Chapter 72 – Ye Xiaoye Suffers Losses

“Then should I stop right now?” Xiao Chen inquired.

“If you don’t want to suffer rebound and die, then don’t stop.” Tian Lao seriously warned.

“……” Xiao Chen was somewhat speechless. Stopping means death, not stopping is also wrong, so what was he suppose to do?

“This is the sign of breaking through to Third Layer Qi-Training, but properly speaking, it shouldn’t be ah. You’ve only taken two assisting medicines, this is irrational!” Tian Lao thought aloud his doubts.

Breaking through? Xiao Chen relaxed in his heart, so it was just breaking through! He had thought that he was going to die. This made Xiao Chen not know whether to laugh or cry, can’t you say your thoughts in one go? Irrational, when has being a Truth Cultivator been rational?

Thinking up to here, Xiao Chen endured the scorching heat on his body and continued to revolve mental mantra. Xiao Chen’s body was like a piece of charcoal, slowly becoming a scarlet red, but his clothing emitted a faint trace of azure smoke.

Along with the passing of time, the heat on Xiao Chen’s body became increasingly higher and the clothes on his body was reduced to ashes. Inside of his dantian, it was filled with, in Xiao Chen’s opinion, a heaven-destroying, earth-exterminating type of huge energy. It was like the magma before the volcano erupted; it was ready to gush out at any time.

But under these side effects, Xiao Chen could clearly feel his spiritual consciousness strengthening at a very quick and violent speed. He seemed to have a panoramic view of every movement inside this villa!

Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei are right in the middle of playing with the tablet on the bed, while Ye Xiaoye……en? Ye Xiaoye unexpectedly went downstairs and is walking over to my room??!

What does this ** want to do, it can’t be that she wants to be a thief, right? Seeing Ye Xiaoye walk quietly on tiptoe like a female cat burglar, Xiao Chen was somewhat baffled. In particular, when she came to the doorway of his room, Xiao Chen became even more frightened!

He was right in the middle of cultivating, she wouldn’t have discovered anything, right? Xiao Chen’s cultivation secret was only known by himself, and he temporarily didn’t want anyone else know. However, his current state was ‘even if I want to hide, I can’t hide because I simply can’t stop’!

The medicine in his abdomen turned into a faint trace of warmth pouring into his dantian. Xiao Chen was startled and worried, when he previously went into his room, he didn’t lock his door because it wasn’t necessary to lock the door. The young lady would never come to his room, but who would have thought that Ye Xiaoye would come?


Just as Xiao Chen was unsure of what to do, he felt a loud sound come out from inside his body. The hot energy inside his dantian suddenly erupted like a volcano, surging through the meridian channels in his body!

A warm feeling rushed through his entire body. At present, Xiao Chen felt that his entire body was lighter than a lot for a split second, as if it wasn’t his body!

It was as if the current Xiao Chen already wasn’t the previous Xiao Chen. That feeling was like breaking the cocoon and turning into a butterfly, like a carp leaping over the dragon’s gate!

In a flash, that hot energy disappeared into nearly nothing.

And just in this flash, Xiao Chen’s door was also pushed open. Ye Xiaoye’s brows were wrinkled as she looked inside the room. Seeing Xiao Chen’s ** body, her complexion immediately reddened and she let out a cry of surprise!

“Ah——” Ye Xiaoye sharply called. ‘Bang!’, Xiao Chen’s door was closed: “You’re in the middle of streaking!?”

Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei heard Ye Xiaoye’s shout from downstairs and were somewhat puzzled, but they held the mentality of watching the fun. The two of them rapidly ran down the stairs and caught sight of Ye Xiaoye standing outside Xiao Chen’s door blushing, with her chest undulating, unknown of what she was doing.

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“Hey, what are you doing? You want to scare this young lady to death on your first time being startled? Don’t you have civility, this is everybody’s villa, not just yours!” Cheng Mengying saw that Ye Xiaoye was angry and was abnormally happy upon seeing this.

“You should take care of your servant. Streaking at home, whose influence could this be from?” Ye Xiaoye ‘hmph’-ed and coldly said.

“Streaking at home?” Cheng Mengying was startled for a moment. Didn’t Xiao Chen wear clothes at home? Seeing Ye Xiaoye’s appearance, it didn’t seem like she was speaking drivel.

At this time, Xiao Chen already changed his clothes and pushed the door to walk out. Hearing Ye Xiaoye’s words, he suddenly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Damn, I’m in my own room changing clothes, then you suddenly push open the door to come in and even scold me? Don’t tell me that you don’t change clothes in your own room? Last time, didn’t I see you wear what seemed to be a set of yoga clothes? And not what you’re wearing right now?”

“I……” Ye Xiaoye was disarrayed a moment ago, so her thoughts weren’t able to keep up. Now that she heard Xiao Chen’s opinion, she remembered. Yes, there seems to be nothing wrong with Xiao Chen being naked in his own room, right? It was indeed me pushing the door to go in……

Thinking up to here, Ye Xiaoye was a little embarrassed. Why did she feel like she was the thief crying thief?

“Older cousin Mengying, it turns out that this ** is a female pervert wa! You must take care, I heard that many female perverts eat up male and females! We are girls, we can’t be damaged by her!” Jin Beibei’s expression was bad as she stared at Ye Xiaoye.

