Chapter 36 – Not Just Anyone Can Work As A Servant

“Fine, I’ll treat you to either a buffet, roadside noodle shop, or twisted bun roll! This should suffice!” Xiao Chen replied.

“Pu….” When Tang Tang heard the first half of Xiao Chen’s words, she was quite happy. But after hearing the latter half, she directly spurted out laughter; how much does a noodle bowl cost? But she wasn’t a picky person and knew that saving up money wasn’t easy for Xiao Chen, so she didn’t exploit him: “Then it’s settled!”

Tang Tang and Xiao Chen walked together into the classroom laughing and talking, making Cheng Mengying knit her eyebrows. ‘Could it be that Xiao Chen coming so late was to find Tang Tang?’ Thinking that Xiao Chen took her money to find someone else, Young Lady Cheng felt a burst of unhappiness!

‘Hmph, what person. Tomorrow, this Young Lady will be buying a car for which you will be the driver! Let’s see how you can go find Tang Tang! This Young Lady’s anger also has reason! Previously, when you were Xiao Family’s Young Master, you pursued Shen Jingxuan and Lin Ke’er, but that was no problem. However, now you aren’t! Now, you are this Young Lady’s exclusive servant! You don’t curry favor with me nor do you stay near me, but actually went to fool around with Tang Tang?’

Although Tang Tang’s current appearance was hard to make people jealous, the Young Lady seen the previous Tang Tang!

Ultimately, it was just Young Lady Cheng’s lovable prideful flaw manifesting itself.

Deng Xiaokun also saw Xiao Chen and Tang Tang come through the door, causing his eyes to contain a trace of being stunned. But when he saw the fried bread sticks and soybean milk in her hands, he immediately showed a greedy expression: “Tang Tang, do I have a share?”

“Of course, both you and Xiao Chen have a share!” Tang Tang put the fried bread sticks and soybean milk on the table and said: “Eat while it’s hot; don’t make me run over in vain. It’s just that, how come I don’t lose weight when I run?”

“This is quite good. If you become a slender beauty, then I wouldn’t dare to eat your things.” Xiao Chen said laughingly.

This sentence wasn’t loud, but the not-so-far-away Cheng Mengying had actually heard it. She suddenly angrily curled up her hand into a fist.

‘Indeed, you don’t pay attention to me because I look too beautiful? But that’s not right, this kid had pursued Lin Ke’er and Shen Jingxuan before! Right, you definitely must be deceiving Tang Tang. Hmph, this Young Lady will definitely look for opportunities to expose you!’

Deng Xiaokun had already eaten breakfast, so he only ate half a fried bread stick and one package of soybean milk. On the other hand, Xiao Chen saw Tang Tang and Deng Xiaokun dumbfounded as the remaining food all went into his stomach, .

“Dude, how is your appetite so good?” Deng Xiaokun said with astonishment. A normal person could not eat this much for breakfast, but Xiao Chen was simply a rice bucket!

Xiao Chen was also a bit embarrassed. In the past, he would not be able to eat this much. However, ever since he started Truth Cultivating, his food intake drastically increased. But this couldn’t be exposed, so he frankly said: “Right ah1, yesterday noon, I didn’t eat my fill when I ate Tang Tang’s 4 or 5 steamed buns. I also ate a large meal from Lou Zhenming.”

“Cow.” Deng Xiaokun only had one phrase for this, ‘can eat well’.

However Tang Tang felt that Xiao Chen’s appetite had no problems. In her opinion, boys should be wolfing down food when eating, so the way Yun Shaoqun ate, eating things in a mannered way, was hypocritical. It make Tang Tang feel that it was very false.

Looking over to where Xiao Chen was wolfing down food, Lou Zhenming’s eyes flashed with a hint of malice. ‘Eat, eat. I’ll let you feel proud for a while, but in the evening, you’ll die without a burial place!’

Just a moment ago, Lei Dianfeng had just sent a text message, ‘The wanted outlaws are already in place, they can be moved at night to kill Xiao Chen’, which caused Lou Zhenming’s original hazy mood to improve a lot.
The morning time quickly passed by.

What made Xiao Chen a bit surprised was that Lou Zhenming truly did not find any trouble with him. It seemed like last night’s matter had passed! In the past, Xiao Chen was also a dandy, so he sort of understands the thoughts of a dandy. Eating that much loss yesterday and then saying to forget it, Xiao Chen found it hard to believe!

If it were an honorable gentleman, then it would be considered as finished. However, Lou Zhenming obviously was not one; he was not even a dandy caring about face. Therefore, Xiao Chen felt that Lou Zhenming definitely would not let this go, that he was just temporarily holding it in.

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But since Lou Zhenming didn’t cause trouble to Xiao Chen, Xiao Chen naturally was happy with being at leisure.
At noon, Deng Xiaokun turned around and looked at Xiao Chen: “From what I heard from Tang Tang, you’ll be treating at noon and taking us to a buffet?”

Tang Tang had told Deng Xiaokun that Xiao Chen would treat to a buffet, but did not say what to eat. Therefore, Deng Xiaokun was a bit excited. Although Deng Xiaokun’s family background was unusual, to be honest, Deng Family was controlled by martial might. Generally, the family education was very strict, so all that Deng Xiaokun ate was all in the Martial Building. He had very little pocket money and usually could not eat any delicacies. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so excited when Xiao Chen brought the bag of abalone back into the classroom yesterday.

“En, shall we go together?” Xiao Chen asked laughingly.

“Okay, not taking advantage of this would be foolish.” After Deng Xiaokun finished speaking, he got up to go out of the classroom together with Xiao Chen and Tang Tang.

