Chapter 61 – You Dare Renege On A Debt?

“I understand.” Xiao Chen bitterly smiled somewhat helplessly. Bitter Relief Fruit. His house actually had a lot of this, but it wasn’t his, it was Ye Xiaoye’s! Xiao Chen didn’t count on Ye Xiaoye to hand over the Bitter Relief Fruits in her hand and also didn’t plan on going to steal.

Although Ye Xiaoye, this **’s, disposition was indifferent, she was a good person. Xiao Chen also owed her a new earthenware pot due to borrowing one from her!

After handing over the money, Xiao Chen carefully received the packaged medicinal herbs and left the ********.

“Grandpa Chen, this person is quite eccentric!” Hong Yan said as she looked at Xiao Chen’s back.

“Yes, I also feel that it’s somewhat strange. A person that needs Bitter Relief Fruits shouldn’t be over here.” Grandpa Chen shook his head, then said: “Forget it. Young Lady Yan, you must remember, we speak business in a business. As for the things other people buy or do, that isn’t something we need to know.”

“Yes, Grandpa Chen.” Hong Yan hurriedly nodded.

Cheng Mengying watched Xiao Chen walk out from the ********. She wasn’t clear on what he had bought, but it was estimated that it should have some relationship with the medicinal herbs that he had bought before. It should be similar stuff.

Xiao Chen was walking in the front with Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei following closely behind him. After walking not too far, Tian Lao’s voice echoed from beside Xiao Chen’s ears: “Little Chenzi, this time you are really being watched!”

“What?!” Xiao Chen’s heart suddenly went cold. He was really being watched? But, how come he didn’t sense it?

However, Xiao Chen didn’t think Tian Lao would deceive him in this kind of matter. Although Tian Lao, this master1, sometimes didn’t act like a senior and played some jokes, it was absolutely impossible for him to make irresponsible remarks on this kind of important matter.

“It’s a Seventh Layer Inner Strength Martialist, you not sensing it is normal.” Tian Lao’s following words made Xiao Chen almost stagger and fall onto the ground!

Seventh Layer? Xiao Chen was already at a loss coping and escaping yesterday’s Fourth Layer Martialist. Now that a Seventh Layer Martialist was sent out, was this letting him live or not?

“From this person’s body, I can’t feel any killing intent and is different from other people.” Tian Lao’s voice continued to echo by Xiao Chen’s ear: “As a matter of fact, I saw this person today morning; he had gone to your vendor stall to buy deep-fried breadsticks. At the time, I thought it was a coincidence. After all, a Seventh Layer Inner Strength Martialist is also a person and requires things to eat, but now it seems that it isn’t a coincidence. This person truly is following you.”

“Following me without killing intent? Then why is he following me?” Xiao Chen was faintly surprised and somewhat bewildered. If it was according to Tian Lao’s statement, during early morning, this person had many opportunities to move against him. Regardless of running to the grocery store during the wee hours of the morning or collecting the vendor stall with Tang Tang and going to school, all of this required him to pass through many uninhabited alleyways. Moving against him at those times were optimal opportunities and he didn’t need to wait until now.

“How can I know? You think Truth Cultivating is so amazing that one can see through another person’s thoughts?” Tian Lao unhappily said: “Let alone, I simply can’t display my strength.”

“Okay.” Xiao Chen could only brace himself to nod and continue walking in the direction of the villa area.

“He entered the ********.” Tian Lao’s following words made Xiao Chen’s heart go cold again. This person went to the ********? What was he doing at the ********?

However, Xiao Chen knew that even if that person went into the ********, asking Tian Lao was of no use because he had already walked very far now. By means of Tian Lao’s perceptivity, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to hear the dialog inside the ******** and could only go back tomorrow to ask Hong Yan or the old grandfather.

