Chapter 51 – Tang Tang’s Fiancé

Lou Zhenming wasn’t the least bit surprised. This wasn’t something done once or twice; he and Deng Xiaokun were on bad terms. Deng Xiaokun did have the capability to use public authority to deal with personal enmity and Lou Zhenming just had to exercise his body.

It was just that he didn’t have too big of a conflict with Deng Xiaokun before. Now, it wasn’t the same. He was together with Xiao Chen, causing Lou Zhenming to feel very awkward.
Had Yue Shaoqun thought up a method to teach Xiao Chen a lesson yet?

The number of books this time were more than usual. Even though quite a few people from the class came, only when they went back and forth twice did they finish carrying all the books. On average, every student received at least 10 materials to review!

After the materials were distributed, the first day of the course officially began!

During class time, Tang Tang noticed Xiao Chen looking through the study materials with concentration, so she couldn’t help but be curious: “Xiao Chen, why aren’t you listening to class, but instead reading the review materials from first year?”

“I didn’t learn this before, so I want to start afresh in learning.” Xiao Chen bitterly smiled. Before, his image in school was a dandy young master. If he studied every day, then it would be weird. In fact, Xiao Chen would be trying to cultivate inner strength whenever he had time; he simply didn’t have the mind to be learning.

But now it was different. Since he didn’t have a family, then he could only rely on himself! Second High and First High were the same; every time there was an exam, the first ten people of the grade would receive a help via financial aid award. First place could obtain up to a 10,000 RMB award!

Although this 10,000 RMB was nothing in the eyes of the previous Xiao Chen, it was different now. Ten thousand RMB could buy a set of Body Tempering Medicine, which Xiao Chen desperately needed! Currently, Xiao Chen depended on selling breakfast to deal with living expenses. If he wanted to buy medicine, then he required another strange and odd path.

But Third Year’s exams were the hardest. The monthly examinations, in-between tests, final exam, simulation tests, all kinds of tests, there was a reward every time. This was the countermeasure the school came up with the encourage the students to do their best in studying and make those several top students continuously improve themselves. Then, make them do their best in the final grade promotion exam and strive for the top scorer for the college examination in the city, in the province, or even in the nation!

“Pfft……it can’t be, you’re learning beginning from First Year? Are you sure you can learn by yourself?” Tang Tang looked seriously at Xiao Chen’s ‘ Algebra Chapter One: What is a “set” ’ and immediately become unable to say anything good. It looked as if Xiao Chen truly hadn’t learned anything!

“En, I heard that the top scorer can receive a 10,000 RMB scholarship.” Xiao Chen nodded.

“You…..want to obtain the 10,000 RMB?” After Tang Tang heard Xiao Chen’s words, she immediately became astonished enough that her chin almost fell off: “I say, Young Master Xiao, my grades are pretty good, but I don’t dare to think about the top scorer’s 10,000 RMB award. This is something bookworm-level people vie for……”

“Heh……how would you know before even trying?” Xiao Chen gave a laugh and didn’t talk any further. In fact, he was currently a Truth Cultivator. In Tian Lao’s words, regarding new things, he had the ability to pick it up many times quicker than the average person. Since making a deep-fried breadstick was this way, then shouldn’t studying also be this way?

“Fine. If you have any questions, just ask me. At the very least, I am still one of the candidates for our age group’s top 10.” Tang Tang was defeated by Xiao Chen’s appearance.

“Great!” Xiao Chen nodded and was impolite: “Perfect, I don’t understand this problem. Can you explain it to me?”

“Okay.” Tang Tang actually didn’t decline and thought in her heart, ‘Why not take a look? What difficult problem could there be in the first chapter? If he runs into a difficult problem now, then how can he think of being first?’ But she didn’t want to attack Xiao Chen’s self-confidence and didn’t say much. She just picked up Xiao Chen’s question topic and gave it a glance. Immediately, she became slightly surprised and said: “Actually, this topic……goes beyond the scope of this chapter; you have to use knowledge from chapter three. Once you complete chapter three, you’ll be able to easily solve it, chapter three is like this……”

After she finished speaking, Tang Tang intended to speak simply about chapter three’s contents to Xiao Chen, but Xiao Chen actually waved his hands after being suddenly enlightened. He interrupted and said: “So it was like this! I’ll first completely look over first year’s algebra, then do another topic.”

“Do what you want……” Seeing that Xiao Chen didn’t need her explanation, Tang Tang didn’t insist. In her opinion, Xiao Chen’s self-confidence was currently over-inflated and it wasn’t good to attack him. ‘Let’s wait until he ran across a truly difficult question, then he’ll understand that studying isn’t easy.

During the morning, Xiao Chen was looking over the algebra book at lightning speed. Tang Tang couldn’t comprehend how Xiao Chen could read that quickly. How many definitions and formulas could he remember in the end?

When it was noon lunch break, Xiao Chen was still reading books. Tang Tang was a bit helpless and had no other choice but to call him: “Hey, Xiao Chen, are you going to eat lunch?”

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“Ah? It’s already noon?” Xiao Chen was momentarily surprised. He returned to reality from the land of books, only then discovering that time had gone by very quickly. It was just like when he was cultivating; in a blink of an eye, several hours would pass by.

“Yes, bookworm Xiao. Even if you don’t want to eat, I still want to eat.” Tang Tang shrugged her shoulders. Since Xiao Chen was sitting on the edge, if she didn’t pass him, Tang Tang wouldn’t be able to get out.

“Sorry, I was too invested.” Xiao Chen closed the textbook, shook his head, and said: “Let’s go, lunch is my treat!”

“It can’t be that it’s a steamed bun buffet right?” Tang Tang said with a smile.