“I……I only felt that your room was especially hot and came to see if there were any issues……” Ye Xiaoye stammered. Just a moment ago, she perceived a type of special energy, as if a cultivator was making a breakthrough. She was extremely astonished, so she went downstairs to take a look. She felt that it should be Xiao Chen’s room, but she didn’t expect Xiao Chen would be naked. This made her mind blank out the instant she pushed open the door, even so much as to forget her goal for coming here. When she calmed down now, that special energy had long disappeared.

Xiao Chen pushed open his door and a strong medicine smell spread out: “I was in the middle of brewing medicine in my room, it’s only natural that it would be hot, I still want to thank you for giving me the electric earthenware pot!”

“This……so it was like this……then I’m going……” Ye Xiaoye took a look at Xiao Chen and thought that he had no special place. She secretly shook her head in her heart, could it be that her perception had made a mistake?

“Older cousin Mengying, look at this female lecher having a guilty conscience. In the future, we must guard against her!” Jin Beibei said.

Cheng Mengying naturally didn’t believe that Ye Xiaoye was a female lecher. She always felt that Ye Xiaoye, this person, was strange, but seeing her suffer losses in front of Jin Beibei, she felt quite rejuvenated.

“Xiao Chen, what did she want to do?” Cheng Mengying looked towards Xiao Chen and thought that his person was suddenly a little different. As for what specifically was different, she couldn’t speak clearly about it1.

“How would I know?” Xiao Chen bitterly smiled as he shrugged his shoulders: “Perhaps it was truly because my room door was too hot, making Ye Xiaoye think that there was something wrong inside!”

“Oh……” Cheng Mengying nodded and said: “Lock the door next time, this Ye Xiaoye is odd and strange. During the day, she doesn’t work or go to school, who knows what origins she has!”

“I got it, haha.” Xiao Chen laughed. Actually, he also thought that Ye Xiaoye was quite strange. Not only was there a ‘Bitter Relief Fruit’ inside the refrigerator, but there was also a great pile of medicinal herbs growing outside the villa, and he also didn’t know what they were for.

Cheng Mengying didn’t speak any further and went upstairs with Jin Beibei. Xiao Chen returned to his room, sat on the bed, and once more used his spiritual perception to perceive the state of the entire villa. However, that type of panoramic view feeling from before had disappeared. Xiao Chen already couldn’t see what the people inside the villa were doing, but he could still hear the voices very clearly.

This made Xiao Chen more or less disappointed. That feeling from a moment ago was truly very good. If he could peep at the young lady taking a shower……what am I thinking? Xiao Chen was thinking that he feared the young lady drowning and would be able to promptly save her, just this.

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“Tian Lao, right now I……” Xiao Chen was slightly unsure of his own situation.

“Little Chenzi, there’s truly something wrong. You are currently already a Third Layer Qi-Training Truth Cultivator, don’t tell me you haven’t felt it?” Tian Lao’s voice was brimming with strangeness.

“It indeed doesn’t feel the same.” Xiao Chen nodded: “But I’m not stronger by too much. When I was breaking through to Third Layer, that feeling was quite good.”

“Of course there would be that in the instant of breaking through. And not too much stronger? You merely went from Second Layer Qi-Training to Third Layer, how much stronger did you want to become?” Tian Lao unhappily replied: “In those years, I took five assisting medicines, and only then could I smoothly break through to Third Layer Qi-Training. That was already a genius-class existence, but you only took two assisting medicines, you are……”

“Like this, I should be called a ‘universe super-unparalleled genius’?” Xiao Chen finished.

“Omen of qi deviation2.” Tian Lao replied.

“Pfft……cough cough……” Xiao Chen thought that he was a super genius, how could this be an omen of qi deviation?

“Forget it, the way you cultivation is different from mine. I cultivated properly, you changed the cultivation, so you don’t need to use assisting medicines. There is also this possibility, but whether or not you’ll receive qigong deviation is hard to say.” Tian Lao’s voice brought a faint trace of worry with it: “But once you’ve started, there’s no turning back. Regardless of how it goes, you can only continue cultivating like this.”

“Can you not always frighten me in the future? Can’t you encourage me with a few words? With the possibility of qigong deviation every day, I feel apprehensive……” Xiao Chen was speechless. When all is said, it’s already became an established fact, unable to be altered, what’s the point of scaring me?

“You’re a genius.” Tian Lao encouraged.

Xiao Chen: “……”

No matter what, Xiao Chen was now a true Third Layer Qi-Training cultivator with strength equivalent to a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist. Using Tian Lao’s words, he was slightly stronger by a bit, and this made Xiao Chen full of fighting spirit!

In the younger generation of Songning City, the most fierce was only a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist. Naturally, there may be some people hiding their strength, but in the public, a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist was already very strong, just like Chen Jinkun. If it weren’t so, he wouldn’t be able to obtain Shen Clan’s favor.

Xiao Chen really wanted to punch the wall, but this villa wasn’t his. If he destroyed the wall, he wouldn’t be able to compensate for it. Moreover, he didn’t want to pull too much attention to him and could only find an opportunity to test it out.

“Little Chenzi, it seems like your confidence has inflated?” Tian Lao could see that Xiao Chen was eager to try something.


  1. TLN: The one who formerly disliked him the most now knows him the best(?). 
  2. TLN: We will call it ‘qi deviation’ instead of ‘qigong deviation’ because there doesn’t seem to be any mention of Xiao Chen moving while cultivating. 

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