Chapter 85 – So Who Is More Attractive?

“This……” Just as Xiao Chen was about to speak, he felt a fierce gaze from the young lady’s eyes. Xiao Chen hurried to say: “As for attractiveness, your cousin is a bit more attractive.”

“Hmph, it can be considered that your eyes haven’t gone bad!” Cheng Mengying was evidently quite satisfied with Xiao Chen’s answer: “This young lady also thinks this.”

“Not fun, cousin and brother-in-law are acting together to cheat people.” Jin Beibei puckered her lips: “As the saying goes, a woman’s chest is the greater 7 points of beauty.”

“It’s ‘a woman’s whiteness is 3 points beauty’.” Cheng Mengying corrected her.

“Right, I’m also white and my chest is big, 3 plus 7 is 10, which means extremely1 beautiful.” Jin Beibei said as-a-matter-of-factly: “Cousin Mengying is at most 7-8 points.”

“Xiao Chen, tell this young lady how many points she is.” Cheng Mengying was about to blow her top.

“You’re both 10 points, okay? I’ll be returning to decoct medicinal herbs and will not be chatting with you guys.” Xiao Chen felt that he shouldn’t participate in this matter. Next time I come home, I’ll dig out my eyes. If you look at the big chest again, then you’re looking for trouble.2

However, these past few days of co-renting made Xiao Chen truly see his “fiancée” young lady’s other aspect! He previously thought that she was cold and aloof, but now that he understood more, he knew that she was just a proud princess disease girl who could also be very cute! She wasn’t really being cold and aloof, it was just that no one understood her.

“See? The eyes of the masses are sharp; your chest is merely larger, my chest tying with yours is proof I am more attractive!” Cheng Mengying complacently said. She depended on Xiao Chen to recover from her small chest inferiority complex with great difficulty.

“He’s brother-in-law, of course he would speak for you. If he was your brother-in-law, I would already be 20 points.” Jin Beibei spoke without minding it.

“He’s looking at my face when he gave you 10 points. If he wasn’t your brother-in-law, then he would give you 1 point.” Cheng Mengying said.

“Cousin Mengying finally recognized him as brother-in-law, 1 point, just one point, haha.” Jin Beibei grinningly said.

“You……I’m angry at you!” Cheng Mengying didn’t think that she would be tricked by Jin Beibei.

Xiao Chen returned to his room and placed all the medicinal herbs into the electric earthenware pot. It really couldn’t be said enough about how convenient Ye Xiaoye’s thing was. If it was changed to the previous Xiao Chen, perhaps he would really use the old method of decocting medicinal herbs.

“This auxiliary medicine also takes five hours?” Xiao Chen asked in his heart.

“That’s right, it’s also five hours.” Tian Lao said: “After taking it, you have to train yourself in the tempering method I gave you. This way, your body will thoroughly absorb all the medicinal properties.”

“Okay.” Xiao Chen nodded and set up the electric earthenware pot. This electric earthenware pot had this advantage: just in case you forgot, it would automatically stop and prevent your medicinal decoction from becoming burnt.

After handling this, Xiao Chen went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. This evening, they didn’t need to eat instant noodles due to the pile of delicacies they packed away from this afternoon; it would be ready to eat after warming it up.

Perhaps because it was still early, Jin Beibei didn’t immediately leave after eating today, instead she continued on playing that exercise game with Cheng Mengying.

Xiao Chen’s medicinal soup was about done and he didn’t dare continue watching the shaking breasts in the living room, so he immediately returned to take the medicine. Of course, Xiao Chen also thought: for the future, should I place a surveillance camera in the living room in the name of security? Naturally this was only a thought, Xiao Chen wouldn’t do something so despicable.

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After taking the medicinal decoction and downing it in one gulp, Xiao Chen began to exercise himself through the tempering method Tian Lao had given him. Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei were making a ruckus in the living room, yet Xiao Chen movements didn’t seem so abrupt……

Seeing a layer of blackish-purple greasy paste again, Xiao Chen was a bit surprised. Before he took the third medicine, this phenomena hadn’t appeared on Xiao Chen’s body, yet now that he changed to a new auxiliary medicine today, it unexpectedly appeared.

Seeming like he knew Xiao Chen’s thinking, Tian Lao opened his mouth to say: “For each stage, there will be a phase of Bone Marrow Cleansing; you are a human, not an immortal. You eat grains and other foods every day, not to mention the intake of automobile exhaust, smog, and dust. These are all toxins that must be discharged from your body.”

“You’re peeping at my thoughts again.” Xiao Chen depressedly went to take a shower……

Not long after Xiao Chen finished his shower and was in the middle of wiping himself, the door was suddenly pushed open and gave Xiao Chen a scare! How come there are so many female rogues in this villa? It shouldn’t be Ye Xiaoye, right? Seems like I’ll have to lock the door next time. Xiao Chen hurriedly placed the bath towel before his body.

“Brother-in-law, what are you doing? Quickly tidy up and go out with us!” Jin Beibei shouted as she pushed the door open, but when met with Xiao Chen’s appearance, she instantly opened her eyes wide: “Can’t look, can’t look, pink eye, pink eye……”

But although such were her words, Jin Beibei’s eyes were still wide open, scanning Xiao Chen up and down.

“Uh……Beibei, can you step back for a while?” With Jin Beibei standing here, Xiao Chen couldn’t move. He also couldn’t put on his clothes because once he moved, he would be exposed.