“How could it be? With that much money made in the morning, it’s only natural that we should eat a little better. Let’s go to the cafeteria.” Xiao Chen already thought up of another method of making money; taking exams! After reading the textbook for a whole morning, Xiao Chen had already confirmed Tian Lao’s words. Being a Truth Cultivator really is an extremely flamboyant profession! He had actually achieved eidetic memory; everything inside the textbook, if he had seen it once, it was as if it was engraved into his mind. Of course, this was nothing. What made Xiao Chen shocked the most was that he actually became proficient in the textbook’s definition and formula usage! Perhaps this was the comprehension ability of a Truth Cultivator.

“Alright. In any case, half is yours. Let’s go to the cafeteria to celebrate the success of our breakfast stall cooperation!” Tang Tang originally wanted to say that going to the cafeteria was a bit luxurious. But after thinking about it, half of the money was Xiao Chen’s, so she naturally wouldn’t refute Xiao Chen’s face.

The two people walked to the cafeteria. On the whole journey to the Second Floor, they passed the First Floor, which was the majority’s dining hall. One wouldn’t be able to order dishes. Instead, they could only purchase ready-made dishes, but the Second Floor’s standard was for the well-off students, similar to that of a restaurants’.

Tang Tang had come here before. However, ever since she was afflicted with her serious illness, changing into her current appearance, as well as breaking off relations with her family, she hadn’t come here. For a moment, she was filled with myriad emotions!

She hadn’t thought that she would stand here once more together with Xiao Family’s Young Master, Xiao Chen! Deng Xiaokun had invited Tang Tang over here before, but she hadn’t agreed.

Turning her head, Tang Tang discovered that Xiao Chen already selected a good table; it was in a very bright position that was right next to the window. Upon seeing Xiao Chen sit down, Tang Tang bitterly smiled! This place was actually the table that Yue Shaoqun had invited her to two years ago!

Formerly, although Tang Tang didn’t have any feelings towards Yue Shaoqun, she knew that aristocratic family juniors marriage was not their own choice. However, Yue Shaoqun was quite cultured and there were no scandals about him inside the school, so when he asked Tang Tang out for a meal, Tang Tang couldn’t not give him face.

But afterwards, when Tang Tang became seriously ill and turned into her present appearance, Yue Shaoqun didn’t even speak a single word to her and the engagement only existed in name.

After thinking about it, Tang Tang chose to sit down. She and Yue Shaoqun weren’t in love, so there wasn’t much need to avoid taboos. There was simply just some sorrow.

The server brought over a menu and Xiao Chen directly handed it over to Tang Tang. However, Tang Tang actually didn’t order an extremely expensive dishes. Rather, the dishes ordered were some three ordinary ones that would be served at a home. Then, she asked the server for two bowls of rice.

After she finished ordering dishes, Tang Tang went to the bathroom. Tang Tang had almost peed her pants this morning. She had wanted to go out many times, but seeing Xiao Chen’s concentrated manner, she bore it.

“Kid, don’t you know that this is our Young Master Qun’s seat? Is your *** blind, to be sitting here?” Just as Xiao Chen had thought of reviewing the algebraic formulas from before, a towering voice suddenly sounded!

Xiao Chen was momentarily stunned. Turning his head, he saw a medium sized guy wearing water-colored clothes, looking like a son from a wealthy family. But this elder brother-level son wouldn’t have even reached Young Master Xiao’s eyes before. Instead, he would be a little brother for running errands!

Of course, this person before his eyes also seemed to be an errand runner; running errands for some person named ‘Young Master Qun’.

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“Does your *** grow eyes? What’s wrong with me sitting here? What problem is there? It was Director Xu that made me sit here a moment ago.” Xiao Chen had just come up to the Second Floor and didn’t think of offending anyone, but wasn’t scared of this guy’s words trying to make him give up his seat. After all, this could be considered his first time asking a girl out. Although the one invited was a buddy, Young Master Xiao didn’t want to lose face.

“Director Xu?” Lang Guicheng was dazed for a moment. He didn’t think Xiao Chen would pull out the card of the school’s guidance director, Director Xu! He was Yue Shaoqun’s little brother and for the past two days, Yue Shaoqun had been talking about methods to teach Xiao Chen a lesson. As Yue Shaoqun’s little brother, Lang Guicheng naturally had to share Boss’ worry!

Just as he arrived at the cafeteria to eat lunch, Lang Guicheng saw that Yue Shaoqun’s usual “special” table was occupied by someone else. Thus, he took the lead to drive out the person. As a result, he saw that it was Xiao Chen and immediately became very happy in his heart. This was like coming across a pillow while drowsy!

Only, Yue Shaoqun, who had been following closely in the back, wrinkled his brows. Although he wanted to teach Xiao Chen1 a lesson, he was a hypocrite; his way of handling matters had to be perfectly justifiable! Even though this table was inside the school and everyone recognized that it was his, Yue Shaoqun’s, special seat, the issue was that the school didn’t inscribe ‘For Yue Shaoqun’s Special Use’ for him. So theoretically speaking, this table was for the school’s public use.

Yue Shaoqun didn’t want to use this reason to find trouble with Xiao Chen. He didn’t want to be thought of as a narrow-minded person, harming his perfect image!

But since his little brother had already taken the initiative, he, as the Boss, had no choice but to go up. However, he surprisingly spoke politely: “Fellow student, I usually sit here and I’ve become used to doing so. Could you please change seats, maybe to the side, how about it? In any case, the food hasn’t been served yet. This meal can be put onto my tab, I’ll treat!”


  1. TLN: Okay, so the name used here was actually Lin Yi. This is obviously a typo, since Lin Yi is the MC of ‘School Beauty Personal Bodyguard’, so I changed it to this novel’s MC. Just something to know. 

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