It was hard for Cheng Mengying to imagine how Xiao Chen, an influential son that lost his power, won Tang Tang and Deng Xiaokun’s favor. Sure, Tang Tang’s situation was similar to his, but Deng Xiaokun’s situation was not. Although Deng Family was currently tolerating it, they hadn’t been beaten. Yet yesterday, Deng Family’s Young Master stuck up for Xiao Chen which made Cheng Mengying feel that it was very weird.

“Two beautiful girls, may this Lou have honor to dine with with the two?” Lou Zhenming was very intelligent in asking in a roundabout manner. He didn’t say treat; he only asked if he could have the honor to dine with them.

Cheng Mengying looked at the glue-like Lou Zhenming with a bit of frustration. She suddenly discovered that having Xiao Chen as a fiance in name from before was actually a good thing! Although Zhao Yuliang had openly and covertly showed his love for her, he had never done it so obviously.

After all, Xiao Chen wasn’t to be trifled with at that time. Even though he didn’t care about his fiancee, if others pursuing her in front of his face, Xiao Chen would definitely bring Chen Jinpeng and Zhu Yingxiong to rush in. Even Zhao Yuliang would not dare to do this kind of thing, after all, there are rules between the aristocratic family juniors.

If no one being the owner of the precious flower, then she could be pursued. However, if she was another’s fiancee and you blatantly pursued her, it would not only be a provocation to the parties involved, but also provocation to the families behind the parties.

Therefore, after Cheng Family broke off the engagement, Zhao Yuliang began to court her and try to gain her favor, but didn’t think that on the second day Cheng Mengying would transfer.

“Sister Mengying, when we eat, we need a servant to pour us tea on our side. Since Little Louzi said it would be his honor, then how about we give him a chance?” Jin Beibei grinned towards Lou Zhenming with evil intentions as she spoke to Cheng Mengying.

Lou Zhenming’s whole body immediately shook. ****, how can this big milk girl be so harmful? Dining has the meaning of sitting together on one table to eat, but you actually arranged me the role of a servant?

But Lou Zhenming didn’t dare to say anything. Thinking about it, being able to serve Cheng Mengying as she ate was also fine; others would willingly serve but could not serve!

“Forget it Beibei, we don’t need a servant.” Cheng Mengying slightly frowned as she replied with rejection: “Lou Zhenming, you do your own thing. Beibei and I have some private matters to speak of, so when we’re eating, it’s not good to have others nearby.”

“So it’s like this….” After Lou Zhenming heard what Cheng Mengying said, he could only give up and walked out of the classroom with Shou Hou.

“Cousin Mengying, why didn’t you let Lou Zhenming work as a servant?” Jin Beibei asked.

“Seeing him makes me lose my appetite and not just anyone can work as a servant!” Cheng Mengying very much hated Lou Zhenming’s kind of person. Although Xiao Chen was also a dandy in the past, he didn’t bully and extort the new students. However, Lou Zhenming wasn’t a dandy, he was an underworld evil force.

Unconsciously, Cheng Mengying had actually made a comparison between Xiao Chen and Lou Zhenming. After this idea came out, Cheng Mengying was surprised at herself. But thinking about it, Cheng Mengying always had these dandies by her side. Thinking about it even harder, it seemed like Xiao Chen is a little normal? ‘Hmph, dead Xiao Chen, unexpectedly getting expelled from your family! Now you aren’t this Young Lady’s shield!’

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“Oh well, only Xiao Chen brother-in-law can be a servant.” Jin Beibei said.

“Beibei, didn’t you mention that Xiao Chen can die?” Bringing up Xiao Chen, Cheng Mengying became more angry: “You know I didn’t mean that!”


Deng Xiaokun’s face showed surprise while sitting in a noodle shop as he pointed at the steamed buns in front of him and said between laughter and tears: “Xiao Chen, you brought us one kilometer away just to eat this? This is a buffet?”

“Yes, take the stuff on your own, eat as you please and eat as much as you want, I have enough.” Xiao Chen said as he nodded.

“Heavens, I looking forward to this!” Deng Xiaokun’s face was depressed: “If I knew this earlier, I might have as well have gone home to eat lunch!”

Deng Family’s Martial Building provided boxed lunch every afternoon, and although Deng Xiaokun was Deng Family’s Young Master, there were no privileges in the Martial Building. The master and disciple ate boxed lunches together, and Deng Xiaokun also ate the boxed lunch.

“Okay, stop complaining, aren’t there noodles? Or do you not eat noodles?” Tang Tang grabbed a steamed bun and the free small brined vegetables that matched with it.

“You look down upon me! You guys eat, I don’t think this is particularly special!” But after Deng Xiaokun saw Tang Tang eat, he also grabbed a steamed bun to eat: “Fine, I’ll just regard yesterday’s meal as eating too much. Today I’ll eat something light.”

One meal later.

The three people ate their fill and this only cost Xiao Chen 10 RMB, plus he also brought some scallion fried pancakes2 for the evening study time! This staple food, how could it cost a lot of money to eat?

On the way back, Deng Xiaokun suddenly said: “Right Xiao Chen, watch out for yourself. Lou Zhenming, this person, is a bit sinister. I fear that he won’t let go of Ma Gangmen’s matter. Even though he guaranteed that he would let it go yesterday, I fear that he will settle the score later on!”

“En, I know, I also thought about this.” Xiao Chen deeply considered as he nodded: “But if he doesn’t raise his hand, then I can’t take the initiative to look for him and can only wait passively.”

“That’s also true, but it’s really hard to understand. Yesterday night Tang Tang and I analyzed it for a long time, but we weren’t able to analyze the reason. It can only be said that Lou Zhenming wanted to bully newcomers….” Deng Xiaokun was unable to figure out why Lou Zhenming felt that Xiao Chen was unpleasant in his eyes.

“Hehe, regard this as me having bad luck then.” Xiao Chen helplessly shrugged.


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