Chapter 42 – Young Lady’s Order

“Brother, don’t worry. Whatever Brother Ming makes me do, I will do. If he makes me go east, then I definitely won’t go west!” Ma Gangchuan declared.

“Talking has no use. When the time comes. you have to act well. Nothing is stronger than that.” Ma Gangmen reminded.

One night’s time.

If one said it was short, it was not short. If one said that it was long, it also was not long. Under Xiao Chen’s efforts to cultivate, his body’s Yuan Qi revolved nonstop within his meridian channels, making them become even more vigorous! Last night, Xiao Chen had touched the edge of Second Layer Qi-Training and today, Xiao Chen intended to break through in one fell swoop.

Yuan Qi revolved over and over in circles and along with the Yuan Qi came a steady rise in strength. Xiao Chen seemed to feel it; the moment of breaking through wasn’t far off.

As expected, the Yuan Qi revolving within Xiao Chen’s body suddenly came to a stop, then rapidly rushed towards his Dantian. In a split second, all the Yuan Qi steadily flowed towards Xiao Chen’s Dantian. Xiao Chen felt as if his Dantian were going to explode. These strands of Yuan Qi were continuously being compressed within his Dantian!
This feeling felt no different than when Xiao Chen previously went from an ordinary person to a First Layer Qi-training Truth Cultivator. Therefore, although Xiao Chen was in pain, he wasn’t afraid. Thi was because Xiao Chen knew that he was about to break through!

“Hong……” Not long after, Xiao Chen’s body shook. Inside his body, it was as if something within his body broke. Bearing the vibration-pain, there was also a type of pleasant sensation that was instantly released after that depressed moment!

Broke through!

“Hu……” Xiao Chen let out a sigh of relief. Second Layer Qi-Training? That is to say, is my own strength equivalent to a Second Layer Inner Qi?

Somewhat not daring to believe it, he reached out his hand. Xiao Chen looked at his own unchanging hands. There was a sort of unreal feeling; his childhood dream was to wield a large amount of strength, but he now possessed it.

In three days, he went from an ordinary person to a Second Layer Qi-Training, which was equivalent to a Truth Cultivator with the strength of a Second Layer Inner Qi. If he did not personally experience it, Xiao Chen would have thought it to be talk in one’s sleep!

Even a genius was impossible to become a Second Layer Inner Qi Martialist from an ordinary person in three day. However, Xiao Chen had achieved this!

“Broke through?” Tian Lao’s voice resounded in Xiao Chen’s ears.

Xiao Chen treated Tian Lao as someone who appeared and disappeared whenever he wanted, so he was already accustomed to it: “Broke through. Tian Lao, my breakthrough speed, isn’t it a bit too fast?”

Though he was extremely happy, Xiao Chen was not a fool. This promotion speed could be described as unprecedented, but Xiao Chen actually achieved it. He could leave behind a legacy!

“Indeed, it is a bit too quick, but I also do not understand what the matter is thoroughly.” Tian Lao’s voice was slightly doubtful: “Theoretically speaking, your breakthrough speed is too quick. Even though I’ve seen many geniuses, without the assistance of some heavenly material treasure, it would be impossible to ascend to Second Layer Qi-Training in three days!”

“Oh? That is to say, with the assistance of some heavenly material treasure, it is possible to promote?” Xiao Chen asked.

“Of course that’s possible! The crucial point is that you don’t have one, so how are you promoting?” Tian Lao’s voice was very odd: “The environment for you isn’t any heavenly cave or blessed earth. The world’s Ling Qi is very thin, so you being able to break through so quickly, honestly is unimaginable!”

“Forget it, since you are unclear on this matter, then it isn’t necessary for me to think. At least there temporarily isn’t any harmful situation. Even if there was, at least it’s better than having no strength. If not for me possessing strength, then I fear that I would already be dead!” Xiao Chen thought it through clearly. Having strength was much better than not having strength at all. Even if there is a possible side effect, Xiao Chen would not hesitate. After all, side effects always come later on. If he didn’t have strength right now, then it was reckoned that he would be dead.

“That’s true.” Tian Lao solemnly replied, then seriously said: “Little Chenzi, you are currently already a Second Layer Qi-Training Truth Cultivator. Beginning from Second Layer Qi-training, you will start tempering your body. To put it bluntly, this is to lay a foundation for your future road. Although there is no short-term influence, I must remind you that you must finish First Step Body Temperting before you become Third Layer, otherwise there will be a major impact on your future road.”

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“Okay, how do I temper my body?” After Xiao Chen listened to Tian Lao’s serious words, he did not dare to neglect them and promptly asked.

“Tempering one’s body requires a few medicinal herbs. After you purchase them, boil it in accordance to what I say, then use it to soak your body. You must do this five days in a row, and only then can you continue to cultivate, otherwise if…” Tian Lao did not continue to speak, but Xiao Chen understood his meaning. Otherwise, it was feared that his future advancement would be very limited.

“Okay, talk. I’ll write down and go buy it today.” Xiao Chen responded at once.

Tian Lao didn’t speak and simply sent the information into Xiao Chen’s mind. Those medicinal ingredients names and amount became something Xiao Chen was very clear on! At once, Xiao Chen looked for a sheet of paper, then wrote the name and amount of each medicinal ingredient needed.

