Chapter 58 – Lou Zhenming Again?

“What use is acknowledging? Even if he didn’t know me, these young masters of influential clans would make up some pompous reason to defend their face. Even if I wasn’t there, he and Tang Tang were impossible.” Xiao Chen shrugged.

“Young masters of influential clans? I say Young Master Xiao, listening to your tone, it seems like you don’t belong to this category?” Cheng Mengying suddenly felt that it was laughable.

“Me? I don’t have that kind of face.” Xiao Chen bitterly smiled: “Don’t speak about these, eat.”

When Cheng Mengying saw Xiao Chen not speak too much, she was still under the impression that she was poking Xiao Chen’s weak spot and thus, didn’t speak any further. How could she know that Xiao Chen didn’t care about it from the start?

Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei were truly hungry, but when Cheng Mengying ate, she quite had the very refined manner of a girl from a wealthy family. Even if she was hungrier, she wouldn’t gorge herself and still use her very graceful small mouth to eat things.

As for Jin Beibei, she didn’t have a speck of consciousness from being an aristocratic family daughter. She directly reached out with her hand to grab a large shrimp and put it into her mouth, speaking incoherently while eating: “Oh, oh……cousin Mengying, this is delicious!”

Xiao Chen’s eating style was about the same as Jin Beibei’s. Xiao Chen originally thought that Tang Tang’s way of eating was bold and unconstrained enough, but he didn’t expect that Jin Beibei would be even ‘better’! Although Tang Tang wasn’t mannered or refined, she didn’t directly grab it and eat it with oil dripped down her mouth. But Jin Beibei, she ate with and sucked on her fingers……

“It’s truly better not to be said, but Beibei, you marrying him is really appropriate. The two of you are like reincarnated starved devils.” Cheng Mengying watched the two people’s table manners, not knowing what would be good to say.

“Eating like this makes it delicious!” Jin Beibei was without the slightest bit of concern and grabbed a lobster to eat. However, the lobster shell was too hard; when Jin Beibei bit down, she couldn’t break it open. Thus, she directly handed it over to Xiao Chen: “Brother-in-law, help me break it open.”

Xiao Chen took the lobster and used his hands to peel open the shell, then handed over the inside meat to Jin Beibei. Jin Beibei actually opened her mouth and extended her head over, clearly wanting Xiao Chen to feed her.

Xiao Chen didn’t think too much about it and put the lobster meat into Jin Beibei’s mouth. On the side, Cheng Mengying wasn’t able to keep watching. She coughed twice and said: “I say Beibei, don’t you know plumpness can cause asthma? You must really want to marry Xiao Chen, showing affection in front of me.”

“Ah……eh, brother-in-law isn’t a stranger. Whatever said will come, isn’t calling sister-in-law half of brother-in-law’s duty?” Jin Beibei continued to indifferently open her mouth, waiting for Xiao Chen to feed her lobster meat: “Ah——”

“Pff……” Cheng Mengying was dumbfounded. She angrily said: “He isn’t your brother-in-law! Moreover, what duty? Beibei, how is your thinking so complex?”

“Oh, then he is cousin Mengying’s servant. He can still help me peel the lobster.” Jin Beibei said in a natural and justified manner.

Cheng Mengying didn’t feel like paying attention to Jin Beibei. Of course, Cheng Mengying also didn’t believe that Jin Beibei took a fancy to Xiao Chen. Even though she usually acted with an erratic behavior, she actually had a high vision. The young men in aristocratic families, Jin Beibei didn’t even glance at them.

Previously, Jin Beibei would often speak malicious words towards Xiao Chen with Cheng Mengying.

Xiao Chen had run into a once-in-a-millennium big spender and requested a lot of dishes. Even if there were several people, they could all gorge themselves and still have a big pile of leftovers. It was just that one couldn’t eat seafood from the previous day, but there were still a lot of other dishes.

Cheng Mengying finally couldn’t eat anymore. After she finished eating dinner, she lied down on the sofa and watched television. As for Xiao Chen, he was still tidying up crab shells, lobster shells and so on. Jin Beibei actually didn’t go rest, but rather helped Xiao Chen tidy up the unfinished food.

“Cousin Mengying, if you don’t exercise after eating, you’ll put on weight oh!” Jin Beibei warned.

“It seems like the meat all goes to your chest? I dislike inconveniences when I go out!” Cheng Mengying wasn’t convinced. She knew her own figure; she wouldn’t become fat with whatever she ate. She was always very well-proportioned, but chest was her weak spot. Therefore, she was naturally discontented with Jin Beibei’s after-meal exercise.

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Jin Beibei didn’t go comfort Cheng Mengying. Instead, she minded her own business and put everything into the lunchboxes one by one. Then, she put into the refrigerator and went to watch television with Cheng Mengying.

However, Xiao Chen took those shrimp peels, crab shells, bones and others and threw them all together into the trash. Then, he went to the backyard of the villa and threw it to the stray dog. The stray dog actually wasn’t picky and ate with extreme joy.

When Xiao Chen returned to the villa, he saw Ye Xiaoye coming down the stairs and go to the refrigerator to take something. However, when she smelled the dense food smell inside the refrigerator, she couldn’t help but immediately wrinkle her brows!

“Why did you guys put leftovers in the refrigerator?” Ye Xiaoye was a bit anxious as she turned her head to cast an angry look towards Cheng Mengying.

“Isn’t the refrigerator suppose to hold leftovers?” Before Cheng Mengying even open her mouth to speak, Jin Beibei opened her mouth.

“You……” Ye Xiaoye wanted to retort, but actually didn’t have any way to retort. Right, which family wouldn’t put the leftovers into the refrigerator? She could only say: “My things shouldn’t be put together with the leftovers or else it will be contaminated.”