“Beibei, what are you doing, quit dallying around and quickly tell Xiao Chen to get ready!” After Cheng Mengying finished putting on her coat, she saw that Jin Beibei still hadn’t come out of Xiao Chen’s room. She was a bit anxious, so she quickly went up and walked in. The young lady was immediately dumbstruck; what was going on here?

Aa——” Cheng Mengying subconsciously closed her eyes and dragged Jin Beibei out. Xiao Chen took this opportunity to quickly close the door and lock it.

“Beibei, what were you thinking!?” Cheng Mengying knew that this matter couldn’t be blamed on Xiao Chen. What problem was there for the other party to undress in his/her own room? But Jin Beibei stood there watching and even involved Cheng Mengying! This almost drove her mad: “Was it very good-looking? I feel like you and Xiao Chen really are an innate pair; he looks after you, you look after him. One day he’ll see you without clothes and you’ll let it pass!”

“Is cousin Mengying feeling jealous?” Jin Beibei watched the berserk Cheng Mengying and actually beamed: “Relax, I’m just replacing cousin Mengying for checking!”

“How am I related to your checking?” Cheng Mengying promptly asked as she saw Jin Beibei quibbling.

“When I saw brother-in-law run so quickly today, I knew that he shouldn’t have any issues in that field. However, this could only prove the aspect of his endurance and couldn’t illustrate his size. Therefore, I stealthily went to face the danger of pink eye in order to help cousin verify how big brother-in-law’s asset is……” Jin Beibei looked very righteous as she spoke very seriously.

“Then did you see it?” Cheng Mengying thought, does Jin Beibei not have a sense of honor and shame?

“No, unfortunately brother-in-law’s response was too quick and the key point was instantly hidden by the bath towel.” Jin Beibei spoke regretfully: “It seems like there are only two possibilities……”

“What two possibilities?” Cheng Mengying bore her anger and spoke with confusion.

“Either brother-in-law’s that is too small and was embarrassed to let me see, or brother-in-law’s that is too big and was afraid of scaring me.” Jin Beibei analyzed.

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“Since you’re so curious, how about speaking about this to grandpa Jin and establishing an engagement? You can just marry him and skip the analysis, going straight into testing the size!” Cheng Mengying sometimes did speak about some private issues on men and women with Jin Beibei. After all, they were going through puberty and it was normal to have a night chat in her boudoir. However, today’s topic already exceeded the range that she could bear.

“Then I even more so have to inspect, this relates to my lifetime’s happiness!” Jin Beibei said: “Oh right, cousin Mengying, didn’t you help Xiao Chen with a blow*? Don’t you know his size?”

“Beibei, how do you want to die?” The top of Cheng Mengying’s head was about to be ignited by the true fire of Samadhi and she was about to explode.

“Nothing, I didn’t say anything……” Jin Beibei shrunk back. She was still quite afraid of Cheng Mengying’s anger. Although she was fearless and drove others mad all day long, Cheng Mengying was her older sister in their childhood, so she revered her all along and only dared to grumble in a low voice: “Dare to do but not dare to confess……”

Cheng Mengying was about to say ‘you can be considered tactful’ when she heard the first half of the words, but when she heard the latter half of the words, she nearly exploded again. Fortunately, Xiao Chen finished wearing his clothes and walked out. When he saw the pair, he was confused and didn’t know what was going on: “What’s up with you guys? Where are we going?”

“Jingxuan has come. I’ll give you the opportunity to accompany us!” Cheng Mengying gave Xiao Chen a look and overbearingly said. In reality, it was because the sky’s color was already dark and Cheng Mengying thought that she and Jin Beibei wouldn’t be safe as a pair of girls.

“Okay.” Xiao Chen nodded.

“Hmph, answering so happily after hearing Shen Jingxuan coming?” When Cheng Mengying saw Xiao Chen answer so refreshingly, she was suddenly a little unhappy.

“I was thinking that accompanying this young lady this evening is quite a happy matter.” Xiao Chen forced a smile and spoke in compliance to Cheng Mengying’s temperament.

“Uh-huh, you can still be considered tactful!” Cheng Mengying instantly felt happier after hearing Xiao Chen’s words: “You know whose manservant you are!”

“I’m sitting in the back?” Xiao Chen looked at the Beetle parked in the villa’s couryard and was a bit depressed; sitting in the back row with his build was too vexing.

“Please board.” Cheng Mengying directly opened the car door.

Xiao Chen helplessly crawled into the back row: “Oh yeah, Mengying, don’t you have an Audi A5? When can you drive it?”

“That’s a family vehicle, I usually don’t drive it, next time we go back to Cheng Clan.” Cheng Mengying also truly felt that Jin Beibei’s Beetle wasn’t convenient for long journeys. Before it didn’t matter because it was just their pair of girls, but now that there was an extra attendant Xiao Chen, it was a little crowded.

The place where Shen Jingxuan made the appointment was a doorway cafe. In the past, Cheng Mengying and Shen Jingxuan would occasionally come here to drink some things. First High and Second High’s examination times were the same, so there was no problem with Shen Jingxuan inviting Cheng Mengying here tonight.

In the vicinity of First High, Xiao Chen didn’t need to meticulously avoid the master-servant relationship with Cheng Mengying. In any case, he didn’t know many of his personal enemies. Xiao Chen followed behind the young lady and Jin Beibei to enter the cafe, and immediately saw Shen Jingxuan beckoning to them at a half sofa, half chair table3.


  1. TLN: “10 points(十分)” can also mean “extremely”. So if you read the Chinese, it’s like a pun. 
  2. TLN: Inner monologue towards his eyes. 
  3. TLN: It’s a tables that’s has one side as sofa while the other side has chairs. 

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