After completing all of his, only then did Xiao Chen ask: “Right, Tian Lao, didn’t you say that a Truth Cultivator has more special abilities compared to a Martialist? I am currently already a Second Layer Qi-Training Truth Cultivator, what kind of special abilities do I possess?”

“The first few layers of Qi-Training abilities, didn’t I already transmit it to you? You can go take a look!” Tian Lao said up to here and suddenly reminded: “But I suggest that you only take a look at Second Layer’s. As for Third Layer and Fourth Layer, wait until you have the strength before looking at it, otherwise, the advantage will entice you and will have an influence on your temperament, thus becoming a major disadvantage to your future road of cultivating the truth!”

“I understand!” Xiao Chen nodded. He started to reading through the special abilities gained from becoming a Second Layer Qi-Training, but after taking a glance, he could not help but feel a bit disappointed! It was because the Second Layer’s special abilities were just an enhancement of his six senses!

Eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, consciousness!

The first five seemed to be of little use to Xiao Chen. After all, he is a Truth Cultivator with a very large amount of Spiritual Force. Thus, his perception is quite strong, so it seemed to be nothing but an increase in his foundation, just a strengthening!

The final sense ‘consciousness’ was very important. It could be used to distinguish the people harboring goodwill or malice towards oneself. Of course, the premise was that their strength could not be too high. Although Xiao Chen didn’t know how much he would be able to feel from stronger people, it probably wouldn’t be too much. It was most likely to be one or two layers above his own. Moreover, the definition of goodwill and malice was not clearly defined, making Xiao Chen very depressed.

“Tian Lao, how come this seems to have no advantages?” Xiao Chen asked a bit unwilling.

“What do you mean there’s no benefits? The increase in these six senses is something that a lot of people want but cannot get!” Tian Lao said resentfully towards Xiao Chen for not meeting his expectations and impatient to see improvement: “Your eyesight and ears being better than others is amazing! During a battle, the advantages are quite obvious, especially when someone is launching a sneak attack. You can hear the movement, thus, you can react ahead of time. The nose and tongue enhancement also has a huge advantage; if you smell or eat an unusual taste, you can discover it at once and will not be poisoned! As for the body, it improves your sense of touch, so it has a great help for when you become an alchemist. You will be able to feel the state of the drug ingredients within the Dan furnace. These benefits are endless, you cannot just look at it in the face!”

“Eh…….” After Xiao Chen heard Tian Lao’s explanation, he suddenly became a bit embarrassed: “Then it appears that you were a powerful before?”

“Of course I was very strong!” Tian Lao replied: “You can ask those Martialists, if any one of them whether or not they want to be perceptive. And you think it’s a bad thing!”

“Okay, my expectations were a bit too high.” Xiao Chen bitterly smiled: “In a while when I’m going to school, I’ll pass through the ********. I’ll go buy some drugs to quench my body with then!”
Currently, Xiao Chen had a great fund of 10,000 RMB on his body. For buying some medicines, it was more than enough.

Early morning.

Because Xiao Chen had just broken through, there were no problems. Therefore, he got up early to go to the kitchen to prepare some boiling water for breakfast. However, he actually heard some sounds outside the living room window, so Xiao Chen crawled towards the window to take a look, but it turned out to be Ye Xiaoye giving her plants and flowers a watering!

This made Xiao Chen somewhat surprised. Ye Xiaoye got up so early just to water her plants and flowers? But Xiao Chen was not a nosy person. After he glanced at it, he minded his own business and went into the kitchen.

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Xiao Chen was waiting for the water to be boiled. When it was about time to pour the boiled water, Cheng Mengying walked down the staircase while yawning and within her eyes, there was resentment.

Xiao Chen was wondering who was provoking Young Lady Cheng. Could it be due to a dream?

Cheng Mengying saw Xiao Chen within the kitchen, then asked: “Where’s Ye Xiaoye?”

“She’s outside playing with the plants and flowers, what do you need her for?” Xiao Chen asked weirdly.

“Calculating a debt!” Cheng Mengying turned, walked towards the door, and opened the door of the villa. As expected, she saw Ye Xiaoye watering her plants and flowers. Seeing her laid-back appearance made Cheng Mengying angry: “Ye Xiaoye!”

“?” Ye Xiaoye couldn’t make heads or tails from Cheng Mengying’s not-so-good expression.

“Within one day, pull out ⅘ of all the flowers! Otherwise this Young Lady will pull out your flowers as well!” Cheng Mengying said as she pointed towards the plants and flowers within the flower bed.

“You……are too excessive right? These were all planted; if they’re pulled out, they will die.” Ye Xiaoye creased her eyebrows: “Besides, I take up of half of the area. If you want to plant something, shouldn’t half be enough?”

“If you want to preserve your flowers, then don’t make so much noise at night!” This was Cheng Mengying’s goal, plucking all her plants and flowers was just a threat.

“At night?” Ye Xiaoye was slightly surprised for a moment. She finally understood why Cheng Mengying was so irritated. Looking at Cheng Mengying’s red eyes, it was obvious that she did not sleep well, so Ye Xiaoye knew that she was in the wrong. Fearing that Cheng Mengying would really pluck all her plants and flowers in her anger, she was forced to say: “There won’t be a next time.”

“Hmph!” Cheng Mengying turned back to the villa. Xiao Chen just happened to finish making the instant noodles, so the Young Lady sat down on the table and began eating the delicious instant noodles. By then, a lot of the anger within her heart was eliminated!

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