pain, but felt sick when seeing blood!

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“Sorry, I’ll help you get the medicine box……” After Xiao Chen finished speaking, he became slightly distracted. He and the Young Lady had just moved into the villa a few days ago and they hadn’t prepared a medicine box, so where would he go get a medicine box?

Thinking up to here, Xiao Chen had no solutions and had no alternative but to go upstairs and search for Ye Xiaoye, hoping that she had a hemostatic drug-type of thing!

The villa’s second floor.

To tell the truth, besides helping the Young Lady carry things up on the first day, Xiao Chen hadn’t gone up ever since. When he arrived at the second floor, he went up the Ye Xiaoye’s room door and knocked on it.

“Who is it?” Very quickly, Ye Xiaoye’s voice sounded out from inside of the room. Apparently, Ye Xiaoye was home, but just that she hadn’t gone downstairs.

“It’s me, Xiao Chen.” Xiao Chen replied.


The door was opened and when it opened, the strong scent of medicinal soup assaulted his senses. However, Xiao Chen was already used to it due to boiling medicine in his own room, so he was actually indifferent to it. Through the dense steam, Xiao Chen could see Ye Xiaoye in a full-body yoga suit, her small face red and filled with perspiration.

Frankly, this was Xiao Chen’s first time seeing such a youthful and agreeable Ye Xiaoye. The previous Ye Xiaoye had a cold face without any expressions, but the Ye Xiaoye at this moment truly resembled a girl at her age.

The yoga suit was very skimpy; besides covering the crucial places, it exposed a large part of her beautiful and white skin.

A girl that practiced martial arts was different. Even though the skin on her body was extremely fair, it was also very tight and didn’t have a bit of unwanted fat, very healthy and beautiful.

“Seen enough? What did you come to do?” Ye Xiaoye’s ice-cold voice pulled Xiao Chen from ** back to reality.

Xiao Chen let out a hollow laugh and asked somewhat embarrassedly: “That is……do you have a medicine box or hemostatic drug for wounds?”

“No.” Ye Xiaoye indifferently replied: “What’s wrong?”

“Cheng Mengying’s foot was lacerated.” Xiao Chen explained: “Since you don’t have, then I’ll go to the ********. Thank you.”

“Wait.” Ye Xiaoye said: “Within the flowerbed downstairs, go to the medicinal herb by the lower left corner. Randomly pull up a strand, chew it, and promptly spread it on the wound. Its effect in stopping bleeding is very good and also won’t leave behind a scar.”

“Ah?” Xiao Chen didn’t expect Ye Xiaoye to plant this kind of herb. He looked slightly distracted for a moment, but immediately nodded and answered: “Okay, thanks a lot!”

Ye Xiaoye didn’t speak any further and closed the door with a ‘bang’.

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Xiao Chen helplessly shrugged his shoulders and quickly ran down the stairs. Then he directly rushed out of the villa, went to Ye Xiaoye’s part of the flowerbed and found the medicinal herb that Ye Xiaoye was talking about.

“Hm? This is a Healing Spirit Grass, I didn’t expect that there would be someone growing this here!” Tian Lao’s voice sounded out from beside Xiao Chen’s ear, frightening Xiao Chen.

“What Healing Spirit Grass?” Xiao Chen asked in confusion.

“Nothing, it’s just an extremely low level healing medicinal herb in the Cultivating world.” Tian Lao explained.

“Why are you so surprised at an extremely low level……” Xiao Chen was somewhat speechless. You being this surprised made me terribly frightened.

“Low level goods of the Cultivating world doesn’t represent that it’s commonly seen in the Secular world. A Healing Spirit Grass is very difficult to grow in the Secular world’s kind of environment. Being able to unexpectedly grow here is truly strange!” Tian Lao said.

“Forget it, doesn’t matter if it’s strange or not.” Xiao Chen directly extended his hand and pulled out a strand, then returned to the villa’s kitchen, where the Young Lady was still bleeding!

“Mengying, chew this medicinal herb in your mouth, then apply it onto the location of your wound and it’ll be okay. This is Ye Xiaoye’s medicinal herb and it’s said that its effect is very good and won’t leave behind any scars.” Xiao Chen handed over the Healing Spirit Grass to Cheng Mengying and said.

“Chew? Such a dirty grass with dirt on it, you want me to put it in my mouth??!” Cheng Mengying was angered to the point of widely opening her eyes: “Won’t you help me mash it up?”

Xiao Chen was just about to agree, but at this time, Tian Lao’s voice sounded from beside his ear: “Little Chenzi, you don’t need to waste any effort; mashing it is useless. Healing Spirit Grass requires saliva in order for it to be effective.”

“Eh……Mengying, this medicinal herb requires chewing. It will only have an effect if there’s saliva.” Xiao Chen explained.

“Ah?” Cheng Mengying stared blankly for a moment. She didn’t expect that there would be this kind of view, how come she had never heard of this? Is Xiao Chen deliberately swindling me? But, what advantage would swindling me give him? Cheng Mengying was somewhat unable to understand.

“I say Young Lady, quickly make a decision, your foot……” When Xiao Chen saw Cheng Mengying foolishly staring blankly, he bitterly smiled and reminded her.

“Then you help me chew and apply it, don’t you know that I feel sick at the sight of blood!” Cheng Mengying found an excuse for herself. Although making Xiao Chen chew and apply it on her foot made Cheng Mengying feel strange, she couldn’t pay attention to so many things at this time. Along with actually feeling sick at the sight of blood, she unexpectedly also didn’t want to help herself.

“Feel sick when seeing blood?” This was Xiao Chen’s first time knowing that Cheng Mengying felt sick at the sight of blood. Before, when he was beating up Ma Gangmen in the gym, how come she didn’t look sick at the sight of blood? In reality, what Xiao Chen didn’t know was that when he was hitting Ma Gangmen, the young lady didn’t feel dizzy, but if Ma Gangmen was hitting him, the young lady would immediately feel dizzy!

But, Xiao Chen didn’t ask any further and put the Healing Spirit Grass in his mouth to chew. Then, he applied it over the young lady’s foot. When Xiao Chen’s finger touched the young lady’s foot, her body trembled slightly.

In the olden times, a woman’s feet was the most secretive place and absolutely couldn’t be touched by another other man than her husband. If a man wasn’t careful and touched a woman’s chest or buttocks, it wasn’t too important, but her feet were absolutely something that couldn’t be touched.

In the ancient times, there were many spring-palace paintings where all places of a woman’s body could be naked and revealed except for the feet. Actually, there was never before a painting where a woman was bare-naked; this was sufficient enough to explain how important and secretive this place was.

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Although this wasn’t paid attention to in the modern times, Cheng Mengying is an Ancient Martial Clan’s young lady, so she more or less retained the mannerisms of the ancient times. Although she could reveal her bare feet, she still felt very uncomfortable for a man to be touching it.

However, she also knew that Xiao Chen was applying medicine on her, so she endured it……

“Done.” Actually, the wound on the young lady’s foot wasn’t large. It was just that the blood flowing out was quite a lot, causing one to feel frightened. After Xiao Chen cleaned it up and applied the medicine, it wasn’t so scary.

Cheng Mengying looked at her own foot and became somewhat shy. She didn’t express her thanks and quickly dodged to the slide and went upstairs, clearly wanting to hide from Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen thought little of it and tidied up the fragments on the kitchen floor, then continued to finish the work the young lady hadn’t finished.

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