“Then take it out and it’ll be fine.” Jin Beibei said in a natural and justified manner.

“Take it out?” Ye Xiaoye was heavily angered by Jin Beibei’s words and subconsciously asked: “How come you won’t take it out?”

“I don’t fear contamination, why would I take it out? Whoever fears contamination should take it out.” Jin Beibei said with an innocent look.

“You……” Ye Xiaoye was played by Jin Beibei into losing her temper. It was precisely because of Jin Beibei’s words, which were reasonable and fair, that made her unable to nitpick the logic! Ye Xiaoye finally tasted Cheng Mengying’s suffering. This little girl before her eyes clearly didn’t resemble the easy-to-handle Cheng Mengying. Although Cheng Mengying had the temperament of a young lady, she wasn’t very scheming. However, Jin Beibei’s mischievousness made her seem like a small demoness.

Understanding that arguing with Jin Beibei wouldn’t produce a result, Ye Xiaoye simply turned around and walked out of the villa.

Regarding Ye Xiaoye walking out so late, Xiao Chen had some doubts, but it wasn’t good to inquire. Although Ye Xiaoye had lent him an electric earthenware pot, he was part of Cheng Mengying’s group in any case, and had no way to help Ye Xiaoye.

“Great! Beibei, Ye Xiaoye’s fire was extinguished by you all at once!” Cheng Mengying finally let out her resentment. For the past few days she had been here, she had been oppressed by Ye Xiaoye but in the end, she retaliated.

Jin Beibei was actually laughing happily without saying a word. She could see that Ye Xiaoye belonged to the ‘not particularly good at dealing with people’ disposition. Luckily, she happened to catch up today. Otherwise, it would usually be very difficult to embarrass Ye Xiaoye.

After a while, Ye Xiaoye came back with a roll of plastic wrap held in her hand. Afterwards, she went and opened the refrigerator. Then, she grabbed the case with Bitter Relief Fruit and wrapped it around 3 times clockwise and 3 times counterclockwise before sealing it tightly and finally putting it back inside the refrigerator.

Evidently, regarding this public-use refrigerator which she didn’t have independent rights to, she could only think up a solution.

But after Ye Xiaoye completed these tasks, she didn’t show any resentment and immediately went upstairs. Originally, Cheng Mengying wanted to see Ye Xiaoye’s anxious face, but didn’t see it. There was nothing but to say that Ye Xiaoye really was a strange person.

In a place very far away from the small alley from before, there was a recreational vehicle parked. Inside the recreational vehicle was that previous gloomy young man’s face looking at a body, the Sha Dage that had returned wounded!

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“Did you succeed?” The young man looked at Sha Dage who returned wounded, having a kind of unlucky premonition in his heart.

Xiao Chen was only an ordinary person, yet Sha Dage unexpectedly receiving an injury. This obviously wasn’t a good matter!

“Young master, sorry, I failed to live up to your trust……” Sha Dage guiltily said.

“Xiao Chen didn’t die? How can that be?” The young man’s complexion slightly changed. As expected, things had gone wrong! But he was a calm person, so he didn’t flip out on the spot.

“It’s like this young master, before when I came across Xiao Chen, I was deceived by him……” After he finished speaking, Sha Dage spoke about how Xiao Chen disguised himself as ‘Xiao Chen’s little brother’ to the young man.

“And you believed all of this? Your name ‘Sha Dage’ really lives up to its meaning!” When the young man heard Sha Dage’s words, he became heavily angered. However, he also knew Sha Dage’s nature, so he didn’t have any solutions.

“Young master, sorry……” Sha Dage said with fear and trepidation.

“Forget it, continue speaking. Since you knew that you were cheated, then why didn’t you begin?” The young man waved his hand, indicating to Sha Dage for him to continue speaking.

“After this, just as I was questioning Xiao Chen where his elder brother went, a group of hooligans suddenly appeared. Of course, these hooligans weren’t experts; they couldn’t even be considered First Layer Inner Strength Martialists! Thus, I just wanted to smack them down, then question Xiao Chen!” Sha Dage continued on: “But the result of me disposing of these hooligans caused some person named ‘Brother Lou’ to suddenly rush out. It seemed like he was Xiao Chen’s classmate. When he appeared, Xiao Chen seemed to greatly relax. I feel that this person should be Xiao Chen’s partner and that the beforehand Xiao Chen, who always kept me waiting, should have been waiting for this person to come support him! However, he regarded those hooligans and I as a group. After hitting those hooligans, he began to fight me.”

“Brother Lou? Lou Zhenming?” A name immediately popped up in the young man’s mind, causing him to suddenly become very angry. He smashed the teacup onto the small table in front of him: “Lou Zhenming, **** you! This matter doesn’t even have a single bit to do with you, why do you always destroy my work?”

The previously calm young man couldn’t help but flip out, but it wasn’t surprising. Last time when he sent out Martialists to deal with Xiao Chen, they were intercepted by Lou Zhenming’s Lou Family helpers and killed. This time, Lou Zhenming jumped out!

“This……I don’t know if he’s called Lou Zhenming, Xiao Chen called him ‘Brother Lou’……” Sha Dage carefully said.

“Continue speaking the important points, what happened after Lou Zhenming came out?” Actually, the young man didn’t need to question it. He had already guessed in his heart that it was most likely Lou Zhenming sticking his foot in and messing it up.

“Yes, that ‘Brother Lou’……after Lou Zhenming came out, he wanted to teach me a lesson, but he wasn’t my match. It was just that, a formidable subordinate suddenly jumped out and made a move. His subordinate was also a Fourth Layer Inner Strength Martialist, about the same strength as me, so we were both wounded as a result……” Sha Dage replied.

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