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[HCLS] Chapter 83

Here’s Chapter 83 of High Comprehension Low Strength~

Sorry for the super long delay. My grandmother fainted and was sent to the emergency room. I rushed to the hospital with my mother to accompany her, but the hospital’s rule was 1 visitor at a time(since she wasn’t allocated a room). Turns out she’s fine for now, thank goodness.

I went home because there doesn’t seem to be anything and finished this chapter. Now I’m continuing my 8-page English paper draft. 4 pages left~


[Update] HCLS | MWBG

Hey guys,

First and foremost, sorry for basically disappearing for 2 months. Now, onto the reason why.

Well, my gaming instinct kicked in and I had no time to translate. Teehee~(I’m a guy.) I know, this isn’t an excuse and I don’t mean for it to be one. I just have bad time management skills.

But I’m back now and boy do I have a crapload of regular chapters. I’ll be trying to get those out within the next two months, so bear with me. Even if it is midterm season for college students.

Edit: Now that it’s summer, I can’t seem to get a job…