The number of people entering the ******** was actually two and not one person. Only, on that Seventh Layer Inner Strength Martialist’s side was a sunglasses male. This guy was merely a First Layer Inner Strength Martialist, so it could be assumed that this guy’s strength was meager and was automatically neglected by Tian Lao!

This kind of First Layer Inner Strength Martialist simply didn’t have any fighting power before Xiao Chen.

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“Brother Fan, please go in.” The sunglasses male helped that Seventh Layer Inner Strength Martialist open the door and made an ‘invitation’ hand gesture.

The Seventh Layer Inner Strength Martialist called ‘Brother Fan’ nodded his head and entered the ********. This ‘Brother Fan’ was Cheng Clan’s Cheng Zhongfan, Cheng Zhongming’s second brother and Cheng Mengying’s second uncle!

“These two gentlemen, what medicine would you like to buy?” When Hong Yan saw customers come in, she put down the book in her hand and courteously asked.

“Young girl, I would like to inquire a matter.” Cheng Zhongfan looked towards Hong Yan and was scared by this girl’s temperament. He was somewhat baffled at heart; inside this kind of street ********, how could there be such a elegant and refined female?

But Cheng Zhongfan pursued the Clan Head’s authority and not beauty. Towards these things that had an influencing his body and cultivation, Cheng Zhongfan was very temperate and didn’t want to develop a step further with this girl.

“Oh? What matter?” Hong Yan nodded and asked.

“There was a young man that came to buy medicine just a moment ago, right? Help me obtain one set of the exact same.” Cheng Zhongfan said.

Hong Yan was slightly startled in her heart. It was unknown what background Cheng Zhongfan had, but she remained calm on the surface and said: “Please wait a moment, I’ll go call my grandfather over. It was my grandfather that grabbed the medicine before.”

“Okay.” Cheng Zhongfan politely nodded.

Hong Yan entered the inner room and didn’t speak many words. She only said to Grandpa Chen that some people came and wanted a batch of the exactly same medicinal herbs that Xiao Chen bought. This ********’s inner room’s distance wasn’t far from the outer room, so if Cheng Zhongfan’s ears were good, he should be able to hear. Therefore, Hong Yan didn’t add her own subjective opinion. Although, she could also feel that the two people who came were bad and it seemed that they would be harmful to Xiao Chen.

“Oh, I understand.” Grandpa Chen nodded and also didn’t say much, immediately leaving the inner room.

“Venerable sir, troubled you!” Cheng Zhongfan was a Seventh Layer Inner Strength Martialist in any case. Although his eyes and ears couldn’t be compared to a Truth Cultivator, if he wanted to say that he hadn’t heard what Hong Yan and Grandpa Chen had said at such a close distance, then it would be impossible.

As a result, he heard Hong Yan’s words and knew that Grandpa Chen already knew his goal, so that was why he said ‘troubled you’ just now.

Grandpa Chen skillfully grabbed some medicinal herbs, put them into a package, then placed it in front of Cheng Zhongfan and said: “100,000 RMB.”

“Geh?!” Cheng Zhongfan stared blankly. What was this thing? A heavenly treasure material? A batch of broken medicine unexpectedly cost 100,000 RMB? Moreover, Cheng Zhongfan and Cheng Zhongming were different. Cheng Zhongming studied business while Cheng Zhongfan like to research heavenly treasure materials from childhood. Regarding some medicinal herbs, he understood their uses. He reached out with his hand to flip over the several medicinal herbs before his eyes. This was undoubtedly a batch of medicinal herbs for body strengthening tonic, simply not worth 100,000 RMB. It was worth 20,000 RMB at max.

“Old *******, you dare to blackmail us?” The sunglasses male was frightened and subconsciously went to pull on Grandpa Chen’s collar.

Cheng Zhongfan actually waved his hand to stop the sunglasses male’s actions, then creased his brows and said: “Venerable sir, this is a batch for body strengthening tonic, are you certain you just sold this batch of medicine?”

