Chapter 2 – Fiancée

Because the intense exercise and a little of hunger, Xiao Chen wanted to go to the school cafeteria to eat something. But when he went outside, he stopped his movement. On the cafeteria, the food was really expensive and he was not more the Xiao Clan’s young master. His bank card is already frozen and the sports car was left in where his clan was. In this moment, the ear of Xiao Chen was echoing with what his uncle said at noon: You are not more the Xiao clan’s young master, you were expulsed! None of what the clan has is yours!

These words, my uncle said these words? Even if I was expulsed, they didn’t left me anything. In this moment, Xiao Chen understood everything. That in the so called famous Xiao Clan there is no room for affection? Xiao Chen didn’t believe that these things could be able to happen in the clan.

He turned around and went to the food stall in front of the school. Before he “disdained” coming here to eat, because the cafeteria on the school could be compared with a five stars restaurant so it’s was natural that the price would be inconvenient high. Before Xiao Chen did not have concepts like money.

“What do you want to eat, schoolmate?” The food stall’s boss passionately asked Xiao Chen.

Even if he asked him passionately, Xiao Chen was confused with so many food names in front of him. He never ate these bizarre things. What is barbecue bibimbap? The barbecue is not Western-style food? So how can be this bibimbap?

“One portion of… Stir-Fried noodles with vegetables.” Xiao Chen can only pick something familiar to him.

“Good, wait a moment, right away!” The boss answered and went to start making the food.

The food came quickly. Xiao Chen was looking to the strange appearance of what has to be stir-fried noodles. It was called stir-fried noodles with vegetables, but scattered in the noodles were a few small squid, letting Xiao Chen with overwhelming feelings. But the smell was quite good? Xiao Chen was hungry so he didn’t bother himself and picked chopsticks and started to put the food in his mouth.

He was a rich boy before but he never ate these things, not because he didn’t wanted, but because he didn’t have the chance.

“Hm? This is not the Xiao clan’s young master? Why is he eating in this place? Don’t tell me that the rich have a repulsive preference?” A ear-piercing sound came to his ears, and the voice was familiar. The voice’s owner is Cao Yuliang. Cao Yuliang was the same that Xiao Chen and Chen Yipeng, one of the four big clans on the Songning City.

But the Xiao clan and the Cao clan doesn’t get along well. So between him and Cao Yulian, always is hostility because they were the same, a young master of a big clan whom couldn’t cultivate inner energy.

Coldly looking at Cao Yuliang, he stands up and asks the food stall owner, “Boss, how much is?”

A strong person doesn’t let others provoke easily and because Xiao Chen was expulsed from his clan, it was natural for Cao Yuliang to try to start a dispute, which was his purpose in being here. He believes that he has enraged me, only waiting for the chance of humiliating me, but Xiao Chen wouldn’t let him get away with it.

“The sea food is ten bucks.” The owner said.

“Good…” Xiao Chen brings his hand to his wallet, but he didn’t felt anything in his pocket. His complexion changes immediately! The wallet was missing! Don’t tell me that I lost the wallet on the basketball match?

“Ha! The great young master from the Xiao Clan has not money? Could be that he wanted to eat without paying? It’s no wonder why before Chen Jipeng also had to pay him his restaurant bill. If you want I can call him for you?” Cao Yuliang was joking while looking at Xiao Chen. He was already making gestures of bringing out his phone.

“Young Cao, the Xiao clan’s young master is planning to use a credit card! Because of his status, how would be possible for him to pay in cash?” One of the henchmen of Cao Yuliang said.

“But, ah, is pity that here doesn’t accept a diamond credit cards!” Another of the henchmen said.

“Boss… My wallet is missing. Can I pay you the next time?” Xiao Chen took a deep breath, telling himself on his heart that a tiger doesn’t need to fall to the level of a dog.

The boss saw Xiao Chen embarrassed look, that he seemed really have a trouble. And for his clothes he didn’t seem like he would eat and run. He was thinking that the money he needed to pay was not much so he said: “All right, next time!”

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“Boss, that is not good! You don’t have to indulge yourself with this scumbag who eat and run! Look at this brat; with his clothes he resembles a swindler!” But Cao Yuliang stopped Xiao Chen from going out.

“Boss, this can’t be! You can’t tolerate such people eat meals and run away! If we say that also don’t have any money, then it’s all right? What is going to be of your business if it’s like this?” The followers of Cao Yuliang like parrots repeated.

“This…” Listening to Cao Yuliang and his followers, the boss hesitated. If he hesitates and pick a fight with them for letting Xiao Chen go away without paying, then his business days would be done.

“Boss, I will pay for him.” One clear sound echoed. That sound let Xiao Chen from his feet to his head shocked.

It was Chen Mengying, she was one from the five small clan of the four big clans, the eldest daughter from the Chen clan’s head. But her identity was his fiancé, or he should say his former fiancé!

“Although he was your fiancé, Mengying, he was expelled from his clan, so why are you going to pay for him?” The complexion of Cao Yuliang’s face changed slightly. He didn’t expect that a new issue would arise because this is not what he wanted to see: “Of course, I will not let you sympathize with him, but let me tell you this, I will let the Chen Clan be aware of this, and certainly our grandfather…”

But Cheng Mengying didn’t respond Cao Yuliang instead she took out of a hundred dollar bill and handed to the boss.

“Take my money.” Xiao Chen eyes glanced at Cheng Mengying going away. He shook his head, this time he did not care about the self-respect that he had to possess being the Xiao clan’s young master. Nobody considers him as the young master, only like a target to ridicule, so what if they put airs of importance?

Before his disguise, Xiao Chen was too lazy to pretend in front of Cao Yuliang.

“Good.” The boss didn’t think more and returned back ninety dollars to Xiao Chen.

“Hahaha, you really are a hopeless case. You would ask for money to a woman? You are hopeless, Xiao Chen! If I were you I would be better dead than doing that!” Cao Yuliang was making big noise. Perhaps was to make Chen Mengying deliberately hear, but even so, she was walking in a relaxed way, without the slightest pause like she didn’t heard nothing!

Xiao Chen was coldly looking on the Cao Yuliang’s eyes. “If you came to eat then sit down, if not, be like a good dog and don’t block the road.”

“What did you say!?” One of the henchmen of Cao Yuliang came out and was about to puch Xiao Chen.

“Forget it. What meaning is in beating someone who fell down? Let him get lost.” Cao Yuliang waved his hands then he sat on the next table and said: “Boss, one roasted beef over rice.”

Some of his little brothers also despise seeing Xiao Chen so they sat beside Cao Yuliang.

Xiao Chen had to admit, Cao Yuliang is in some ways was better than him, at least he knows what there is in this small store…

Looking the figure of Xiao Chen walking away, Cao Yuliang had a fierce expression when looking at Xiao Chen but immediately he changed it! You want to fight with me? If what you want is a fight, I will give to you!


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