What Cheng Zhongfan was currently confused about was not how much money the medicine was worth, but rather how Xiao Chen could buy anything! Because in his opinion, it was impossible for Xiao Chen to buy this kind of tonic! Was Xiao Chen ill? Since he was already forced into destitution and had to wake up first thing in the morning to work himself to death, how could he spend 100,000 RMB on a tonic?

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“That’s right.” Grandpa Chen indifferently said.

“He spent 100,000 RMB?” Cheng Zhongfan already felt like cursing.

“No.” Grandpa Chen shook his head.

“Ah? Then how much money did he spend?” Cheng Zhongfan slightly looked distracted.

“No money.” Grandpa Chen replied.

“Pff……then for what reason are you selling it to me for 100,000 and selling it to him for free?” Cheng Zhongfan was thoroughly played insane by this old ******* in front of him: “Are you playing with me?”

“Hmph, old *******, do you know who my boss is?” The sunglasses male also felt that this old ******* was playing with them.

“A Seventh Layer Inner Strength Martialist, this old man doesn’t have any interest in knowing who you are.” Grandpa Chen’s tone was still extremely indifferent.

“Geh!” Cheng Zhongfan once again stayed in place looking distracted. He looked at the old man before his eyes in disbelief. He simply hadn’t revealed his strength, yet this old man before his eyes unexpectedly exposed his strength rank. How was this possible?

Even if it was him, if another Martialist didn’t expose their strength, then he wouldn’t be able to accurately judge the other party’s strength. So what did the old man in front of him depend on?

But no matter what, cold sweat already started to cover Cheng Zhongfan’s forehead. This old man in front of him simply didn’t resemble what he had imagined, that is, an ordinary street doctor.

“Venerable sir, pardon me, I offended you just now. I hope you can forgive me, I just wanted to ask, why did you give that young man a batch of medicine for free? Do you know him?” Cheng Zhongfan had no other option but to bear his temper and ask. He hadn’t heard that Xiao Chen had such an awesome patron at all. If this old man truly was a ruthless person, then it wouldn’t be good for Cheng Clan to offend Xiao Chen in the future.

“Don’t know.” Grandpa Chen shook his head: “Because he didn’t have money and you have money. I saw that he was pitiful, so I gave him a batch and was content.”

“Pff……” Cheng Zhongfan was somewhat speechless. It turns out that you old-timer consider me as a stupid idiot? But hearing that this old man and Xiao Chen neither knew each other nor had any relationship, Cheng Zhongfan’s heart was pacified! He thought in his heart that this old man’s temperament was really eccentric enough, but selling a batch to Xiao Chen for free could actually be understood. Xiao Chen had recently been expelled from his clan, and now this young master was going to bed late and waking up early to sell breakfast. Xiao Chen wasn’t a Martialist, so he was probably tired and it could be estimated that he wanted to buy some body strengthening medicine. The outcome was that this old man saw how pitiful Xiao Chen was and decided to present him a batch of medicine because he didn’t have any money. Naturally, Xiao Chen also didn’t know the value of the medicinal herbs2.

Speculating like this was very reasonable, thus Cheng Zhongfan no longer pestered this old man because how this old man saw through him was queer. He prepared to come back after he looked up this old man’s background!

“Venerable sir, then I won’t bother you anymore, goodbye.” Cheng Zhongfan thought for a while and said.

“Your medicine.” Grandpa Chen pointed at the medicine on the counter and reminded.

“This medicine, I already don’t want, many thanks.” If Cheng Zhongfan bought this medicine and went back, he wouldn’t even have a farts use for it. He was already a Seventh Layer Inner Strength Martialist, so his body was very robust. Why would he need a nonsense supplement?

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“I already picked it. If you don’t want it, then who do I sell it to? Could it be that you want to renege on a debt?” Grandpa Chen’s complexion became slightly cold.


  1. TLN: Referring to Tian Lao as his master. 
  2. TLN: Because he was formerly a young master. 

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